Translator: Me

China city suburbs, noon.

This is a normal street in what could not be a more regular civilian area, the burning sun baking the ground along with the countless pedestrians,, causing the passing-by pedestrians to occasionally complain about or curse  at the uncomfortable weather. The area couldn’t be considered calm, but it wouldn’t be as lively and flourishing as the center of the city.

At the side of the street, a still body lay on the ground. The intense sun like fire, yet he wore a body of black body wrap, under the intense sun you didn’t need to think to know that the pure black face cloth was incredibly hot. Not to mention the ground was already baked to the point that people don’t even dare to touch it. Black clothes such as his, the ground the way it is, just the thought of how they feel sticking to the skin can induce fear. Yet this person, has already been lying there for one day and one night.

“Why is this person still here?”

“Probably dead already.”

The gaze of pedestrians only stopped on him for a brief moment before quickly leaving. The majority of people living here belonged to the lower cast of society, rushing about busily every day for their livelihood. In this society where human nature is cold, kindness for them is a cheap thing. At the same time, in this era, a person how has collapsed on the street must not be helped, this unwittingly had already become a cold consensus.

“Quick mom, look, there’s a person? Is he sick?” A little boy with his hand held by his mom points his finger at the man on the ground and says.

“Don’t get close to him, do not forget what mama said before, people who have collapsed on the ground, a lot of them is because they have contracted ‘Isrock’ and thus been abandoned, you must never get close or else you will get infected. Come, let’s get a bit further away.”

“Ahh!” the little boy gave a cry, his face revealing a scared look, taking his mother’s hand on his own and running towards a further area, even afraid to just give the man another look.

Even a boy that is just six, seven years old knows the dreadfulness of “Isrock”.

“Isrock”, is a terminal illness that can cause the human body’s immune system and life force to slowly deteriorate. The only way way to contract the disease is from another “Isrock” carrier. Its nature is similar to “AIDS” that was once common in the 20th and 21st centuries, but is a lot more scarier than “AIDS”. At the moment, after contracting Isrock the world’s longest survivor only lived for five years.

After entering the 30th century, humans suffered from Mother Nature’s revenge. To fight for the increasingly limited resources, terrible battles constantly erupted, the smokes of war rose from all corners of the world. By the nuclear and magnetic pollution left behind after the battles, the “Isrock” disease was born. After people with naturally weak immune systems live in these polluted environments for a long time, it is easy for their bodies to develop the “Isrock” virus. The appearance of the “Isrock” virus also meant that this life was nearing its end.

Even more terrifying is the contagiousness of the “Isrock: virus. It can spread through any bodily fluid…including blood, saliva, even sweat…therefore, whenever a person contracts the “Isrock” virus, their family can only choose to mercilessly abandon them. Because no amount of money or effort is enough to save their life, keeping them on the other hand could cause even more people to become infected…

“Isrock” is like a horrifying demon causing people to avoid it only afraid that they are too slow. While it, has been considered Heaven’s punishment towards humanity’s cruel battles.  Because without the nuclear and magnetic pollution left behind by the battles, the “Isrock” virus would not have been born. Thus, under the criticism and cries of the world’s citizens, the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention” known by the whole world was signed by each country. And the battleground to solve international disputes, under the terms of the “Convention”, moved towards the second world that humans had already become deeply dependent upon,  the virtual reality game world.

Using the win or loss of battles in the game world to settle issues, this method was approved and accepted by the majority of people in the world. After the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention” was signed, the advances in virtual world games had also reached an unprecedented pinnacle. Each country would also pour in large amounts of financial resources and painstaking effort on the topic of training the gaming world’s top players.

After the “Hundred Year Armistice Convention”, following the decrease in nuclear and magnetic pollution, carriers of “Isrock” became less, but the horrifying shadow it left humanity would never dissipate.

And so, this black clothed man lying on the side of the road, who people naturally assumed was one of the poor abandoned people who had the “Isrock” virus, not a single person dared to get close.


“Big brother! Big Brother, hurry and wake up, you’ll get a horrible burn lying on the ground like that. Big brother…””

In front of the man, there was little girl wearing a light yellow dress, she only looked about ten, with a pair of eyes as beautiful as the stars and a young face as intricate as a clay doll. Any who saw her would subconsciously stop, wondering in amazement if they were looking at an angel who accidentally appeared on earth.

The little girl held a cold drink of which small portion had been drank in one hand, her other hand throwing away her parasol, lightly shaking the non-moving male, her star like eyes filled with worry and anxiety, calling out with a soft, tender voice.

Maybe it’s because the man was only lightly knocked out, or maybe he was never unconscious to begin with, under the call of the girls not too loud voice, the man’s body slightly moved a bit, and slowly, incredibly difficultly lifted his head up, revealing a pale man’s face, this is a teenager who looks no older than 16,17 years of age, messy hair, lips completely cracked, more so his entire face was scary pale. He opened his eyes slightly, clouded eyes meeting a pair of pure, crystal like eyes.

Such pretty…eyes…

“Thank goodness thank goodness, you’re finally awake!” the girl gave a sigh of relief, and then happily laughed. The teenage male looked at her pure, flawless smile through his hazy eyesight, startled for a moment. Before today, he had experienced too much cold stares and indifference, and had long ago become accustomed to it, he found it a little hard to believe that on this world there still existed such a pair of pure, clean eyes.

“Big brother, are you sick?” Can you stand up? It’s very hot lying on the ground like that…ah, no problem, my dad and mom are about to be here. They’ll help big brother, oh right, my dad is a doctor here, he’ll definitely make big brother better again.” The little girl held up her parasol, covering her upper body, using a soft, pleasant voice asking and comforting him.

The man moved his chapped lips, his throat as if burned by fire. He tried for a long time, but only managed to say one word…


“Water…” The girl blinked her eyes and then placed the slightly drunken cold drink at his lips: “I don’t have water… will this do? It’s very cooling, and very sweet.”

The little girl carefully placed the straw in his mouth, the teen used all his energy, taking a long drink, instantly, a mass of cold liquid like a clear spring filled his mouth. After it slowly flowed down his throat, flowing into what seemed as a dead body. At that moment, he finally felt the existence of his own body, his vision also became clearer. He tightly bit the straw that brought him back from the line of death. His eyes, staring at the girl who was at the same time looking at him, not willing to leave.

“Is it tasty? If it tastes good then drink the rest of it hehe, if you want to drink more, I can have papa and mama buy it again later.” Seeing him trying hard to suck the straw, the girl’s thin brows arched into two crescent moons, revealing a super kawaii to the max smile. This smile was also heavily imprinted in his heart… he knew, this life, it would be impossible to forget this moment, and especially this girl.

Uniform footsteps came from behind, the girl turned around immediately, proceeding to wave her hands and started shouting: “Papa, Mama, I’m here, there’s a big brother here who’s collapsed.”

The one who came are a husband and wife not yet in their middle ages, regular clothes highlighting that their family was not wealthy. When they saw the girl and the man lying on the ground beside her, both of them had the living daylights scarred out of them.

“Ruo Ruo (若若), hurry up and get away from him!” The girl’s mother ran towards her terrified, hastily carrying the girl to the side. With a soft cry, the cold drink in the girl’s hand slipped, cooling liquid splashing across the ground.

“Nn…Mama, why did you carry me aside, big brother is thirsty, he really wants to drink water…mama, papa, can you guys save him please? Papa, you’re a great doctor, you’ll definitely save him right? “The girl struggled slightly in her mother’s embrace, her eyes revealing her worry as she looked at the teenage boy,

“Don’t worry, he does not have ‘Isrock’.”

The girl’s father is a doctor, usually he interacts with a lot of “Isrock” patients, after looking at the teen a couple times, and he knew that he did not contract Isrock. Only after listening to his words did the mother feel relieved. She crouched down, showing an apologetic smile towards the teen: “Child, sorry, at the time I was too worried about Ruo Ruo (若若) which is why… what’s your name? Why are you here?”

The teen’s lips moved, after a while, he difficultly let out a voice: “My…name…”

What is my name right now… I don’t know.

Because. I already decided to forget my past name… I really wish I can forget forever.

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23 Responses to Prologue

  1. Dark Heavens says:

    This shitty Isrock. If I ever see him, ama smack his face.


  2. rclauram says:

    All right I can take this novel serious with that disease . There leprosy and a lot more disease contagious in this moment and we are fight in this moment . Dont talk bulshit author how cant take care of sick people because is contagious that was in middle ages or before of plastic suits (I dont remember the name), more if this a novel from future . In this moment with less that one chapter I leave this novel . Thanks the translate because i know the hard job its , but sorry this novel isnt for me


  3. Birdie says:

    Good point. I hadn’t thgouht about it quite that way. 🙂


  4. Aneru says:

    A very mysterious mc


  5. Rocky Avalon says:

    Gimme Syria or I pwn u, noob

    Liked by 1 person

  6. shrykos says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  7. Isrock ain’t no joke


  8. Lee Hyun says:

    Its very good start. I hope that ‘isrock’ thing have some relevant in future plot dev.


  9. kenken says:

    Interesting idea waging wars in a VR world instead of in RL. I’m also interested to know what actually happen to the Mc. Why did he lay like dead out in the street….

    Thanks for the chapter. I just found out about this novel/link from one of the people reading novel from another site. I’m glad I look it up.


  10. Chizinha says:

    Needs more Ruo Ruo.
    Ruo Ruo is justice.


  11. TheFrostDude says:

    That’s an interesting setting of waging wars in a VR world instead of in RL.
    The teen’s past is already a mystery from the get-go.
    Thanks for the prologue, story seems to have an entertaining background and set up so looking forward to what adventues awaits.
    Keep up the awesome work. 🙂


  12. Asura give you his thanks says:

    to put it short they create a VRMMORPG and wage war inside it?
    damn why didn’t they create it in our world, not that i wish for war of course


  13. Triopsate says:

    A virus with that sort of lethality and infectability in the 21st+ century? Not to mention if it takes 5 years to kill someone, I’m betting the symptoms aren’t going to be visible for at least a year after getting infected. How the heck did the human race survive?

    After all, antivirals are significantly more difficult to discover than antibiotics. Immunization doesn’t work that well against viruses due to the rate of genetic mutations (cuz viruses are RNA and they need to integrate into DNA to replicate so mutations everywhere). 21st+ century and the fact that the disease probably takes at least a year to show symptoms means that the virus spreads globally like a wildfire… You’d probably need to be a hermit in a cave to survive.


    • sylver135 says:

      The Chinese have a saying for novels. “You lose if you’re serious”. You just gotta throw all common sense out the window. Also yeah, it’s like in zombie movies where they only show after the world has completely gone to hell but we all know that irl we’d beat the crap out of them before they could spread through a neighborhood.


    • Anonymous says:

      The fact that this wouldn’t be a virus but radiation poisoning leading to cell degeneration is enough to forget that reality exists and this is just a fictional piece.


  14. maybe it’s AIDS not aides

    Liked by 1 person

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