SW Chapter 32: Rising 4 Levels

Here’s another chapter, and that’s the last of my stockpile. Yeah, I haven’t really stocked up much. If you read fantasy you probably already know this series but for those who don’t. The Kingkiller Chronicles is a must read. It’s not your traditional sword and sorcery fantasy and really focuses a lot more on plot and character development that turning the MC into an OP beast. Also, luckily the final book is coming out sometime this year. Go buy the books! Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, The Doors of Stone (unreleased).

Greedy Giant Toad’s HP: 0/80000.

Slashing out the last strike, Ling Chen’s mind finally collapsed, he practically couldn’t feel the existence of his body, only able to let himself fall over like a sponge. In his hazy vision, he saw a touch of purple… He smiled, and then heavily fell on the ground. Even though he could not clearly see how big the damage number is, but seeing that touch of purple, was enough.

It was a success…

At this final moment, under the support of his last bit of conviction, he activated that hope with only 3/1000 of a chance… No, this could only be called a miracle. (TL: Referring to the hope and how it should be called a miracle.)

The Greedy Giant Toad’s health bar had already become entirely black. It maintained its position of releasing “Earth Split”, a pair of dark green eyes slowly dimming, its giant mouth opening wide… And then in a final cry of despair, slowly fell backwards, falling on the ground with a “Rumble” four feet facing the sky, causing the dust on the ground to fly everywhere… No longer able to move, its giant eyes losing all light at this moment.

Greedy Giant Toad… dead.

“Ding… You have successfully killed LV10 Fairie BOSS ‘Greedy Giant Toad’, Fame+1000, SP+1000.”

Ding… You are the first player in《Mystic Moon》to kill a Fairie BOSS, Reward Earned: Fame+1000, Gold+1000, SP+1000, Gained unique item ‘Consonance Insignia’.”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV6, HP+10, MP+10, AP+5.”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV7…”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV8…”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV9, HP+10, MP+10, AP+5.”

“Ding… You have sacrificed your mind and spirit in a desperate situation, using your persistence to overcome an unbeatable opponent, creating a miracle in the end, soloing a LV10 Fairie BOSS in a LV5 condition. First one to reach 《Mystic Moons》’s ‘Miracle’  condition, gained one impasse skill.”

“Ding… You have successfully exterminated “Greedy Giant Toad”, the door towards the sixth area of “The Forgotten Cave” has been opened.”

The sound of system notifications rang beside his ears for a long time, the EXP given by a Fairie BOSS is quite huge, his level in a continuous light continuously rose 4 levels. In the end, slowly stopping at 50% of LV9… Undoubtedly, in this instant, he had risen from an insignificant level, to the highest in all of China… LV9, right now this is a level that regular players simply cannot reach.

9 hours of struggle, dedication and persistence that did not shake even with a completely exhausted mind… This truly is a miracle, a miracle that only he can create. These rewards, are also the rewards that he deserved after all of that hard work and determination.

His extreme strength addition, Mind Saber, the special potions from the item shop, the hell spider’s saliva dropped by the hell spider, “Fire of Rage” that was unlocked during the fight against the Greedy Giant Toad, that last miraculous strike… If any of these elements were missing, this miraculous finish would not have occurred. Without that blessed sapphire necklace, he wouldn’t even be here. Real miracles, have always been the combination of luck, hard work and dedication.

The death of a Fairie BOSS will undoubtedly be accompanied by a very fabulous explosion, Ling Chen’s blurry vision saw that when the Greedy Giant Toad fell down, a large group of different coloured items dropped from its body. His mind that had completely relaxed fell into irresistible exhaustion, he could no longer go and see what those trophies are, even more he did not have the strength to go and pick them up. His eyes closed, directly falling asleep, before his consciousness disappeared, his ears continued to be surrounded by system notifications.

“Ding… Your mind has already fallen into a very dangerous condition, for your safety, you will be forcibly kicked offline.”

When the system notification sounded, Ling Chen was already surrounded in a white light and kicked offline. Leaving this 5th area that had finally calmed down. The initially sleeping behemoth here, now lay there 4 feet facing the sky, without any sound. Its surrounding lay all kinds of items emitting a magnificent radiance… If the items dropped by a regular creature, including Lord BOSS are not picked up by anyone for a long period of time, they will automatically disappear. But for Faerie and above BOSS even if no one picks them up they will never disappear, including their bodies. It is because of this that Ling Chen was able to peacefully fall asleep. He believed that no other beings would appear in this area, at least in a short period of time, and so there would be no one to take away his spoils.

This nap, Ling Chen slept very deeply. This degree of mental exhaustion was practically scarier than not sleeping for ten days straight. A normal person exhausted to such a degree would probably have lost half their life, needing at least half a month to recover…

But, not even reaching the afternoon, Ling Chen instantly woke up. He abruptly sat up on the bed, his head as if about to explode, his eyelids so heavy that he practically couldn’t open them, he struggled to make his vision more clear, looking towards the clock on the wall…

6:00 in the afternoon! (TL: Yeah I don’t know, either he took forever to look at the clock or the author just didn’t give a crap)

“Brother, you’re awake… Here, drink something first, and then go back to sleep, okay!”

A soft voice made his murky consciousness become wide awake. He saw Ling Shui Ruo’s eyes, after being dazed for a bit, he hurriedly supported her delicate shoulders saying anxiously: “Ruo Ruo, are you hungry, did you not eat breakfast and lunch…”

He hit his head… The reason he woke up so quickly is because he was subconsciously worrying about Ling Shui Ruo. Without him Ling Shui Ruo couldn’t even walk, she can’t take care of herself at all. But when he woke up, it was already the afternoon. This also meant that there was no one to take care of Ling Shui Ruo for a whole day, he was so remorseful that he wanted to smash his head into a wall.

Ling Shui Ruo smiled, lightly shaking her head: “Of course not, I’ve always been able to take care of myself. If brother doesn’t believe me then look… For breakfast I ate a big piece of bread, and a cup of warm milk, this is proof… At noon I drank a large bottle of fruit juice, and even ate all of the fruit that brother washed, see, the proof is here. I’ve also already prepared dinner, and prepared brother’s share too… look brother. Hi, although I’m still going to need brother to do all the dish washing.”

The table beside the bed is filled with bread paper, a glass cup stained with milk, an empty bottle of fruit juice, and a small plate of fruit skins and seeds… along with two hot cups of milk. Ling Chen lightly smiled, but his nose slightly twitched, his eyes feeling as though there was something quietly spilling out… He seemed as if he saw the delicate girl in front of him difficulty putting on her clothes, controlling the wheelchair looking for breakfast and lunch… and then purposely putting the evidence of having eaten breakfast and lunch in front of him… only so that he didn’t worry about her, especially so that he didn’t feel remorse.

“It’s clearly brother who hasn’t eaten anything for a whole day… Brother, hurry up and finish this glass of milk, or else you’re not allowed to sleep.” Ling Shui Ruo carried the glass of milk placing it before him. Ling Chen hurriedly grasped her hands… He understood most the weight this little cup meant towards this girl.

“Today I…”

“Tell it to me once brother has finished resting, right now you need to obediently finish this milk. It’s already been a long time… since I’ve warmed up milk for brother.” Ling Shui Ruo stared at Ling Chen, gently saying.

Ling Chen did not continue speaking, smiling warmly, putting his head back and gulping down the milk…Overworking for a night, and not eating anything for a day, he was indeed already famished.

Ling Shui Ruo tenderly stared at him the whole time, her eyes gentle as water. Suddenly her eyebrows arched, she started to laugh, laughing very happily: “Brother, do you know, at noon time, I didn’t depend on the wheelchair, walking from one end of the living room to the other, and then back, only falling down once in-between… and did not hold onto anything!”

Ling Chen: “…”

Before, with his support Ling Shui Ruo could only walk 7,8 step. Without any support, she pretty much couldn’t even stand. Shui Ruo would never trick him… She really walked around the living room by herself!?!?

Is it the 23113 medicine taking effect!? (TL: It seems like the author has changed it to 23113 for whatever reason.)

Ling Chen’s heart started to race, the joy he felt in his heart was 100 times greater than when he slayed the Greedy Giant Toad. He put down the empty glass, suppressing the excitement in his heart and on his face, using a slightly trembling voice to say: “Shui Ruo, tomorrow, we’ll…we’ll go to the hospital again!”


Before, the hospital was always the place that Shui Ruo feared the most, every time she came here, her bright face would be covered with a layer of paleness. But this time, she agreed so simply and excitedly. Because she could feel the change in her body… and even more clearly saw the future of her and her brother.

“Rest for a bit first Ruo Ruo, dinner will be done in a jiffy!” Carrying Shui Ruo back to the bed, Ling Chen jumped off from the bed, accurately slipping into his slippers. This amazing good news completely swept away the exhaustion in his mind.

“But, brother looks so tired, brother should rest more.”

“Haha, I’ve already slept for a whole day, any more and I’ll turn into a pig.” Ling Chen walked out of the room laughing, heading straight for the kitchen.

Today’s dinner is particularly delicious, Ling Chen and Shui Ruo both ate a lot. At night, Ling Chen peacefully fell asleep gently embracing Shui Ruo’s soft body, not entering the world of Mystic Moon, he was also truly too tired. Even with his abnormal constitution, it was time to take a proper rest.

In another place, beside the corpse of a giant toad, a large group of items flickering a variety of lights quietly lay on the ground, waiting for someone to take them away.


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      Also liked a lot brandon sanderson’s the storm archives series (2 books out so far, with 10 total planned)


      • sylver135 says:

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    • Yeah he definitely feels different from a lot of other MCs where the game is basically their lifeline. Weed or Ark would be desperately trying to get back on because he depends on the game to make a living. There is definitely a feeling that he doesn’t take this game very seriously, or maybe it is just because we are too used to MCs who actually have to struggle.


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