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Otherworlder Service Firm

So, this’ll be the first teaser I do for a series. Basically I just translate the synopsis and first chapter. If you guys somehow find any Chinese novels you want a teaser of you can just leave a comment somewhere. … Continue reading

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ML Chapter 1: The Beginning

Author: Me Wow, it feels really nice to put me as the author, just for that I shall continue writing this novel.

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ML Prologue: The End

Yes, this is not Shura’s Wrath move along if you want. I’ve always wanted to write a story of my own so here’s the start of it. This… might, possibly, will affect my translation speed of Shura’s Wrath but not … Continue reading

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Warning I Shall Be Going AWOL For A Bit

Okay, so I’m going to try doing this. I will not be posting for the rest of this month, at least nothing Shura’s Wrath related. In the mean time I will be translating Shura’s Wrath full throttle. Once July 1st comes … Continue reading

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Chapter Releases

Okay, since we all live irl, we know that sometimes we are very busy and sometimes we don’t feel like doing something. This means that there might be days I don’t have time to translate or even weeks. This is … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 30: Desperate Situation

Hello this is I [READER], taking a little break from study, and this is your daily chapter with some music for those who want to listen. Play while reading

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SPT Chapter 3: School Uniform

Here’s another chapter of Super Powered Teacher. Here’s another song. 记念 by 雷雨心. Unfortunately (for me at least) there is no official version, just this live version.

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