Chapter 17: Gold Battle Wolf

Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R] Another magnificent chapter by [R.E.A.D.E.R]. He’ll be on short break until Chapter 20 so until then you guys are stuck with me… and Hikigaya, his words forever live in our hearts. In fact, more Hachiman! “School trips are simply a simulation of adult social life. If you ever go on a business trip with your boss, you won’t get to choose where to stay or what to eat, but if you compromise, you can still have a modicum of fun. School trips train you to trick yourself into that kinda mindset.” –  Hachiman the Lord

50 bottles of potions and a resurrection necklace, even though Ling Chen usually had a steady mind he cannot help but be stunned for a long time, almost unable to believe it. Previously for 5 bottles of potions, he did not hesitate to accept the daunting task of collecting 1000 wolf’s fangs. And now in front of him, he had 50 bottles of potions and a necklace worth 2000 gold.

He is simply too HAPPY!!! (TL: Need to emphasize on the happy, the author even bothered to write in English).

Although, if you look at it realistically, the random quest that Ling Chen came across was actually very difficult. If it wasn’t Ling Chen at the scene but another player, even a big party, they would have all been unable to simultaneously absorb the aggro. of the 5 wolves under such an urgent situation, thereby saving Wang Xiaoming. Not to mention that throughout the entire process he did not allow Wang Xiaoming to receive a single point of damage. So this kind of reward, really is not that excessive.

Although there are only ten bottles per potion, if using them at critical moments, it will be able to display a strong effect. Putting the potions and sapphire necklace away, Ling Chen thanked the item shop owner, once more returning to Wolf’s Cliff, starting to move back and forth between the wolves, ruthlessly killing the wolves here.

By killing the wolves without rest, the experience bar was growing little by little, approaching close to level four.

While it is night in China, at a certain place on the other side of the Earth the Sun hung highly in the sky.

《Mystic Moons》’s distributor, the world’s largest virtual game company – Universe Corporation Headquarters (TL: The direct translation is “Outside the sky”, the Chinese term refers to the space outside of Earth, so essentially outer space, the universe)

“Why are you guys still coming!! Release my granddaughter, I did everything I was told.”

“Oh, my dear Mr Smith, would you please calm yourself, your granddaughter is very safe, she spends every day happily, still immersed in the world of “Mystic Moon” not willing of come out. You can rest assured that we will not hurt you and your family… as long as you obediently listen to our words. You did a very good job so far, but just to be careful, we have to slightly supervise you. Of course, only supervision, as long as you don’t do anything we wouldn’t like to see, whatever you do we will not interfere, if you have a request, we will even help.”

“You … … You are all lunatics!! Tell me what kind of scheme there is in 《Mystic Moon》?! ”

“Scheme? Oh no no no! There aren’t any schemes, to be accurate; even we do not know what’s inside. Just like right now, we still don’t know what’s inside.”

“What you people are is using all of humanity as your guinea pigs!”

“Dear Mr. Smith, please calm down a bit, to create a virtual world that affects the whole of mankind, has that not always been the biggest dream of your life? Look at the current 《Mystic Moon》, the number of people entering on the first day has reached the highest peak in virtual game history. With our help, you have realized your dream, is not it? Test sample? Heh, maybe.”

“You are all crazy!!”

“Thank you for your compliment, but I suggest you stay silent. Otherwise, your lovely granddaughter may stay forever in the world of 《Mystic Moon》 unable to come out.(TL: not SAO or Log Horizon pls) While all I need to do is gently press the button in my hands, and the greater part of America will forever disappear from the world, do you believe me?” (Sylver: Weirdest way I have ever seen America in Chinese.Took me forever to figure out and I’m still not even sure if I’m right)


“Ding … … Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV4, HP +10, MP +10, you gained 5 AP.”

“Ding … … You have grasped the trainee skill for apprentice warriors [Little Crescent Slash]

Fighting the majority of the night, practically without a moment of rest, the level of Ling Chen finally reached four. He still added all the AP to the strength value. Reaching LV4, the level suppression by the wolves already reduced to very little, his hit rate towards the wolves also increased, his efficiency naturally increasing by a lot.

Opening the status panel; the Ling Chen looked at his newly grasped trainee skill.

[Little Crescent Slash]: Current level: LV1, Highest Level: LV5. Points to Upgrade to LV2: 5. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 90% regular damage towards 3 targets in a 2 meter forward area, MP Consumption: 5 points, Cooldown Time: None..

The second skill of the apprentice warrior is an AOE skill, even though it can only attack three targets at most, but when dealing with many enemies it’s already enough to play a great role. Ling Chen immediately and without hesitation use the last 5 attribute points to upgrade the newly learned little crescent slash, after a burst of light, little crescent slash has been promoted to second grade.

[Little Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5. Skill points required for promotion to LV3: 25. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 100% regular damage towards 3 targets in a 2 meter forward area, MP Consumption: 6 points, Cooldown Time: None..

After upgrading little crescent strike, the range increased from two meters to three meters ahead, its usefulness greatly enhanced. Ling Chen immediately turned and ran towards the place with two wolves, a little crescent slash sweeping forward, the sword slash enveloping the wolves.


The two wolves were hit simultaneously, their life falling near one-third. When they turned around and started biting, Ling Chen let out another little crescent slash… Upon rising to LV4, under the cooperation of his little crescent slash and full power strike, in only less than ten seconds, the two wolves all fell down.

Level up to LV4, also gaining little crescent slash. The rate of killing wolves has become more efficient, but mana consumption is also greatly increased. He had constantly return to the novice village to buy blue potions, then continue farming to reach LV5 at the Wolf’s Cliff. At the same time paying attention to any movement from the west. At this time, there should be almost be new players arriving here.

After fighting at the wolf’s cliff for four hours, the time neared six o’clock in the morning and in one hour he needs to make breakfast for Shui Ruo, and then take her out to feel the morning breeze. Looking at his current progression, he see his current experience is LV4 with 5o%, the distance to level 5 is not far away.

There is still no sign of other players. Ling Chen went to a safe area to hide and prepare to go offline. Although his physique is different from ordinary people, but it always better to have a rest. An hour of sleep is enough for him.

Ow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(wolf’s howl)

At the moment Ling Chen is about to enter to the command to go offline, a loud drawn out wolf howl travelled over, reverberated through the entire Wolf’s cliff. This wolf howl is completely different from ordinary wolves. It is louder and more majestic compared to that of a regular wolf’s, even the 3 star elite wolf leader that he previously killed. Ling Chen looked up at Wolf’s cliff… A wolf sat on the rock at the highest point of the cliff, the wolf measures up to three meters high, a giant wolf looked up, looking straight into the sky, overlooking the world with gestures like a King(TL: think of Gilgamesh in FZ or FSN). It’s color is not gray, the body’s surface is covered with a light layer of gold… And in its surroundings, the many wandering wolves in all direction are crawling on the ground, each howl making their bodies shake

[Gold Battle Wolf]: Type: Beast, Level: LV7 , Grade: Lord, HP: 6ooo, the KING of wolf’s cliff, the highest ranked in all the wolf population, he has a very high prestige in the wolf population, its body shines with golden light, possesses claws and teeth that can easily tear apart any creature, its majestic howl can cause shock and cause dizziness to all targets around him.

Looking at the giant golden wolf positioned at the top of the cliff, being worshipped by all the wolves, Ling Chen’s pupil’s slightly retracted.

Lord BOSS!!!

He turned out to be a Lord Boss!!

1 star to 3 star elites are only elites, at the lord, that is in true essence a BOSS. Its ability no matter life, defense, attack, speed… all of it overshadows the 3 star elites. And even more dangerous, is lord BOSS usually have varied and sophisticated attacking skills, also having a certain IQ. A BOSS, is even stronger than 10 3 star elites of the same level.

A level 7 lord BOSS… Ling Chen did not move forward, he glanced at his own equipment, wondering whether to try the challenge. Because even he is not sure if he is capable of defeating the powerful BOSS, after all his equipment is really too garbage, their stats to extreme. Against little elites that have no skill and intelligence it’s okay, but against a Lord BOSS, nevertheless a Lord BOSS 3 levels higher than him, with his current equipment, he honestly couldn’t raise any confidence.

Usually, to deal with a similar level Lord BOSS, people need dozens or even more players gathering into a party and working together to fight it

However, the temptation of fighting the Boss is too great. Ling Chen knows the probability of the emergence of a Lord BOSS is very low, this golden Wolf may be the first Lord Boss to have appeared in the novice village No. 49554, if the news of its appearance were to spread, the entire Wolf’s cliff will be filled with players within a short time. If he gives up now, before long, other players will come here and discover it he will not have another chance again. If he missed this one, who knows what year and month he will see another Lord BOSS. (TL: As the MC, Lord Bosses are too low grade for you, of course you want see that many)

After half a minute of silence, Ling Chen takes the newbie sword out again, and calmly walks toward Wolf’s cliff.

He had decided, with his level 4 body, newbie sword in hand, to challenge the Golden Wolf that even a couple dozen of LV7 players might not even be able to take on.

But if he chose to accept the challenge, then he must win, because he could never afford to lose!

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  1. megajoke says:

    That sword must have infinite durability, unless they don’t do that in Chinese games


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    how does this game level up system works its utter bs.this is like atg all over again he wants to make the character look weak but is op as fk that but after all the monsters he has killed how is he only lvl 4 bs~~


  3. Lukiduk says:

    Hmm late comment, but I have to say, the story is getting a bit too full of BS to swallow. Love a good VR story .. but what is it ninja’s on the outside now? Mysterious people who have their own space base and can threaten to blow apart parts of continents?


  4. When he kills it 70 sp


  5. Renaa says:

    Don’t see why he keeps adding everybody thing to strength he is sappouse to be a tank in a group.


    • Sean says:

      Warriors aren’t always tanks, although they do have more defense than an assassin. I think in this game a warrior is more of a physical damage based class that has average attack, average defense, average speed, and so on.

      Warriors are just one of the beginning classes so he may specialize in something, such as attack, when upgrading to a different class later on. He is already putting everything into strength so maybe he’ll become a Berserker or something? *shrug*


  6. Lee Hyun says:

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    TL: think of Gilgamesh in FZ or FSN

    Great, now I have a mental image of this Gold non-humanoid wolf sitting there with its upper arms crossed looking smug muttering “Mongrels”.


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    Thank you for your hard work Sylver and READER!


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    “Ling Chen immediately and without hesitation use the last 5 attribute points to upgrade the newly learned little crescent slash, after a burst of light, little crescent slash has been promoted to second grade.”
    -Shouldn’t it be skill points instead of attribute points?


  13. kirindas says:

    Thank you!

    “[Little Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5. Skill points required for promotion to LV3: 25. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 100% regular damage towards 3 targets in a 2 meter forward area, MP Consumption: 6 points, Cooldown Time: None..

    After upgrading little crescent strike, the range increased from two meters to three meters ahead, its usefulness greatly enhanced.”
    The level two description should be changed to 3 targets in 3 meters based on the following sentence.


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    Having shady people messed the technology of VR is a must have in a VRMMORPG genre. 😛


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      Mistranslation, makes sense. Well mistakes happen, I cant blame you. I am but a humble leacher.
      Other ones, not sure. i’ll let you know if i find some more.


      • [R.E.A.D.E.R] says:

        yeah reader tend to have clearer mind than the translators, if you notice that there is too many broken or inconsistence words that mean the translators are either distracted or their english level decreased…


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    As much as I like this series, the inconsistencies and the plot holes are killing me.
    1. Where did his A/SP go from the 3 star elite.
    2. In chapter 9 i think, the chief said that you get 10 times as much SP as their level for 3 star elites. MC only got 15 2 chapters back.

    PS: Thanks for the translarions, I am very grateful for it. Not trying to make the translator sound bad or anything.


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