Warning I Shall Be Going AWOL For A Bit

Okay, so I’m going to try doing this. I will not be posting for the rest of this month, at least nothing Shura’s Wrath related. In the mean time I will be translating Shura’s Wrath full throttle. Once July 1st comes around. What I will then do is unleash the mother load as I see fit. Now the reason I am doing this is for 1, experimentation and 2,stockpiling. No amount of negative feedback will change my mind. If you wish to yell at me please leave my mom out of it. Obviously though if the feedback is extremely negative I will not be doing this again but this time I am going through with it no matter what. I’m also more comfortable doing this at this time because as far as I know the majority of readers are high schoolers and right now is exam/studying/culminating time. For those of you not in high school and who are not okay with this…Thank you for making this part of your daily morning routine (I did not take that from GMM) and I hope you come back. As for those of you who are in high school and not okay with this… get studying!!! If it helps, just think of it as me dying and then being revived on July the 1st, the return of Sylver, Sylver Easter Wednesday, and I’ll be giving out chapters instead of easter eggs. Hm, hope that didn’t offend anyone. Post complaints in the complaint section and suggestions in the suggestions section. Note that a complaint can be a suggestion and a suggestion can be a complaint. It’s all about the tone and word choice.

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48 Responses to Warning I Shall Be Going AWOL For A Bit

  1. achusanjay says:

    After seeing FBT’s tsunami, im really looking forward to this.


  2. Afraz says:

    Sounds like a REALLY good idea do this on a weekly basis e.g release a chunk of chapters at the end of every week


  3. Take care! I’ll patiently wait 🙂


  4. Kage says:

    damn Im dying of boredom must last 5 more days QQ. I expect at least 10 chaps please Q OTL I BEG YOU RELIEVE ME OF MY BOREDOM QQ OTL LN are my life! TT^TT


  5. Dusk says:

    I prefer regular updates so I can read the various webnovel updates each day at work during the down times. However, I am not translating so, as the translator, do whatever you are most comfortable with.

    I am glad you let us know when the next update will be at least. Some translators just say “soon” and that makes me claw the walls daily as I wonder when the release will be lol.


  6. moarsi says:

    Will start off by saying thank you for translating the series, it’s been a blast to read and you TL comments have been amusing as well. On topic, I would prefer consistent releases since I used to read these during lunch break at work every day. Looking forward to July 1st!


  7. Teadragon7 says:

    I personally prefer shorter but consist relreases. But I am just thankful that you are putting so much time and effort in translating. So thanks.


  8. HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

    Not that I really mind if you release in giant bursts…for some reason that sounds really lewd to me…


  9. Weed says:

    Good IDEA here I am thinking to wait a Month too, to Read it b/c of really slow plot progress but who can guess your planning the same thing too, now it help me to relive my stress of constant cliffhanger everyday =).


  10. anonymous says:

    This is sad. As an adult who keeps the internet working for a living, reading novels like these is one of the main ways I stay awake.


  11. kesiuskley says:

    Come on! You need not be afraid of our reactions, it’s already good enough that you make translations without charging us, and almost one chapter per day until then.
    It’s just my humble opinion, but i also want to thank you for your work so far.
    Waiting will be hard, but there is worse in life. You have your reasons, and we have to accept that.

    PS: Give a kiss to your mom for me.


  12. M.A.D says:

    AWOL actually stands for Absent Without Official Leave, meaning that one suddenly disappear without leaving any notice or contact. The very fact that you’re writing this post would invalidate the usage of the word, and its appearance in the title is, by itself, a contradiction.

    Well, that said, thanks for the good work!


  13. Fuwaa says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re a month behind on the exam season, sylver, but have fun~.


  14. Azneccentric says:

    Dunno how its AWOL when its or own site .-.


  15. DAO1995 says:

    Hope you do well in your exams. Even I’m studying. I need to excel.


  16. Lax says:

    Nice, I was going to wait anyway but now, there will be no temptation 🙂


  17. Kairne says:

    I haven’t read Shura’s Wrath yet but your post made me curious. You spoke of experimentation. But an experiment on what ? Or to what end ?

    Good luck and may the Force be with you !


  18. Anon says:

    daily morning routine? I check at least ten times a day.
    Enjoy the time without pressure and please not again.


  19. superloner says:

    This is a pretty good idea though it leaves us with one less thing to read while we wait.


  20. Calo Nord says:

    I’m kind of truly sorry… but i will wait, until July 2nd (why 2nd and not 1st?Because i’m french and i have no idea of what time is it for you but if in the morning when i woke up it still don’t here….I will cry and go berserk in my mind). I can’t wait to read the next of the story. It’s freaking cool!
    Good month and take care of yourself (no need to be like Ling Chen after the fight with the Fairy Boss)


  21. jerry says:

    daam…I want to curse, curse, curse……I picked up this webnovel yesterday and loved it. Baah…..it’s ok….but I expect a lot of chapters on 1st July……otherwise I will take you on for a task 😛


  22. fireward says:

    Completed my exams few day before and can’t get my dose for a month:(((( Personally I better like regular one, so that you don’t need to reread it before continuing to read…


  23. Asakura says:

    Please, can you poste bevore chapter 34 for the end from this Dungeon.


  24. Specter says:

    Well…time to hibernate, either way thanks so far, looking forward to the the awesompolypse.


  25. Anonymous says:

    is this an new style of april fool o.O


  26. nerodragon12 says:

    This is what gets me through the day…sigh


  27. Anonymous says:

    When you are saving up at the time of release, please try to keep it from ending at a cliffhanger.


  28. Skunk says:

    i think as long as you warn us before you start stockpiling and give us a rough estimate of when you will release your load things are good. 😀


  29. Vivec says:

    rah rah rah complaints rah rah rah

    Seriously though… This isn’t a bad idea at all. It’s always more fun to see updates in massive chunks.


  30. Kaz says:



  31. pickle anon says:

    Cool, I thought exams were over tho..last month I expect 50 chapters xD good luck and don’t let the negative feedback get to you. Your doing this in your free time…just don’t slack off too much lol or get distracted.


  32. voomhi says:

    But what if we are in high school and school is already over for us


  33. Anonymous says:

    Your mom is pretty .


  34. kirindas says:

    Take care! I’ll patiently wait for my RSS feed to alert me of new updates.


  35. Moo, I am a spider!


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