SW Chapter 52: 10 Lives 1 Step

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“Ding… You have successfully killed LV10 Lord BOSS ‘Gold War Bear’, Fame+100, SP+100.”

Within the deathlike silence, a series of inhalation started to sound up. At the same time as the cold air filled their lungs, they could even hear the sound of their hearts trembling.

The defense of a LV10 Lord BOSS is extremely strong, even the person with the highest attack amongst them isn’t guaranteed to pierce through its defense. And this person… each of his attacks were actually all 4-digit numbers! They were certain that they did not see wrong, those were indeed 4-digit damage values. Moreover what each attack brought up were all 2 damage values… That last critical hit… actually hit for almost 6000 damage!!

2 seconds, this person dealt out over 10000 damage… In just 2 seconds, this LV10 Lord BOSS fell at his feet!

The scenery that appeared within these 2 seconds made them simply unable to believe in their own eyes.

This is a person wearing a silver mask, his face cannot be seen and his name is hidden. But they are certain that this person is a player and not an NPC. Wearing a body of beastskin clothes, in his hand… His left hand and right hand were both unexpectedly holding a weapon. In the right hand is a spear flickering a silver light… That aura, could very likely be a silver equipment! In his left hand is a longsword flowing with a golden glow. From its shape it should be a two-handed sword, its aura…

That is a gold equipment!

Not only is he holding two weapons at the same time, one of them is even a gold equipment. Even in all of China there are only a handful of gold equipment right now.

If they knew that the spear in Ling Chen’s right hand is Soaring Cloud that is currently on the China weapon ranking list, who knows what their reactions would be.

The players of the Black Flame Alliance and the Battle Alliance all looked at each other, no one could say anything. Even the expressionless Xiao Qiufeng had an expression of shock, his eyes tightly staring at Ling Chen. He cannot believe what he saw, Mystic Moon has only opened for a couple of days, how can there be a player that possesses such terrifying attack strength! He is holding two weapons… and they are even two weapons of a different kind, a spear and a long sword, it should be that they’re both supposed to be held with both hands! What made him even more shocked is that attack that Ling Chen used to kill the Gold War Bear. He actually used the two weapons in his hands to each separately launch two different skills. One is “Full Power Strike” of apprentice warriors, he recognises it. The other is an attack that he’s never heard of that dealt almost 6000 damage, but this was not the most important thing. The most important thing is that he used his two hands to simultaneously launch two different skills!! And he did it so easily and casually, without pausing or awkwardness.

One cannot do two things at the same time, this is common knowledge. There are definitely very few people in this world that can do two different things wholeheartedly, like drawing a circle and a square at the same time. In the virtual game world, the activation of skills requires one to use their minds to control it, at the same time launching the skill also requires the corresponding body movements. Not talking about how abnormal of a phenomenon it is to wield 2 two handed weapons with both hands and simultaneously launching two skills at the same time… To achieve this, he needs to simultaneously control the activation of the two skills and also control the movements of his left and right limbs at the same time. And yet he is able to do this so casually — How terrifying is his mental control ability!

Who is this person… If this is a person on the Heaven Ranking I should be able to recognise him right away! But regardless if it’s the Heaven Ranking or the Earth Ranking, they both don’t seem to contain the existence of this person!

That spear in his hand… That aura is a lot stronger compared to a silver equipment. Wait a sec, that spear…  Could it be Soaring Cloud on the equipment ranking list!?

“Did anyone film that?” Xiao Qiufeng asked in a low voice while staring at Ling Chen.

The shield guard beside him seemed to have just returned to his senses, saying with a trembling voice: “N… no, it was so quick, how could anyone have been able to film it down. This person… Who is this person… Is he really a player? That attack… 5… over 5000 damage… Am, am I seeing things.”

Xiao Qiufeng: “…”

Following the fall of the Gold War Bear, a large pile of gold coins and different kinds of items rained down from its body and fell beside its corpse. When that flash of golden light rose up everyone’s gaze focused at Ling Chen’s feet… There, is clearly an upper garment flashing a golden glow.

Gold equipment!!

The flashing golden aura practically blinded the eyes of all of the Black Flame Alliance and Battle Alliance players. At the current stage, even silver equipment is still something that only exists in legends. Gold equipment… that could even be called a mythical item. This is the first time that each of them has seen a Gold equipment with their own eyes. Even though their hearts are still rapidly pounding from that shocking scene, their gazes were already filled with a deep desire and greed, some were even drooling from their mouths.

“Gold… Gold equipment! It dropped a Gold equipment!” One of Black Flame Alliance’s players said with a shaky voice while wiping his drool.

“Shut up, it’s not like I don’t have eyes!” Black Flame Bow said while biting his teeth. He opened his eyes wide, staring at that piece of armor emitting a golden colour, his eyes filled with greed. But… that player beside the gold equipment, he is a monster that used only 2 seconds to deal with a Lord BOSS and can deal over 1000 damage with one attack!!

Ling Chen completely ignored the trembling and greedy gazes of these players, treating them entirely like they didn’t exist, taking his time to pick up this golden armor.

[Golden Stitched Garment]: Type: Upper Garment, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any class LV10 or above. An outer garment ingrained with gorgeous gold stitching, possesses a mysterious power. Attributes: Defense+30, Strength+5, Agility+5, When attacked there is a 3% chance of reducing damage by 50%.

Very good!!

Ling Chen directly took off his Beastskin cloth and equipped this gold grade Golden Stitched Garment on his body. Instantly he felt his stats grow again. His current defense is entirely enough to make shield guards of the same level eat his dust.

Watching Ling Chen equip that gold equipment on his body, those players in the middle of a trance once again swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

At the current stage even if it’s a Lord BOSS, the chances of it dropping a gold equipment are still relatively small. The drop rate and the quality of drops after a BOSS is killed are not only related to the luck value of the person that killed it, but is also greatly related to the level of the person, the amount of people and etc. Generally speaking, the lower your level and the lower the number of people, the easier it is for high quality equipment to drop. This Gold War Bear was killed by Ling Chen alone in virtually an instant, dropping a gold equipment can be considered normal. Just like when he killed a LV10 Celestial BOSS at LV5 by himself in the underground space… What that triggered was a truly magnificent drop. All kinds of amazing items appeared, pretty much all of the items that could have been  dropped by the Greedy Giant Toad were dropped.

The Gold War Bear dropped a total of 13 gold coins and 6 orange potions.  Besides a Golden Stitched Garment, there is also a pair of Copper grade magic shoes for apprentice elemental mages. He took a casual glance at it and then put it into his bag. The very last is an earth yellow crystal shard.

Energy Crystal!!

[Elementary Defense Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Earth, Effect: Defense+6%.

The Novice Village’s item shop only has beginner energy crystals, and they are particularly expensive. Even up until now it is hard for regular players to have saved up the gold to buy any beginner energy crystal. As for Ling Chen having an energy orb… well, not everybody is able to meet and exterminate a Celestial BOSS.

Directly socketing this elementary energy crystal into the second socket of Lunar Scourge, his defense once again increased. Ling Chen then went around the Gold War Bear’s body, walking towards Soaring Cloud that was stuck into the ground on an angle far away after “Shooting Soaring Cloud”. When he walked up to Soaring Cloud the effect of Soul Sacrifice also disappeared at that moment. Ling Chen casually drank an orange potion, returning his HP back to 201.

Every person clearly saw that the attack that dealt over 5000 damage in an instant was the last attack from throwing this spear out… Obviously, this should be a skill from the spear, a terrifying skill thats damage is greater than all currently known skills at this stage! And items that can have skills,  at the very least need to be Celestial grade! And the only piece of equipment on the equipment ranking chart… is precisely a Celestial grade spear.

Terrifying attack strength, a terrifying skill… Could it be that this spear is that “Soaring Cloud” that has already become world famous!? And this person… is the owner of Soaring Cloud… Ling Tian.

“That spear, may be Soaring Cloud, that is a Celestial item!!” A Black Flame Alliance player said excitedly. Soaring Cloud, that very first, and only piece of Celestial equipment that shook the entire world when it appeared.

Black Flame Bow’s expression continuously shifted. Finally, he bit his teeth and shouted with a low voice: “Go!!!”

He witnessed with his own eyes this person’s terror. But the allure of a Celestial item was great to the point that people simply could not resist it! He took a look at his party with a whole 30 people, in the end still releasing this command that is destined to make him regret it.

Under his command, the players of the Black Flame Alliance were first dazed and then understood what he meant. They moved swiftly and all charged forward together. The moment that Ling Chen grasped Soaring Cloud and pulled it out, the 30 Black Flame Alliance players all had already tightly surrounded him, blocking all of his possible paths of retreat. The elemental mages in the back assumed the pose of chanting beginner magic, the archers also all lined up together and pull apart their bow strings. All kinds of different weapons flashed out, all pointing straight at Ling Chen.

That face of Battle Alliance’s shield guard changed, he hurriedly said: “Leader, they…”

“Don’t interfere.” Xia Qiufeng said expressionlessly.  He narrowed his eyes, gradually saying in a low voice: “Greed, truly is the scariest thing, it can make people become even dumber than pigs. They’ve already forgotten that they themselves do not have the ability to defeat a LV10 Lord BOSS, yet now they are contriving against this person that practically insta-killed a Lord BOSS.”

“But, they have a whole 30 people. It’s very likely that the person has such terrifying attack strength because of his equipment… That spear could be Soaring Cloud on the weapon ranking chart, but his HP might be about the same as ours. If just a couple of these people hit him, it will kill him! If that person dies, he might drop that amazing equipment…”

The lead shield guard wanted to continue speaking but seeing Xiao Qiufeng’s cold gaze he hurriedly shut his mouth, not daring to speak anymore.

“You have two choices. Either you hand over the two weapons in your hands and that golden armor on you body and we will let you peacefully leave. Or you can wait for us to kill you and then go pick them up ourselves. Be sensible, us Black Flame Alliance taking a liking to your equipment is your honour!” Black Flame Bow said with a fierce face. What he thought was the same thing as Battle Alliance’s lead shield guard, so even though he was still deeply afraid of Ling Chen, in his heart when he said this, he still had a bit of confidence.

He doesn’t believe that his HP is as crazy as his attack and can take the attack of all of the 30 people that were present.

Ling Chen slowly held Soaring Cloud in his hand. Listening to Black Flame Bow’s words he did not respond, instead he slightly lifted his head and then lightly took a step forward…



Following that step that he took, a light yellow and a light silver arc simultaneously swept towards his two sides… Those are the “Crescent Slashs” launched at the same time by Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud.

Crescent Slash that had reached max level can envelop a 4 meter area in the attacking direction, and it can hit a total of 5 targets. Simultaneously releasing two Crescent Slashes towards his left and right, the enveloped area of attack is a whole 8 meters! Ling Chen may have only taken what looked like an ordinary little step, but it is exactly this little step that allowed his left and right Crescent Slashes to each sweep through the five people on both sides closely surrounding him…

-309, -602, -331, -312, -302, -311, -622, -308, -313, -608!

Two sword arcs, 10 damage values floating up at the same time.

The HP of 10 apprentice warriors and apprentice assassins that were swept by Ling Chen’s Crescent Slashes were instantly emptied. After a short pause they all fell to the ground.

Killing ten people in a step!

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