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Otherworlder Service Firm

So, this’ll be the first teaser I do for a series. Basically I just translate the synopsis and first chapter. If you guys somehow find any Chinese novels you want a teaser of you can just leave a comment somewhere. … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 35: World Famous

Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R] Editor: Sylver135 你好,这是 [读者],这里是每周的篇章之一。有有趣的阅读,因为我不知道当我将停止不发出警。 Music Accidently posted this but whatever, enjoy.

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ML Chapter 1: The Beginning

Author: Me Wow, it feels really nice to put me as the author, just for that I shall continue writing this novel.

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ML Prologue: The End

Yes, this is not Shura’s Wrath move along if you want. I’ve always wanted to write a story of my own so here’s the start of it. This… might, possibly, will affect my translation speed of Shura’s Wrath but not … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 34: Soaring Cloud

Translator: Le moi Editor: crossoverz And so the wait begins. In the mean time let’s give a drum roll for our new editor….. crosserz! or whatever he wants to call himself! I forgot to ask. Actually I didn’t ask READER … Continue reading

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Warning I Shall Be Going AWOL For A Bit

Okay, so I’m going to try doing this. I will not be posting for the rest of this month, at least nothing Shura’s Wrath related. In the mean time I will be translating Shura’s Wrath full throttle. Once July 1st comes … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 33: Sand Blade

Thanks for all your opinions guys. What I shall do is keep posting daily updates and then at certain times unleash what I have stored. Also with stuff like the toad fight if I have stored chapters I will release … Continue reading

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