SW Chapter 50: Xiao Qiufeng

太极琴侠 by 陈军. Recommended by masamune. I absolutely loved this song. Tomorrow, the long awaited face stomp begins.


The effect of stacking the stats of two weapons is definitely not so simple as just stacking the attack strength. All added attributes, ability values, added abnormal statuses, and even skills are all stacked. Attacking with one of the two weapons is able to exert the combined stats of the two weapons. Attacking at the same time with both weapons… it can practically be considered as having the effect of simultaneously attacking with four weapons. The powerfulness of the Gemini Orb makes people unable but to be speechless.

Not only has attack strength risen sharply, hit rate has also reached 37. He  is confident that with his current level and hit rate, there should not exist a creature in the Novice Village that can make his attacks “MISS”. The scariest is his critical hit rate — 22%! This is the shocking value endowed by the Heartless Orb, it can make even assassins that have the highest average crit. rate feel ashamed.

Once again verifying his current position, Ling Chen withdrew his two very dazzling weapons and started heading in the direction of the Novice Village. He initially wanted to obtain some information from Qi Yue but the result is that he not only didn’t gain any information, he was even messed around with. He even didn’t have the time to ask how to find to exclusive orbs of Lunar Scourge along with how to hide Lunar Scourge. He started to be a bit afraid of this woman… What he is afraid of is not her, instead he is afraid that he will not be able to control himself under her seductiveness and do some kind of thing that would betray Shui Ruo.

Returning to the Novice Village Ling Chen headed straight for the item store.

“Hello Boss Wang, do you have masks here?” Ling Chen frankly asked as he walked into the item store. Towards Wang Jie Ling Chen was slightly grateful. If not for the sapphire necklace and those special potions that he gave, he could not have survived after falling down the cliff, and especially could not have defeated the Greedy Giant Toad, which would not have yielded in the later gains.

“Oh, it is you young hero. It seems that it’s already been a decent amount of  days that I haven’t seen you.” After seeing him, the initially listless Wang Ji immediately became enthusiastic: “I do have masks, but they do not need to be bought. I know that a lot of you heroes from another world have to take into consideration your own privacy and don’t want to show people your real faces. So if there is a need you can directly receive a free mask from me… Here, for you.”

Finishing speaking, Wang Ji handed a mask made of iron over to Ling Chen. This kind of mask can be found all over the place in the Novice Village. The reality is exactly as Wang Ji says, in the game a lot of people like to wear masks, not wanting others to see their true appearance… Ling Chen is also one of these people.

Ling Chen wore the iron mask on his face, it just perfectly covered his entire face. Even though it is made of iron, it is very thin and light. There is no uncomfortable feeling or sense of weight while wearing it. He was just about to leave when he heard Wang Ji continuing to say: “Speaking of masks, it is not a type of official equipment, its only usage is to use it to cover your face. But a few years ago I heard from the village chief that there are still masks with attributes that exist on Forgotten continent. The existence of such masks are very rare, each one is a priceless artifact. At the very least in my lifetime I have not had the fortune of seeing that kind of legendary mask.”

Masks with attributes… If a person can obtain one, doesn’t that mean that they will have an extra piece of battle equipment over the rest of the players!

Walking out of the item store, Ling Chen headed straight for the northern area of the Novice Village. Right now what he needs the most is to rise up to LV10, and then leave the Novice Village and head towards the capital city of Forgotten continent. That is the true place for a new beginning. Currently he is LV9, jumping up to LV9 from LV5 under the massive amount of exp given by a Faerie boss. He is certain that his current level should be the highest one in the entire China warzone at the moment, even though right now his leveling difficulty is two times the rest of the players. But he believes that he will still be the first person to reach LV10.

At the most northern area of the Novice Village is the territory of the highest level creatures in the Novice Village — the LV10 brown bear.

An hour later Ling Chan had already reached the edge of the brown bear territory. As he expected, right now the figures of other players can still not be seen here. The average levels of players right now should be around 7-8, they will not come here yet.

Finding the location Ling Chen directly went offline. Of course he wouldn’t forget to take care of his Shui Ruo.

When he came online again it was already 2:00 pm.

“Lord… it’s a Lord BOSS! Quick! Immediately call everyone over!! Get as many people as possible, come as fast as they can!”

“Black Flame’s people? Humph! What do you guys mean! We clearly discovered it first, do you guys want to steal it?”

“He, you guys discovered it? Then why don’t you guys go exterminate it? Does this Lord have your names on its body!?”


Just coming online the sound of arguing travelled into Ling Chen’s ears. After listening to a couple lines he already had a general idea of what was happening. He looked towards the source of the voices, two sets of player groups were right in the middle of confronting each other there. One side had around 30 players and was lead by an archer raising an iron bow. The other side only had a dozen or so players, the leader is a person raising an iron shield. Their location is at the edge of the brown bear territory, and within the brown bear territory…

There is huge brown bear lazily sleeping, its entire body surrounded by a mass of gold light.

[Gold War Bear]: Type: Beast: Level: LV10, Grade: Lord BOSS, HP: 8000…

LV10 Lord BOSS, Gold War Bear!!

Initially, the territory of the LV10 brown bears is not a place that the current players would enter. Presumably it is the group of that shield guard that haphazardly walked past here and just happened to discover that a Lord BOSS had spawned here. After that, the group of that archer also came here. The chances of spawning a Lord BOSS are very low, yet its allure is incredibly huge. No matter at which Novice Village, the appearance of a Lord BOSS will always cause a relatively big commotion. Because a Lord BOSS represents the highest grade equipment, and large amounts of EXP and SP for the novice stage. And so actually spotting a newly spawned Lord BOSS here made the heartbeats of the two groups quicken in excitement. But, how is a LV10 Lord BOSS something that they can deal with. What they all did is go and call more of their companions at the first moment.

The shield guard carrying an iron shield had an overcast face, staring at the archer and saying coldly: “Black Flame, we have always kept to ourselves and not interfered with each other. The BOSS belongs to whoever discovers it, this is a rule that everyone knows, are you guys provoking us the Battle Alliance!”

“The BOSS belongs to whoever discovers it first? Hehe, what a joke. A couple days ago, that Gold Battle Wolf was discovered by us Black Flame first, and amongst those people that came to steal it, do you dare to say that there were not people from your Battle Alliance there! Don’t think that we will be afraid of you guys just because you guys are friendly with the Yan Huang Alliance, us Black Flame have never been afraid of anybody!” The archer said with a dark face.

Ling Chen who was standing far away suddenly lifted his head, his two eyes fixing upon that talking archer, his gaze landing upon that name above his head…

Black Flame Bow!!

It is the leader of that group that forced him down the cliff that day at Wolf’s Cliff.

Ling Chen’s gaze instantly became ice cold.

“He, what a big mouth. Even a little chief of the Black Flame Alliance is able to be so arrogant to such a degree, Black Flame really is becoming more and more better.”

A cold, indifferent voice travelled from far to close, people followed the source of the voice and looked over. A man with a mediocre face, a large body frame and equipped overly plainly slowly walked over here. His entire body did not have any point that was worth making people pause their gaze, only that pair of eyes, as sharp as an eagle soaring in the skies.

“Alliance Chief! You’re here!” Seeing him appear, the shield guard immediately became overjoyed, quickly going up to greet him.

Initially seeing this big man, Black Flame Bow’s face revealed a deep colour of puzzlement. He was certain that he seemed to have seen this man somewhere before. Hearing how the shield guard addressed him, his face suddenly turned: “You… you are… Xiao Qiufeng!!”

Number 7 on China’s virtual reality world Heaven Ranking,  known as the “Judge of Life and Death” and the “Cold Magistrate” — Xiao Qiufeng! (TL: The Chinese is “一剑断生死” which mean determining life and death with one sword/one sword attack, I can’t think of anything else and it’s not important at all, but if anyone has a better suggestion then that’s cool too.)

The Heaven Ranking and the Earth Ranking, any player that has been in a virtual game world knows about the existence of these two rankings. What they record is the list of of the most apex players in the China virtual game world. The Heaven Ranking has 10 positions, players that are listed within are the 10 strongest people publicly recognised by all of China’s players. Listed within the Earth Ranking are the 20 strongest players excluding the Heaven Ranking. The Heaven Ranking and the Earth Ranking are the most authoritative, even the most sacred lists in the China virtual game world. The names of each person listed are able to shake all of China. Being able to be among the top 30 amongst the hundreds of millions of players in China, you can imagine just how strong they are. Each of them not only possesses  powerful strength, they also have amazing charisma, and are the heavy targets of guilds to rope in. If a guild is able to have a Heaven Ranking or Earth Ranking master, even a small, unknown guild would become famous overnight. Even if it’s those forces that already have immense power, they would definitely become a leader among the group. Especially the Heaven Ranking, every person on the list is a mythical figure in the eyes of the rest of the players, they are god-like existences in the eyes of the players. If any of them appear, it would cause a great stir.

And this man that looks incredibly ordinary, he is one of the apex players listed in the Heaven Ranking. At the same time, he is the highest leader of the Battle Alliance.

The China region has a total of 100000 Novice Villages, there are a total of 10 people on the Heaven Ranking. The chances of meeting a Heaven Ranking master in a Novice Village could be said to not be smaller… Black Flame Bow could never have thought that in this Novice Village, he would actually meet the number 7 “Cold Magistrate” on the Heaven Ranking.

When he called out the name “Xiao Qiufeng”, his feet also took a step back in a shiver. They have 30 people on their side, while the other side adding Xiao Qiufeng only has 13 people. But “Xiao Qiufeng” this name holds too much shock and threat, this kind of difference in numbers is unable to bring him any sense of safety, in his heart there was only a trembling that could not be suppressed.

It’s not that he’s a coward… There is not a player that would be so stupid as to be enemies with those freaks on the Heaven Ranking.

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