SW Chapter 35: World Famous

Translator: [R.E.A.D.E.R]
Editor: Sylver135
你好,这是 [读者],这里是每周的篇章之一。有有趣的阅读,因为我不知道当我将停止不发出警。 Music

Accidently posted this but whatever, enjoy.

China warzone equipment ranking chart

Rank 1: Soaring Cloud

Type: Spear

Grade: Faerie

Owner: Ling Tian

The newly unlocked equipment ranking only has “Soaring Cloud” all alone written on it. Because only Faerie grade and above equipments have the right to be listed, other equipments below simply do not have the qualifications to be listed. In this moment, the only name appearing on the ranking not only attracted China but the whole worlds attention… because no other country around the world has unlocked the “equipment ranking chart”.

“Faerie… this.. must be…a mistake! How is this possible!

“Holy shit, a Faerie gear! I don’t even have a Bronze grade equipment  and some guy actually got a Faerie grade!

“He is called ‘Ling Tian;? How come I never heard of him?  His name is not on the ‘Heaven Ranking’ or the ‘Earth Ranking’.

“Isn’t it that Faerie equipment can only be dropped by bosses of at least Faerie grade… The one called “Ling Tian” defeated a Faerie BOSS? How can this be!!! Don’t talk about defeating it, currently there are only an average of not even 2 Lord Bosses in every novice village, how could a Fairy Boss appeared… This kind of super BOSS also shouldn’t be appearing at the Novice Village!”

“Faerie equipment, the niubility is practically god-like… How are we supposed to live!” (TL: Niubility)

“Didn’t you hear! The SP rewards, there are 200 Sp as a reward, I am drooling…!”



Within one hour, the entire China region was completely flooded with heated discussions. The names of “Soaring Cloud” and “Ling Tian” were also known by countless people. At this stage having a Bronze equipment is already good, having a Silver equipment is enough to have people be killed over in jealousy and hatred, as for gold… if there really is one, those are all cheat level, they are more than enough to blind the eyes of players with their light.

But this time what they heard is… the appearance of a Faerie equipment.

The shock towards their minds was practically like an earthquake. Until now, there are still many players that still didn’t believe their ears, or thought that maybe there is some kind of problem that has appeared in the system.  Faerie equipment, at the current stage it’s not a simple piece of equipment, with this piece of equipment in hand, he will have many advantage over normal players. In addition, to be able to kill a Fairy Boss, he must be terribly powerful… or have enormous luck. (1)

“Find information about this ‘Ling Tian’ immediately, give him three choices: join our guild, surrender “Soaring Cloud”… or wait to be killed and robbed!”  (2)

“Those on the Heaven Ranking and Earth Ranking usually don’t change their names. Go and investigate immediately about “Ling Tian”, pull him in if possible. If not… just kill him and take “Soaring Cloud”… With Soaring Cloud… I have complete confidence in remaining first on the Level Ranking List, go now! (3)

“Interesting, he doesn’t appear on the Heaven Ranking and the Earth Ranking list, where did this dark horse come from? Humph, I hope that he’s not just all luck. Having another person that is qualified to compete with me is a happy thing… The prerequisite is that you have the qualifications.”

“ A Faerie equipment actually appeared, this is unscientific, Yuan Fang what do you think?”

“Yuan Fang believes there is something strange.”

Well said, according to my judgement, this ‘Soaring Cloud’ is definitely a piece of equipment.” (Sylver: Slow clap)

“Without seeing ‘Soaring Cloud’ young master already knows that it’s a piece of equipment, young master is truly an extraordinary person.”(Reader:…..)

In the 6th area of the Forgotten cave, Ling Chen has become the focus of everyone’s attention, he of course is aware of it. At this stage, not just towards regular players, even towards experts and high ranking guild members, silver equipment is already incredibly alluring, not to mention Faerie equipment. The appearance of this Faerie item will definitely create unrest in the China region for a long time. At the same time it will greatly stimulate the desires of those experts and guilds to seize “Soaring Cloud”  ……  They know better than anyone what having a Faerie equipment means. If he walks around with ‘Soaring Cloud’ in hand, he estimates  there will be a huge army coming to steal it on a large scale.

“Ling…Ling Chen, did you get the Faerie item… “Soaring Cloud” is yours!?”

Yun Feng’s excited voice travelled from the communication device,he repeatedly confirmed the owner’s name of that “Soaring Cloud” on the equipment ranking list… No mistake, it’s Ling Tian!!! It’s Ling Chen’s  name in this world.

‘Yes, it’s in my hand’ Ling Chen replied casually.

“Holy shit!!!! You, you, you… “ Yun Feng pauses for a little and roars  suddenly: ‘Too awesome, too OP! You are the only one worthy of my admiration! You even got a Faerie item!  Normal players can only dream about it! I knew it… if you stay quiet then it’s nothing, but if you make a sound that it will definitely shock the world! HAHAHAHA.

On the other end Yun Fen laughed wildly, as excited as if he was the one with the Faerie item.

Ling Chen: ” …”

‘You are the only one that is able to obtain a Faerie item, I believe you have already surpassed the first ranker ‘Sword Emperor! Er… How did you get it? To have a Faerie drop you must have killed a super BOSS of at least Faerie grade, did you…’

Ling Chen: ”…”

“Cough cough, ff it’s inconvenient then don’t say it.” Not hearing Ling Chen answer, Yun Feng said quickly. After a little pause, he is somewhat puzzled and asked: “Ling Chen, you said that you didn’t want to expose any information, afraid it might affect your life, then why did you make your name know on the equipment list. I remember that you can keep your name hidden… you should know, once your name is exposed, the world will know and remember you, you can’t be at peace later…”

“He,” Ling Chen let out a plain laugh: “ I will not let people know about my real identity, I don’t want the name Ling Chen to be known. But that doesn’t mean ‘Ling Tian’ must be hidden, on the contrary, I want to make sure everyone remembers about this name…until their last day!!!’

On the other end of the phone, Yun Feng let out a gulp…

Three years ago, in Heaven Slaughter, he met Ling Chen for the first time… At that time, if he didn’t get to the Yun Tan Mountain by accident, he would never know that China has an expert that could fight on par against Eve. Ling Chen played only to enjoy the game, his real strength is known only to 2 people,  one is Eve, the others is Yun Feng.

And today Ling Chen said…He will not be as secretive as he was before. To enter Mystic Moon, it is not only to keep his promise, but it seems that he also has a goal of his own.

“ The matter with your sister, you can rest assure”.

‘Ah…Okay! I had some doubts, but now I am completely relieved.’

‘And also…Thank you…the 13223 drug is effective!’

In his whole life Ling Chen rarely thanks others, this time he is really sincere. Because this gave hope to Shui Ruo, to save the life of his most important person. Although it’s only 10 years… He believes he can find a way to destroy the Isrock virus completely.

‘… Everything is for our own sisters, there’s nothing to thank. And no matter how you look at it, I’m the one whose gained the greatest benefit. Then, we’ll see each other in the capital city.”

Ling Chen answered and hang up the phone. Just before hanging up he heard an exaggerated scream, “What the fuck! You are already lvl 9!”

[Soaring Cloud]: Type: Spear, Grade: Faerie, Equipment Requirements: Warrior professions including apprentices LV10 or above, Strength>=50. A Faerie Spear as light as a feather, when using it it brings up a series of silver lights that dazzle the opponent. Attributes: Attack+70, Strength+15, Agility+15, Pierce Rate+3%, 3% chance to induce “Blindness” for 5 seconds.

Additional Attribute: Parry Judgement: 8. [Note: Parry Judgment will only appear on Faerie and above equipment. Weapons with Parry Judgement have a certain chance of parrying the opponent’s melee attack under the owner’s control (and only melee attacks). As long  as you can grasp the Parry Judgement point, you can complete a perfect parry. Generally speaking the longer the weapon, the lower the Parry  Judgement, the same goes for the vice-versa. For instance, the average Parry Judgement of daggers the smallest (1-2), the average Parry Judgement for spears is the greatest (this highest it can reach it 10). But, even if it’s spear type weapons with the highest Parry Judgement, perfectly triggering parry is still a very hard. After all, grasping that instantaneous judgement point during intense combat is a practically impossible task. Because of that, parrying is generally treated as a lucky event that has a small chance of triggering.]

Additional Skill: [Shooting Soaring Cloud]: Throw out Soaring Cloud with all your strength, the flying Soaring Cloud will pierce through all enemies in a straight line in front like a shooting star, it also has a certain chance of causing fatal damage, Soaring Cloud that has been thrown out will not automatically return. Effect: Piercing attack in a straight line forward in a 15 meter radius, compulsory hit, 300% attack damage, 1% chance of triggering instant death. HP-50, MP-50, Cooldown Time: 100 secs.

[PS: Skill added by equipment cannot be upgraded]

Grasping the spear in his hand, Ling Chen marveled at the spear. Truly a Faerie equipment, just LV10, and the attack strength that it adds is already a whole 70 points! It is double of the same levelled Sand Blade! The basic attributes points that it adds are a whole 30 points! 3% pierce rate, 3% chance of inducing blindness, not a single one isn’t an attribute that would make people unable to stay calm. Besides that, there is also an additional skill… A powerful ability that completely pwns all of his trainee skills in terms of power. Not only is its damage as high as 300%, it is also a long range, multiple target attack, and it is also forced to hit… Even scarier is, it has a 1% chance of triggering the most scariest condition “Instant Death”!

In comparison, Sand Blade that had wowed him before is practically not fit to be seen.

What made Ling Chen the most thrilled is, this Faerie Spear is very light, even though it’s a spear, it does not add an attribute that lowers attack speed. This kind of spear is very rare, the best of the best.

This is the strength of Faerie equipment. This is also why a Faerie equipment’s attributes can cause a sensation in the entire China warzone. With it in hand, even if Ling Chen threw away all of his other equipment, his overall stats are still enough to leave all of the other players far behind in his dust. At the current novice stage, Faerie equipment should not exist, because its appearance will truly break the balance.

Not to be biased but, SAO/ Log Horizon or Japanese novel with vmmorpg are child play in comparison

1 FOOL!!! He got Ruo Ruo blessing! Ruo Ruo is love Ruo Ruo is justice

2 Btw I choose 4 : die and gimme your stuff!! Weed style!!!

3 don’t pursue Lu.. Ling Chen

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