SW Chapter 36 – 48

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Chapter 36: Soul Sacrifice
Chapter 37: Tao Tie
Chapter 38: Black Crescent Moon
Chapter 39: Spirit Devour
Chapter 40: “Heaven”
Chapter 41: Reversal (I)
Chapter 42: Reversal(II)
Chapter 43: Lunar Scourge(I)
Chapter 44: Lunar Scourge(II)
Chapter 45: Gemini Pearl(I)
Chapter 46: Gemini Pearl(II)
Chapter 47: Tao Tie’s Trust
Chapter 48: Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique

Chapter 36: Soul Sacrifice
Touhou Hisouten recommended by masamune. I’ve never played any touhou games or watched the anime but from google images touhou project looks like a major rage quit game.

Ling Chen’s experience is now 50% of LV9, only a small distance away from LV10. Once he reaches LV10, then he can equip Soaring Cloud. At that time, his overall strength will increase tremendously.

Playing with the incredibly light spear in his hands for a bit, only then did Ling Chen put it away a bit reluctantly. Scanning around, right when he was about to turn around, his eyebrows suddenly twitched. Standing at the location that he picked up Soaring Cloud, he bent his body looking at the area that the giant toad’s body met with the ground. Right when his head was practically sticking to the ground, he finally saw a black object about the size of his palm. Most of it is on the outside but there is still a small section of it stuck under the toad’s body. This item doesn’t have any radiance, its colour is very similar to the ground’s, adding that the light in here is extremely dim, if it wasn’t for Ling Chen particularly keen eyesight, he pretty much wouldn’t have found it.

This is…

Extending his arm and grabbing one of its ends, if didn’t feel cold, clearly not made from metal. From the feeling, it actually felt like a kind of hard wood.

His hand grabbing the edge, after trying a couple times, he finally bit his teeth and used all of his strength to pull it out, his body nearly falling to the ground from the backward force.

This is a square, black plate, nothing out of the ordinary. The front of it is flat and smooth, on the other side, he discovered a big, faintly imprinted word… Order.

Slowly, Ling Chen used his hand to tightly grasp it, his eyes flickering an abnormal light.

2 pieces of silver equipment, 3 pieces of gold equipment, one energy orb, one Faerie equipment… and this was not all, in the end there was also this kind of generous gift.

Glancing at the giant toad beside him that had forced him into countless hopeless situations and near the edge of death, he suddenly started to feel that its ugly body was actually really cute.

In the next five minutes, Ling Chen was knocking around and hitting the toad’s corpse, pushing it here kicking it there. Only after he confirmed that there really were no other items did he turn around, looking towards the door leading to the sixth area that had already opened.

The guardian of the 5th area is a LV10 Faerie beast… if the 6th area still has a guardian beast, then it undoubtedly surpasses the Greedy Giant Toad.

Standing at the entrance of the 6th area for a while, he did not feel any dangerous atmosphere coming through, but he still didn’t dare to rashly advance. Right now he had already used all of his special potions, his HP and MP recovery potions also only remained the 20 bottles that the giant toad dropped. Besides that, he didn’t have any other replenishments. Ling Chen furrowed his brows, thinking of different kinds of possibilities that could occur and methods of approach after entering… Suddenly, the corners of his lips twitched, almost not resisting knocking himself on the head.

From the moment he came online, he had always felt like he had forgotten something. Only now did he suddenly remember, after he had exterminated the giant toad, the system seemed to have given a “Unique Item” and a “Unique Skill”.

Ling Chen immediately stopped thinking about the 6th area in front, calling out his backpack… Sure enough in the corner of the backpack there was an extra silver insignia the size of a ping pong ball.

[Consonance Insignia]: Type: Insignia, Grade: None, Equipment Requirements: Exclusive to [Ling Tian], Cannot be traded, a mysterious insignia with an unknown origin, will only be rewarded to the first player to solo a Faerie Beast, the item itself does not possess any attributes. But legends says that it has been passed down from ancient times, it can open a certain ancient ruin.

Ling Chen: “…”

Insignias, no matter in what virtual game world are always the rarest, and also most valuable, priceless equipment. It’s not to say that the stats of insignias are very strong, but the insignias have an attribute that no other piece of equipment will ever have: That is that there is no equipment limit. Which means that if you have the ability to gain large amounts of insignias, then all of those insignias can be equipped at the same time, the stats are naturally accumulated– Of course, the premise is that you have the ability to gain lots of insignias. Although, it is also because of this special attribute that no other piece of equipment can have, that the rarity of insignias has been directly decided. Insignias cannot be dropped by creatures, instead they appear as a symbol of status or a special reward when you complete some kind of very special task or some kind of great achievement.

What made Ling Chen speechless is that the insignia that he gained actually had no stats.

Can open a certain ancient ruin… This is the line that determined the value of this insignia, and it’s very vague, seemingly real seemingly fake. Furthermore is doesn’t mention any information about the so called “Ancient Ruin”.

Ling Chen could only helplessly put it away, and then open up his skill page, expectantly looking towards the mysterious skill that he gained.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV1, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV2: 2000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+100%, Magic Attack Strength+100%, the use of any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 10 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 300 secs.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Increasing attack strength by a whole 100%… how can there exist such a terrifying buff!

Soul Sacrifice, truly worthy of the name of “Impasse Skill”, it is the last struggle that puts one’s life at the edge of death in exchange for the crazy growth of attack strength. An increase of 100% to attack strength is incredibly scary, but during this buff time, HP has to remain at 1 point and cannot be recovered. During this time as long as you are lightly touched by any attack, you will undoubtedly die. Truly an impasse skill that should not be activated unless in a desperate situation.

Even though the price and level of danger in releasing it is very high, but the buff of 100% attack strength is enough to make any player stare tongue-tied.

At the same time the amount of SP required to upgrade Soul Sacrifice to LV2 is high enough to scare a regular player into gaining a mental disease…

It actually needs 2000 whole points of SP!

Working his butt off killing a Faerie BOSS he only gained 1000 SP, just this skill’s first upgrade requires 2000 SP… dare to be even harsher!!

He looked at his current SP: 2500. 300 points from the man-eating toads, 1000 from the Greedy Giant Toad, 1000 from the big reward of soloing the first Faerie BOSS, 200 from the reward of gaining the first Faerie Equipment. These 2500 points are undoubtedly an incredibly big wealth, it’s something that regular players can’t even dream of. He even believed that with this amount of SP, even after changing to an official class he can directly max out some of the skills.

Yet these skill points, are only enough to upgrade Soul Sacrifice to LV2.

Should I put them into Soul Sacrifice…

Soul Sacrifice is a very extreme skill, powerful, but also very dangerous. Even calling it a suicidal skill is not too much. Even if you gave this skill to a regular player for free, they would basically not have the balls to use it. But towards Ling Chen this is truly a terrifying skill. He also wanted to see just how strong it will get after reaching LV2.

After hesitating for a long time, Ling Chen bit his teeth in the end and put 2000 SP into Soul Sacrifice. Right away, under the sound of the system notification, Soul Sacrifice upgraded to LV2.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV2, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV3: 5000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+200%, Magic Attack Strength+200%, the use any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 15 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 300 secs.

Looking at the attributes of the upgraded Soul Sacrifice, Ling Chen almost let out a gasp.

An upgrade of 1 level, not only made the duration increase to 15 seconds, physical and magical attack buff also directly increased to 200%! Exactly double of what it used to be at LV1! If he activates Soul Sacrifice, his attack power will directly triple! How scary is that!

Ling Chen suddenly felt, the expenditure of these 2000 points is not a waste at all.

As for upgrading to LV3, the amount of SP required is a whole 5000 points. Ling Chen glanced at the number for a second, and then didn’t have the guts to look a second time. Those 2000 or so skill points are from killing a Faerie BOSS plus system rewards on the side. From now on he will be conventionally killing elites and BOSS to accumulate SP, who knows what year and month he will accumulate 5000 points. More so, the professions after job changing have a pile of skills, all needing SP…

Getting Soul Sacrifice to upgrade is going to be a long time away.

Once again standing at the entrance towards the 6th area, Ling Chen took a last look at the giant toad’s corpse before stepping forward, sighing about his encounters in the past few day under the sound of footsteps. A high payout, will be accompanied by a high return., he always believed in this line. Exterminating the Greedy Giant Toad, he can be said to have accomplished an impossible task, and because of that, he gained one after another OP level rewards.

Then, what is hidden in front.


Taking his first step in, the stone door like before tightly closed, his retreat, once more being blocked. Ling Chen lifted his gaze looking forward, and then slightly blanked.

What appeared in front of his eyes was not a wide space, but instead a narrow passage.


Ling Chen stayed silent for a bit, and then walked forward with light footsteps.

The passage is two meters wide, 2 meters tall, and unexpectedly long. Ling Chen walked for 3 whole minutes before finally reaching the end.

Is in front the 6th area?

Ling Chen made his footsteps as light as possible, slowly moving forward silently. Turning around the last corner of the passage, a large space immediately appeared before his eyes. At the same time, an indescribably immense sense of danger rushed at him from in front, making his body abruptly freeze, even holding back his breath, his entire self as if petrified standing there not moving.

Chapter 37: Tao Tie
Last Song by Yamai

The area in front is very big, its width is over 100 meters. The space of this area is completely empty, only in the middle silently rested a massive green coloured beast.

Its resting body covered half of this area’s ground! The size of its body is who knows how many times that of the Greedy Giant Toad’s. Just its gigantic body made Ling Chen have a feeling of suffocation.

This is a massive beast with an incredibly strange and terrifying appearance, right now it is clearly in deep sleep. Its head is enormous, its features so savage that just glancing at it is enough to make people scared. Its mouth is especially big, even though it’s sleeping its mouth is wide open, revealing a line of frightening, saw like teeth. The bridge of its nose bulges out greatly, on top of its head is actually a single, curved horn. At the two sides of its head there is a meat fin, its shape like an ear. What’s bizarre is that there are surprisingly no eyes on its face… The entire face is just an angular nose and a massive mouth that seems to be able to swallow a mountain, along with a pair of ear-like meat fins, nothing else. The appearance of its body and tail are similar to a normal ox, but are a lot bigger. Two massive paws extend out from the two sides of its body… the appearance is a bit similar to the hands of humans. (TL: images)

The indescribably enormous aura came from this massive behemoth. The sense of danger it gives him is more than 1000 times greater than the Greedy Giant Toad.

Drops of cold sweat instantly soaked Ling Chen’s clothes, he stood there staring at the terrifying behemoth, not daring to advance, even not daring to move backwards to hide his body. Instead he stood there completely still, holding in his breath. He understood what this incredibly dangerous sense of danger meant… Just like an ant, facing a towering mountain of which the tip cannot be seen. If the behemoth in front wakes up, it can obliterate him in an instant not even leaving an ash, there isn’t even a slight chance of struggle.

The stronger the creature, the more acute its senses are. The beast has clearly slept underneath this abyss for too long, its alertness also falling to the lowest, because of that he was not discovered when he first entered before. This kind of beast, with every movement of his body there is a higher chance of being discovered.

… But, his path of retreat has been cut off. Besides death there is no other way to leave, no matter what, he can only choose to move forward.

But, fighting with this behemoth, is complete suicide!

Ling Chen shifted his gaze, scanning every corner not covered by the behemoths body. After standing there as if frozen for half a minute, he used the slowest movements to call out the “Dark Cloak of Concealment” and then lightly put it on his body.

“Ding… You have used special item “Dark Cloak of Concealment”, now stealthed, cannot attack while stealthed, taking off the “Dark Cloak of Concealment” will release the stealth condition.”

The Dark Cloak of Concealment’s stealth effect can completely hide from the senses of any being Faerie level and below, it also has a certain chance of escaping from the discoverment of Heaven End and Mysterious God level beings… but without even needing to think it’s easy to know how low this probability is.

But, right now he can only give it a gamble. Hope the awareness of this behemoth has greatly dropped over the years of its slumber… Hope even more that the path forward has not been blocked!

Under the effect of the Dark Cloak of Concealment, Ling Chen’s body completely disappeared from sight, even he could only see a hazy shadow of himself.

Under the effect of the Dark Cloak of Concealment, Ling Chen stepped forward, balancing his body, slowly walking forward almost completely silently.

1 step, 2 steps… 10 steps… 20 steps…

The slumbering behemoth was completely quiet, Ling Chen’s mind also slightly relaxed a bit. Before today, there should have been no outside beings entering this place for a very long time, this behemoth should have also lost its alertness already, sleeping extremely peacefully. Or else, with its strength, even stealthed he would have been discovered at the first moment.

At 10 meters from the beast, Ling Chen finally couldn’t resist, using a “Scan Skill” on the behemoth.

[Tao Tie]: Type: Ancient Mythical Beast, Grade: Mysterious God, Level: ????, other information cannot be detected.

Ling Chen’s eyes immediately widened to its limit.

Mysterious… Mysterious God!?

Besides Saint Destroyer beings that only exist in legend, Mysterious God, is already the pinnacle strength of the Mystic Moon world.  Regardless if it’s human or beast, if they have Mysterious God level strength, then they have the qualifications to overlook the entire world. Towards players, there is a possibility of defeating a Faerie BOSS, Heaven End BOSS… at late game, with enough people and strength, there is also a possibility of winning. But Mysterious God BOSS will always be impossible to defeat. No matter how high the level, how exaggerated the number of people, it is unbeatable. Even with 100 thousand, 1 million players, it is all the same as going to suicide. Because Mysterious God is a mythical level BOSS, it can only be looked up at, cannot be beat. How can a myth, be broken by players that are at the bottom of the strength hierarchy.

And beasts with Mysterious God level strength even on Forgotten continent are very few, all of them incredibly renowned, feared by humans, worshipped by all beasts.

At the moment, Ling Chen is at the Novice Village area.

And it is exactly this Novice Village… that actually exists a Mysterious God beast!!

The Mysterious God beast’s name is… Tao Tie!!

Ling Chen of course wouldn’t not know Tao Tie this name. In Chinese legend, it was formed from Demon God Chi You’s decapitated head, having the most greedy nature and incredibly terrifying strength. Legend says that its massive mouth can swallow the sky and devour the ground, there is not a single thing in the world it cannot engulf. In previous virtual reality games, Tao Tie this name also regularly existed, and always appears as an unbeatable final BOSS. (TL: Chi You, a very bad man in Chinese legend that tried to take over the world.)

And 《Mystic Moon》’s Tao Tie, unexpectedly appeared in the Novice Village area!!

These kinds of final bosses are all a one time thing, which means that after killed it will permanently die. Unless it is revived, it will not respawn after a certain period of time like a regular BOSS. This Tao Tie is the only one in the Mystic Moon world… It did not appear in the most secret, most frightening, final area that players basically cannot enter, instead it appeared here.

Exactly what is happening!? His heart was filled with disbelief and puzzlement, but right now was not the time for him to be thinking of these things. No matter in which virtual game world the Tao Tie’s identity is that of an evil beast, if Ling Chen wakes it up, his only option is death. He tightly sealed his lips, suppressing his heartbeat and breathing that had become a bit erratic, maintaining his previous actions and step by step walking forward.

30 steps… 50 steps… 100 steps…

A passageway the same size as the one he came here through appeared before his eyes… and there is no stone door blocking it!

This towards Ling Chen was certainly a pleasant surprise. He did not rush in his thrill, instead slowly advancing while maintaining his light and slow movements, and then finally stepping into that passage.

I safely passed just like that?

Stepping into a corner of the passage, making himself completely disappear from the Tao Tie’s range of vision, only then did Ling Chen slowly let out a breath. But that feeling of palpitation would not disappear in a short period of time. Right now he was still shocked about why the Novice Village would actually appear this kind of final BOSS, this simply goes against common sense and common knowledge. Even if you told people about it, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would believe you. Looking forward, Ling Chen felt incredibly lucky. He knows, he was once again blessed by fortune. The 6th area was not locked, this passage was not blocked by a stone door like the previous ones, or else, even if he can carefully avoid the sleeping Tao Tie’s detection, it would be completely pointless.

“Ding… You are about to enter the 7th area of the Forgotten Cave in front.”

“Ding… The 7th area is the end of the Forgotten Cave, it may be harbouring unknown danger, please advance in caution.”

The next area is the end?

Ling Chen did not release the stealth condition. continuing to use his lightest footsteps to advance, only after walking in the passageway for 100 meters did he take off the cloak… At this moment, the Dark Cloak of Concealment’s 300 seconds time of effect only remained the last 100 seconds. He then quickened his footsteps, rapidly moving forward.

Underneath Wolf’s Cliff at the most eastern point of Novice Village No. 49554, at the bottom of an abyss, a bizarre cave, demonified life forms, an ancient mythical beast guardian… He wanted to know more and more eagerly, exactly what the end of this Forgotten Cave is hiding.

Could it be, this is a final, ultimate hidden quest hidden in Novice Village 49554?

This passageway is a bit longer than the one before, only after walking for 5 minutes did Ling Chen see a change in the light in front… He knows, he is about to reach the end… the end of the passage, and the end of the Forgotten Cave.

Softening his footsteps, Ling Chen took a deep breath, and then activated the recording ability on the communication device on his wrist. Holding his breath, he carefully, step by step walked forward. The 6th area is guarded by an ancient mythical beast, even an idiot should know that something that can be guarded by an ancient mythical beast is definitely not ordinary. Maybe, this is a mysterious ancient ruin and inside harbours countless artifacts and treasures — Of course, this is what Ling Chen wants to see the most. Or maybe, inside lives a powerful hermit, although this kind of possibility is very small, because if there really was a person inside they should have already discovered him when he entered. (TL: Not sure if it’s enter the cave or the passage)

Gradually moving forward, the light became more and more obvious, but from beginning to end Ling Chen did not feel any sense of danger. His tightened heart strings also became more and more relaxed. Continuing to move forward, the light became increasingly stronger, slowly becoming brighter than any other light he’d seen here. Ling Chen slightly paused… At the end of the space, is it filled with light? Or is it, that this passage leads outside?

Right until he stepped out of the passage, a sense of danger still did not arrive. This meant that there are no living beings here. Walking out of the passage, Ling Chen stood there, looking at the space in front filled with blinding light…

Chapter 38: Black Crescent Moon
The Palm of a Tiny Hand

This is a space that couldn’t be considered very big. The same walls, but what’s different from the all the other areas is that in the air floated little orbs emitting a light green glow. Ling Chen tried grabbing one with his hand only to discover that these floating orbs don’t have a physical body, but are rather more like glowing air, it’s also these floating orbs that made  the light in this place especially bright.

There are no signs of life here, there even doesn’t seem to be any signs of any being having ever lived here. At first glance, this place appears to be a big hall, the hall is very spacious, only a small stone counter in the middle of the grounds. The stone counter is not even half a meter tall, when Ling Chen looked at the counter, a beam of light seemed to have reflected over for a moment.

This place is?

No fabulous treasure, no life forms, even not able to find any special existence, the only thing that can be seen is a spacious hall and the stone counter in the middle of the hall, this was completely different from what Ling Chen expected.

A place guarded by an ancient mythical beast, how can it just have these things!

Staying silent for a bit, he walked forward, heading for the stone counter in the center.


His feet seemingly stepping on something, Ling Chen stopped his footsteps. Looking downwards, the ground underneath is uneven, where he stepped faintly appeared the shape of a sword hilt.

This is…

Ling Chen immediately crouched down, pushing aside the surrounding rocks. Immediately, a complete sword hilt appeared before his eyes. The sword hilt displays a black colour, on top it is faintly ingrained with extremely complex, blood coloured lines. The entire sword hilt is around 30 centimeters long, its thickness is far greater than a regular sword hilt, its appearance is pretty normal though. When Ling Chen stepped on it a large part of it was slumped in the ground which is why Ling Chen didn’t notice it when he scanned the place earlier.

Could there be a sword hidden here?

Ling Chen’s heartbeat immediately started to quicken… A sword that can be hidden here, even without thinking it’s easy to know that this sword in not an ordinary sword. He extended his arm grabbing the hilt, casually lifting it… And then, his face froze.

Under his pull the sword actually didn’t move at all, as if it was embedded in the ground.

Ling Chen slightly furrowed his brows. He adjusted his position, two hands grabbing the sword hilt, and then suddenly biting his teeth, using all of his strength pull upwards.


Under the effort of his full strength, the black sword hilt finally lifted from the ground, but it only stayed in the air for a short two seconds. After only lifting it up for two seconds Ling Chen was no longer able to maintain his grip, the sword hilt once again falling onto the ground with a “Bam”, and then causing the rigid ground to deeply sink down.

That feeling was not like lifting a small sword hilt, but instead like pulling a thousand tonne boulder.

“So heavy… how can anybody use such a heavy sword.” Ling Chen wiped the sweat on his forehead. The instant the sword hilt lifted off the ground, he saw very clearly that this is not a sword, but just a sword hilt, without any blade. Its appearance may be bigger than a regular sword hilt, but it is still only 30 or so centimeters long, a couple centimeters thick, how can an item of this volume be heavy to such a degree, exactly what is it made of?

In addition, why is there just a sword hilt here. Since there’s a sword hilt, there should be a sword blade… Could it be that this is a sword where the blade was broken off?

Ling Chen once again squatted down, composing himself and looking towards its stats.

[Shura Emperor Sword’s Broken Piece 1]: 10 000 years ago, the world famous “Red Mystical Sword King” because of obsession descended into the way of the Shura, becoming the incarnation of a Shura, the Red Mystical Sword that he wielded after being bathed in the blood of countless life forms changed into the [Shura Emperor Sword]. After becoming a Shura, Red Mystical Sword King’s nature disappeared, from then on his only reason for living was to slaughter, massacring the lives of countless beings, causing the world to fall into chaos. In the end bringing onto himself the punishment of the heavens, befalling the combined judgement of Saint Destroyer beast Void Dragon God and the three goddesses Fate, Order, Liberty, in the end dying under the hands of the 3 goddesses. The 3 goddesses wished to completely destroy the [Shura Emperor Sword] but were unable to, they thus broke it into 5 pieces, scattering them into 5 different directions, making them unable to come back together for eternity.

Ling Chen: “…”

Shura… Emperor… Sword…

This sword hilt is one of the pieces of the Shura Emperor Sword that the 3 goddesses broke?

Who Red Mystical Sword King is, he didn’t know. The concept of a Shura, he also only had a vague idea, only knowing that Shura’s represent arrogance, heartlessness, and bloodlust. But, the Red Mystical Sword King that changed into a Shura actually needed a Saint Destroyer beast and the 3 goddesses to act out judgement together…

What kind of power is that!!

Red Mystical Sword King must have already become a long ago legend… or maybe, 10000 years of time has already passed, maybe on Forgotten continent there doesn’t even exist a person that remembers his name. But… Ling Chen placed his hand on the sword hilt… the sword used by Red Mystical Sword King, is also definitely undoubtedly powerful to an unimaginable degree!

Shura Emperor Sword, is very likely a heavenly item, maybe even a godly item… just its name is revealing a dominating pressure and overpowering sense.


Both hands exerting force, finally lifting it up again, and then quickly putting it his bag when it was completely in his hands.

This is one of the 5 broken pieces of the Shura Emperor Sword… If, by chance there is a day where I can collect all five pieces… will there be a chance to reforge the Shura Emperor Sword?

Strength that requires a Saint Destroyer beast and the 3 goddesses to face… This Shura Emperor Sword produced an irresistible attraction to Ling Chen. Even if he knows that this Shura Emperor Sword isn’t a good sword, but instead a sword of absolute evil that is drenched in blood and sin.

Successfully putting the Shura Emperor Sword broken piece in his bag, Ling Chen continued walking forward. Before he clearly saw that there seemed to be something at the center of the stone counter. Its reflecting light also flashed at his eyes.

The sound of footsteps was particularly clear in this overly quiet space, Ling Chen walked in front of the stone counter and stopped his footsteps. This is a smooth stone counter, it should have existed here for a very long time, but strangely the stone counter doesn’t have a speck of dust on it and is as bright as a mirror. Only in the center is placed a standing black ring.

This ring is…

Ling Chen did not rashly use his hands to touch it, instead bending his waist, examining it from a closer distance, only then discovering that this is not a standard ring. Tts size is about double of the metal bracelet he is wearing, one side is about 1 centimeter thick, and then from the thickest part it starts to become thinner on both sides, when it spreads to the opposite side of the thickest part, it’s already become a thin, almost unseeable line. At first glance, it seems as though an opening has appeared.

Looking at it from the cross section, it’s like a crescent moon at the beginning of the new moon cycle. A black new moon.

Ling Chen’s looked at it from a different angle, looking at it from the side… This ring has a width of almost 2 centimeters, at the thickest position, there are three holes of the same size closely together, at the two sides, there are also a series of small holes evenly spreading across… Ling Chen counted the holes, from the thickest to thinnest place, the two sides are each distributed 6 holes, along with the 3 at the thickest area… There are a total of 15 holes.


This made Ling Chen unable to help but think of Luna Chains. Luna Chains also have holes spread out on them, and this black crescent moon shaped ring can also be worn as a bracelet. Although Ling Chen was just randomly thinking about it. Of course he wouldn’t think that this is a Luna Chain. The Village Chief said that the strongest Luna Chain that appeared on Forgotten continent had seven slots, which also means that seven is already the limit… No matter what the 15 holes of this black crescent moon can’t have anything to do with Luna Chains.

But something that can be placed here is definitely not an ordinary item.

What exactly is this…

Focusing his eyes, Ling Chen lowered his head looking towards its stats:


The information that came from his head made Ling Chen a bit dazed. This black new moon is clearly in front of his eyes, yet he cannot see any attributes.

What’s going on?

Could it be that it has an attribute to hide its information, only its owner can check it out?

At once, Ling Chen extended his hand, grabbing towards the black crescent moon shaped ring, his fingers, under a slow movement touched the side of the ring.


Right at the instant when Ling Chen touched the crescent moon ring, a mass of incredibly dark light suddenly released from the crescent moon ring, like night had suddenly descended, instantly covering all of the light in this space. Ling Chen’s pupils immediately enlarged, the world abruptly changed, the world of light before turning into complete darkness in an instant. This is a darkness without any impurity, without any light, a terrifying darkness. Since he was just a child he had experienced so much darkness, countless days of complete darkness, but he never knew, that the colour black could actually be so deep, so thoroughly black.

What’s going on??

What’s happening!?

The black crescent moon that his fingers touched disappeared, following the senses of his right hand, making him feel like it floated up on its own, and then quickly passing through his hand, tightly binding onto his right hand wrist…

“Ding… Your Luna Chain ‘Metal Bracelet’ has been completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

“Ding. Your energy crystal ‘Beginner Critical Crystal’ has been destroyed completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

“Ding. Your energy crystal ‘Beginner Strength Crystal’ has been destroyed completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

What’s going on? Who can tell me what is happening?

Ling Chen’s left hand rapidly grabbed toward his right wrist, sure enough the metal bracelet that was socketed with 2 energy crystals had disappeared. On his right wrist, what he is currently wearing is another ring shaped item… Its shape, is clearly that crescent moon shaped black ring!


At the same time, a feeling of pain as if being cut by a thousand blades came from the depths of his consciousness, making his body abruptly freeze, his mouth letting out a scream of incredible pain…

It says it’s on his right hand but it later changes to the left.

Chapter 39: Spirit Devour
【和楽器バンド】六兆年と一夜物語, Original Vocaloid


The sudden pain made Ling Chen instantly feel as though he’d fallen into hell. Pain from his body, no matter to what degree he is able to withstand it, not allowing himself to let out a single sound, but the pain that descended upon his body, is from his mind! As if countless needles, countless sharp knives are stabbing and cutting at his soul, that kind of pain is 10, 100 times more cruel than being cut into pieces or being pulled apart by five horses… Ling Chen’s hands held onto his head, howling in pain, his body slowly fell onto the stone counter, no longer able to stand from the pain. (TL: Chinese death penalties in the past)

What is this!! Who can tell me exactly what is happening…

Why does my mind hurt so much… so much that I feel like it’s going to rip apart and be ground into pieces…

Exactly what is happening!!!

The feeling of pain continued, furthermore it is slowly becoming stronger with every second, making Ling Chen’s screams of pain increasingly shrill. This is clearly a game world, it is a virtual game world where bodily pain has been eased to the lowest, where all senses have been adjusted to the most comfortable condition! Why is there such a feeling of pain!! What is making me in pain… what wants to destroy my mind!!

“Aiya, hee, after being quiet for so many years, a person has finally come here. Thinking about it, it seems like I’ve already slept for a very long time… Hm?  How is it a little brother that is this young and doesn’t seem to be very strong?”

In extreme pain, Ling Chen’s mind suffering from a hell-like torture suddenly heard a voice.. a woman’s voice!

This voice gave off the feeling as though it came from the heavens, when it reached his ears, it actually made Ling Chen who was suffering from extreme pain feel numb, as if even his bones had softened a bit. Because this voice is honestly too lovely, just hearing this voice you will truly understand the true meaning of gentle and lovely. Just a few short notes, yet they are practically about to pull out your soul, as if having a magic that can stimulate the nerves of the entire body of men, even women… and their desires.

He difficulty turned his face, using his about to collapse consciousness to control his eyes and look towards the source of the voice… The world before his eyes is so dark, a darkness without any light. This kind of darkness, he should not be able to see anything, but, the figure of a woman clearly reflected into his eyes, allowing him to clearly see her body and face, as if her body was completely isolated from this world of darkness.

The instant he saw her, Ling Chen’s eyes that are filled with pain appeared a moment of sluggishness

That is indeed a woman, a woman of seemingly 20, 30 years of age, yet seemingly also not yet 20. She floated in the darkness, staring at him in interest. Where Ling Chen ‘s gaze fell upon, is a stunning face that is enough to mesmerize the world. Her exquisitely beautiful face, skin white as snow, slightly pursed pink lips that are like a fresh petal, arched eyebrows and stunning eyes revealing an endless charm, making the heart’s of people sway with just a glance.

A body of black clothes like the night, however slightly tight on her body, closely sticking to her proud chest and buttocks, her perky breasts and butt all vividly portrayed. At her waist a black ribbon lightly tied, drawing out a slim waist, accentuating the beautiful form of her body, displaying a perfect S shape, anyone who took a glance would be unable to shift their gaze, they would all be completely stunned.

This is an alluring woman, without any actions she emitted a dream-like graceful beauty and a charming enchantment that is enough to make the world’s men go crazy. Even Ling Chen… who is still under a condition of pain where his mind is practically about to collapse, when seeing her, uncontrollably let his heart sway, unable to believe that the world actually existed such a woman that can emit such an enchanting aura.

“Who… are… you!!”

He bit his teeth, using an unbelievably surprising will to make himself not let out sounds of pain, difficulty squeezing out three words through the gaps of his practically crushed teeth. Before entering here, he is certain that there are no other life forms here… This woman, who is she? Could it be that she was here the whole time?

Hearing his question, the woman’s lips slightly perked. With this smile, her face that was already enough to enchant the world became even more bewitching, an indescribable seductiveness appearing.

“Heehee, suffering from the spirit devourment of Lunar Scourge and still able to speak, you’ve really made this big sister astonished. Aiya, such a handsome little brother, big sister really can’t bear to watch you become a sacrifice, but, it’s you who touched Lunar Scourge yourself. Even if big sister wanted to save you, big sister has no way ne, big sister can only watch you become the sacrifice for Lunar Scourge, hee… Being here for so many years, the outside world should have already forgotten about us, it has indeed reached the time for us to resurface.”

The sound of that voice is not delicate like a young girl’s, it is both mellow and quite lazy, sweet and agreeable but also carrying a natural proudness and seductiveness, making Ling Chen’s heart involuntarily sway, his soul as if wanting to leave his body, following the voice and leaving.

If this woman was born in troubled times, she would definitely be a temptress that could ruin a country, even a dynasty with her every frown and smile.


Who this woman is, he doesn’t know. Lunar Scourge… Is it, the black coloured new moon that is tightly bound to his right wrist?

The pain that I am suffering, is from its devourment? Devourment… it wants to engulf and destroy my mind?

And then, become its offering!?

Exactly what has happened!?

This is clearly a game world, why is this feeling of my soul being sliced and feeling of pain so realistic and intense.

If the mind is destroyed… Then, you are either controlled by another person’s mind, forever becoming a puppet, or you lose all consciousness and become a zombie that has life but no consciousness.

The feeling of engulfment my mind is bearing is not fake… In the beginning what enters the game is the player’s mind? This item called the “Lunar Scourge”, it distinctly wants to devour my mind!

Ling Chen used all of his conviction and will, his struggle becoming more intense in an instant… His forehead and body is covered in droplets of sweat, as if just having experienced a rain storm.

“Oh?” Ling Chen’s suddenly strong resistance made the woman slightly surprised, following that the corners of her lips slightly curved, small ripples appearing in her enchanting eyes: “Little brother, resisting like that will bring about an even scarier punishment from Lunar Scourge ne.”


Right after the woman’s voice finished speaking, Ling Chen’s mouth let out a miserable, gut-wrenching cry that was like it came from hell. His body could no longer maintain even a squatting position, holding onto his head and rolling on the ground in pain. Where his body rolled to, the ground would be completely soaked from his flying sweat.




His cries of pain became increasingly shrill, to the point that even the most cruelest person would be unable to continue listening. The shrill cries of this degree virtually made people unable to imagine exactly what kind of pain he is suffering. His body and face are all completely twisted, twisted to a terrifying degree, his shrill voice also becoming increasingly hoarse…

The woman watched him rolling on the ground in pain with a light smile, listening to the miserable shouts beside her ears that are like they came from hell. And yet, her face of unrivaled beauty did not have any hint of sympathy, instead looking like she is admiring a pleasing scenery. She smiled lightly, letting out a voice as soft as the wind:” Little brother, the consequences of struggling are very scary. Right now, you just need to quietly close your eyes, relax your mind, let yourself fall asleep, then there will be no more pain. Come, listen to big sister’s words, stop resisting, relax your mind, and then you can peacefully sleep, there won’t be any more pain.”


The gut-wrenching screams of pain continued, so shrill that even the air is faintly trembling.

As long as I relax my mind and sleep… there will be no more pain… I can obtain relief…

As long as I fall asleep, I will no longer need to suffer this pain that is 1000, 10000, countless time more terrifying than death…



No!! If my mind crumbles and is devoured… I will become a puppet, become a living corpse!!

At that time, who will take care of Ruo Ruo!! She only has me by her side, her body is so weak, how can she continue to live without me!

I don’t want to sleep… Nobody can even think about destroying my mind!!!




One whole minute passing by, Ling Chen’s distressed cries have already become scarily hoarse. He no longer has the strength to roll around, his body painfully twitching on the ground, the the roars of pain did not stop. His body is shrouded by a black mist, but the entire time it has been unable to intrude into his brain and body.

The black clothed woman’s smile finally became stiff, her charming eyes narrowing, an imperceptible touch of shock flashing across in the depths of her eyes.

This kind of torture, just a few short seconds is enough to make a regular person completely fall apart. That kind of pain, has already surpassed the thresholds of what a human can bear. Even if your will is unbelievably strong, your mind would simply be unable to bear it, it would be crushed in an instant.

Yet an entire minute has passed by and he is still struggling, resisting, not even a sliver of Lunar Scourge’s soul force is able to penetrate.

How can there be a human whose spirit is so strong to such a degree!! This person…

Her red lips opening, the lovely voice slowly coming out: “Little brother, what you’re doing is not good. No matter how tenacious you are, you can not defeat Lunar Scourge. Like this you will only suffer even more pain ne.”

The moment she finished talking, she suddenly saw the convulsing Ling Chen’s cries of pain stop, he… slowly opened a pair of eyes wet with sweat… The black clothed woman’s gaze abruptly shook.

“You… will never… be able… to imagine… the.. pain… and torture… that… I’ve suffered… Those sufferings… and tortures… not a single time could they destroy my body and mind…”

“This bit of pain…. is nothing!!!!!”


A light shock suddenly occurred in the dark world, the black clothed woman’s expression abruptly changed.

Ling Chen eyes at this moment strangely became a red-black colour, his thoughts also returning to that past that he should have forgotten in this turbulent world of darkness…

A little note for what it should sound like in your head when this black clothed woman and Shui Ruo speak. This woman should sound like those older woman in anime/manga that always go “ara ara” and are always trying to tempt the MC. Shui Ruo the way she speaks in you head should be like a little girl speaking to her beloved brother. Kind of like like Miyuki except less obsessive, a younger tone and more confidently without any shyness. Although this changes in the future.

Chapter 40: “Heaven”
Nadeshiko Sakura (なでしこ桜) by 和楽器バンド

An unknown isolated island, a place called “Heaven”.

“Oh! My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. I believe that this time you will continue to bring me surprises.” A hunched old man as thin as a stick, wearing a white lab coat and white rimmed glasses turned around. Using the words skin and bones to describe him could not be more fitting. Especially his head, it is practically no different from a skeleton’s, but the pair of old eyes behind the white rimmed glasses radiated a terrifying glow like that of a poisonous snake.

Behind him is placed one after another 1 meter wide, multiple meters tall cylinder shaped vessels. Inside they are filled with or green, or blood red, or deep blue fluids. Countless tubes and circuits connecting them… And within each vessel, is reflected the figure of a person… That’s right, people! From their body figures, they are also one after another undeveloped children.

“This time it really is a surprise.” A tall black clothed man threw the ragged clothed boy in his hand onto the ground. The boy looked only 8 or 9 years old, being thrown on the ground he did not move, his breathing could virtually not be felt, his condition as if dead.

“Hoho, it’s actually a person that has contracted the Isrock virus…” The white clothed hunched old man saw this boy’s situation with just a casual glance: “Ohohoho! Hatred! I feel hatred from his body! So young and yet able to release such a deep-rooted hatred. My dear HELL, you have indeed given me a surprise, because this is exactly what I need. Coldness and hatred, are what a top-tier killing machine need to have the most. Although, only hatred is not enough, 1309 of the 1352 children that you’ve brought over the years have already died from my experiments, just how long can he last. Trash, do not have the qualifications to become one of my great works.”

“Humph, he is infected with Isrock and was buried alive by his family. Two days later I dug him out, he was still alive. I believe that his willpower will not disappoint you.” The tall man gave a cold snort saying: “Why don’t you cure his Isrock first.”

“Humans really are stupid animals, not even able to deal with a little Isrock virus.” The hunched old man walked over grabbing the little boy’s arm, casually throwing him into one of the big containers filled with green fluid, and then not giving him another glance: “3 minutes later, all of the Isrock virus in his body will die. The vitality of this kind of small virus is practically as fragile as an ant’s.”

“Humans are stupid animals? Are you not a human?” The tall man said coldly.

“Hoho! My dear HELL, please do not put me on par with those foolish humans, this for me is a great insult. How can those insignificant humans compare to me, Dr. Maniac that is about to become a god. Oh, of course, those foolish humans does not include you, because you are the god amongst humans. Humans in your eyes are as insignificant as ants.” The hunched old man pushed his white rimmed glasses, glancing at the boy immersed in green fluid, his eyes flickering a cold light that made the hearts of people feel cold: “Those 1352 children are all geniuses that you selected from all over the world, they are indeed gifted… But, there were only 200 that could endure up to 3 times the spiritual shock and not go brain-dead, and only 43 that endured until the current 5 times spiritual shock… Oh, no no, right now it’s 44, what kind of surprise will they bring me. Then, this child that you brought today, let’s start him off from 5 times.”

“5 times? Have you gone crazy!?” The tall man knit his eyebrows: “These 43 have only endured until now by slowly becoming accustomed to the slowly increasing spiritual shock strength. Starting at 5 times right away, there  simply is not a single person that can withstand it.”

“NONO, my dear HELL. You need to know, what I need are real geniuses. To become my product, it is necessary to be able to bear 10 times the spiritual shock and bodily pain and not have the mind collapse, especially not die. I do not need trash.”

“Humph, do whatever you want.” The tall man did not speak anymore, turning around and leaving. He is disgusted with the smell here, or to be more precise, he is disgusted with everything here.

“My dear HELL, Heaven always welcomes your arrival.”



“Awake, he is still wide-awake. Directly bearing that 5 times  spiritual shock that surpasses a regular human’s limit and is actually still awake! Genius… This is the genius that I’ve always desired!”

“Hahahaha… very good! You will be like the rest of my genius text samples, going to bear higher intensities of spiritual shock… Go savour to your heart’s content the wonderfulness and pleasure of Heaven, hahahaha! If one day you have the qualifications to become my work, that will be the greatest honour of you life, hahahaha…”


“My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. Oh, this time you come empty handed, that really makes this scientist very disappointed.”

“You think that geniuses are very easy to find? Out of 10000 people it is hard to find one person that reaches your minimum requirements. I came because I want to know, how many are still alive? I don’t want my effort from all these years, to only gain a pile of dead bodies!”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you have come at just the right time. Because right now the amount of people living, is only 2.”


“When the spiritual shock was increased to 6 times, only the last 7 test samples remained, when it increased to 7 times… Kekekeke, there were only 2 alive! Hahahaha… At first I thought all of their minds would be destroyed, and then be turned into mincemeat by me, who knew that there would actually be 2 still alive. My dear friend, this is your credit, you have given me two real geniuses.” (TL: The mincemeat here could be referring to turning their minds into mush, or their bodies or both)

“Which two?”

“He, they are number 17 and number 1353.”

“Those two?”

“These are the highest grade test samples that only appear every few thousand years. I can no longer bear for them to die… No, not only can I not allow them to die, I will use all possible methods to allow them to live well. And then, I will bit by bit increase the strength of the spiritual shock. First make them completely accustomed to 7 times spiritual shock, and then start to increase it from 7 times, continuing to increase it until the critical point where they are about to completely break, and then allow them to harden themselves from the spiritual torture, until they become accustomed, and then continue to increase it again, from 7 times to 8 times, and then from 8 times to 9 times, from 9 times increasing it to 10 times… Kekekeke, just like that bit by bit, making them evolve into monsters among humans! Becoming my greatest works!! Kekekeke…”

“You really are a maniac. I believe that you should know better than anyone else how great the torture they will bear in this process.”

“Thank you for your praise, my dear friend. Don’t worry, I will not forget the promise. After all, I can use electric waves to stimulate their minds and use drugs to strengthen their bodies, but only you, can teach them this world’s most terrifying killing techniques.”

“Three years later, I will return.”

“My dear HELL, Heaven always welcomes your arrival. I believe that the next time you return, you will see the two most outstanding products.”

In a gloomy hall, there are erected two massive glass apparatuses, inside they are filled to the top with green fluid. Two tender bodies float within, only blurry figures can be seen under the cover of the green fluid… along with innumerable thick tubes stuck into their bodies.


“My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. Not seeing you for 3 years, the smell of blood on your body is still so intoxicating. Then, let me guess how much human blood you’ve been stained with these past 3 years.”

“Don’t give me your nonsense, you know my reason for coming here, how are your works?”

“Kekekeke, believe me, you will definitely receive a most satisfying answer. Under my drugs, their bodies have become even scarier than a monster’s. Their minds… Kekekeke, their minds can currently withstand 15 times spiritual shock, hahaha… You did not hear wrong, it’s 15 times! Even I am scared by this result to the point that my entire body is shaking. That’s right, when I saw this result, my entire body was shaking. I actually felt fear, me, this Dr. Maniac am actually startled to the point that I feel fearful of my own work…. Right now their spirits are too terrifying. If they then go through the teachings of you, this monster, they will become the entire world’s most terrifying killing machines, the most frightening monsters! I cannot imagine, who horrifying of a nightmare their enemies will face. I believe, after they leave here, the entire world will tremble in fear because of them. And they, are all my work, kekekeke.”

“Humph! You’re not afraid that these killing machines will have a day where they kill their puppeteer?”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you can entirely relax about this point, how can I, Dr. Maniac make this kind of most idiotic mistake. Only if their minds have the ability to bear 20 times the spiritual shock and not break, or else the mental control that I’ve set on them is something that they will never be able to break. They will forever follow my any order, even until death they will never betray me. My dear HELL, could it be that you think that their minds are strong enough to bear 20 times of spiritual shock?”

“20 times? Humph, even a god cannot do that.”

“That’s right. So, they will be forever under my control, they will never do anything that you don’t want to see.”

“No need for any more nonsense, bring them out to see me. It has already reached our agreed time.”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you are the person that understands me the most, you should know that I never break a promise with a friend. Then… No.17, No.1353, come out and take a look at your new friend… Oh, no, he is your old friend, it is him, that brought you guys to this beautiful Heaven. From today onwards, you guys will leave Heaven. Kekekeke, prepare to cry and shout, beg, and struggle… Because, the place that he is about to take you guys, is a true hell.”

“…No.17 and No.1353, they don’t have official names?”

“Names? Kekekeke, a very good suggestion, how can my most greatest works not have names. They are life that I created, they are the most greatest works of me., this person that is about to become god, their names–”

“Adam… Eve…”

Chapter 41: Reversal (I)
Translator: Fintexyz
, Original Vocaloid




The agonizing roar did not grow any weaker, in fact the pain grew with each cry. Ling Chen’s every roar would immensely shake this black space. Fear grew on the face of the women clothed in black, even her eyes carried a hint horror.

Lunar Scourge….was trembling!

It’s strength was unable to conquer and invade his spirit, this human’s spirit was not only struggling and resisting…. this human now was also retaliating against it, trying to break its control!!

Impossible…How could such a thing happen!? This is absurd!!!

How could there be anyone in this world that could resist the power of Lunar Scourge!! This was an item that can even make the demon gods fear it.


Once again this black space trembled, it was swayed with a shock that was stronger than ever before. Suddenly a ray of light came within this black space, almost as if there was a thin crack inside this darkness.

Lunar Scourge….was being defeated!!

The women clothed in black could not believe what was happening. This young man’s strength was nothing but weak. If not for the fact that he is the only person to arrive at this space for so many years, Lunar Scourge would even find it disdainful to swallow his spirit and turn him into it’s puppet. But this weak human survived it’s power and was struggling under the immense pain. This entire time he has never given in, never collapsed and he never showed even a hint of retreat. His resistance only grew stronger….

This has never happened before…. Any living being that Lunar Scourge wants to conquer, no matter it be gods or demons, will never be able to resist it!

How can this mere human….

Even if the strength of Lunar Scourge was weakened by the dispersement of the three Saint Orbs and the twelve God Orbs, it’s strength was not a level that a mere human could handle!! The result of Lunar Scourge being unable to conquer this human was one that she knew of—-if it can not defeat its target , then it’s strength will be crushed, then….

It will be conquered by this human!!

The horror on the face of the black clothed woman grew as she thought of this. At this moment, she began to reevaluate this human whose face was being so distorted by pain that it no longer looked young. He was twenty years of age, with a hardened face and cold set eyes, but there was nothing else about his appearance that she deemed noteworthy. His strength could not even be part of the weakest of tiers and his equipment was just as worthless. This human that looks incredibly plain, one could even say insignificantly small…

Why does he possess such a terrifying spirit that can contend with Lunar Scourge!!

This human… What is he! Is he really just a normal human being? Or is his appearance just a lie!!



This black space shook again and more light came in. The black clothed women looked at Lunar Scourge….The black aura it emitted was being diminished little by little….

Lunar Scourge….was being defeating….it was trembling and retreating. It actually lost!!

How could such be a thing be allowed to happen!

A sweet intoxicating scent gently blew past the tip of Ling Chen’s nose. The black clothed women stood in front him, she was only five steps away from him. As she opened her red lips a sweet voice that could captivate this whole world came out of her mouth : “Little brother, do you really want to resist? Why don’t you obediently listen to this big sister and go to sleep….when you sleep, all the pain will go away.”


“Little brother, look over here….look into big sister’s eyes….”

Her voice carried a devil like seduction, as the spirit of Ling Chen was enduring this immense pain, he subconsciously lifted his head and glanced towards the black clothed women. As she came closer to him, he could more clearly see her face. And in that one glance, he was completely frozen with awe, her face carried absolute beauty. It clearly won over the young Shui Ruo who was still a fresh sprout. From her face, he could tell there exists a sultry allure that was carved deep into her bones. This enticement could not  be faked, and it could not be covered. This was a temptation that drew out one’s very soul and incited one’s lust to the very apex. Pretty girls could be found anywhere, but to have such irresistible appeal was something Ling Chen has never heard or seen of before.

This was a beauty that could bring disaster to countries.

In the single moment that she caught Ling Chen’s attention, she displayed a small seductive smile and glistening eyes, while slightly biting her red lips. Using a pair of soul inducing eyes, she revealed an absolutely alluring glance. She slowly strode forward, closing the distance between her and Ling Chen. And as she walked, the black cloth wrapped around the curving lines of her voluptuous body, causing her already sensuous figure to be even more enticing.

The black clothed women walked till she was only half a step away from Ling Chen. At such a close distance, her sensuous curves were even more visible, tempting him as a considerably sized buxom caught his sight, making him unconsciously focus his attention onto her. And in one flash, the pain from Lunar Scourge increased. Similarly, the smile on the black clothed women grew, her eyes looked as if they were covered in a light mist carrying an enchanting glance while she stared sweetly at him: “Little brother, say, do you think that…. big sister is pretty?”

This was the voice of a devil, a devil like women. Within all the women that Ling Chen has seen, there were none that could compare to the mesmerizing curves of her body. Her buxom perked up high against the black cloth, seeming to almost burst the seams of her robe, one could only imagine what laid underneath. The round curve displayed by the the black skirt of her robe also led to entice only more attention the the bounce and softness of the butt below. And at her was midsection was a thin ribbon that brought out an ever so slender waist. Her whole figure was presented underneath the black robe, revealing a allure that neither gods nor demons could resist.

You demon….witch!!

Under such an immense pain, he should not be able to divert any effort or attention to anything else. However his eyes were no longer under his control, they were completely glued to the black clothed women, and could not leave the sight of her figure. His will, spirit, and faith….were all starting to slowly dissolve ….and on the other side, the pain of the strength of Lunar Scourge was intensifying.


The pain never stopped, but along with this soul crushing pain, he was now also facing the test of temptation. The ultimate culmination of pain and the pinnacle of seduction….cause the stress on his spirit to crumble. He cried roars of pains, using the his uttermost most effort to try to close his eyes.



The dark aura emitted by Lunar Scourge continued to diminish, more light began to leaked into this dark space, and this time it carried the sound of something cracking.

Once again horror flashed past the black clothed woman’s eye, the strength this young man’s spirit surpass her evaluation. As unease flickered past her eyes, she began to lightly bite her lips.

Following the sound of fabric ripping, the black cloth she was wearing began to gently slide off the curves of her body towards her feet. What was left on her body was just a light veil of a half transparent black silk. However, this semi translucent veil clung more delicately onto her figure, completely displaying her sensuous curves, even slightly revealing a tender red in front faint white of her breast. In this brief alluring bit, this image was enough to instantly bewitch crazy infatuation within all men in this world.

Ling Chen’s eyes widened, unable to defend his spirit against such an attack, he let out an even more agonizing cry.

“Teeheehee” giggled the women whose flawless figure was now half unclothed. The sultry sound of her giggle was the most deadly nightmare invading Ling Chen’s spirit that was drowning under immense pain. Using her hands to hold up her buxom, as she began to slowing softly bend towards Ling Chen. Till she completely stopped in front of him, her enormous breast laid only inched away from his face. While flashing an exquisite smile, her hands suddenly began to slight pull away from each other.


Once again the sound of fabric tearing followed the motion of her hands, and the light veil of fabric was fully split, as a pair of enormous breasts bounced out. The white of her buxom was completely exposed in front Ling Chen, her breasts were not just of remarkable size, they also displayed an impeccable round shape. Her breast were as white as snow, almost as if they were a pair of flawless moons hanging in the night sky, this perfect shape could not be rivaled. Along with her exposed body, her soft silk skin initiated pure lust, white still retaining a fragile jade like quality, seaming to break upon touch.

The strength of Ling Chen’s spirit was being drained as he was almost crushed by Lunar Scourge….The temptation in front him was such a beauty, a beauty that no man could ever hope to resist. But to him, it was more frightening than the world’s most horrifying demon, bewitching his spirit to crumble. He felt his spirit to be mercilessly hammered by two enormous pressures with one bang after another…..

“Little brother, do you think my body is pretty? Do you want to try to touch this big sister?”

Chapter 42: Reversal(II)
Inhuman singing speed, wait for the drop at about 1:58. Funniest comment I found “My mom asked me why I’m kneeling in front of the computer.I showed her the video. She also kneeled on the floor.”

The seductress brought her lips close, whispering warm, soft words beside his ears like a lover would, as she whispered, her two creamy, soft hands  each grabbed one of Ling Chen’s hands, and then carried his hands, slowly pressing towards her own chest… Yet, in the depths of her endlessly enchanting eyes, a flash of cold light appeared in her eyes. When she ripped apart the last layer of clothes, she already felt the momentary blankness of his mind. As long as she allows him to touch her skin, then, his mind will definitely… completely collapse!

“You~~~~” Two hands being seized by a pair of soft, white hands, gradually getting closer to that pair of massive breasts so perfect that they did not seem to belong to the human realm, Ling Chen virtually heard his own soul crumbling.

The seductress’s smile became more and more ambiguous, suddenly, the hands of the man in her grip broke free, grabbing towards her breasts on their own. While she was unprepared, a pair of giant breasts had already been gripped by Ling Chen’s hands, heavily rubbing them. Due to the excessive strength, her rich, firm breasts squeezed out to the sides of the spread out fingers. It was simply impossible to grasp the entire breast with one hand, his two hands enjoying the feeling in a wanton frenzy. No matter how his 10 fingers grabbed and rubbed, he was always able to grasp a full hand of soft, creamy breast. No matter how he held them he was always able feel the wonderful shape of the breasts that made people amazed.

The breasts of the seductress are extremely sensitive. Adding that her own body was also in a relatively weakened condition, through his frenzied actions, all of the strength in her body instantly left her. She bit her teeth resisting the feeling of numbness and slight pain from her breasts. The gaps of her lips actually unable to help but releasing slight sounds of whimpering and moaning. When she realised it, she abruptly covered her mouth, suppressing the moan that was about to leave her mouth.

Having a man touch my breasts… is actually this kind of feeling… it’s completely different, from when I touch them myself…

She did not take away Ling Chen’s hands, lightly biting her teeth and bearing it. The enchanting smile on her face remaining: “Heehee, little brother, are big sister’s breast pretty… Ah!”

Her voice stopped in a shout of surprise, she lifted her beautifully streaked, slender neck, her entire body trembling, a series of spasms travelling though her beautiful legs. The reason for this is because Ling Chen’s hands suddenly applied force, the strength of his originally rapidly rubbing hands suddenly increasing, mercilessly grabbing onto her breasts like two steel clamps, his clasped fingers also clamping those 2 pink gemstones at the tip in between his fingers.

“It hurts… lighter… it hurts… Ah!” The seductress’s body is too sensitive, the sharp pain and numbness that came at the same time made her release a sharp, trembling moan: Her flushed red dimples were especially like she had drank alcohol, her curved thick eyelashes shook violently, her legs grinded together like they were convulsing. Her two hands helplessly grabbed his wrists wanting to take away his hands, but her strength was too weak, she could not move his hands at all. Lifting her beautiful eyes, she was faced with a pair of terrifying eyes… Ling Chen’s eyes that had initially become blurred, are right now releasing a savage glow like that of a beast’s, the seductress immediately felt a series of chills in her heart.

He had not been captivated… not at all from the very beginning!



This is a roar of pain that practically shattered the seductress’s ear drums. Under the loud roar, the black space began to crack, more and more light penetrated in without any delay. That pair of hands grabbing onto her breasts once again tightened a bit, the severe pain practically made her eyes flow with tears. She saw that on his left hand wrist, the black light of Lunar Scourge had already become as dim as the evening stars… From attempting to engulf this human’s mind until now, a couple minutes have already passed. This time, had already reached the limit of the current Lunar Scourge. In between, there was also the strong interference towards his mind that she caused using her own seductiveness, but it still did not succeed… And this human, until now he is still maintaining a clear mind!

What a terrifying person…

Is he really human? Or is he a god or a demon… or even an ancient being that surpasses gods and demons!

“Let me go… Lunar Scourge will immediately stop your pain, and will never again try to engulf your mind… Let me go…” The seductress could no longer see any hope. She endured the sharp pain from her chest, using her quivering, lovely voice to beg for mercy towards this human. If things continued like this, Lunar Scourge… will instead be controlled by this human!


What answered her, was only Ling Chen’s loud roar.

Originally wanting to use her body to mesmerize him. Who knew that instead she was completely naked, and having her breasts tightly grabbed by him, using this incredibly humiliating position to beg for mercy towards him. Lunar Scourge that even gods and demons fear, has actually completely stumbled in the hands of a human. But right now, besides begging for mercy what else could she do? Lunar Scourge’s soul force has already reached its limit, it can no longer engulf his mind, she needs to beg for mercy to prevent that most terrifying consequence from appearing. How can she allow Lunar Scourge and herself, to fall under the control of a human.

“I beg you, let me go… I’m willing to fulfill all of your demands… I’m willing to help you become the world’s strongest human… I’m willing to become your slave… Let me go, do not continue!!”


Regardless of how she pleaded, she was unable to see even a hint of change in Ling Chen’s ice cold eyes. Lunar Scourge’s light became increasingly dimmer while trembling, gradually reaching the edge of completely extinguishing.



“Over… It’s over…” Following Ling Chen’s final all out roar, the black space completely crumbled, all of the darkness rapidly vanished as if being forcibly pulled away by  some kind of massive aura. The seductress’s enchanting eyes became dim, all of her hard work, all of her begging did not have any effect. The result that she was afraid of seeing the most, has finally still arrived.

Suddenly, two beams of red light suddenly flashed across before her eyes. Her gaze immediately became wide awake, looking towards the source of those two rays of red light… What she saw are Ling Chen’s eyes. Right now,  his eyes actually appeared a colour like blood!

“Ha… Hametetsusaigan!! You… You are…” (TL: Yeah about that, I couldn’t think of a good translation for this so I stuck it into a kanji to romaji converter and came up with this. 破灭杀瞳 is the original and I changed 瞳 to 眼. The general meaning is Killer Destruction Eyes… so yeah.)


Another muffled sound, all of the darkness vanished entirely. Everything, once more returned to the way when Ling Chen first stepped into here. In the air, countless little orbs releasing a green white glow continued to float, illuminating this space in a green white glow. On the ground there remained traces of where Ling Chen had rolled. Besides that, there is no other difference, as if nothing had ever happened.

Ling Chen’s hands finally released from the seductress’s chest, his eyes slowly shut together, and then like a wooden log he fell backwards. heavily falling onto the ground, completely unconscious. On his left hand, there is a black ring tightly wrapped around it, on the ring there is no longer any sort of light.

The seductress took a few steps backward, taking big, heavy breaths. Her two massive breasts shaking up and down due to her heavy panting, waves appearing on her breasts that made the blood of people boil. On top, there are also interchanging blue and red finger prints. She lifted her hand, with a shake of her fingers, a body of black clothing exactly like the one before had already covered her body that is enough to mesmerize the entire world. She then silently looked at Ling Chen who is on the ground, her expression incredibly complex.

Lunar Scourge is already wrapped around his wrist, unable to break away. Lunar Scourge cannot leave on its own, Ling Chen himself also cannot take it off. Because once it has been conquered, it will forcibly accompany the person controlling it until the day that person dies.

“Is this human… a monster? How can a human, possess such a powerful spirit… How can Hametsusaigan, appear on a human!” Rubbing her sore breasts, the seductress spoke to herself while panting.

“In legends, only gods or demons whose spirits have reached an extremely high degree can through their eyes, use their spirit to destroy all life. Their eyes at that time, are the terrifying ‘Hametsusaigan’. But Hametsusaigan has also only appeared in that far away age of gods and demons, after then it has never appeared… 10 000 years ago the gods and demons had already fallen and scattered about, right now they’ve especially fallen to a horrendous state. Hametsusaigan should not appear even more. But this human’s eyes at that time…”

“Could it be, it was just an illusion, or that wasn’t even Hametsusaigan?”

But no matter what, Lunar Scourge was unable to turn him into its own  puppet, instead it was subdued by his powerful, peerless spirit, becoming his possession. From today onwards, Lunar Scourge can only support him, subjecting itself to his control and commands, unable to resist.

The feeling of pain at her chest finally began to subside. The seductress walked over to Ling Chen, staring at his face and body, after a long time, she slowly said under her breath: “There’s already no other choice. Hope that he can bring me a surprise…”



“Brother, why are you always unwilling to tell me about your past? I really want to know. Everything about brother, I want to know.”

“Because, I used to be bad guy.”

“Bad guy? What kind of bad guy?”

“Very, very bad, the worst kind.”

“Hee, I don’t believe you, brother is clearly the best person in the world.”

“… What if, I really am a bad guy that everybody hates? Will Ruo Ruo hate me?”

“Of course not! I will never hate brother. If… Ya! If brother really is a bad person, then, I will become a bad person like brother. This way, I can still stay beside brother, not needing to separate from brother. Even if brother does something very wrong and is punished, I will also receive the punishment with brother.”


Ruo Ruo…

Ling Chen’s eyes opened. Not even waiting for his vision to clear, he immediately sat upwards. After a brief period of haziness, everything that had happened to him before rapidly replayed in his mind.

“My little master, you’ve finally awoken.”

A lovely voice came from beside his ears, making Ling Chen’s already numb body a little more softer. Immediately, he scrunched his eyebrows, jumping up from the ground, coldly looking towards the seductress: “You!!”

When talking, he lifted up his left hand. On his wrist, a black coloured new moon is wrapped around it. 15 holes distributed with 3 vertical and 12 horizontal. Only now, it did not bring him any hint of pain, instead it quietly attached itself to his wrist. Ling Chen could faintly feel the control he had over it.

This terrifying item that wanted to engulf my mind before… It belongs to me now?

Chapter 43: Lunar Scourge(I)
Inhuman piano playing speed. Pray to the god! He is playing this song.

Facing Ling Chen’s ice cold face, the seductresses pink, flower petal like lips gently flattened. Such a light movement, and yet it brought out a such a  deep sense of grievance that made people unable to help but to feel pity for her: “… I’ve already called you little master but you’re still so fierce towards me. If little master is still not willing to forgive my words of offence from before, then at worst, I’ll let you lightly hit my butt a couple times.”

Her voice was bewitchingly soft, yet her tone was also like that of a young girl acting in a pettishly charming manner. Finishing speaking, she even twisted her waist, slightly perking up her butt that was like a full moon in an arc that made people’s blood boil.

This kind of voice, expression, position… Even the mind of a heartless person would be in chaos. Ling Chen’s gaze uncontrollably fell upon her perky butt, stopping there for a good amount of time before difficulty pulling away, and then not daring to look at her again, secretly cursing in his heart “Witch”.

This is definitely a woman that men would be unable to let go of even if they clearly knew that their lives would be shortened.

The slight expression of distress on Ling Chen’s face made the corners of the witch’s lips slightly curve. She twisted her body, taking elegant steps walking before Ling Chen, saying in a lovely voice: “Little master, why have you stopped speaking? If you’re not going to say anything, then I’ll take it as you’ve already forgiven me!”

Being closer, Ling Chen could practically smell the sweet fragrant air from her sweet lips. For a moment, a hot feeling started to spread from the bottom of his body, travelling across his entire body in the blink of an eye. Ling Chen lightly bit his teeth, using an incredible willpower to completely suppress the fervent feeling. He used a cold tone saying: “Who exactly are you… Why are you calling me master!”

“Because you have conquered me, now I can only obediently obey you, making you my little master.”

Ling Chen: “…”

A slight prickling feeling still remained in his head along with a deep sense of exhaustion. Everything that had happened before once again quickly flashed by in his mind.  If not for Shui Ruo that he has alway been worrying about supporting him, there were many times where his mind almost collapsed from the ravaging of Lunar Scourge and the seduction of the witch. But in the end, under the strength of his endlessly terrifying spirit, he won. In contrast, that force intending to engulf his mind has instead been defeated by his indomitable spirit. In the end, the origin of that soul force… which is also what the witch called “Lunar Scourge” was instead invaded by his mind, making it unable but to fall into his control and command.

This kind of feeling of being able to freely control it cannot be fake. Ling Chen extended his right hand, holding onto the black crescent moon on his left wrist… This is “Lunar Scourge” that the witch spoke of? Exactly what kind of thing is is, why is it called this name? This witch suddenly started calling me “Little Master” could it be because…

“Tell me first, who are you! Why are you calling me master.”Ling Chen continued to ask with his head lowered. Right now he was a bit afraid to lift up his head and look at the witch, but from her body he also did not sense any hostility and danger.

“It’s very simple. Because you conquered Lunar Scourge, and I am an existence that is attached to Lunar Scourge. Conquering it, is also conquering me. Right now you are its master, naturally you are also my master.” The voice that came out from between the witch’s slightly pursed lips still made Ling Chen have a feeling like his soul was gradually growing numb. He knew that this witch was not purposely acting bewitching, it was simply an inherent quality of hers. Because a purposely exhibited state of seductiveness would not be able to enchant people’s hearts to such a degree. Ling Chen had to adjust his breathing multiple times before making that strange feeling in his body slowly go away. Just her voice was enough to make a person like him with such a strong will develop the desire to rip apart all of her clothes. If it was a normal person… there is practically nobody that is able to retain their reasoning under her voice.

“You are its item spirit?” Ling Chen said. Items that have reached a certain level of strength have a possibility of deriving an item spirit. Item spirits are a kind of spiritual existence. To be more straightforward it is the consciousness developed by the item. And once this consciousness matures, it will derive an incorporeal body, in other words an illusory image. Once the incorporeal body reaches a certain maturity, or encounters some kind of opportunity, it will evolve into a corporeal body… This witch said that she is an existence that is attached to Lunar Scourge, could it be that she is an item spirit from the legends? In addition it’s also an item spirit that has attained a physical body — Before fainting, he once grabbed onto her breasts, the warm, soft, silky feeling still remained in his head unable to be driven away, no matter what that feeling could not be fake.

“Item spirit? Hm… Little master can think of it like that. Little master can relax, from now on I will definitely obediently obey little master’s words. okay?” Ripples of tenderness appeared in the witch’s eyes, a voice like that of a flighty girl carrying a natural charm making all the cells of a person’s body a bit softer. Ling Chen inhaled a deep breath, saying with an ice cold expression: “Stop your act! The reason you are displaying such a lowly posture before me is because you are the loser… Wanting to engulf my mind but failing and instead falling under my control. If the one that had failed was me, my mind would have been completely destroyed and my body would fall entirely under your control, becoming a complete puppet! Even more I will not forget how painful the pain that I suffered was.!! If I did not turn around and take over Lunar Scourge turning it into my own possession… I would definitely use any method… to destroy it, and kill you!!”

Witch: “…”

The feeling before of having his mind destroyed and engulfed was unbelievably strong and realistic, it even brought up those memories that he did not want to remember. He was confident, if not for his struggling, his mind would really have been destroyed. While bearing that immense pain, all of his mind was struggling and resisting, he had already forgotten the existence of his body. Right now after becoming clear-headed, his mind was continuously confounded and wondering… This is clearly a virtual game world, why does there exist such realistic menticide! (TL: Menticide)

Ling Chen is by no means a good person. On the contrary, he is a person that doesn’t let anything go. What Lunar Scourge gave him, is the enmity of trying to capture his soul, this witch is an accomplice. With his personality this kind of grudge would definitely be repaid 100 fold. But, Lunar Scourge has instead been conquered by him, making him unable vent his hatred… This Lunar Scourge is definitely not an ordinary item. Being able to spawn an item spirit, maybe it’s grade is Mysterious God… even Saint Destroyer! Right now even if you begged him, he would definitely not destroy it.

As for this witch… this woman that is so enchanting that she can easily capture people’s souls. He admits, he really finds it a bit difficult, or maybe it would be more accurate to say unwilling to lay his hands on her… Not to mention, she is just the item spirit of Lunar Scourge.

The witch’s lips heavily pursed, like a young girl that had been majorly wronged and was about to cry: “Come on little master, I know I was wrong… If you’re still angry, then hit my butt hard, don’t be mean to me, okay… I will obediently listen to little master’s words. I will do whatever  little master wants me to do, even if little master wants me to take off my clothes and sleep with little master, I will also…”

“You… What is your name!!” Ling Chen felt his blood freeze, forcibly interrupting her. He is afraid that if this witch continues speaking, his will power will eventually break.

“Then, is little master still mad at me?” The witch blinked her misty eyes, saying pitifully.

“Tell me your name and I won’t be angry.”

After finishing this line, Ling Chen himself was first startled for a moment. He discovered, towards this witch in front of him the anger and enmity that he was holding back in his heart had actually completely disappeared. The hate of taking one’s soul is even greater than taking one’s life. The pain that he had suffered before was still vivid in his mind, but towards this witch, right now he couldn’t even muster up a hint of enmity… instead, what he felt more towards her were the waves of desire that he was stubbornly suppressing.

This scary woman…

She is Lunar Scourge’s item spirit. If I’m always carrying this Lunar Scourge on me from now on, does that mean that I have to bring around this woman everyday… Thinking here, a slight chaos appeared in his heart. Spending a long period of time with this woman that has a terrifyingly strong allure towards men, he didn’t know if there would be a day where he would be unable to completely resist, unable to control himself…

Towards this terrifying woman, he discovered that really didn’t have any confidence.

My name is Qi Yue, the qi of poignant beauty, the yue of crescent moon. Don’t forget it little master.” Yelling out her own name, the witch’s pitiful expression of grievance also disappeared without a trace, being replaced by an overwhelmingly beautiful smile: “I’ve already spoken out my name, little master needs to keep to his word and not be mad at me anymore!”

Ling Chen let out a long breath, doing his best to not let his eyes meet with the witch’s. He lifted up his left hand saying: “Tell me, this ‘Lunar Scourge’, what is it?”

Qi Yue took two steps forward in an elegant stance, carrying an intoxicating fragrant air that shook Ling Chen’s sense of smell and his soul. Her enchanting eyes looking at her little master with a tenderness like soft silk, slightly opening her pink lips and releasing a misty, charming voice: “Right now little master is the master of “Lunar Scourge”. If little master wants to find out anything about it, it can be very easily done.”

Before, when Ling Chen scanned for its information what he got was a pile of “????”. Listening to Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen felt enlightened, lifting up his left wrist to his eyes, scanning it again… Immediately, the information of this black crescent moon fully displayed in his mind.

[Lunar Scourge]: Type: Luna Chain, Grade: Unknown, Equipment Requirements: Exclusive to “Ling Tian”, cannot be unequipped, cannot be dropped, cannot be discarded, cannot be traded, cannot be stolen. An ancient item of evil. Forged by the highest ranking moon god of an ancient time by collecting the hatred, resentment, aura of death, aura of blood and remnant power  from the gods, devils, humans, demons, beasts, and spirits that had died in the war of the gods and devils. Investing 1000 years of effort, gathering countless sins, sanguinary, hatred and cruelty in one, the fusion of endless negativity. The day it was completed the entire world darkened, dark clouds enveloped all of Forgotten continent. The highest moon god initially wanted to purify its power and then control it, but instead suffered its engulfment, his body and soul being destroyed, perishing at that moment. The forces constituting of Lunar Scourge resulted in it becoming the world’s most loathed, most ominous object, also becoming an item that the moon god clan will stop at nothing to destroy. Its existence was bearing the punishment of the heaven’s at every moment, until the day that the pillars of its strength all scattered, from then on no more news of it was ever heard of. Forgotten continent also after this long period of time, forgot about the legends related to it.

Ling Chen: “…”

Chapter 44: Lunar Scourge(II)
Holy shit

The information that came from Lunar Scourge made Ling Chen’s expression vigorously change. “Forged from the resentment, hatred, blood aura, death aura, and remnant power of gods, devils, humans, demons, beasts and spirits that died in the war of gods and devils, gathering countless sins, sanguinity, hatred and cruelty in one, the fusion of endless negativity”… This crescent moon shaped black ring, actually has such a big background. Such a terrifying origin, even involving the ancient times of Forgotten continent. It’s even forged by the highest moon god of the moon god clan that the chief mentioned, it is an object of great evil!

His heart beat quickened, for him its background and origin are not  important, whether it is ominous or lucky is even less important. What he wants to know the most is obviously this Luna Chain that is forged by a god and possesses a shocking background and origin… Exactly how strong are its attributes. That’s right, this is a Luna Chain! Its grade is determined as “Unknown”, could it be that its grade is too high… too the point that the system is unable to distinguish it?

[Lunar Scourge]:… Equippable energy crystals/orbs: 15. The horizontal sockets can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. The 3 sockets in the middle can only equip exclusive saint orbs.

Socket 1: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Aries Orb]

Socket 2: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Taurus Orb]

Socket 3: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Gemini Orb]

Socket 4: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Cancer Orb]

Socket 5: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Leo Orb]

Socket 6: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Virgo Orb]

Socket 7: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Libra Orb]

Socket 8: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Scorpio Orb]

Socket 9: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Sagittarius Orb]

Socket 10: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Capricorn Orb]

Socket 11: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Aquarius Orb]

Socket 12: Empty. Can equip any energy crystal and energy orb of any grade. Exclusive God Orb: [Pisces Orb]

Middle left socket: Empty. Can only equip [Star God Orb]

Middle right socket: Empty. Can only equip [Moon God Orb]

Middle left socket: Empty. Can only equip [Sun God Orb]

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

After the background information of Lunar Scourge are its stats as a Luna Chain. Not even finishing reading the stats, Ling Chen was already astonished to the point that he could not be more astonished. Astonished to the point that even his mind appeared a slight sense of dizziness, making him a unable to believe over and over again if what he saw was real.

That’s right, this is a Luna Chain… a Luna Chain forged by the highest moon god at that time.

And it… can simultaneously equip a whole 15 energy crystals or energy orbs! Of them 12 sockets can be equipped with crystals or orbs of any grade!

At the beginning when the Novice Village Village Chief introduced Luna Chains to him, he once had a face of longing while mentioning that the strongest Luna Chain that has appeared in the history of Forgotten continent could simultaneously equip 7 energy crystals or orbs. And that Luna Chain is already the strongest Luna Chain that people know of, it can be considered a myth like existence.

And this one in his hands, is one that can equip a whole 15 crystals/orbs!! It is over double that of the strongest Luna Chain that the Village Chief mentioned!!

With every extra socketable hole on a Luna Chain it means that it can further increase an extra attribute. Its effect is essentially the same as having an extra item equipped. Because of that, even with a difference of one socket the value of Luna Chains will still greatly differ. Just like how a 2 socket Luna Chain and a 3 socket Luna Chain are two completely different concepts, 3 socket Luna Chains and 4 socket Luna Chains are also incomparable. A 7 socket Luna Chain… In people’s hearts that is a mythical item that is unable to be hoped for and can only be looked up at. A 15 socket Luna Chain… If this kind of item appeared, it would be enough to shock the soul out of a grandmaster…This is a complete and thorough cheat item. You can imagine how scarily a person’s strength would jump if one were to fill up the 15 sockets.

At the same time, these 15 energy sockets also each have their own exclusive orb. The 12 horizontal socket have “God Orbs” — Which are 12 Mysterious God grade energy orbs. As for the middle three sockets, they are actually 3 “Saint Orbs” — Saint Destroyer orbs!

They are the “Pillars of Strength” mentioned in Lunar Scourge’s origin?

Ling Chen’s wrist slightly trembled. He had already confirmed that this Lunar Scourge was definitely not some ordinary item, but no matter what he would never have thought that the it would be so extraordinary to such an extent. A Luna Chain with 15 socketable holes… If he did not see its attributes with his own eye but was instead told by another person, he would definitely not have believed in the existence of such a game breaking item.

In his deep excitement, Ling Chen continued to look at its additional attributes…

Additional Attributes:

[Heaven’s Jealousy]: The amount of EXP required for you to level up is 200% of the normal state, the amount of SP required for your skills to upgrade is 200% of the normal state, after death your level will directly return to 0. Permanent effect, cannot be removed. offset or deactivated.

[Heaven’s Wrath]: The way of the shura, there is not return, determined to walk this path, heaven’s wrath you will suffer.

Ling Chen: “…”

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen: “Son of a! @#¥%…”

Ling Chen rapidly called out his status page, finding out that his experience bar which was initially at LV9 50%, has now become LV9 25%! The corners of his lips twitched, he then hurriedly opened his skill page and looked towards the “Soul Sacrifice” skill… SP to Upgrade to LV3: 10000.

Ling Chen: (⊙o⊙)!!!! (TL: I shit you not.)

Suddenly glimpsing that there were additional attributes, Ling Chen’s mood became increasingly excited… Because when the village chief was introducing Luna Chain’s he never mentioned at all that there existed Luna Chains with additional stats. But when he saw clearly those two additional attributes it was like having a bucket of cold water poured on him, completely dowsing his expectations, even a large part of the massive excitement from before had been drowned out. The explanation for “Heaven’s Wrath” he doesn’t understand, but that “Heaven’s Jealousy” is definitely the cruelest debuff effect that Ling Chen has ever seen in his life.

The experience required to level up is 200% of the regular amount, this means that at the same level the difficulty for him to level up is double that of the rest of the players! If this was still tolerable, then that amount of SP required to upgrade skills also becoming 200%… This made Ling Chen almost unable to maintain his calmness and start swearing out loud. This made his skill upgrading speed only half of the rest of the players. Looking at that “10000” SP required for Soul Sacrifice to upgrade from LV2 to LV3, Ling Chen even had the thought of dying. Only gaining 1000 SP by going through all kinds of hardships and exterminating a Faerie BOSS… These 10000 points, he didn’t know how many years and months he would have to work for!? Not to mention it’s not just this one skill, the SP required for all of his skills to upgrade is also double the regular amount!

His leveling speed is half of the rest of the players, his skill upgrading speed is half of the rest of the players… As a Luna Chain its attributes are extremely terrifying. But as long as he has it equipped his growth speed will be dragged down extremely seriously. Even though he can equip at most 15 energy crystals or orbs. But at the current initial stage, all he can find are some energy crystals of the lowest grade and only one energy orb… the Heartless Orb that he got from the Greedy Giant Toad. Besides that, he understands very clearly that wanting to gain an energy orb, or even a higher grade energy crystal is extremely difficult. As for the the exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs for Lunar Scourge… who the hell knows where they are, or even if they still exist. As an item that the god clan is determined to destroy, maybe its exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs have already been destroyed.

As a result, at least for the moment, the negative impact that Lunar Scourge brings to him is far greater than the positive influence. There simply isn’t a single player that can bear this kind of unbelievably ruthless negative impact.

Ling Chen immediately attempted to to take off Lunar Scourge… Without any luck, a system notification followed up beside his ears “Ding… Lunar Scourge is a forced equipment, cannot be unequipped.”

In Lunar Scourge’s attributes, it is clearly labelled “Cannot be unequipped” these three words. This is the first time that Ling Chen has heard of and seen a piece of equipment with such an attribute.

“How do I take it off!” Ling Chen lifts his head, staring at the witch and asking. If he can unequip it, then before gaining enough high grade energy crystals or orbs to offset its negative impact, he will definitely not equip this major drag of an item.

Qi Yue’s fine eyebrow curved, smiling and saying: “Once Lunar Scourge has been conquered, it will forcibly attach itself, because right now it is an existence that depends on you. If it leaves you, it will “die”. So, unless you can find all of its exclusive orbs, there isn’t any way to take it off. But, why does little master want to take it off? Could it be that you dislike it, or do you think that I’m not beautiful enough?”

“… There’s really no way to take it off?” Ling Chen didn’t give up continuing to ask.

Qi Yue pursed her lips, giving a sweet smile: “I just said, as long as you can find its 15 exclusive orbs, letting it possess a complete spirit and return to its full strength, little master will be able to take it off at any time. At that time, I will also be able to break away from Lunar Scourge and exist independently.

“… Then, the effect of this ‘Heaven’s Jealousy’, is there a way to deactivate it! Even though he understands in his heart that the hope of receiving a positive response is next to nothing, Ling Chen still asked unresigned. Truly the most loathed, most unlucky item, this negative effect is practically  crippling.

“Of course not.” Qi Yue curved her lips responding, the corners of her lips carrying a faint smile. Of course she knows what Ling Chen is upset about. Probably anyone would have this kind of reaction if they unexpectedly saw the negative impact brought by Lunar Scourge. Although…

This response made Ling Chen let out a small sigh, but also feel helpless. He stayed silent for a decent amount of time… Does this mean that from now on I will have to bear this negative influence at all times in the Mystic Moon world!? Levelling speed is 1 fold slower that the rest of the players, skill upgrading difficulty is double of the rest of the players. A strong feeling of dejectedness built up in his heart, but was then quickly resolved. Lunar Scourge cannot be unequipped, the effect of “Heaven’s Jealousy” cannot be deactivated, then, he can only bear it.

I should trust, that even if  my one step can only cross out not even half the distance of other players, I will definitely not be worse than anyone! On the contrary, I still have to be superior to everybody else! Even though there is this ruthless negative effect, but Lunar Scourge’s strength is undoubtable. Even though its negative impact is far greater than the positive at the beginning, but at the later stages, it will definitely be able to display its godly power.

Chapter 45: Gemini Pearl(I)
Beetle wrecks scorpion. Lesson from these videos, don’t mess with beetles. They might kamen rider kabuto your ass.

His expression and mood quickly soothened, Ling Chen is always able to recover and adjust his mentality quickly under different situations. He stared at Lunar Scourge for a while, lifting up his head and asking: “This “Heaven’s Wrath”, what does it mean?”

“Heaven’s Wrath” is heaven’s punishment, “Heaven’s Jealousy” is the envy of heaven. From the meaning of the words, Heaven’s Wrath is clearly scarier than Heaven’s Jealousy. “The way of the shura, there is no return, determined to walk this path, heaven’s wrath you will suffer”, after “Heaven’s Wrath” is only a sentence that confuses people’s minds, making people completely unaware of its meaning. But Ling Chen is almost certain that this “Heaven’s Wrath” should be a negative effect even scarier than “Heaven’s Jealousy”. But what this negative effect is he also cannot interpret or clarify.

“This, I don’t know either.” Qi Yu gently shakes her head saying. Just this simple action brought up a roaring wave in the front of her chest, making Ling Chen’s eyes continuously jump, uncontrollably staring fiercely at her shaking breasts. He then silently bit his teeth and rapidly retracted his gaze, not daring again to look at her.

“How do you not know! You’re its item spirit!” Towards this answer, Ling Chen clearly didn’t believe it.

“But, I really don’t know. Actually, I can’t really be considered the item spirit of Lunar Scourge, I’m just a spirit that’s been sealed in here. I don’t know a lot of things about Lunar Scourge.” Qi Yue replied with a soft voice, that voice making Ling Chen’s entire body lose its strength.

Lunar Scourge cannot be taken off, do I really have to spend everyday with her from now on… Thinking here, a layer of cold sweat actually appeared on Ling Chen’s forehead. Being able to regularly spend time with such a woman is undoubtedly any regular man’s dream. But Ling Chen deeply understands the terrifying power of this woman’s natural seductiveness. He  is unable to not worry that he will be unable to control this woman, and will instead one day be controlled by his woman.

“Not the item spirit? A spirit that has been sealed here? What does that mean?” Ling Chen furrowed his brows asking.

“This, is my secret, I cannot tell you.”


Qi Yue suddenly gave a soft smile, red lips delicately opening, a soft voice carrying a fragrant air rising up beside Ling Chen’s ears: “Little master, do you feel that Lunar Scourge’s negative elements are a big nuisance? Lunar Scourge possesses the most terrifying strength, Lunar Scourge under a complete state will greatly surpass your imagination. Its existence, makes even the heaven’s afraid, and the person that can conquer Lunar Scourge, will suffer the envy of the heavens. So, regardless of who wears Lunar Scourge, the rules of this world will forcibly restrict his rate of growth. But, how can the might of Lunar Scourge be offset but such a little bit of negative influence… Little master, do you know, as long as you can find any of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive God Orbs or Saint Orbs… Just one, you will immediately know that its negative elements really don’t mean anything at all.

“Exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs… You and Lunar Scourge should have been here for a lot of years, right? Lets not talk about first whether or not they’ve already been destroyed by the god clan. Even if they still exist, that level of items has either been obtained by powerful beings or are located at incredibly dangerous locations that even the strongest beings are unable to reach. I don’t even know where they are, even if I did, what qualifications do I have to obtain them.” Ling Chen said sternly. The effect of a Faerie grade orb is already so amazing, how powerful Mysterious God grade and Saint Destroyer grade orbs are is easy to imagine. If he is able to obtain one,  it would definitely be enough for him run wild among players. But, orbs of this grade, regardless of whether they exist or not right now… If they exist, how could they be so easy to obtain. Don’t say Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer, even Heaven End grade items are things that even in late game are impossible for players to obtain.

What Ling Chen said is very reasonable. Yet, Qi Yue continued to have a slight smile like before, leisurely saying:”Little master, I will of course help you find them. The Moon God clan will indeed want to destroy them at any cost, but as long as Lunar Scourge is not destroyed, its exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs will also never be destroyed. At the same time, the 12 God Orbs and 3 Saint Orbs can only release their power when socketed onto Lunar Scourge. Others no matter if they are humans, gods or  devils, if they obtain one, not only will they be unable to use any of its power, it could even bring upon them misfortune, they would think that every second they have it is a second too long.

Qi Yue pursed her lips smiling, and then slowly said another line: “Little master, I understand the annoyance and worry that you have in your heart. But, all of your worries will all completely disappear… Because, right in this underground space, there exists an exclusive God Orb!”

Ling Chen was dazed for a moment, and then quickly asked: “Where!?”

There is an exclusive God Orb here? It’s a God Orb… a Mysterious God grade energy orb!! The level of value of a Mysterious God grade energy orb is even comparable to a piece of Mysterious God grade equipment!! If he is really able to obtain such an item right now… that’s a Mysterious God grade item! Then, even if it’s the negative effects of “Heaven’s Jealousy” he can completely accept them.

The eagerness in Ling Chen’s expression made the witch smile even more bewitchingly: “It, is right with that big guy that is protecting this place before here. Although that big guy has already slept for too many years, he’s already lost his sense of alertness, allowing little master to walk over here so easily.”

The big guy guarding this place before here… Tao Tie!?

“The nature of the big guy is greedy and short tempered, making him guard this place for so many years has really been too hard on him. Who knew that he actually really endured for so many years, not leaving even until now. Lunar Scourge’s Gemini Orb is on his body, right now you have Lunar Scourge, he will not hurt you. In addition he will unconditionally give the Gemini Orb to you on his own. If he’s in a good mood he might even give you some other gifts. Little master, do you want to go find that big guy right now?”

“Lets go!”

Ling Chen did not hesitate, directly walking towards the passageway back to the sixth area. He really wants to offset the negative effects brought by Lunar Scourge. He especially wants to know… how powerful of an ability does a legendary Mysterious God orb possess.

Qi Yue gave a slight smile, following behind him and maintaining a distance of 2 to 3 steps. Even though Ling Chen is walking in front, he can still smell the hazy fragrance coming from Qi Yue’s body. He admits, this atmosphere made him intoxicated. This woman behind him, once you get caught in her charms, virtually any man would be unable to escape. While walking the images of him heavily rubbing her breasts before constantly appeared in his mind. He secretly shook his head many times, but the more he wants to put aside these images the more he cannot do so. Moreover that unbelievably soft and silky feeling flooded his mind unable to be forgotten… Even the impulse of turning around and grabbing towards her breasts appeared in his mind many times, to enjoy that ultimate feeling.

A spirit as strong as his, being able to maintain his composure even while facing Shui Ruo’s naked body so many time, this is the first time that he has the feeling of being unable to control himself towards a woman.

Witch, witch, witch!!

“Little master, are you thinking about whether or not you want to touch my breasts.” Behind him Qi Yue’s soft voice traveled over.

Ling Chen’s feet staggered, and then his footsteps quickened, not even turning his head and walking forward. Behind him, a series of charming, bewitching laughter rose up.

This time Ling Chen did not purposely hide his aura. The instant that he walked out of the passage, an endlessly massive sense of danger came from the front, making him abruptly stop his footsteps. Tao Tie’s massive body once again appeared in his vision. Right at the instant that he stepped into here, Tao Tie woke up from its deep slumber, being accompanied by a series of deep, earth shattering roars…


The deep voice made Ling Chen’s ear drums and entire body feel very uncomfortable. Tao Tie’s body stood up, when it stood up its body reached a height of more than 50 meters. In front of its colossal body Ling Chen felt as insignificant as an ant. Only now did he discover that its eyes are actually not on its head, but under its armpits. Under each armpit a black and green eye bigger than Ling Chen’s body opened, a terrifying gaze locking onto his body… Or to be more precise, locking onto Lunar Scourge on his wrist.


The aura of danger suddenly weakened by a lot, the awoken Tao Tie did not launch an attack, instead facing Ling Chen and releasing a thunderous voice like a human’s.

Tao Tie’s voice was like it came from space, its vibration made all of the blood in Ling Chen’s body boil. The pressure from a Mysterious God beast cannot be looked down upon, even Ling Chen feels like he is suffocating when facing this massive beast. He believes that if this Tao Tie forcibly locks onto him with its aura, he won’t even be able to move, don’t mention fight it. Mysterious God beasts are creatures that players can absolutely not defeat… This is not nonsense, but common knowledge.

Ling Chen breathed in a deep breath. Right when he is about to answer, Qi Yue who was behind him walked beside him, opening her mouth first and saying: “Hey big guy, not seeing you for so many years, I didn’t think that you would still be guarding here. I’m actually a little moved you know.”

“I may be greedy, brutal and called a beast of extreme evil by the world, but I am never ungrateful, I especially don’t go back on every word that I’ve said… 10000 years, for me it is just a short flash. Only I didn’t think that just 10000 years have passed and another person that has gained Lunar Scourge’s attachment has already appeared. Little girl, looks like your destiny may be a bit better than expected. Exactly what the future will be like, everything still needs to depend on your own hard work. My promise is to protect Lunar Scourge before it can find a new host, but that does not include protecting and helping you.”

Tao Tie stood there not moving. When the sound of his voice travelled over, Ling Chen did not see its massive mouth move at all, he doesn’t know where the voice comes from.

“‘Another’ person that Lunar Scourge has attached to…” Is it that 10000 years ago, Lunar Scourge was attached to a person? Don’t know if that person was like me and conquered Lunar Scourge, or if that person became Lunar Scourge’s puppet.

Chapter 46: Gemini Pearl(II)
Beetle wrestling. I’ve come to love these bug fights.

Qi Yue pursed her lips and smiled: “The words that you say are still so annoying you big guy. Although, him and that guy from last time are different you know. Last time, is because he was strong enough, having the qualifications to become Lunar Scourge’s puppet. But this time… Lunar Scourge initially wanted to destroy his mind so that he didn’t spread word of any of the stuff here. Because with his strength he does not have the qualifications to become Lunar Scourge’s puppet. But he was not destroyed, right now he’s even become my little master.”

Tao Tie: “…”

A long silence… Ling Chen felt a gaze that made his entire body tense looking attentively at his body.

“To think that this kind of thing would happen, Lunar Scourge, was actually conquered by a human. No doubt it is related to the fact that all of Lunar Scourge’s pillars of power have been dispersed, but this human is also definitely not an ordinary human. Being able to pass through here under my awareness is already enough to highlight his extraordinariness.” Tao Tie’s voice rose up, his tone no long calm.

“Yo, big guy, that’s a very dishonorable excuse. Little master being able to enter inside is entirely because you were sleeping like a log, that’s it.” Qi Yue’s fine eyebrows slightly raised, saying insultingly.

“…” Tao Tie’s massive face revealed a slight sense of embarrassment. He very rationally chose to not argue with Qi Yue about this topic, instead facing towards Ling Chen: “Human, do you know how shocking of an accomplishment you have achieved. Completely conquering Lunar Scourge, this is an unprecedented event, even the strongest Moon God at the time was unable to do so.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“I said before that this has a big relation with Lunar Scourge’s power being scattered. Under a complete state destroying your mind would be an insignificant task for Lunar Scourge. But no matter what, you are the first person to conquer Lunar Scourge. You are also the first master of Lunar Scourge, and that little girl. You are also the person that is about to make Lunar Scourge resurface in the world after a 10000 years of silence. Obtaining Lunar Scourge you will gradually gain the world’s strongest power. But, you will also receive the most difficult mission… You, need to in a short period of time, before the Moon God clan discovers the reappearance of Lunar Scourge, collect all 12 God Orbs and all 3 Saint Orbs. After that, you will possess the power to confront the entire Moon God clan. Because once they discover the reappearance of Lunar Scourge, they will definitely do whatever it takes to destroy you and Lunar Scourge. If you do not have enough strength to oppose them, you will be unable to protect Lunar Scourge and especially yourself.”

Ling Chen suddenly lifts his head, the muscles on his face twitching.

If Lunar Scourge is discovered, I will suffer the full power of the Moon God clan…

The fuck…

Being hunted down by the Moon God clan… Ahhhhhh!

Lunar Scourge’s negative impact isn’t just “Heaven’s Jealousy” and “Heaven’s Wrath”, it will even lead to being hunted by gods!!

Any random oracle from the Moon God clan is already the god of a continent. Being hunted by the entire Moon God clan, is there something even scarier than this!!

Ling Chen immediately felt that Lunar Scourge on his left wrist was like a hedgehog. But right now even though he is its master, he is completely unable to take it off.

“Human, are you afraid?” While Ling Chen was tangled in his thoughts, Tao Tie’s heavy, deep voice suddenly sounded beside his ears.

“Afraid?” Ling Chen shakes his head and then lifts his head, staring straight  at Tao Tie’s massive pupil: “No, I am nervous. Nervous towards the uncertain feeling that Lunar Scourge has brought to my potential fate. You need to know, nervous and afraid are two completely different thing. There is only one thing in this world that can make me feel afraid, but it is definitely not death and destruction!”

Ling Shui Ruo’s Isrock, was once the only thing that he was afraid of… Ling Shui Ruo’s safety, right now is still the only source that can make him feel afraid. Death and destruction? He can no longer remember exactly how many times he has danced around the edge of death. That kind of thing, how can it make him afraid.

“Hehehehe, human, I like your answer. That’s right, from your eyes I truly cannot see ‘fear’ this kind of thing. Even though I have not seen the world for 10000 years, but of all the humans that I have seen there is not a single one that has eyes as deep and dark as yours. Looks like, you are a human with a story. Being able to conquer Lunar Scourge has also determined that you will not be ordinary. Even without Lunar Scourge, in the future on Forgotten continent you would still be able to spread your name throughout the entire world. This is the first time that I have developed interest towards a human’s past, but I will not ask you. You who have obtained Lunar Scourge, regardless of your past, your future has been determined. Have you really thought about it?”

“A future that has been determined? What do you mean?” Ling Chen suddenly frowns.

After a short silence, Tao Tie’s gaze fell upon Qi Yue’s body, and then returns back to Ling Chen: “Looks like the little girl did not tell you. No matter, what I care about is only the survival of Lunar Scourge, what does your fate have to do with me. Another bloodthirsty demon appearing on Forgotten continent also has nothing to do with me. Human, even in the eyes of the lowest of the gods amongst the Moon God clan your strength is unbearably small. They can exterminate you into nothingness in the time it takes to snap their fingers. Go look for the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, the little girl will direct you. Only by collecting all of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs will you have the strength to confront the entire Moon God clan… and I mean the entire Moon God clan.”

Ling Chen: “…”

The determined fate that he talked about… exactly what is it? Is it the fate of being destined to go against the entire Moon God clan?

“Then, take this!”

Ling Chen was about to ask when a white light suddenly flashed past his eyes. A white pearl slowly floated down from up high, falling towards his position.

This… is this one of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs that Qi Yue said is in Tao Tie’s hands?

Mysterious God orb… Thinking of these 3 words, Ling Chen’s heart immediately started o jump uncontrollably, “babump babump”. He looked at this white pearl falling down, and then stretched out his hand, carefully holding it in his hands.

The pearl is about as big as his palm. Ling Chen is just right able to hold it single handedly. In the entirely silver, semitransparent sphere, a “♊” is fuzzily displayed.

That is the the symbol for the gemini constellation of the 12 zodiac constellations!

“This is the exclusive orb for Lunar Scourge’s third socket… the Gemini Orb. Right now I hand it over to you. It, can increase your strength by 1 time… no, by even more. Believe me, it will stimulate your desire to look for the other orbs. During that time when all the orbs were disperse, I went through great pains and found it, but also only it. The rest of the orbs, from now on will have to depend on the combined efforts of you and the little girl. Work hard, human.”

Tao Tie’s voice shook Ling Chen’s ear drums. Ling Chen did not respond, instead looking towards the attributes Tao Tie spoke about at the first moment…  A Mysterious God orb, exactly how strong of a power does it possess?

[Gemini Orb] Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: None: Can only be socketed on Lunar Scourge.

Effect: Can simultaneously equip two weapons, and the effects of the two weapons stack (The two weapons include one-handed and two-handed weapons. When simultaneously equipping two weapons, two-handed weapons can be held singlehandedly, stats and control will not be affected, and the two weapons will not affect or interfere with each other.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Staring at the Gemini Orb’s stats, Ling Chen looked at it for a whole 30 seconds.

These are the stats of a Mysterious God orb!? Before this he thought that  the orb would inevitably be very powerful and so he already had enough mental preparation. But seeing this Gemini Orb’s stats with his own eyes, he still stared at it stunned for a long time. These stats aren’t just amazing, they’re practically insane!! Way stronger than what he thought it would be!

Simultaneously equipping two weapons, this kind of situation is not uncommon. A lot of virtual game world all have classes that can equip dual weapons, like dual sabers, dual sword, dual daggers… But, being able to equip 2 two-handed weapons at the same time is completely unheard of. The reason two-handed weapons are called two-handed weapons is because under the restrictions of the virtual game world’s rules the support and use of two hand is required to use them. They’re overall stats are also inevitably a lot more superior to single handed weapons of the same type… Being able to equip 2 two-handed weapons, moreover the usage of the two weapons do not interfere with each other. This means that 2 attacks can be launched at one time with the dual weapons, casting two of the same or different skill, completely the same as one person displaying the attack ability of 2 people… This is practically a godlike attribute!

Even scarier is that the stats of the simultaneously equipped weapons stack! This means that regardless if it’s the weapon equipped in the right hand or the left hand, when attacking they can both exert the combined stats, effect and even skills of the two weapons!!

This is practically…

This kind of effect made Ling Chen virtually unable to find any descriptive words to describe its powerfulness. Not only can can two attacks be launched at once, each attack also greatly surpasses the attack strength of a single handed weapon, the  increase in ability is more than 1 fold! For instance, after he reaches LV10 he can equip Soaring Cloud in his left hand and Sand Blade in his right. Then he can use both hands together to cast  Full Power Strike or Crescent Slash that have no cooldown time. At the same time, what he’ll be hold in his two hands will be two weapons that are the same as having the combined stats of Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud… A Gold and a Faerie, their stats after stacking will be one that surpasses Faerie!

And this, is all gifted by this little orb!

Gemini Orb… Gemini… Allowing one person, to be the equivalent of two people, two even stronger people!

Looking at the Gemini Orb’s stats over and over again, Ling Chen’s mood could not calm down for a long time.No wonder Qi Yue said that I would be about to be willing to accept Lunar Scourge’s negative effects, and no wonder Tao Tie said the the Gemini Orb would stimulate his desire to find the rest of the orbs. The ability of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs are actually powerful to such a degree!

Ling Chen took a deep breath and then lifted his left hand, using the method of socketing normal energy crystals and bringing the Gemini Orb near Lunar Scourge’s third socket. The moment they made contact a silver stream of light flashed by, the Gemini Orb had already quickly shrunk. With the system notification of “Socketing Successful”, Lunar Scourge’s third hole released a silver glow.

“Ding… Gemini Orb successfully socketed, you can now simultaneously  equip two weapons of any type, and the stats of the dual weapons will stack, when using them they will not affect or interfere with each other.”

“Ding… Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill unlocked.”

Ling Chen was dazed… Socketing an exclusive orb will also be accompanied  the unlocking of an exclusive skill!? This Luna Chain not only can be socketed with 15 orbs, it also has it own exclusive skills!?

He did impatiently look towards the newly unlocked lunar skill. Instead he called out Mind Saber and then Wolf Fang Blade… One two-handed sword, one one-handed sword, just like that were being casually held in both his hands at the same time. On his stat page, regardless if it was attack strength or each of the basic attributes, what was displayed was the combined values of the two swords!!

Author’s note:
[PS: I am a Libra, and so it has been determined that the Libra Orb will be the coolest, most amazing orb, do you guys have a problem with that, huh? Um… if you have any suggestions for the orb of your zodiac, you are welcome to leave a comment.]

So yeah, I think it would be cool if you guys also left a comment about what you would want the ability of your zodiac orb to be and what you think the effects of the zodiac orbs and saint orbs in the book will be.

Chapter 47: Tao Tie’s Trust
爱情转移 by 陈奕迅. A little Chinese for this Chinese translation site.

“How is it little master, is the Gemini Orb’s ability to your satisfaction?” Soft ripples flowed out of her eyes like water as she said smilingly towards Ling Chen. She was very pleased with the change in his facial expression the moment he saw the Gemini Orb’s stats.

Ling Chen nods his head: “Truly very strong, it can even be said to be a bit overly powerful.”

“This is just the ability of one orb. Currently you are at the lowest ring of Forgotten Continent’s ability ladder. But even if it’s the current you, if you are able to find 5 of the above exclusive orbs it would be enough for you to become a force to be reckoned with. If you are able to find any of the Saint Orbs then your power would be enough to overlook the entire world. If you are able to collect all of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, then even if the entire Moon God clan moves out against you they would be unable to do anything to you. At that time little master will be truly invincible. Little master, right now are you very eager to obtain the rest of the orbs?” Qi Yue said with a slight smile, in her smile there is a hint of unspeakable mysteriousness.

Ling Chen: “…”

He did not answer Qi Yue. Ling Chen is not an idiot, from Qi Yue’s slightly peculiar expression along with what Tao Tie said before, he vaguely detected something that made him faintly puzzled and uneasy. But what these things are he had no way of finding and clarifying them. If he can collect all of the Saint Orbs and God Orbs he will become invincible, even the Moon God clan would be nothing in his eyes. This kind of future and achievement is certainly what any being yearns for… But, this kind of thing occurring in a virtual game world is a little too absurd. Would this kind of situation really be allowed to appear in the Mystic Moon game settings? In the same respect, Lunar Scourge and things like the Gemini Orb are without a doubt equipment and orbs that completely break the balance of the game. Their existence is already slightly unusual.

Also, that deeply hidden unusualness is Tao Tie’s voice and eye expression, exactly what is it?

He lifted his left hand and looked at Lunar Scourge that now has the Gemini Orb, checking out the newly unlocked skill.

[Moon Shadow]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill, when cast it will release silver moonlight illuminating the target’s shadow, forcibly freezing all shadows under the moonlight, suppressing all movement of the shadow and its owner. Effect: All targets in a X meter radius will be forcibly stunned (X = Current Level) for 5 seconds. MP Consumption: 0. Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

Using the reflection of the moonlight, and then through fixating the shadow suppressing all of the target’s movements. This is actually an extremely peculiar stun skill! The stun time lasts for 5 seconds, it’s also an AoE stun skill that’s area increases with level! At the same time, this kind of method that achieves the goal of stunning through freezing the target’s shadow is absolute, it does not add an abnormal status. And so this kind of stun condition can even work on super bosses that are completely immune to all abnormal statuses!

A forced stun for 5 seconds, what is the meaning of this? Against players of the same power level, 5 seconds is enough to defeat the opponent while they are completely defenseless. Against opponents stronger than himself, 5 seconds is enough to reverse the situation. Against opponents that cannot be competed with, 5 seconds can give himself an abundant amount of time to run away. Moon Shadow’s effect is definitely not as simple as stunning, Ling Chen very clearly understands how powerful this skill actually is.

Lunar Scourge not only can equip 15 energy orbs, it even adds such a powerful skill, and from the looks of it there appears to be more than one. This kind of cheat item, no wonder it would bring about “Heaven’s Jealousy” and “Heaven’s Wrath”!

“Very good! Making the Gemini Orb return to Lunar Scourge has always been my greatest desire for these 10000 years. Because the arrival of this moment means that Lunar Scourge is about resurface in the world. Human, even though you surely possess a spirit that can considered terrifying, but your power, your strength is truly too weak. Even with the Gemini Orb you cannot defeat even the weakest martial artists on Forgotten continent. What you need to do is hide the Lunar Scourge on your body, and then increase your strength and find the rest of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs… And among this, there is also an even more important affair. That is to not allow the Moon God clan to discover any traces of the appearance of Lunar Scourge, or else you will definitely be destroyed and Lunar Scourge will once again suffer disaster. You must remember my words. A portion of Lunar Scourge’s strength originates from the strength and soul of my ancestor, I will not allow it to be destroyed, absolutely not!”

Tao Tie’s deep voice made Ling Chen lift his head. He thought for a bit and then slightly nodded his head.

Speaking of it, does this count as god level hidden quest?

Why is this kind of feeling not like a game world that seeks “balance” but instead like being in a movie with a strange setting.

How come after entering the Mystic Moon world, a lot of things that I’ve  encountered are so different from the virtual game worlds that I know of.

Qi Yue glanced at Ling Chen, taking in the confusion in his eyes. In the depths of her eyes, a strange colour flashed across for a fleeting moment.

“The path towards collecting the other God Orbs and Saint Orbs will definitely be very difficult. It could take 100 years, 1000 years, or even a more distant time. But in possessing Lunar Scourge you need to fulfill this duty that must be carried. Because with every day that passes, there is an increased danger of being discovered by the Moon God clan. If when you are discovered you have still yet to find all of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, then, your fate will only be death. I believe that you who possess such a gaze and is able to conquer Lunar Scourge, will not willingly be killed by any person. And all of this, I am unable to help you with. If I follow you after walking out of here, it will only increase the chances of Lunar Scourge being discovered. Not only that, after you leave here I will stay here for at least another 100 years. The Moon God clan knows my feelings towards Lunar Scourge. If I leave they will definitely find out and then find Lunar Scourge’s location through me.”

“Hee, big guy, before I thought that your appearance was a little scary, but now I suddenly feel that you’re actually pretty cute.” Qi Yue lifted her lips smiling.

Tao Tie’s deep voice came from all directions: “Every person has their own beliefs and persistence, beasts are the same. The reason I am willing to do such for Lunar Scourge, little girl, the most important reason, even you do not know.”

“Oh?” Qi Yue blinked her eyes, her face revealing puzzlement.

Tao Tie did not speak with her again, his mind focused on Ling Chen. Under his two armpits two massive eyes simultaneously flickered an instant of black-green light. At the same time, Ling Chen’s body also flickered for an instant a same black-green glow. Ling Chen looked at his own body puzzled, but did not have any strange feelings for changes.

“Human, on your body I have imprinted a very faint spiritual mark. This spiritual mark will not be discovered by the gods of the Moon God clan. Its effect is to allow me to sense when you encounter a hopeless situation in which there is absolutely no hope. Under that kind of unavoidable circumstance, I will appear. This is the last thing that I can do to help you. Of course, I hope that this kind of circumstance never appears. And before this, I have something that requires your aid.”

“My help?” Ling Chen paused, with his current ability what could he do to help this powerful Mysterious God beast.

Under his gaze, Tao Tie’s mouth gradually opened. The instant that massive mouth opened a creepy feeling crawled up in his heart. What a terrifying  mouth that is. Even though when opened it is only the size of a house, the feeling that it gives him is one where it can easily swallow an entire mountain. Two neat rows of teeth even sharper than knives made from steel reflected a cold light that made people’s hearts shiver.


In a gust of sharp air a dark grey item flew out from his mouth, heading straight towards Ling Chen. After it was about to land on the ground, its speed abruptly lowered and then gently floated downwards as if being held in a bubble, landing in front of Ling Chen.

This is a grey, oval shaped item, about the size of a football/soccer ball. At first glance it actually seems like… an egg.

Opening such a big mouth and just spewing out this little thing… Aren’t you embarrassed!

Qi Yue’s amorous eyes slightly narrowed, watching this grey sphere: “Hey big guy, what is this? Could it be your…”

“No, it is not my descendant. This was entrusted to me after that miserable war by a great beast before it died. It seems to be its child, but also seems like it’s not. Because even though it has its aura, its descendants’ unhatched status is not like this. Before handing it over to me, it told me to not ask about its origin, especially not allowing me to tell anyone who it came from. It’s last wish is that it can successfully hatch and then peacefully live the rest of its life, not bearing any more responsibilities and duties. Time has already passed an unknown number of years and it has finally reached the edge of hatching.” Tao Tie slowly explained.

“You mean?”

“Very simple, even though the great beast that entrusted it to me wished that it could live a peaceful life, its origin and ability have determined that its life cannot be peaceful. This is an unchangeable fate. If I continue to keep it, that will only slowly wear away its talent. Take it with you, and then find a non-elemental energy orb and give it to it. It only needs that last bit of power and it will be able to successfully hatch. Even though I do not know what his hatched status will be like, but after being born even if it’s at the infant stage, it will still provide you with strong assistance. This assistance is not powerful attack ability. Where its strength lies, you will naturally know once it hatches… Maybe, it will surpass my expectations.

Ling Chen now completely understood that what this Tao Tie handed over to him is shockingly an egg that can give birth to a powerful beast… From a player’s perspective, this is a — Pet egg!!

Although, the premise is that it can hatch. And the last condition for it to hatch is that it requires a non-elemental energy orb. An energy orb, not a crystal! With respect to players, especially at the early stage, this condition is truly harsh to the max. Right now Ling Chen does have a non-elemental orb — the Gemini Orb, but even if he had a problem with his brain he would not use it to hatch the unknown pet egg.

Chapter 48: Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique
Beautiful Life by 福山雅治。That sexy voice… no homo.

[Mysterious Egg]: An egg that is about to give birth to an unknown life form, its origin is unknown.

Ling Chen put away this egg. Being able to be called a “Great Beast” by Tao Tie, without even needing to think the origin of this egg must be extraordinary. The beast that it will hatch out will also definitely not be a regular beast. Looks like he needs to go use all kinds of methods to gain a non-elemental orb. But he understands in his heart that energy orbs this kind of thing will basically not appear at the early stage of the game. Because only super bosses of at least Faerie grade will drop energy orbs, and the drop rate is very low, a lot lower than even high grade equipment. The only energy orb that he obtained on his own, “Heartless Orb”, is from a low level Faerie beast, the process in the middle was unbelievably dangerous. And being able to drop an energy orb has to be ascribed to him soloing it while under-leveled. It is not all players that have his luck and ability to encounter and kill a Faerie beast. At the early stage of the game, Faerie beasts are simply undefeatable by players. Energy orbs are also valuable items that only very few players can obtain in the mid-late stages.

Wanting to obtain a non-elemental energy orb is really hard for the average people.

“I will hatch it out as soon as possible.” Ling Chen said. After some slight contemplation he lifts his head and asks: “Tao Tie, can I ask you a few questions?”


Ling Chen has too many questions that he wants to ask Tao Tie, but Tao Tie bluntly refused his request. He said with a heavy voice: “Do not ask me any questions, you who does not know anything is lucky. If you know too many unnecessary things, then your body, your mood, and your mind will all bear some heavy shackles. So, some things, it’s better if you don’t know too early. If you really want to know, then find and discover them yourself in the process of looking for the God Orbs and Saint Orbs. I know what you want to know, but even if I know the answer I will not tell you.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“Yo!” Qi Yue pursed her lips in discontent, saying with a beautiful smile: “You big guy, you’re really not cute. Entrusting such an important thing to my little master, and yet not even allowing him to ask a few simple questions. How hurt will this make my little master feel. Shouldn’t you compensate my little master with a little something?”

Just a simple demeanor and yet it is so exceedingly coquettish, a casual voice and yet so extremely sweet, making Ling Chen beside her feel for an instant that all the strength had left his body. Tao Tie was silent for a short while before opening his mouth and saying: “Okay, I Tao Tie never wish to be indebted to others, not to mention right now your ability is too weak, raising up a bit your ability isn’t a bad option either. Then, you have accepted my entrustment, you can propose one of your conditions, but this condition cannot include asking me some questions that you want to know the answer to, and is only limited to increasing your ability. I can increase your level or stats, and can also give you an amazing piece of equipment, I can also bestow upon you powerful skills. You, choose yourself.”

Giving away a pet egg of extraordinary origin for free, and even giving a bonus of being able to propose a condition…

Is this a big pile of pies falling from the sky!? (TL: Glossary)

Virtually without even thinking about it, Ling Chen responded: “Skills!”

“Hehe, very good, I admire your answer. Level and stats can be brought up on your own, high grade equipment can be obtained on your own. Only skills… That is what will always accompany you and will give you a lifetime of benefits. Then, do you need passive or active skills?”

“Passive.” Ling Chen still responded without any hesitation.

“Very good.”

After the sound of his voice ended, within Tao Tie’s two eyes two dots of black light suddenly flickered. After lasting for a couple seconds the light suddenly shot outwards heading straight for Ling Chen, ramming into his body.

Ling Chen’s body slightly tilted backwards, his body already being enveloped by a mass of black light, and then gradually seeping into his body. Once the light completely sunk into his body, a system notification rose up beside his ears.

“Ding… You have gained unique skills [Heaven Wind Technique], [Item Manipulation Technique].”

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV2: 400. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 5%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV2: 400. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 1 level.

Such powerful skills!!  Ling Chen almost yelled out in shock.

After all apprentice professions switch to their official professions, they will all have proficiency passive skills for their respective weapons, like “Sword Proficiency”, “Spear Proficiency”, etc. These passive skills will increase the attack ability and hit rate when using the respective weapon. When gaining the Gemini Orb Ling Chen even once thought with a spear and a sword and maybe other weapons, doesn’t that mean that when he changes profession that he’ll need to learn 2, or maybe even more weapon proficiency skills! That would unquestionably waste a large amount of SP. But this [Heaven Wind Technique] gifted by Tao Tie is able to directly increase the damage dealt for all weapons. Furthermore it already increases 5% higher at just LV1. Heaven Wind Technique’s max level is LV10, wonder how strong the effect will be when it reaches max level. But this skill is not without flaw… It does not increase hit rate and cannot stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique] is a passive skill special to the point that  nobody is able to be not surprised. With this skill Ling Chen is able to equip LV10 equipment right now. Regardless if it’s Soaring Cloud or Sand Blade he can equip them all! This skill’s highest level is LV10. At LV1 it can ignore the equipment level requirement by 1 level. Then, if this skill gets maxed, it can ignore at least 10 levels! At that time, he will be able to directly equip equipment of which the level requirement is 10 levels higher than his own! This effect is practically outrageous.

Of course, the pretense is that their levels reach a high level. And reaching a high level, requires a large amount of SP. Upgrading to LV2 require 400 (A/N: Lunar Scourge has something to say: The initial amount is 200!) SP each, upgrading to max level, without even needing to think you know that it is an astronomical number. The stronger the skill, the more difficult is is to upgrade.

“How is it, are you satisfied with these 2 skills?” Tao Tie’s voice sounded beside his ears.

“Very satisfied!” Ling Chen nods his head saying. Honestly speaking, regardless if it’s number or quality the skills that Tao Tie gave him all surpassed his expectations. These truly are skills gifted by a Mysterious God beast.

“Even though they cannot immediately provide you with strong assistance right now, their effects will always accompany you, allowing you to benefit from them for the rest of your life. Especially Heaven Wind Technique, it originates from a person that even the Heavens and Earth once feared. Maybe one day, you will attain, or even surpass his level. Then, remember everything that I’ve said, collect all of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs within the shortest amount of time. At the same time do not forget to hatch the life that I’ve entrusted to you… You especially need to remember, do not let the Moon God clan discover that Lunar Scourge has resurfaced!”

Ling Chen nods his head, looking up and glancing at the surrounding stone wall… Ever since falling into this place, everything that he’s encountered has honestly been like a dream.

“Everything that I should’ve said I’ve already told you. What I can give you has also already been given. This underground space is very empty, besides what you’ve seen there is already nothing else. Right now, I will send you to the upper world. I know where you come from, and that you should be a human that comes from a different world. I believe that before too long you will leave this land and head towards Forgotten continent, and there, is the true beginning. Good luck, human that has conquered Lunar Scourge.”

While Tao Tie was speaking, a mass of black-green light had already enveloped Ling Chen’s body. That is the light of activating spatial transport.

“So eager to send us away? You’re still so heartless you big guy.” Qi Yue said laughingly.

“Because I’m like you, I wish more than anyone else that Lunar Scourge can resurface earlier. Little girl, for you, all these years of waiting have not been a waste. No one knows what the future holds, but at least a turning point has appeared. Take good hold of it. The fate of him and Lunar Scourge, will determine your fate. Do not forget your real identity, especially… don’t let the Succubus clan discover you too early. (TL: 夜魔族, not quite sure what this is yet. Term might change in the future when I figure out what they are.)

Qi Yue’s eyes narrowed, smiling faintly: “Big guy, I don’t need you to worry about my affairs. Then, I guess we’re leaving. If there’s a chance in the future, maybe we’ll come to visit you.”

“It is easy to leave this land, but almost impossible to come in. This point you should understand better than anyone else. You have intelligence that surpasses any life form, and an appearance that can enchant the entire world. Maybe I really don’t need to worry about you. Go you guys, I hope that in my lifetime I will be able to once more witness Lunar Scourge overlooking the entire world!”

At this moment the green-black coloured light reached an extreme intensity, and then completely vanished with a flicker, Ling Chen’s body also disappeared from here. Following his and Lunar Scourge’s departure, Qi Yue’s body also gradually dimmed, until she completely disappeared.

Spatial transfer, when the green light faded, the scenery in front of Ling Chen instantly lit-up. Staying in the dark underground space for so long, the abundant light and fresh air here made Ling Chen shut his eyes in comfort, and then quietly let out a sigh of relief. Falling down Wolf’s Cliff, not dying under the effect of the sapphire necklace, afterwards desperately fighting the Greedy Avarice Toad, winning after countless shaves with death, and gaining big booty. And then encountering Tao Tie, encountering Lunar Scourge and conquering it. And so, he gained an item suffering from heaven’s punishment that makes even gods afraid, he gained an energy orb with a very powerful ability, he gained a pet egg of extraordinary origin, and he gained two powerful passive skills.

Suddenly, everything felt so unreal, like a dream.

Are these really scenes that should be appearing in a virtual game world?

The End… for today.

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    • Kyfe says:

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