SW Chapter 51: Awe

Time for the long awaited noob stomping, or at least the start of it.
上弦の月を歌ってみた【nero】 recommended by blueknight1. BTW, I’m okay with the songs sung by the vocaloids, just not the vocaloids’ singing. Also, I’m not a lolicon, you guys will know what I’m talking about soon.

Hey guys! High God (aka. crossoverz) here and I just want to say sorry for not editing the chapters before this in time for them to be posted. I was sick for a while and I couldn’t get through to them in time. I will try and edit them if possible and we can have them replaced once I am done but until then enjoy the edited chapters from now on 🙂

Editor: High God

Heaven Ranking ranked number 7, “Cold Magistrate” Xiao Qiufeng. Rumours says that no one has ever seen him smile before. Everything about him looks overly plain, no matter where he goes he will not attract the attention of people, but anyone that recognises him will back away when they see him. Because, one second he could be silent and indifferent, and the next he could be moving to kill. People that he wants to kill, regardless of who they are, he will not have any hesitation. The names “Judge of Life and Death” and “Cold Magistrate” are not just because of his cold heartlessness, but more because he only ever needs “1 Strike” to kill. The Battle Alliance that he leads is also very impressive in the China virtual game world, known by all. Rumours says that behind Xiao Qiufeng is an incredibly large underworld force. His birth father is the highest authority of the largest underworld force in the northern region of China, the “Battle Alliance”. A considerable portion of the virtual game world’s Battle Alliance’s members also belong to the Battle Alliance in the real world. The majority of people are ruthless outlaws that aren’t afraid of death. So even though the size of the Battle Alliance isn’t too big, there is nobody that dares to mess with them.

The fear that Black Flame Bow has towards Xiao Qiufeng is definitely not fake. Him, a small chief of the Black Flame Alliance, usually doesn’t even have the qualifications to meet masters of the Heaven Ranking. Who knew that in the Novice Village, when they had clashed with the Battle Alliance, that he would actually meet this Cold Magistrate that made people tremble with fear. Not only is it just him, when hearing Xiao Qiufeng’s name all of the Black Flame players behind him all revealed an expression of fear, there was no longer a single person willing to take a step forward.

“You guys have 3 seconds, disappear from my vision.” Xia Qiufeng’s gaze fell upon the body of that Gold War Bear that is in the middle of sleeping. He did not even glance at the people of Black Flame, his voice indifferent and cold, as if shooing a group of insignificant flies.

Anyone that has heard of Xiao Qiufeng’s name knew that if he is unable to drive away the people, then the next second, he will kill them.

Black Flame Bow is a chief of the Black Flame Alliance, he also leads a large group of Black Flame Alliance’s players. Usually he is also a very prestigious figure, but when has he ever been looked down upon by anybody before. Even though he is afraid of Xiao Qiufeng, he is also holding back a fire of rage in his heart. He took a glance at the people behind him and bit his teeth… He knew that challenging Xiao Qiufeng is a very irrational act, going against him, in the future, he knows that he will not have a good time in Mystic Moon. But if today he tucks his tail between his legs and runs away, he will bring shame to the entire Black Flame Alliance. If the news travels through the Black Flame Alliance, he will become a joke, alliance chief will also become furious.

He knows that he cannot displease Xiao Qiufeng, and at this time he also cannot retreat. A layer of cold sweat appeared over his forehead, the muscles on his face trembled for a good while before he set his heart and stepped forward saying, “The Cold Magistrate arriving himself, of course we have to give face. Our leader has said many times that if we meet the Cold Magistrate that we must treat you with respect… Okay, we will not meddle with this Lord BOSS today. We will just stand here and witness the Cold Magistrate’s might, seeing how an expert from the Heaven Ranking deals with this Lord BOSS!”

Xiao Qiufeng’s expression immediately darkened with the leading shield guard of the Battle Alliance also revealing a face of anger. Even though on the surface it looks like Black Flame Bow is backing down, and even making a concession of absolutely not interfering and stealing the Gold Battle Bear, it seems that at the same time he has also laid a trap. Xiao Qiufeng may be on the Heaven Ranking and is an established apex master, but Mystic Moon has only opened for a couple of days. All players are still at the novice stage. At this stage, the levels, stats and equipment of players simply cannot be pulled apart. Even the strongest players will not have too great of an advantage. These ultimate experts may have an extremely strong combat awareness and incredibly outstanding maneuverability and control, but even at the novice stage they are only able to easily solo one or multiple players, but against dozens of players, they will find it incredibly difficult to deal with them.

Gold War Bear is a LV10 Lord BOSS. A Lord BOSS of this level requires at least over a hundred LV7-8 players for there to be a chance of winning. Even if Xiao Qiufeng is here, the people of the Battle Alliance here definitely do not have the ability to kill the Gold War Bear.

Don’t even think about the Gold War Bear. Even with the 30 people of the Black Flame Alliance, them adding Xiao Qiufeng to the fight still do not have the ability to win against it.

Even though Black Flame Bow wants to retreat, he put out the attitude of watching a play. If the Battle Alliance, including Xiao Qiufeng go to battle against the Gold War Bear, there is a 100% chance of suicide. There will not be any fluke or suspense in this. If they don’t fight the Gold War Bear, that instead will shows their cowardness and dirty Xiao Qiufeng’s name.

“Black Flame Bow, looks like you feel that you’re living too comfortably.” The leading shield guard of the Battle Alliance said with a gloomy face.

“Hehe, what do you mean? We’ve already given a lot of ground in respect for the Cold Magistrate and given this Lord BOSS to you guys. Do you guys need to be so aggressive? Is it that being rude and unreasonable is the way of the Battle Alliance!?” Since he’s already opposing them, Black Flame Bow also pulled down his face and started to speak increasingly rudely: “The Gold War Bear is right there, we will stand right here and enjoy the mighty figures of you, the Battle Alliance, exterminating that Lord BOSS. Incidentally I can also help you guys record the battle to allow other players to enjoy it. You guys have a  peerless master number 7 on the Heaven Ranking… Don’t tell me that the almighty Cold Magistrate is unable to deal with even a small LV10 Lord BOSS.”


A Lord BOSS usually needed around tens of players, even over a hundred of the same level working together to destroy it. Those apex players on the Heaven Ranking all possess the strength to solo Lord bosses 10 levels higher than their own. But the premise is that their level, stats, equipment, professions and skills all mature.They all understand that the Xiao Qiufeng right now is unable to beat this Lord BOSS. They also don’t believe that there is currently a player that can solo a LV10 Lord BOSS… If you have to say that such a person exists, then that person can only be the sole SSS rank expert in the world — Eve.

“Very good.” Xia Qiufeng’s expression was still indifferent. From his face you can never see any obvious emotional fluctuations. He turned his gaze, focusing on Black Flame Bow’s face and slowly said: “I will remember what happened today.”

Black Flame Bow’s body shook, a deep chill rose up in his heart. Behind him were the members of Black Flame, so he knew he could not lose face here. Even though he has taken a step back, in the end he still has offended Xiao Qiufeng.

Both sides suddenly entered a stalemate. Black Flame Alliance’s people did not retreat, but frightened by Xiao Qiufeng’s reputation they did not dare to continue saying anything. The players of the Battle Alliance all had a gloomy face, but they also understood that with the difference in numbers, if they fought they would not have any advantage. To fight for a BOSS or for territory, there are always countless big and small conflicts between different groups, but this time was different… Because who the Black Flame Alliance is facing today, is the leader of the Battle Alliance, the number 7 Cold Magistrate on the Heaven Ranking.

This seemingly small  conflict, was bound to influence the entire Battle Alliance and Black Flame Alliance.

And this silence, was broken by an outsider.

Ling Chen!

He finished listening to that laughable verbal confrontation between the two groups like listening to a monkey show, and then quietly walked over. The two groups engaged in verbal battle for half a day but did not start to fight each other, and none of the two groups went up to kill the Gold War Bear… Because they simply didn’t have the ability to kill the Gold War Bear. Even if they fought to the death they would not even be able to touch a hair of the Gold War Bear… Because right now, that is his prey!

Before Ling Chen was standing behind a stone and did not release any sounds so the two groups of people did not discover him. Right now suddenly seeing an outsider approaching, they all looked towards him at the same time and then felt their heart’s sink… They are all guarding this place waiting for players from their alliance to arrive. If the information of the appearance of this Lord BOSS is seen by other players and spread out, then before too long this place will be packed with a countless amount of players. At that time it will be incredibly difficult for them to take this Lord BOSS for themselves. The scene created from the spreading of the information of a Lord BOSS on Wolf’s Cliff before was still fresh in their memories… The ownership of that Gold Battle Wolf was eventually taken away by the Yan Huang Alliance who had the greatest power.

“You there! This is the territory of the Black Flame Alliance, if you don’t want to become the enemy of the Black Flame Alliance then leave immediately!” Black Flame Bow turned around facing Ling Chen and bellowed coldly. The name of the Black Flame Alliance is enough to intimidate the majority of players. Not many players dare to displease this kind of large guild that is famous throughout all of China.

Standing at the edge of the brown bear territory Ling Chen didn’t even give him a glance, his gaze stopping on the Gold War Bear for a short moment before walking forward and then heading full speed towards the sleeping Gold War Bear.

This action of his made everybody stunned, and then almost all start to laugh out loud.

“What does he want to do… He isn’t thinking of wanting to solo that Gold War Bear, right?”

“Is this guy an idiot? Is it that his brain has fried from the excitement of seeing a Lord BOSS?”

“Could it be that this is a noob that has never seen a Lord BOSS before? Even if you want to die you don’t need to be in such a rush.”

Seeing him charge up to the Lord BOSS by himself, no one went up to stop him, instead they all revealed an expression of ridicule. With the strength of the current players, facing a Lord BOSS by yourself is the same as suicide. They could practically already see the image of this person being slapped to death after waking up this Gold War Bear.

But, the image that they expected did not appear. What they saw was a scene that made them dumbfounded, shocked and even tremble.

“Fire of Rage!”

While running, Soaring Cloud and Sand Blade were called out by him at the same time. Being buffed with Fire of Rage that had reached max level, Ling Chen’s basic attack strength immediately jumped to 331.

“Soul Sacrifice!”

A layer of dim red light appeared over his body. His HP dropped down to 1 in an instant, simultaneously an enormous power suddenly poured out from the depths of his soul. This is his first time using this berserk technique that puts himself at the edge of death. Against this LV10 Lord BOSS, he wants to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Ling Chen glanced at his current attack strength… 993!!

An attack value that almost reached 1000, an attack value that players at the current stage wouldn’t even dream of! This is currently the most peak condition that Ling Chen can attain, and is also his most dangerous state. Under this condition, his HP will at most maintain at 1, and cannot be recovered with any methods!

At the same time as being buffed with Soul Sacrifice, Ling Chen had already charged in front of the Gold War Bear, Soaring Cloud and Sand Blade simultaneously using “Full Power Strike” and cutting towards the large body covered  in a golden glow . “Full Power Strike” does not have any cooldown time or usage restrictions, so both weapons are able to release it at the same time.

-1480, -1433!

One attack… No, it’s two attacks dealing damage at once directly shaving off over ⅓ of the Gold War Bear’s HP. The snoring Gold War Bear was suddenly roused from its sleep, abruptly jumping up from the ground and releasing a loud roar of anger. And at this moment Ling Chen’s second attack suddenly arrived, left hand Sand Blade using “Full Power Strike”, right hand Soaring Cloud using “Shooting Soaring Cloud”…

An arced yellow sword aura and a silver shooting star simultaneously crossed through the Gold War Bear’s massive body. Bringing up a red coloured damage and a yellow coloured critical damage so big that even Ling Chen himself was shocked.

-1436! -5922!

The Gold War Bear’s thunderous roars abruptly ceased. It maintained its action of roaring angrily and fell down powerlessly. This powerful Lord BOSS didn’t even get a clear view of who its enemy was before it died.

Two attacks… The entire process only took 2 seconds.

The surroundings area instantly became deathly quiet. Those players standing at the edge of the brown bear territory, originally waiting to watch a show all opened their mouths wide, widening their eyes… Pairs and pairs of eyes popping out so far that they’re practically about to burst out of their eye sockets.

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