Siscon Treatment Plan

Just the synopsis. I might do this more often if I can find ones that I find interesting/funny. It really doesn’t take any time so don’t worry. The first chapter doesn’t really have much information as the Lolicon and isn’t as interesting, I just translated a small portion of the second chapter that shows his siscon side… there’s also a brocon that’s a different girl from the sister.


Title: Siscon Treatment Plan, 妹控治疗方案, Mei Kong Zhi Liao Fang An
Author: ….Caliburian
Genre: School Life, 校园类
Tags: Siscon?
Synopsis: I’ve always thought that liking my little sister was completely natural, that it was fate, God’s arrangement, but I was wrong. When I found out that my little sister had a lover, I decided to change my fate. For this, my fiance suggested to me the “Siscon Treatment Plan”… Exactly what will my future be like?

“Yeah! Shota-kun is so handsome!” Asakawa-san beside me jumped up in excitement, “Hey, you saw right, Shota-kun shot it in? It’s Shota-kun? He’s handsome, right? He’s my little brother!”

“Yes yes yes, speaking of it, senpai, do you like your little brother?”

“Ya, I love my little brother the most!”


“I’m going to kill you.” (Asakawa)

“Huh? Wait! You said it out yourself!?” (Amamiya)

“Any more talk is useless! I’ll kill you!” (Asakawa)

A fierce punch skinned past my abdomen, directly hitting the tree, countless leaves fell down, this woman really wants to kill me!

“No!” I cried, in an instant, the world became a grey colour. I saw a girl with a pony tail run towards that guy giving him water in joy. For me, that is the most precious thing.

“Risa.” Endless love thrashed around in my heart, and then gathered together becoming hatred.

“That guy is you little brother, right?” I used an unimaginably deep tone asking.

“Yeah, so what?” (Asakawa)

“I’m going to kill you.” (Amamiya)

“Huh? Why, ah!” (Asakawa)

“I’ll kill you, and then destroy the entire world!” (Amamiya)

“Don’t destroy the world! Calm down!” (Asakawa)

Senpai’s words could not travel to my cold heart, in my mind I recalled Risa’s words.

“That, big brother, usually what kind of girls do guys like?”

“Brother –”

“I like brother the most –”

Bastard, I will not allow other men —

to get near my sister!

“Asakawa, Kyoto’s Asakawa family, right?” (Amamiya)

“That’s right!” (Asakawa)

“I, Amamiya Yuu, will kill your entire clan today!”

With anger, I made a battle declaration.

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17 Responses to Siscon Treatment Plan

  1. ike jason says:

    Can you put these and other synopsis in your recommendation page?


  2. gguk says:

    is that really the cover of the ln or its just draw in pics ? i hope its the latter because if not its copycat right off from start…


  3. bakaleaf says:

    RIP that novel don’t you ever dare TL it …


  4. Resdan says:

    i am asking myself wtf did i just read?!!?!?!?!?!?!


  5. Luminous says:

    Basically, Asakawa showed her bro-con side to Amamiya and wanted to kill him for seeing it until sis-con Amamiya saw his sister Risa running towards Asakawa’s little brother and so the story begins. A simple story about sis-cons and bro-cons 😛


  6. Drew says:

    I have no idea what was going.


  7. gguk says:

    find shintani ryoko – wonderful world youtube. its unrelated but good game regardless. well its jap by the way lol.


  8. gguk says:

    cover from game ?


  9. c4 says:

    I didn’t get who’s who whose talking to who? wHO?? XD


  10. MXMach says:

    This reminds me of Psycho Love Comedy, but withotu comedy? huh


  11. anonofthesea says:

    tsk tsk no treatment at all!


  12. silverspoon says:

    uwah… he’s broken….


  13. a says:

    seriously wtf was that


  14. ndiezel says:

    WTF I just read?

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