I am my Wife

Holy shit, I saw this and had to share it with you guys. Kinda reminds me of that book someone recommended me where a guy keeps travelling through time and meets a female version of himself and gets with her.


Title: I am my Wife, 我是我妻, Wo Shi Wo Qi
Author: 乱世银娘
Genre: School Life, 校园类
Tags: Gender Bender
Synopsis: Going back in time, Qiu Yi turned into a girl, but in this space-time, there is still a male existence of him… [Am I me? Who exactly am I?] When your female self meets your male self, what kind of sparks will appear? Everything is in “I am My Wife”.

I’ve realized that there’s really no point in translating the first chapter so I’ll just be posting synopses, I guess it’s still kinda meaningless but whatever, it takes like 2 minutes and you get a general idea of what the books about.

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57 Responses to I am my Wife

  1. Nyururin says:

    Can’t even read this -.- anyone translating it?


  2. agasale says:

    is there any translation of this novel? btw moonbunnycafe just translating its manhua version.

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  3. Lord Sioks says:

    Ultimate Forever Alone.

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  4. Lunician says:

    Oops forgot theres no chapter only a synopsis sorry for the person i led here


  5. Shin says:

    Hey Sylver, just wondering, if I want to translate this, will you have a problem with it? Just saying, since you discovered it first after all.

    Unlike the others, I don’t have a problem with the idea of the story at all, since to me, the more taboo it is, the more fun it becomes.

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  6. anonofthesea says:

    fuck i would rather fuck myself then any other slut out there that is if my other self was a slut…

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  7. bakaleaf says:

    hahaha this reminds me of Johny Bravo e think he is so perfect the most handsome person on earth so the only person he can marry is his female version
    I can still clearly remember that cartoon episode a whole family of Johny Bravo lol

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    • sylver135 says:

      Ya, it was a pretty awesome show, to bad it’s gone along with like every good cartoon and has been replaced with very boring stuff. Or maybe their still around and I just don’t have the channels.

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      • bakaleaf says:

        Thats what the net are for just search it in google although I haven’t tried it yet since It sometimes appear here at TV series.
        Still like the god old days remembering childhood memorize 😀


  8. O.o interesting, someone should start translating this or at least teaser it XD it’ll add to the interesting genderbender novels online .

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  9. ???? says:

    Impossibruuuuu!!! Twas the most fuckng weird storyline i have ever seen. Is the author insane? Or was he divorced so that he cant bear it anymore and tried to marry himself but he cant then created dis story as one feeling? * holy shit, fantasizing*


  10. Isekai says:

    think about the positive side, it isn’t a harem story, right?

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  11. yu3kino says:

    This sound quite amusing.


  12. AboveTheHeaven says:

    Genre school life ?? this.. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry I’m too old for this genre lol


  13. RKain says:

    “How can you live with yourself?!?”
    Qiu Yi can answer that question with, “quite well.”

    This sounds like it has absolutely silly levels of potential.


  14. Kinda like an incest novel about two twin doing the dirty deed. Because face it, that is the situation.


  15. shevx says:

    lmao, I can’t handle being with myself for more than an hour.


  16. drealicious says:

    Ehhh.. I saw a movie like that.. I was like O.o for quite a while after I finished the movie


  17. a2dragon says:

    Ohhh selfcest, its somehow unique….

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  18. theirst says:

    Is it considered incest? Technically, this is asexual reproduction.


  19. gguk says:

    i have so many to say that i dont know which one first…


  20. I R weaselbear says:

    Hopefully guy him doesn’t hit and quit, beat skeet and retreat, shag and dash… through list goes on


  21. Shin says:

    To tell the truth, I would totally marry myself. Because I’m so beautiful and awesome everyone including me would be queuing to marry me.


  22. kenchan223 says:

    lmfao, how to make love to yourself lool


  23. deadlybell says:

    i …. would…..so…. do ecchi things with myself if this happened i dont care if i was the female one or the male one…… if i were to put it in a maidens prospective

    “i-i don’t care i-im fine with anything…as long as its you~”

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  24. ihlion says:

    What level of narcicist would one have to be to fall for oneself to the extent of getting married?


  25. Nahtaivel says:

    I’d usually say only japanese can come up with such fckd up idea but it doesn’t seem to be the case here .. ..

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  26. SomeDude says:



  27. Kaz says:

    I really really hate these gender bender bs novels. Sorry but it questions my ideals on forcing MC’S to recarnate as a different gender since they have no other ideas to write about.


  28. leoid says:

    the real definition of go f**k yourself, but it’s cool 😀

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  29. RyuGen says:

    WTF that synopsis urgghh definitely not reading this.


  30. name says:

    What… just what.


  31. castor294 says:



  32. NoName says:

    ……….. …………???……………?……….?
    i have no words to express my throughts


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