Chapter Releases

Okay, since we all live irl, we know that sometimes we are very busy and sometimes we don’t feel like doing something. This means that there might be days I don’t have time to translate or even weeks. This is why I’m saving up chapters. If you guys are okay with it if I don’t post chapters for a period of time sometimes (potentially), I will not store up chapters and just post whatever I have when I’m done translating. Leave a comment.

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24 Responses to Chapter Releases

  1. Skunk says:

    i like reading a bunch of chapters at once. I can enjoy more with no cliffhangers and such things. So i think release it in chunks, as long as it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger. But i think the period you hold on to chapters shouldn’t be too long. maybe 2 weeks at most otherwise my addiction will flare up and rage takes over 😀


  2. ThunderSnow says:

    I’d say storing up chapters is best as long as you can release them at once if there is a boring ass fight like this one I’m sure the author will do stupid fights like this more but I don’t mind if there arent any releases for like a week


  3. Chizinha says:

    As long as you update us on when you are releasing next, anything is fine.


  4. G4M3R_729 says:

    You should do whatever you want. Although I’m in favour of stockpiling, as long as the previous chapter ends on a good point. I mean killing the faeiri boss is a good point to pause, and stockpile the next bit of chapters.


  5. Steve says:

    I think you should care about traffic, you might regret in the future not using this opportunity to build up a popular website


    • sylver135 says:

      Maybe, but as the old saying goes… shit happens, life goes on, deal with it… Yeah, I don’t really know. If I do come to regret it in the future I’ll make sure there’s nothing sharp and pointy around me. Although hopefully in the future you guys will still all be with me and giving me milk with chocolate chips cookies as I come into your houses uninvited in the middle of the night and do as I will. Sorry if this reply seems like all jokes, I don’t really have anything to say besides I hope that doesn’t happen.


  6. jerry says:

    As long as there is no cliffhanger at the end of the chapter like 32nd chapter (what are the new skills??!!!!) I dont mind going at a pace you feel best.


  7. deathskiller says:

    im cool with multiple post……jusdont end it on a cliff hanger


  8. merc says:

    Trueish story; recently, 2 translators had an accident around the same time and each broke something. One broke an arm and the other a finger from his dominant hand. Both have casts on.
    The difference in their situations is that one had a few chapters translated saved up and the other didn’t. The one who had ch beforehand took his time and was able to keep a steady release schedule. The one who didn’t have anything had to take a break and most of his readers thought he quit when he didn’t show up after a while.

    I’d say it’s better to translate ahead and have something in reserve, if you feel like you have a duty of some sort. If not, fuck it. Not your problem..


  9. anon says:

    If you can store chapters while releasing one chapter a day, then thats best otherwise release whenever its done. No matter what you do, leechers will always want more. Cliffhangers are also part of series to make it more interesting.


  10. kenchan223 says:

    Save up chapters.
    As long as you notify us readers that you are not “dead” then it’s cool


  11. I think you should store up some chapters so we can get our daily douse


  12. LaoMaoTsing says:

    well if u dont care about traffic and rather have a couple of dedicated readers then maybe just release chapters u have saved up on a specific day every month/week u dont even have to specify the number of chapters that may help u laze more and do stome irl without thinking bout ur website or beeing annoyed by 3 yo crying for their new fix


  13. Straddler says:

    Let it flow out like Niagara falls


  14. Anonymous says:

    Id say also if no cluffhanger you can save up.. But if there is a cliffhanger then is better to post when they are done 🙂


  15. Anonymous says:

    I like reading new chapters when they come out so there’s less of a wait between them…but…also hate cliffies so I guess as long as the previous one doesn’t have cliffhanger would prefer them coming out in chunks? 🙂


  16. Anonymous says:

    as long as the previous chapter doesn’t end on a cliffhanger


  17. Anonymous says:

    post when done


  18. laxarus says:

    Do what you think is best. My preference as a reader is reading a chunk of chapters at once. That way I can enjoy more with no cliffhangers and such things. If you want to, I’d like you to store as much as possible and release them all at once. But if you care about daily traffic and such, this is not a good method. Well, in the end, it is your decision. 🙂


    • sylver135 says:

      I don’t care about daily traffic. I’ve actually thought of not posting for a period of time and then releasing like 20 chapters at once but I think I still have to think about that for a bit, although I am very tempted to now. I’ll give a warning if I ever do that.


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