Chapter 21: The Luxurious Elite Line-Up

Translator: [RE.A.D.E.R]
“I’ve decided to upgrade the Character Stat Page when his stats page is shown is the novel.
“I’ve forged my own way alone. While you were consoling and fighting with one another, I faced everything myself, head on. Now look at how strong I am.” – Hikigaya Hachiman
I cannot say that for myself. Thanks for your help [R.E.A.D.E.R]

The twenty level 5 star elites did not make him feel any pressure, but instead a burst of excitement, a 100 skill points to add to his potential, enough  to upgrade [Full Power Strike] and [Little Crescent Slash] up a level.  He first action was to evade the scorpion king tail, and launch a powerful counter- attack.

“[Full Power Strike] “

Shifting his body with a small movement, the poisonous darts of the scorpion hit empty space, in an instant later; his body has been hit by two powerful attacks.


Around him, 5 scorpion kings all surrounding him, 6 poisonous stingers wrapped in a black light piercing towards him, sealing off all areas of movement. Scorpion tail pierce is the scorpion king’s only form of attack, but this single attack is relatively scary, a 100% chance to add the poisoned condition, and has a certain chance of adding the instant death effect… Which also means that once activated, no matter how much HP you have you will directly die.

“Ha!” {Sylver: Just a sfx he says while jumping. It’s also used when attacking or exerting strength.)

Ling Chen without fear, a big leap, easily evading all of the scorpion stabs, and landing directly on the first Scorpion King’s back, then without looking,  a [Little Crescent Slash], the attack sweeping across hitting the three scorpion kings at the same time. At the time when he was at level 2 he was surrounded by seven or eight level 5 wolves even with their combined attacks, they didn’t even touch a strand of his hair, the mobility and speed of the wolves are better than the Scorpion King, he doesn’t need to pay any attention, he doesn’t fear their concentrated attack, he even hoped for them to attack him together, because that will allow them to be killed quicker under the [Little Crescent Slash].




Twenty Scorpion King are surrounding Ling Chen, however, the King Scorpion can only attack at close range, a few can reach to attack Ling Chen, the rest can only stay in one place. Ling Chen doesn’t attempt break out of this encirclement, but attacks continuously the Scorpion King group, evade, attacks, evade…If that was against the wolves, he will not do so. But against this group of Scorpion Kings …… their attack is dangerous, but their mobility and attack speed is low, Ling Chen has an advantage over this kind of opponent, a powerful attack but can’t hit is useless against him.

Dodge, move, stop, attack …… every movement is graceful relaxed and casual, he had only a pair of eyes,  but they seemed to be able to notice  in advance all the movements of the next Scorpion King, he can accurately ascertain where the next attack would be. People with strong judgement are not uncommon, but under such circumstances to be able to make such a swift and accurate judgment …… almost like a “prediction” capability (TL:… wait Prediction? Ling without g>Lin?> Lin Wan Er?>Zhan Long?> he is Li Xiao Yao KID!!!) , which is not what a normal person can do.  With this kind of capacity he makes those elite monster look like fragile toys easily breakable in his hands. Not long later the scorpions became dizzy from Ling Chen’s control, their already low attack rate because of the constantly disappearing target becoming lower and lower, until the death of the first Scorpion King, the 20 elite monster did not touch him even once.

“Ding … … You successfully killed a 1 star elite “Cursed Scorpion King”, Fame+5, Skill points +5.”

“Ding … … You successfully killed a 1 star elite “Cursed Scorpion King”, Fame+5, Skill points +5.”

“Ding … … You successfully killed a 1 star elite “Cursed Scorpion King”, Fame+5, Skill points +5.”



One, two, three … … 10 … … 15 …

With the last [Little Crescent Slash] sweeping through the remaining two Scorpion Kings fell near his feet.

“Ding … … You successfully killed a star elite “Cursed Scorpion King”, Fame +5, Skill points +5.”

“Ding … … You successfully killed a star elite “Cursed Scorpion King”, Fame +5, Skill points +5.” Current SP: 115.”

“Ding …… you have eliminated all of the “Cursed Scorpion King”, the door leading to a third area of “The Forgotten Cave” open.”

Rumbleee ……

After the announcement, a deep, loud sound from the front, the flat door in front of the wall staggered, revealing a semi-circular dark passage.

Killing all monsters, a passage is available; will all the areas be like this? What is hidden in the cave.

Without doubt the monster of the next area will be stronger. Ling Chen didn’t move forwards immediately, he opened his skills panels, upgrading [Full Power Strike] and [Little Crescent Slash] to the next level.

[Full Power Strike] : Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5. SP to Upgrade to LV5: 100. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 140% damage, MP Consumption: 5, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

[Little Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV5. SP to Upgrade to LV4: 80. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 110% regular damage towards 3 targets in a 3 meter forward area, MP Consumption: 6, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

The two upgraded skills have stronger attack, but it does not change anything else. Ling Chen examines his backpack, he still has more than 200 bottles of mana potions. In order to stay for a long time at the wolf cliff, he spent almost all of his gold coins to buy mana potions, and now it seems to have been a very correct decision. Fighting such a large number of monsters without any replenishment beside the potions dropped by the monsters, facing an unknown number of monsters without knowing the number of areas, each potion is very valuable.

His remaining health potion in addition to the drops from the monsters is more than enough.

After upgrading his two skills, there is only 70 skills points remaining. At level 4  with two skills upgraded to level 4  and level 3 , he is certain that he is the only one in the novice village N° 49554, because the elites and Boss are really rare.

Once his mana is full, Ling Chen moves forwards, to the next area. He is wondering, what is hiding in the deepest part of this strange cave under the chasm.

After passing through the gate, the usual sound sounded behind Ling Chen, Ling Chen moving slightly sideways, confirming the door has been firmly closed, leaving no gap.

The pathway to the back is shut again, there is no escape route, only forward.

“Ding…… You have entered “The Forgotten Cave”’s third area, kill all the ‘Cursed earthworm’s, and the door to the fourth area will open. ”

In front of Ling Chen, multiple black bodied  3 to 4 meters long snakes …… No, it’s the giant earthworm crawling around — yes, those are three meter long worms!!

There are 10 of them.

[Cursed earthworm]: Type: Demonic Beast, Level: 5, HP: 1200, Grade: 3 stars elite, a group of ordinary giant earthworms, under long-term infection of demonic magic from an unknown origin, with strong body and weak magic attributes, its nature becomes violent. The weak looking body can exhibit an incredible strength, once something is wrapped by it, there is no way to escape.

His intrusion does not seem to have alerted the giant earthworms, they aren’t like the termites and King Scorpion who take the initiative to attack, they are just crawling around. Ling Chen also stood motionless…… In front of him there are actually ten level 5 three stars elite.

10 three stars elites! This is impossible to find such a good opportunitie in a normal map. If such a lineup is found by a guild, they would be overcome with joy, but if found by a single player, then they can only run away. Soling 10 three-stars elite? You think you’re Xia Wa!?

Ling Chen narrowed his eyes, becoming a narrow slit. Monsters with flexible bodies, their defense is the lowliest of all the monsters, their vitality is also poor, appearing as the the easiest to kill. However, they are also more difficult to deal with than the monsters with high attack. Because they have no hands and feet, they can do movements that normal monsters can’t do, like twisting their body and attack from a different direction, their improvable attacks are difficult to avoid and defend.

If their body attaches onto you, you are finished.

Against one, he can handle it. But if the ten were to attack…… Even he had to choose to run away. Ten giant earthworms wrapping from various angles is hard to escape and evade.

These earthworms do not seem to attack first.

In that case …

Ling Chen bent down, softly grabbing pieces of gravel on the ground, with a flick; throwing the gravel to the nearest earthworm.

Bang,- 1.


The earthworm that was hit let a weird sound out, crawling even faster, then in a second, shot out like an arrow arriving in front of Ling Chen.

Ling Chen dodged to the side, his right hand raised, delivering a precise Full Power Strike when the giant earthworm passed by.


The earthworms defense are generally bad, the damage inflicted from this attack and a critical hit aren’t too far apart.. Ling Chen immediately turns his head to see the other giant earthworms. They are still crawling around without showing any reaction.

Very good! Ling Chen feeling at ease. If those ten 3 stars elites act like the termites and the Scorpion King and rush over, he will choose to run away immediately, but if there is only one then,  this is child’s play.
He will kill them one by one! (TL: sounds like a villain)

This pile of the giant earthworms that cause him a headache, has become a lot of skills point and equipment.Ten 3 stars elite, is enough to make anyone feel excited from the gain.

Going to take the little away and make it Crescent Slash.              Chapter 22: Hell Spider →

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