Eve = Xia Wa

Um, a lot of people seem to be confused about this even though it has been mentioned in the change log and comments many times so I’m making a special post to clear things up. Eve = Xia Wa and Xia Wa = Eve. The reason I put Xia Wa before is because I did not know that Xia Wa translated into Eve. Once that was pointed out to me I changed Xia Wa into Eve. I hope no one is confused anymore.

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10 Responses to Eve = Xia Wa

  1. Seink says:

    I thought Xia Wa was the character name and Eve was the girls true name XD


  2. Navi Nay says:

    Haha, now it makes a lot more sense, since I was reading ahead and using bing translate when google translate failed me, I didn’t realize Eve and Xia Wa were different names for the same person xD


  3. necrocookie says:

    So the Xia Wa he dueled was the same Eve that was experimented on with him?

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  4. Huh, I thought I saw somewhere that Xia Wa meat Eve but I thought I was wrong and so treated them as different things. I feel kinda stupid.


  5. Bob says:

    Wish you could westernize more names to be honest.. Though I get why it might be difficult, in some cases I feel like it would fit better with this story. Keeping track of Xiao or Xin ect 1 through 100 is a bit of a pain..


  6. a says:

    its good of you thumps up for those didnt know it:P
    btw ll u give us a chapter today?


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