Chapter 6: Ling Tian

Translator: मुझे (Mujhē) Hindi
From now on we’ll be learning a new word for “Me” every chapter. Yay!!!
At least, as long as google translate isn’t lying to me.

“Yes.” Ling Chen responded. This game receptionist fairy’s voice was sweet and cute, you couldn’t hear any hint of electronic composition, her appearance was also faultless and intricate, making Ling Chen almost unable to resist grabbing her to closely examine if she was real or not.

“The Mystic Moon world is a vast, beautiful world, inside are kind citizens, cute animals, ferocious monsters…. and countless secrets waiting to be uncovered. I believe that Mr. Ling Chen will definitely fall in love with that place. Then, let’s start creating Mr. Ling Chen’s identity within Mystic Moon’s world. But you need to pay attention, once a character is created, it will be impossible to make changes, so you need to be cautious.”

Inside of the public promotions for 《Mystic Moon》, there is a point that is clearly described, that is in the world of 《Mystic Moon》 there is no chance to restart, saying it more straight forwardly, it is that there is no saying of being able to delete your account and re-level like in previous virtual reality games. Regardless of nickname, initial stats, class, once picked, it can never be changed. So, before entering 《Mystic Moon》, it becomes necessary to think about the direction of your class, because there is no second chance to pick.

“Then, please create your nickname first, because of the fact that your game region is in the China region, only Chinese characters are allowed, and cannot be less than one character and more than ten.” The receptionist fairy used her crisp, sweet voice to say.

“Ling… Tian…” (Above the Heavens)

“Wow… what a domineering name, Mr. Ling Chen, I like your name. Although, because China’s players are the most numerous, so it’s also the easiest for nicknames to repeat, please allow me to first check if there is someone else that is already using this name… Ya! Mr. Ling Chen, you’re so lucky, this name has yet to be taken, you’re name in 《Mystic Moon》 will be ‘Ling Tian’, are you sure?”


“‘Ling Tian’ was successfully named. Then, next up is the pain reception rate option. The pain reception rate, is the amount if pain felt when a player is hurt in combat. Pay attention, it is only in combat, non-combat related bodily or physical contact will not be affected, and will only affect pain reception, no other senses will be affected. The choices for the pain reception rate ranges from 10% – 100%. High numbers are suitable for players looking for excitement and realism, but when attacked it will hurt a lot, those afraid of pain shouldn’t pick it ne.  Low ranges can reduce the pain to very low, but there are also disadvantages, such as when being attack they will be unable to perform quick reactions, what is your choice?”

“10%.” Ling Chen replied without any hesitation, he was entering the game to fulfill a promise, not to suffer, only someone sick in the head would pick a high pain reception, and then torture themselves to death in a game world of fighting and killing.

“Pain reception rate successfully set. Next will be the initial stats choice.”

After the fairy’s voice, a wide stat page floated in front of Ling Chen’s eyes, on top were listed strength, constitution, agility, spirit these four options.

“Each player has 25 initial stat points, they can freely distribute them to strength, constitution, agility, spirit these four basic stats, each stat’s minimum is 5 , maximum is 10. Within, strength affects physical attack strength, constitution affection vitality and defense ability, agility affects hit rate and dodge, along with bow, pierce related class’s attack strength, spirit affects magic attack strength and mana. Each attribute has different influences towards different classes. Please choose wisely according to the path that you wish for your class to go ne.”

25 stat points, each attribute need’s to be at least 5 points, which also means that there are only 5 points that can be freely distributed. Standing in front of the stat page, Ling Chen thought for a long time, taking a step forward, increasing strength to 10, constitution, agility, spirit all staying at 5. In 《Heaven Slaughter》, the class he picked was the killer line of the assassin class, that was also the class that suited him most. Assassin’s have what could be said as the strongest single target battle strength, they can take a life in an instant without leaving a trace. But the flaws of the assassin are also very evident… That is their weak vitality and unspectacular group battle ability. The stats that he chose, determined that in the world of 《Mystic Moon》 he would be a warrior related class. Because this time he is not entering 《Mystic Moon》 to simply play, but to support a guild created by a girl. Peak single target battle strength kind of doesn’t seem fitting.

“Initial stats successfully distributed. Next please distribute your innate stats. Each player has 10 innate stats, they can be distributed to luck, comprehension these two innate attributes. Each attribute at the least can be 0 and 10 at the most. Innate stats are very valuable attributes, their upgrade can only be achieved through very rare items or special quests, and cannot be upgraded through leveling-up or equipment stats. The luck attribute is related to your luck in the Mystic Moon world, it touches upon drop rates, critical hit rates, pierce rates, the success of sudden events and multiple other areas. Comprehension touches upon your ability to understand in the Mystic Moon world, the higher the comprehension, the ability to grasp including life skills will become stronger, upgrade-able skills will upgrade faster. Once more emphasizing, the upgrade of innate attributes is very hard ne, please distribute cautiously.”

Ling Chen thought for a bit, making luck and comprehension both 5.

“Innate attributes successfully distributed. Mr. Ling Chen, I really like your choice, whether it’s solely chasing after extreme luck or comprehension, they are both not sensible. Initial stat distribution complete, next up, is your novice class decision. The world of Mystic Moon has 7 total basic classes: warrior, shield guard, archer, assassin, priest, mage, summoner, according to the initial stats that you just distributed, it is recommended that you choose the warrior the relies most on the strength attribute, and has the strongest physical attack strength. Please pick…”

“Apprentice warrior!” Ling Chen directly responded.

“Apprentice warrior class successfully chosen, the class you’ve chosen is apprentice warrior, warriors have strong material attack strength and varied forms of attack along with comparatively strong physical defense ability, an important asset in close range damage output, their movement, hit rate and ability to dodge are comparatively weak. After the first class advance you can become a true warrior. A warrior’s main\stats are strength, constitution, and a bit of agility. For warriors, each point of strength can increase two points of physical attack strength, each point of constitution can increase 10 points of HP and 1 point of defense, each point in agility can increase 1 point of dodge rate and 1 point of hit rate, each point in spirit can increase two point of magic attack strength and 10 points of MP.” (TL: Don’t know what one point of hit rate and dodge rate does but it doesn’t really matter. you’ll see.:))

After the fairy’s voice, a column of white light fell from the sky, enveloping Ling Chen’s body.

“Very good, you have now successfully become an apprentice warrior. But, this is only your training class, it is not your final class, if you want to change classes after leaving Novice Village, you can do that too ne.”

Finally finishing another reception, the little fairy let out a long breath of relief, patting her small chest saying: “Mr. Ling Chen, your identity in Mystic Moon has already been successfully created. From the opening of Mystic Moon there are still 39 hours, please wait patiently… then now, I’m going to lightly kick you out ne.”

Before Ling Chen could finish speaking, in front of him suddenly became black, the colorful world instantly fell apart, when he opened his eyes, what he saw was the house’s roof.

“Sure.” Ling Chen said helplessly, initially he wanted to compliment the little fairy about how “cute” she was, and then obtain from her mouth some game related knowledge and information. Who knew she was laughing happily at first, but then cleanly kicking him out later.

Not disturbing Shui Ruo’s sleep, Ling Chen started to pay attention to 《Mystic Moon》 related information on the computer. But after an afternoon of research, the amount of data that he gathered was pitifully little. The line mentioned the most in public promotions was — countless mysteries, waiting for you  to personally uncover.

Xia Wa… hope I don’t meet you again. Closing his eyes, Ling Chen said so in his heart.

The second day, Yun Feng personally delivered again two of the most advanced life support machines, it can allow a person to stay in the game world continuously for one month without going offline. Even though they basically didn’t need it, but Ling Chen did not refuse. He knew that an upper class child like Yun Feng, these things couldn’t even be considered a single hair from nine oxen. But at least, he cared about him and his sister’s situation. (TL: Chinese idiom, same as “a drop in the ocean”)

“Have you created your character yet. What’s your name?”

“Ling Tian.” Ling Chen didn’t hide it, directly telling him.

“Very domineering!” Okay then, tomorrow we’ll meet in the game, I’ll contact you again at that time! Oh right, the effect’s of that 13223 drug will only take effect after 4,5 days, don’t worry, especially don’t think that I’ve tricked you. ” Yun Feng didn’t forget to mention before leaving.

Shui Ruo’s body was still weak, all movement depended on Ling Chen, Ling Chen believed that Yun Feng didn’t trick him, and also waited for the day that Shui Ruo completely recovered.

Night time…

Every night, Shui Ruo would only be able to sleep peacefully leaning against his chest. After Shuo Ruo fell asleep, Ling Chen gently gets up, opening the door, coming to the veranda, lifting his head, looking towards the crescent moon in the sky.

A gust of cold air swept across his face, moonlight flowing downwards, a black figure appearing by his side, that black figure knelt at his side, lowering his head towards him.

“Gui Ya (Ghost Fang), tomorrow, I will enter 《Mystic Moon》.”

The black figure shook a bit.

“Go now.”

The black figure stood up, jumping from the veranda, disappearing in the pitch black night without stopping. From beginning to end, there were only 2 lines of short interchange. But, that was already more than enough.

Under the world’s countless player’s eager awaiting, The day of 3100/07/07 finally arrived. The minute hand slowly approached morning 9 o’clock. At 9, 《Mystic Moon》 will open towards the entire world.

TL: Whelp, that about does it for the intro. Time to witness how goddamn mother freaking OP the MC is and watch him build up his harem.

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  2. Ishaan Puri says:

    I am from India and “Mujhe” doesn’t mean “Me”. It means “to me” if you want to use “ME” in Hindi which is “मैं” which is “Mein” if you want to put it like that in English alphabets, and I just waited 5 minutes of my life because I don’t think anyone cares about Hindi lol.


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    That said, thanks for the good work.


  8. mrel says:

    The hit and dodge rate might be help systems for the people with no martial arts experience.
    I believe he is immune to the virus, and he might be the reason there is a vaccine, the father probably researched a lot into the virus, would be weird if he did not test his family when they caught the virus.


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