Otherworlder Service Firm

So, this’ll be the first teaser I do for a series. Basically I just translate the synopsis and first chapter. If you guys somehow find any Chinese novels you want a teaser of you can just leave a comment somewhere. You can suggest Japanese light novels too although if I can’t find a Chinese translation then… yeah. The wave (13 chapters) not quite tsunami should be arriving July 1st, 10:30 GMT but I’m a little behind on editing so please don’t kill me if that date gets delayed.


Title: Otherworlder Service Firm, 穿越者事务所, Chuan Yue Zhe Shi Wu Suo
Author: Passing By World Traveler, 路过的穿越者
Genre: Space Time Travel 时空穿梭
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Reincarnation, Romance
Synopsis: An unfinished wish? Thoughts that you once chased after but were unable to accomplish? Do you want rare treasure? Super powers?
As long as it is ‘fair’ and both sides agree, the deal can be conducted, what do you want?
No matter who you are, regardless of what world you come from, when you step into here, a change may occur to your fate, what can you give?
Foreign customer, as long as you have the luck to find this place…

To sum up this novel, a man dies, turns into a ghost, becomes the store manager of some kind of store that floats in some alternate space where people from different worlds can randomly appear and trade stuff with him or put up a request. And he builds up a harem with girls from a bunch of different worlds although I don’t know if they end up together since they all seem very cold. Girls include, Haruhi, C.C, some touhou chicks, star eyes from railgun/index, and some girls I can’t remember or haven’t appeared yet. Oh, and Haruhi’s cough panties cough get wet cough in this series so uh, stay away if you don’t want that image in your head. Very light hearted novel and funny novel. I’ve had many good laughs. The MC gets stronger but he doesn’t really train for special reasons. He just sorta naturally gets stronger without you even realizing. No Rocky training montage or closed doors. Might translate this in the future… far future.

The unlimited mentioned in the chapter is a genre where people get transported to some kind of space controlled by some kind of god. They get transported to different already established worlds like anime, manga, movies, etc. and get upgrades in a sort of game like mechanic. Look to Terror Infinity that is currently being translated if you’re interested.


A rather baffling “staff” pick…

Okay, this is indeed an opening that has a very so called unlimited style. Everything going black and then with a whoosh waking up to find that the location that you are at has changed. Although not a lot of the people here thought that they had been kidnapped or something like that. There were also some that were already grouped together and hiding at the corner of the wall shivering, looking in fear at that faint figure not too far away.

The figure’s apparel was also the casual dress of a regular youth, looking at his body frame there is also the feeling that he is relatively thin and weak. The only thing different about him is that you can see the opposing scenery through his body. Even if the face of that faint figure was also carrying confusion, it was still not enough to get rid of that feeling he emitted from his body that made regular people afraid.

Adding that sickly feeling on his body, his skin that was a little overly pale, he could not look more like a ghost. There are a decent amount of teenagers here, maybe they once longed for some kind of supernatural things, but actually encountering this kind of thing is another matter.

A lot of people have tried to look for ghosts this kind of thing, but actually meeting one… it’s certain that there are actually a lot of people who don’t want to meet one!

“Well… I should be at the crematorium?”

Looking around his surroundings in puzzlement, Jiu Ming didn’t understand why the surrounding people were looking at him like they’d seen a ghost?

It’s not like this place is some kind of hell, instead it’s just a maze.


The mouths of the people that heard Jiu Mings’s mutterings all slightly twitched, they also did not dare to question him. The people here are all normal people, when do they have the chance of seeing a ghost in their regular lives. Seeing one right now, those people that can look Jiu Ming in the eyes are already considered brave.

“Are you a human or a ghost!?” While Jiu Ming was spacing out, a rough voice rose up. Jiu Ming turned his head looking over and saw a man with the aura of a mafia boss walking over. Speaking of it there’s quite the decent amount of people here, there are about a couple dozen of people here?

“Of course I’m… Hm? It seems like I’m really not anymore.” Lifting up his own hand and looking at it, Jiu Ming was immediately dazed for a moment. A semitransparent hand really isn’t something that can be done with special effects, speaking of it am I really already dead? Even though I don’t know how I came here, I think that the last time I woke up all I felt was hot.

That time he had been put into a furnace, he had just escaped from the furnace and after realizing where he was his consciousness once again died away due to being severely burned. Hm… If it’s like that then I really am dead?

Slowly recalling his final memories Jiu Ming calmed down, as long as I’m not dead, let’s not worry about what I’ve turned into for now. From the appearance of his spirit you can see what Jiu Ming was like in his lifetime. Your typical sick teenager, even that kind where you don’t know if there’ll be a tomorrow for him after today. Even his name was given by a passing by fortune-teller who happened to leave him the name. The reason is because this name is tough enough, and that nine is a good number. Whether or not it’s of any use… that’s another matter.

A name but no surname, anyhow he was adopted, a surname isn’t really that important.

Looking at it now, this name didn’t really make his life any tougher. When his time came he still needed to be sent to the crematorium…

Hm, maybe becoming like this can be considered another form of living?

“Well, I don’t seem to be some kind of malicious ghost, where is this? Are you guys playing get-together?” Laughing it off, Jiu Ming didn’t worry about his current state anymore, turning his attention to his surroundings, get-together?

If all of these people from different casts really could get together.

White collars, students, workers, etc., after the initial panic, because of Jiu Ming’s regular behavior, the originally disturbed moods of the surrounding people gradually calmed down, turning their attention towards the surroundings, starting to care about what they had ignored before.

Where is this? How did they get here?

“You don’t know where this is either?” The man that had questioned Jiu Ming wrinkled his brows, in his opinion Jiu Ming should know a little something. This was purely a subconscious behavior. After all, there are a bunch of living people here and only Jiu Ming this one “dead” person.

“A maze?” Scratching his head Jiu Ming moved his body. It seems that there are no longer the limits of a physical body, he has already escaped that feeling of restraint from being trapped in a sick body. Even if his body looks the same, the actual feeling made him have an exceptional feeling of strength, no longer that constitution where he could break his hip just moving a brick. Speaking of it his constitution when he was alive was very garbage, but in terms of his mind he was very rarely tired, he also slept very little.

In this regard the doctor seriously warned him that even like this he still needed to regularly rest, even to rest longer than a regular person. His mind is well, but his body is unable to support this kind of activity, if you don’t want to die early then just keep going like this!

“Quick, look here!”

Following a loud shout everybody turned their attention over, seeing that a line of words slowly surfaced on the ground there–

Cough! A fairly strange scene is the introduction to this place. Just the first line made the heart’s of all the people here sink. There is no exit here, as for this space, even though it is not endless, but the chances of running out of here and meeting other people are not very high.

The relatively conventional method, a stick and a sweet date. After the threat are promises that made people feel like sleeping while looking at them. All that above other people, immortality kind of stuff. Jiu Ming took a couple glances around him, very obviously some people believed it. They believed it just like that?

After the promise is the condition… it only wants one person.

“Aiya?” Jiu Ming laughed, seemingly feeling that the atmosphere wasn’t good enough, “Seems like it wants everybody to kill each other?”

First of all, here he doesn’t seem to be a human…

In an instant, the people that had originally gathered together immediately split apart. Some were alone, some gathered in groups. And then after that condition a guarantee was added. Dying here does not equal true death, you will only treat it as a bad dream, so everybody does not need to worry.

A large, empty maze. Jiu Ming felt that this “selection” will not last too long, only that last line is very clearly to get rid of the worries of everybody…. Hm?


Is it like this?

Sometimes being too realistic also has its bad points, those with scruples will still have scruples.

A realistic death experience?

Just this line is evidently enough to give some people a reason to act. Rapidly thinking of gains and losses, under the circumstances of having no food, even if they don’t do anything the people here will still all die from starvation.

Well, aren’t all these people running around food reserves?

“Well, speaking of it human meat can also be eaten?”

Clicking his tongue, Jiu Ming’s smile carried slight animus, His voice was not loud, but this place was not spacious either so everybody could hear it. Everybody either panicked or looked at their surroundings with even more alertness.

“What do you mean!! You definitely know something!!”

Jiu Ming’s words clearly had sinister intent, his goal of stirring things up could not be more obvious.

“Ha? That’s right! I am stirring things up. Look I’m not even a human now, so you guys work hard, don’t turn into someone else’s food reserves.”

Jiu Ming’s words filled with maliciousness made a bunch of people glare at him. Shaking his head, Jiu Ming did not mind, what he said couldn’t happen? After two days you’ll know that it will definitely happen!

“Bye bye you guys.”

Food towards him was of no use, it was better to just find a place and stay.

“You, stand still!!” A couple of men boosted their courage and charged towards Jiu Ming. After a period of observation, this guy seems to be ‘harmless’.?

Jiu Ming’s words made the more harmonious atmosphere where there was a possibility of joining together fall into pieces. How could they allow him to easily leave? The reality is that he really did just leave…

As a ghost, how can he not have physical immunity? At least the people here cannot hurt him, that was enough. Randomly choosing a passage and walking in, this place is a giant maze, going a few rounds the people here won’t necessarily be able to find him. He touched his forehead that really can be hurt.

Jiu Ming shook his head. Looks like I can’t go through walls, ghosts can also feel pain?

“That, he shouldn’t be included in the conditions, right?” After Jiu Ming left, the people in their different groups all started to discuss. After all the conditions asked for a person, not a ghost?

“Whether he is or not I don’t know, but I want to go by myself. What happens if I get targeted as food?” A fatty stood up and ran towards another passageway, disappearing from sight after a couple turns. Some people with some thoughts in their hearts felt a bit unfortunate. If it’s a fat guy, he will be able to deal with the hunger better than other people. This fat guy that ran away could be considered to have a pretty active mind.

Before leaving he even left some unease in all of the people…

As for dying will at most be treated like a nightmare for the person? Not until the most critical moment no one is willing to try. At the same time this line gave people some aggressiveness, giving those people with a weak personality a ‘way out’.

Anyway, it will just be a nightmare at most, getting forced into a desperate situation and suicide… there should be no problem?

One after another people each picked a direction and left. Some things once they have been pointed out, there really is no room for ease. Right now there’re probably a lot of people feeling that the gazes of people they don’t know are a bit like looking at food reserves.

In the end, basically everybody chose to move separately. Not afraid of ten thousand but afraid of what if, have modern day people not seen enough movies and dramas? Being stabbed by family and friends this kind of thing… Sigh, dude it’s not that I don’t believe in you, I just don’t to affect our relationship you know? (TL: Chinese idiom 不怕一万就怕万一, means you have to be cautious even if it might not happen, or you need to prepare for the worst)

Overall just split up first, just think of it as everyone returning to their own homes.

Everyone was clearly guarding against those people that had chosen to group together. But thinking that anyhow as long as you split up here it will be hard to meet again they didn’t really care that much.

“Exactly what is this place? This is clearly not a joke, my body cannot be fake, unlimited? Where are the seniors? Isn’t only leaving a line of words a little too irresponsible? And randomly dying is really okay? It just feels like that line is relatively irresponsible.”

Muttering to himself, Jiu Ming lifts his head looking at the top of the maze. It is also completely sealed off, at this time he noticed that it turns out that there are no lights here. Since it’s a closed off environment how can there be light? But it just so happens that this place is actually really bright…


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  1. randomleecher20321391 says:

    I’m sorry but i just read the first 5 chapters and i still have no idea whats going on…
    so basically he’s in a maze with multiple people who starts killing each other.
    He meets a young guy who is the last survivor including himself…
    speaking of which when does he start going to different universes?


    • sylver135 says:

      Well, the beginning maze part doesn’t really matter.It’s just to explain that he’s a ghost and how he became the store owner. The first time he goes to an anime world is chapter 21 where he goes to the the magical index world.


  2. Don’t know how to feel with other anime’s main heroines becoming the heroiens for some other main male character. It just doesn’t sit right with me.


    • sylver135 says:

      Yeah, it’s kinda weird until you get used to it. A good thing is that the original guys they’re supposed to end up with are obsolete (wrong word?) in the story so it’s not like they get NTRed in the story or anything.


  3. masamune says:

    waiting for the F5 army


  4. ???? says:

    July 1st, still no chapter yet.
    Waiting in the darkness to assassinate S silently. 😀


  5. gregorius says:

    so tomorrow eh… i cut yew if no chapter tomorrow <.<…… you said dont kill you not dont cut you MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. thanks for the teaser and future chapters tho


  6. Anonymous says:

    shuras wrath cough cough


  7. *cough* cough* Shura’s Wrath


  8. ???? says:

    Dont split ur mind ok. U aint some shinobi who cud do kagebunshin thingy. U are just a normal human, dont push urself hard.


    • sylver135 says:

      Thanks. It’s not a big deal really. Generally I translate a chapter of Shuras Wrath A day unless I really don’t feel like it or don’t have the time. Everything else I do is on the side and so I just do bits and pieces everyday or so.


    • gregorius says:

      i disagree. he is a shinobi <.<


  9. ???? says:

    I say, I would be glad if u only work on 1 project only, thats Shura Wrath. -_-


    • sylver135 says:

      Well, this isn’t really much of a project. I’ll just be occasionally doing some teasers like this. My time still goes mostly to Shura’s Wrath. I guess you could argue that if I could translate/write a chapter of something else I could’ve used that time to translate Shura’s Wrath but I need a bit of variety. Translating for me becomes a bit tedious if I’m just staring at the same book all day. Its not that I feel like translating Shuras Wrath is a pain, but sometimes I need a little break from it which is where these little things on the side come in.

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