Chapter 11: 2 Star Elite

No Hachiman quote this time, His words of wisdom must be given time to consume. Instead, for all you loli lovers. LOLI.

Even if a LV0 player constantly attacked a not-moving LV5 monster it would still take them half a day. Killing higher level creatures as a novice, not only is it inefficient, it’s also very easy to get insta-killed. Player’s with the balls like Ling Chen to run around the territory of the wild boars at LV0… at least in the whole of Novice Village 49554 there was just Ling Chen.

Ling Chen decided to stay here, actively searching for wild boars. One reason is to complete the quest, more so because this place was quiet enough, nobody would bother him.

One hour later, under his LV0 state, and the cuts and strikes from the novice sword, the 30th wild boar fell in front of him. At the same time, a white halo floated up from Ling Chen’s head…

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, now LV1, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5 AP.”

Finally raised a level, Ling Chen let out a small breath… Killing 30 LV5 creatures but only rising from LV0 to LV1, completing his first step in this world, how bullshit is the leveling system for 《Mystic Moon》.

Even more bullshit, he’s already killed 3o higher level wild boars, but in total they only dropped a couple dozen copper coins and a few red potions, not even a white grade equipment.

“*DING*… You have successfully killed 30 mountain wild boars, completing the quest requirements for ‘Wang Ji’s Request’, you can now return to the Novice Village’s item store and hand in your quest.”

Completing a quest at the same time as leveling up, but Ling Chen did not leave right away, instead staying here, continuing to look for the next wild boar. The reward for the wild boar quest is a pile of potions. these he didn’t really need at the moment. What he needs most, is to quickly raise his level.

-17, MISS, MISS, -18…

Putting all of his stat points into strength without even hesitating, the damage that Ling Chen dealt towards the wild boars doubled. His health currently at a brittle 60 points. If he suffered hits from multiple boars he will directly die and return to the Novice Village. Players that dare to chase after extreme attack at the beginning… pretty much nobody would besides those who’s brains had a little problem. No matter how strong your attack… if you can’t even take two of the monster’s attacks then it can only be a decoration. It needs to be known, warriors are a close combat profession, they are very different from kiting archers and elemental mages. They need to develop their attack, defense and health.

His damage doubling against the wild boars, adding his level up, the level suppression on hit rate was slightly weakened. Ling Chen’s rate of exterminating wild boars also doubled, after another hour, the 100th wild boar fell before him, his experience points already reaching 70% of LV1.

Following the death of the 100th wild boar, a dim, dark grey colored piece of equipment fell by its side.

Ling Chen took a step forward, picking it up.

[Fine Cloth Long Pants]: Type: Lower Garment, Grade: Pale White, Equipment Requirement: Any class LV5 or above, long pants made from intricate cloth, more or less has some defensive abilities, Attributes: Defense+5.

2 hours, killing 100 wild boars higher level than him, finally dropping a piece of equipment… a pair of white grade long pants that can only be worn at LV5.

Ling Chen didn’t know if he was supposed to cry or laugh.

“Is it that my initial luck stat is too low?” Ling Chen stared at his “5” luck, silently thinking.

Looking at the time, it was already nearing noon. Ling Chen didn’t continue looking for wild boars, instead closing his eye, issuing the “Exit Game” command.

A flash of light, Ling Chen had already disappeared from the Mystic Moon world.

Opening his eyes, Ling Chen saw the crystal chandelier on his ceiling, along with two eyes even more pure and beautiful than crystals.

Ling Shui Ruo sat by his side, her hands at her cheeks, a slight smile at the corners of her lips, staring at him without blinking, staring at him for who knows how long. Seeing him open his eyes, Shui Ruo smiled sweetly: “Brother, you’re awake.”

Even though he was already very familiar with Shui Ruo, but he still became dazed looking at her face up close.

He would constantly praise if it was that the heavens spent all of its energy on sculpting Shui Ruo’s face and body, or else, why were his Shui Ruo’s face and body so perfect to the point of appearing as though an illusion.

Ling Chen sat up on the couch, saying with care and blame: “Ruo Ruo, why are you not listening again and moving around on your own, what you need the most right now is rest.”

“But I really like seeing brother’s peaceful look.” Shui Ruo stuck out her pink tongue, smiling saying: “Brother, did you have fun in the game?”

“Ya!” Ling Chen carried Ling Shui Ruo from the wheelchair, placing her where he was  just lying, putting his hand on her cheek: “Are you hungry, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

“Um, I want to drink mushroom soup… Brother, can you play the piano for me first?” Ling Shui Ruo blinked her eyes, desire and joy flashing in her eyes.

“Okay.” Ling Chen nodded smiling, placing down Shui Ruo body, and then walking towards the piano in the corner of the living room.

Sitting in front of the piano, slender fingers touching the piano keys, following the rise of the first note, his fingers start to move along the piano keys as if dancing, a piano sound as gentle as a breeze and nourishing as dew entered Shui Ruo’s heart. In the warm and soothing sound of the piano, Ling Shuo Ruo gently closed her eyes.

Ling Shui Ruo would never forget, brother’s piano skills, were hand-by-hand taught by her. He learned things so quickly, using only a few months, the piano sound that he played made her, and her parents intoxicated, making her who learned the piano since she was little candidly admit defeat. After, she caught Isrock, her parents left, at her most hopeless moment, it was him, using the warmest piano sounds allowing her to slowly break away from that pale world…

The piano sound lingering, Ling Chen heard Shui Ruo’s even breathing. He stood up from the piano, returning to the bedroom, taking out a soft blanket, lightly placing it on the smiling Shui Ruo who was already asleep, lightly kissing her face, and then walking lightly towards the kitchen.

The kitchen’s door was tightly closed, to prevent waking up Shui Ruo. And Shui Ruo at this time also slightly opened her eyes. Before she and her parents caught Isrock , Ling Chen didn’t know anything in regards to, cooking, cleaning these kinds of household chores. But shortly after that, for her, he learned everything that he didn’t know before, striving to make himself do it the best… And from the beginning, continuing until now.

Maybe, I am a pitiful girl, because I’ve been infected with the most terrifying Isrock. But, more times, I feel like I am enough to be envied and admired by all of the world’s other girls… because, I have the best brother.

Afternoon, accompanying Shui Ruo until she peacefully fell asleep. Ling Chen once again entered 《Mystic Moon》, appearing in the place he went offline in the morning.

Just going online, his communication device rang.

The player communication device is an intricate bracelet on the wrist, not only does it have communication capabilities, it also displays time, and can take pictures or videos. When you don’t want to use it you can also throw it into your bag, this way nobody can contact you.

The person that called him is called “Huan Mie”, Ling Chen slightly hesitated for a bit, and then picked up the call, a man’s voice impatiently came through.

“Huu, finally waited until you came online, it’s me Yun Feng!”

Sure enough… Ling Chen responded: “You weren’t on in the morning?”

Disillusion? This name seems pretty different from “Cycle of Wind and Snow” from last time. (TL: in english to show the difference, though depending on the poll I might keep it as Disillusion.)

“Oh, I was busy with my sister in the morning. I helped her buy a new house, to set as her studio’s office, we only settled it this morning. The house is really big, although in terms of personnel it really is… Sigh, we’ll talk about it when we get out of the Novice Village and arrive at the main city. What number Novice Village are you in?


“I’m in number 99999, this number is pretty nice huh, hehe. 100 thousand Novice Villages, sure enough it’s pretty much impossible to get placed into the same village. Guess we can only meet in the main city. Oh right, what level are you now?” Yun Feng expectantly asked.


“Um…” The Yun Feng on the other side was clearly stunned for a bit. Right now LV3 players were all over the place, a lot were already heading for LV4, this “super expert” is his heart was still still LV1… He hurriedly said: “I’m still LV1 too, then I won’t bother you leveling, if you need anything just contact me.”

Hanging up, a wild boar had already charged in front of him, Ling Chen casually turned his body, calling out the novice sword, continuing to abuse the tough hided, but evidently not so smart boars.

Ling Chen’s leveling rate was already low using his initial stats to farm monsters multiple levels higher than him, adding that he also had to take care of his sister, he wasn’t in the game for the majority of noon. His leveling speed naturally wouldn’t match those leveling madmen that had their own personal party. But he wasn’t in a rush, in the virtual game world, what decided if you were strong or weak, wasn’t just level.

Half an hour later Ling Chen’s experience was already at 99.7%, exterminating one more wild boar would allow him to become LV2. But at this moment, not 5 meters to his right, a white light flashed by, a big wild boar double the size of a regular wild boar appeared there. Besides its larger size, everything else about it was exactly the same. On top of its head, 2 faint golden little stars floated there.

Elite monster… and it’s a 2 star elite! Ling Chen’s blood slightly boiled.

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  1. 5ton3kill3r says:

    Wait, is this going to be another novel where the MC is looked down on by a bunch a snobbish a-holes and ALWAYS be in a disadvantage against other players(his enemies)? Because I’m kinda of tired of those. Could Translator-sensei or someone informe me. Please!


  2. kang says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter, really enjoyed it.


  3. madmat22 says:

    I actually took my time to see what was behind that link for LOLI, at first i thought: “a photo, at best” but WOW DUDE, that was totally unexpected… those lyrics… Im going to “hell” for seeing that through the end lol


  4. szatan0 says:

    Yup i was right – rules in that game suck


  5. So what if the security arrest me


  6. Lee Hyun says:

    So weapon dont have durabilty and no stamina too? so people can hunt for hours without stop if not drop their HP?
    And if they die, no penalty for it?

    Author give many explanation but miss the important point


  7. MysticJazzEnforcer says:

    Thank you for your hard work Sylver135! Also, that Loli video literally had me loling. Hehe.


  8. JIN says:

    I had to pause before reading this chapter..the loli vid…i was like YOOOOOOOO!!!!


  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. see…the game is bugged…..even the MC agrees with me. he killed over 100 mobs with levels higher than him and he has yet to surpass level 2???? There should be nothing wrong with the lvling program because there are players who already reached level 4 right? So….the game is bugged. He should complain!


    • kenken says:

      I got the answer to all your question in the last chapter too in the previous comment section. I just forgot to click reply under your name.

      Well aren’t VR mostly depend more on the person personal fighting experiences and fighting sense more than the level….tho that doesn’t mean level doesn’t really matter… what I meant is a person with more of personal fighting experience and has good fighting sense would have a much more advantages than those who are greenhorn in combat.

      Yun feng ( the rich guy) did mention about the Mc secret identity and skills we can say he has combat experiences so it understandable and reasonable if these beginner monsters don’t really give him that much difficulty.

      Also probably the reason why he did not level yet .. “Leveling in 《Mystic Moon》 is relatively hard, even from LV0 to LV1, it can’t be done without a hour or so.” 《– was mention in the previous chapter. And now in this chapter did mention he doesn’t really spend all his time in the game to lvl up like madmen. He has take care his sister. You can say high lvl players that are like lvl 4 already are most likely crazy gamer compared to him who is not and is busy with his RL.

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      • Sean says:

        It’s still a bit surprising as to how slow he levels up compared to the other players. Normally there is a large EXP boost from killing higher level mobs.

        Not only were those players killing lower level mobs, but they were grouped up and most likely sharing the EXP between all the members.

        Hmm, perhaps this game happens to reward group play that much more. It’s a decent deterrent to anti-social solo-play, but it seems somewhat unnecessary for a game designed for war between the east and west. *shrug*


  11. Crombat Monta says:

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  12. Kadark says:

    Lvl. 2 Elite x Lvl 5 Monster… 10 Skill Points incoming!~

    Thanks a lot for the translation!


  13. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the double chapters today!
    Isn’t the durability of sword getting lower by now, after killing over 100 wild boars?
    Just finished binge reading and freakin’ enjoying it so far. An novel with VRMMO settings is worth reading if they are similar to this. 🙂


    • [R.E.A.D.E.R] says:

      frostdude i see you are here too huh…
      hope his sister escape dead…
      the song could be better if the loli are the one singing


      • sylver135 says:

        but… that’s the beauty of it. A deep, masculine voice that brings warmth and safety to you singing about his deep love for little girls. Just brings a tear to my eyes.


    • sylver135 says:

      I don’t think there’s durability in this novel. At least it’s never mentioned or done off-scene.


  14. ell says:

    and here I was expecting him to meet studio the first time since you mentioned loli lol


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