AAIAALSS Chapter 2: As a Lolicon I Have Never Been Afraid of Gossip

You guys seem to like this series… I think so here’s chapter 2 for you guys. I’m not sure if I will pick this up or not. And changing name from Aokano to Aoba.

Opening my eyes a disheveled girl is sitting on me with the corners of her skirt lifted up half-revealing her white panties.

The girls light brown hair is combed very neatly, her perfect teeth lightly biting her alluring lower lip, in her clear eyes that are unable to look straight at me due to shyness her brown coloured eyes are a bit distracted, her pretty facial features made it very easy for people to like her.

Due to my gaze being from a downward position looking upward, the girl’s slender waist and well proportioned breasts could all be perfectly seen at a very nice angle.

I need to say first that I am not a riajuu, so this kind of every morning waking up and having a chick lying beside me lovingly saying good morning to me scenario should not be occurring. (TL: Riajuu)

“Yi-kun…Good morning.”

My current situation really is unusual, this well developed young girl with a beautiful face is also indeed sitting on top of me. Maybe after seeing this some people will lament “Ah, this dirty society!” this kind of the world’s morals are degenerating words, but really please don’t use these kinds of words on me!

“Awayume, you don’t need to force yourself like this. Even if you purposely sit on me in the morning with this kind of pose I will not have any change, also right now your face is so red that it can almost toast bread.”

Sakurada Awayume, my childhood friend. She already knew a long time ago that I am a lolicon, but she is very unhappy. I still remember the scene at that time of her vowing while crying that she would turn me back into a regular person. I am very discontent with her outlook of thinking that lolicons are not regular people, in my opinion only by becoming a lolicon can you evolve into a true male.

And her method of changing me is also very simple, it is to constantly use herself to seduce me. She’s clearly just a shy girl whose face will turn red even just speaking to a stranger yet she actually thought of such an idea, all along she’s been trying hard to “seduce” me.

During middle school, she would purposely hug my arm after school; After phys. ed when she and I go to the equipment room to put away the equipment she will close the door and then lie on the cushion looking at me; During weekends she will come into my room and pretend to accidentally push me onto the bed…

And there’s also like right now waking me up like this.

But without exception not matter what she does, in the end she will definitely first become incredibly shy and lose-control, just like how right now she is curled up at the wall unable to lift her head. Although I have to say that this entire time it is also because of her tempering that I became even more resolute on becoming a lolicon with a great faith.

“Awayume, thank you.”

I unaccounably thanked Awayume who is crouching at the wall.

“Why are you thanking me? Speaking of it Yi-kun have you changed a bit, do you feel that… you like me a bit more?”

“Change? Ya, I’ve strengthened my heart even more. Regardless if it’s the past, the present, or even the future, I want to be a lolicon who lives to cherish lolis as my purpose!”

“Yi-kun can you really not be saved? I’ve already tried so hard!”

Awayume stood up and spread her arms, displaying the uniform that she purposely made disheveled to me. Towards this luxury where all I need to do is look carefully and I’ll be able to see a bit of girl’s style underwear, I just did my own thing and started changing my clothes.

“Ah! Yi-kun how could you change your clothes in front of me!”

Awayume covered her own eyes.

“Um… I just thought that you’re always showing me your body, I should also let you see mine for it to be fair.”

“This is totally unequal, okay!”

“Is it like that?”

“Yi-kun you baka lolicon go die!”

The fed up Awayume heavily closed the room door, running out vexed. Speaking about her I’m also pretty stumped. She clearly could have got into a better school yet she used not having straightened my worldly outlook as a reason and came to the same school as me. Even the apartment that she rented is that room right beside mine, the most unbearable is that she actually even took my room’s spare key, so she is able to freely come in and out of here!

Finishing getting dressed I walked out of my room. Washing up a bit I went to the fridge and took out the refrigerated bread and milk. After quickly finishing eating I picked up my backpack and walked out the door.

Outside the window the sunlight is perfect, the morning air is very fresh, in the apartment corridor Awayume is already ready and waiting to go to school with me.

“Let me say first, on the way to school you are absolutely not allow to do anything strange to me.”

I had to first clarify it with Awayume, or else she really will do some kind of strange thing. In 2nd year middle school the scene of us two simultaneously biting a jam toast and going to school still makes me shudder.

“Yi-kun is too harsh!”

“Good bye.”

“I guarantee that I won’t make any strange movements!”

I reluctantly believed her, walking out of the apartment with her. In reality the scene of walking out of an apartment with a girl every morning can make people misunderstand very easily, if not for the reason that I don’t really have any friends I would definitely be joked at by my friends.

Ya, good thing I don’t really have friends, good thing I don’t… This really is a sad topic.

“Yi-kun, were you confessed to by a girl in your class yesterday?

Huh? She even knows this kind of thing? Was she secretly hiding outside of the classroom and looking! I always she only had her brain not being too good this one setting, how come there’s the addition of stalker this attribute, is it that the people nowadays kinda like this kind of setting?

“Yi-kun don’t think too much… And I feel that you’re thinking something very rude. Last night a post appeared on the school’s forum, the general content is ‘Innocent girl crushes on same class classmate and courageously confesses after a month, the result is that she was brutally rejected by the other person with the reason that he is a lolicon’.”

“No way… Are there people even looking at this kind of post?”

“More than just people looking, it’s even on the front page! When I saw this post’s subject title I knew that it was definitely you, all the the person that posted it is really too much, he/she didn’t reveal any of the girl’s information, just revealing all of your information!”

“That’s really great!”

“Huh? Yi-kun are you so mad that your brain is not normal? What’s good about this!”

“Like this more people know that, I, Aoba Yi, am a lolicon with a noble faith!”

“Thinking of this kind of theory there’s already a problem with your brain ah!”

“Awayume you don’t understand, why is China’s Mr. Yat-Sen called the father of the country? Because he was a lolicon. Why was mathematician Carroll able to write out the world famous fairy tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’? Because he was a lolicon. The world is is formed by lolicons, the course of history is also advanced by lolicons!”

“Even though you used the stories of famous people, but I still feel that what you said is quite dangerous! Please don’t casually classify famous people as all lolicons!”

“Mr. Mark once said, “There is no flat road to the knowledge of lolicons. Only people that are not afraid of hardships and constantly climbing cliffs have a chance to reach that brilliant bright mountain top”, So I will not be defeated by these little complications. That they talk about me, proves that they approve of me!”

“Sigh… Yi-kun exactly what is your brain made of? Just randomly changing the quotes of famous people is one thing, how come people saying that you are a lolicon is approving of you?”

“It can only be understood, it cannot be said.”

With a “Bam”, Awayume’s school bag and my face made intimate contact. I really didn’t have any thoughts similar to “Ah, if it was a loli’s flat chest that bumped into my face and then rubbed it how nice would that be”! Okay, maybe just a little…

“Yi-kun that’s just sophistry, I’m leaving first!” (TL: Sophistry)

Awayume left me alone in anger and quickly walked away. Actually she’s right, I don’t really know how argue the reason of “As long as they say that I am a lolicon that is approving of me”.

After arriving at school I directly went to my class, originally my image in class was just “regular gloomy guy without friends, but right now through the gazes of my classmate I can see that my current title is “Regular gloomy pervert lolicon without friends”.

“I hear that Aoba-san you are a lolicon, is that true?”

A guy beside my seat carried a schadenfreude expression asking me. Here I’d like to clarify, in this world there are many lolicons very afraid of being found out that they are lolicons. Against this kind of problem they will only choose to submissively cover it up, but in my opinion this kind of behavior is just that the faith in their hearts is not strong enough. (TL: Schadenfreude)

I heavily placed my school bag on top of my desk, drawing the gazes of all the students in the class.

“That’s right! I will not deny that I am a lolicon! In my opinion only lolis can be called ‘females’!”

My aura successfully shocked them, their eyes are like looking at a freak.

“As a male, if you’re not a lolicon then you are simply unable to grow into a man! Lolicons are the true expression of mautrity!”

“My god… Has he gone crazy?”

I heard the whispering that came from the class, but I did not care. They have yet to truly grow up, so they don’t understand that lolicon is the true path that should be walked.

I cleared my throat a bit, carrying a tone of pride and starting to preach to them.

“Right now the majority of males in this society are immature! They blindly chase after the opposite sex that they think are mature, thinking that only those of the opposite sex who have fully developed match their mate standards. But in fact it is not, they are all the cowardly display of immaturity!”

“That they would like those of the opposite sex who are maturely developed is only because they are still immersed in sad maternal ideology, they subconsciously want to look for one of the opposite sex who is like the mother that birthed and raised them, wanting to once more find the warmth of their mothers in their arms, this is all immature thinking. Actually true men should all be lolicons!” (TL: I don’t know if he’s talking about the Oedipus Complex or not but the word isn’t used so I didn’t put it in, but just think of maternal ideology as Oedipus Complex)

I resolutely and decisively said.

“Only lolicons will awaken truly mature thinking —  Paternal ideology. Just think about it, haven’t your fathers always been silently protecting you guys, lolicons are also exactly like this. Lolicons all silently dedicate their all to little lolis, like a father silently and secretly loving and protecting them. It is exactly within this kind of love that will not result in any burden that little lolis healthily grow up, displaying their beauty without any reservations! And this kind of beauty is exactly what lolicons hope for, this is love!”

“So only lolicons are men with truly mature thinking!”

I firmly end off like this, at this moment, I can feel my blazing lolicon heart shining. The classroom is already perfectly silent, they’ve definitely been convinced by my faith, I entirely didn’t have the awareness that what I said for them is incredibly deviant.

I looked again at the boy that talked to me, seeing me look towards him his entire body shook a bit.

“S… Sorry, it’s my thinking that isn’t mature enough!”

Of course I didn’t hear words like this, all I can hear are all kinds of insulting words traveling from all over or sentences entirely formed from insulting words.



“Scum of society.”

“Should be arrested.”

“I have to protect my little sister and not have him target her.”

Sigh, mortals like them are still unable to understand my faith, I feel very lonely, lonely like Van Gogh’s overly transcendent ideology not being understood by people. But my words will definitely be like Van Gogh’s paintings, even though at the moment no one is able to understand and appreciate it, but once they become old, after my classmates truly mature they will definitely see the light, discovering that what I said is entirely the truth.

And while I was unaware of it, a new post had already appeared on the school’s forum, the post only has a sound file, you just need to open it and listen to find out that some one had recorded everything I just said from beginning to end…

And my pervert lolicon Aoba Yi name also completely spread throughout the entire school, there are even some students who after listening to the recording thinking that this is brainwashing, believing that my existence is even more dangerous than MLM. And so in a place I don’t know, students organized the Anti-Yi Alliance, there is only one goal, to report me to the police as long as they see me get close to a girl. (TL: MLM).

So at the Friday of today, I came out of the police station again.

“Sigh, exactly what lame person is randomly reporting me, this is my fourth time coming here this week! And I just came here once this morning! Doesn’t he know that randomly calling the cops is disrupting the police, it’s illegal!”

I helplessly complained to Awayume who was waiting in front of the police station for me, at the start seeing me being taken away by the police Awayume was still very nervous, but now she’s already used to it. I didn’t know that if at this time I was seen by another student again with Awayume I’d probably have to go in again.

I carefully recollected the common points of every time I was taken away.

The first time, I accidentally lightly bumped into the corridor cleaning girl, half an hour later I was taken away.

The second time, at the canteen when I was buying lunch I touched a girl’s hand, 25 minutes later I was taken away.

The third time, during phys. ed my gaze accidentally swept across the girls in the middle of warming up on the other side, 20 minutes later I was taken away.

The last time, I don’t even know what happened and was taken away! And what’s going on with this arresting speed getting quicker and quicker? The cops are already familiar with the route?

After the fourth time I was arrested and released, the police uncle warmly patted me on the shoulder, saying that if I come again next time he’ll give me good tea. According to them the 4 times I was arrested were all under the same accusation — Malicious intent towards underage females.

But I haven’t done anything yet! And I am a firm lolicon, how could I be interested in regular females?

“Yi-kun, even though them doing this is too much, but ultimately you shouldn’t have said those words in your class and even get recorded, right now you are the public enemy of the majority of the girls in the school!”

“I’m actually already so famous?”

“Ya, the name of pervert lolicon is already known by all.”

“I’ve already said that I’m not a pervert, I’m just a lolicon that cherishes lolis!”

“Sigh! This towards females is all the same… Yi-kun, you just have to be willing to properly accept my help and you’ll definitely be able to turn into a regular boy!”

I am a bit displeased.

“Let’s not say first that not even you yourself can accept that help of yours, how come lolicons aren’t regular boys?”

“If you continue like this I won’t care about you anymore!”

“You don’t even need to do those pointless actions, Awayume it’s just that you simple don’t understand my faith.”

My words successfully angered Awayume, she heavily kicked my calf and then ran away. This subject has always easily angered her, and I have also always upheld my own view.

“Humans are always used to using subjective views to look at a problem, thereby using irrational methods to solve a problem, but in the end gaining the wrong answer.”

These are words that the her in the past once said.

Subjective view? Maybe what she said is right, regardless if it’s me or Awayume, it’s all like this. Only the me who is now in year 1 high school has gradually discovered how strange these words said by the her who was the same age at me are.

At this time the cellphone in my pocket suddenly rang, this is the Line notification sound. (TL: Line)

Nanako-sensei “Pervert lolicon, hurry up and come to the cold drink store in front of the school and treat me to ice cream!”

Aoba Yi “Very busy, not going.”

Nanako-sensei “I don’t want to hear your excuses! I’m giving you 10 minutes time, get over here now! Or else I’ll transfer you to draw for Sejima-sensei!”

Aoba Ti “I’m begging you don’t do that! Give me 20 minutes I’ll definitely be there!”

Sejima-sensei, famous BL light novel author. (TL: BL, cough cough just in case some one doesn’t know what it means.)

If you want me to draw an illustration of two males tangled together, I will definitely lift the tablet and smash apart my own head!

I hurriedly stopped a taxi, asking him to try to hurry after telling him the location.

“Little guy what’s the rush? Are you late to a date?”

“No, this is a life and death situation.”

I think my expression is definitely very serious.

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