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No Chapters Again

Sorry guys, no chapter today, chapter Friday, and then I’ll be taking a break for the weekend. I’ve had some stuff to do and my eyes are honestly killing me.

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About the comment section

Pretty much I will not regulate comments unless I feel that there is something that really shouldn’t be there. I’d really prefer if you didn’t post spoilers but as long as you warn people and make the spoiler not easy … Continue reading

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No chapter tomorrow

Hey guys, as the title says, there won’t be a chapter tomorrow. My eyes hurt and my stash died so yeah. Everything will continue as normal the day after.

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The Incompetent Brother and Sister in the Special Ability Academy Seem to Have no Motivation

Another teaser. This brother and sister remind of Shiro and Sora… I likey. And the hundred night festival reminds me of machine doll. Also, I’m fairly certain the names are Japanese but I don’t know how to translate it so … Continue reading

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AAIAALSS Chapter 3: A Loli That Even I Am Unable To Accept

I quite enjoy translating this so I think I’m going to pick it up as a side project. This is exactly what I needed, a nice, relaxing, funny, sort of easy to translate side project.

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SW Chapter 55: Rising to LV10

Editor: High God I loved translating this chapter. Best chapter ever so far for me. Little raccoon genocide and shit talking. Sorry guys, I messed up the last part of the chapter. It’s good now so you should go back … Continue reading

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AAIAALSS Chapter 2: As a Lolicon I Have Never Been Afraid of Gossip

You guys seem to like this series… I think so here’s chapter 2 for you guys. I’m not sure if I will pick this up or not. And changing name from Aokano to Aoba.

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SW Chapter 54: Xiao Qi

Go to the poll page and vote if you prfer Faerie or Celestial.

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Eve = Xia Wa

Um, a lot of people seem to be confused about this even though it has been mentioned in the change log and comments many times so I’m making a special post to clear things up. Eve = Xia Wa and … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 53: The Trembling Cold Magistrate

Editor: High God an appropriate music for this chapter suggested by READER. Oh right, basically if there’s no translator name it was translated by me. Today, is the day for DRAGON BALL!!!

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