Dear author,

If you are against this, I hope that you are able to quickly find this site and shut me down so that I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time. Otherwise I hope that you are okay with this or never find this site.

如果你不要我翻译你的书,我希望你能尽快找到这个网站。否则, 我希望你可以认可我这么做或者永远也不要找到这里。

Your illegal translator

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15 Responses to Dear author,

  1. Ishaan Puri says:

    Why he would bother? Aren’t you doing a great job by translating his novel to even more wider audience. You are actually promoting his novel, actually you should be the one taking money from him lmao. And Chinese people are one to talk about claiming copyright issues.


  2. Dark says:

    Bro, don’t worry, sites such as Gravitytales & WuxiaWorld also translate such novels & one of the translators translates a novel by the same author. They sometimes contact the authors & tell them how they translate their works, how a lot of non-chinese read these translations & send a portion of their donations to the author as votes & such on Qidian, etc. You can host your translations on such sites (that doesn’t mean you have to close this site of yours) & reach a wider audience as well as receive donations from readers which you can split between yourself & the author, which will make everyone happy as the author knows that non-chinese (people who don’t read, write or speak chinese) wouldn’t come to sites such as Qidian & vote for their works. So, basically you’re happy, we’re happy & the author is happy as well. A win-win situation for all. Sorry if I offended you somehow with this but am only writing this with good intentions. Hope you’ll continue with this & HN1F & get an editor as well. Editors are a godsend for translators (check WW or GT, editors make the reading experience a lot smoother).


  3. Who are the chinese to complain about copyright hahahaha

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  4. someone says:

    Well…technically we belong in the gray area of the law as long as the work isn’t copyrighted in our home country or the region that is hosting the translated work

    Long before we were born, people were translation other works into other languages. It a beautiful and honorable which transforms cultures. For example, there are new works like nakama, okatu, maou, manga. Personally, I think it’s an honorable thing as long as doesn’t interfere or harm the original author. Contrary to popular belief, most online translations are legal and honorable.

    P.S Have you seen the shows released on American T.V. It all the stuff that we translated and edited first. So what I am saying we do the hard work for them out of love for the series.

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  5. CynicalWeeaboo says:

    Why the hell would they bother..


  6. I hope he/she never find this site……


  7. shancier says:

    Well, the story is good, if ever the time comes that the author wants to expand, he can buy your translations and publish them or something, though I dont know anything about the subject!


  8. st8_lupe says:

    You can always try contacting the author or the staff of the reading site for their permission


    • sylver135 says:

      Ya, but I’m mostly operating under the mindset that they’re never even going to know there’s some random guy translating his work.


      • Archer says:

        if they didn’t want others to read they wouldn’t put it on the web i think?


        • sylver135 says:

          Ya, but I’m translating this without their permission. Also, even thought there are a million websites you can read novels for free. Those are all pirated. You’re really supposed go to the official website (Qidian, Zongheng, etc…) and pay for the majority of chapters. It’s how they make a living, not something they do in their spare time.

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      • Archer says:

        sigh~~ to think the door to dream and imagination cost money too…
        the world

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  9. sylver135 says:

    Thanks, i will.


  10. Post on reddit use these format

    [CN][DISC] Shura’s wrath volume x chapter x

    [table of content](http:link)

    Short synopsis eveytime you release a chapter and soon you’ll have lot’s of follower.. Lol

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