SW Chapter 58: Leaving the Novice Village

Translator: [Reader]
Tis I [Reader] is back, translating, helping people from depression and emptiness of long summer. (i curse people with GF). anyway music


The strange old man in the novice village n° 49554, with a slap dealing 90000 damage created a big sensation among all players. From that moment, no players dared to come near the little hut and stayed away from the old man. At the time he went crazy, every player fled for their lives. The chief who was preparing to transfer and Ling Chen in front of him also heard the strange roar of the crazy old man, simultaneously looking towards him… discovering that this crazy old man was actually charging towards them.

“Sigh, acting crazy again? I don’t know about the origin of this crazy old man, he stayed here longer than me, did something agitate him. Oh… He looks like he is coming towards you. I will send you away quickly, he’s extremely scary when he goes crazy.

Ling Chen: “…”

Finishing speaking the chief hurriedly quickened the casting,  Ling Chen’s body is covered by a white light and disappeared from the place.


The crazy old man threw himself fiercely to the place where Ling Chen was, he stared blankly at the empty ground in front of him, a few seconds later, he roared  desperately like a monster, slapping his hands frantically on the ground, every time his hands touch the ground, a thunder like noise resounded, digging on the hard ground a pit of a few meters deep.

All the players faraway, looked with terror at the crazy NPC. The chief is also confused at the sudden change, he escaped quickly. In his memories, the old man is usually calm, as long people don’t provoke him, he won’t provoke them, he acted crazy from times to times, but he was never this hysterical.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

The old man cries became increasingly mad, his roaring voice shook the village and caused aching to the eardrums. His body rolled on the ground, struggling, flapping as if he was in great pain. At the same time… following the rolling of his body, an orb the size of a ping pong ball emitting a faint white light fell from his body, slowly rolling to the side.

The players eyes immediately focused on that orb.

The old man stop rolling, he howled loudly, leaping like a wolf towards the rolling orb, keeping it tightly in his body, he protected it as if it was more important than his life…

“Ding… you have arrived at Azure Dragon City”

“Ding… You are the first player to exit the novice village, you have earned the rewards of +200 fame, +200 Skills points, the event has been recorded in the World Hall Of Fame, the system will inform all  players from the world, do you want to hide your personal information?”

When the transporting light disappeared, in front of Ling Chen is a different space,his first feeling is the air is different, he looked up and a sound resounded near his ear, the usual crisp tone of the system.

“No need!” Ling Chen answer directly without thinking. The first one outside the novice village, sure enough there is a world announcement.

At the end of his reponses, a deafening announcement resounded throughout the world.

“Ding… Worldwide announcement.  The first player of “Mystic Moon” to leave the novice village has already emerged,  the China region player “Ling Tian”. This event has been recorded in the World Hall of Fame,  Ling Tian has received +200 fame, +200 SP and a badge as rewards. We hope for the players to keep working hard, to go outside of the novice village, into the New World.”


After the end of the announcement, there was a brief silence, then a huge uproar broke out.

Only 5 days has passed from the opening of “Mystic Moon”, at the best the beginning of the 5th day… and right now, someone has already reached level 10 and left the novice village. He only needs less than 5 days to reach level 10.

Surprise, jealousy, disbelief ……

All the players in the Chinese server are in shock, they can’t stop their heart pounding from excitement and pride. Although China has the highest numbers of players, in the history of Virtual Reality games to today,the first one to leave the novice village, there aren’t any Chinese. In other words, today is the first time a in the virtual game world, becoming the first one to receive this honor in China, this is also a brutal slap to the other countries’ players that constantly use this matter to laugh at China.

A burst of cheers and praise erupted all around China, after the first announcement the media began to spread the news to every corner of China. From this moment the Chinese players all remembered the name of ‘Ling Tian’. He brought surprise to the Chinese server to be the first one to kill a Celestial, but this time it is not only surprise,  it’s a historic moment and a big glory!

From this moment, the players in China server there is no one who doesn’t know the name “Ling Tian”.

At the same time, there are many players that stood completely dumfounded. Especially those who stand on the top of the level ranking, everyone was increasing their level, they were confident in leaving the novice village first. However, looking at their current level, they couldn’t believe someone had already reached level 10.


Ling Tian… The first person in the world to get a Celestial item.

To reach level 10 so quickly, he must relied on the Celestial item! The attribute of a Celestial equipment must be extremely powerful, his grinding speed is obviously more efficient than the others… This is the only reason of how he can level up so fast!

Ling Chen knows the announcement caused a large uproar in the world, he is just too lazy to care about it, he turns his eyes away, look around the place where he landed. A few meters not far from him, he sees a stone surrounded by light, the stone must be the resurrection place. The resurrection stone is where you can design the resurrection point, after death people can be transported directly here. He is standing in a huge square, extremely vast, however there are only a small number of NPCs moving about. The feeling the NPCs here gave him was completely different from those few at the Novice Village, their dress up was like people from two worlds. Far away, he can see various types of orderly and beautiful buildings, Ling Chen almost has the feeling of living in a modern city.

First things first, he needed to change classes. Ling Chen looked around for a little, selecting a NPC and walking  towards him, asking him where he can change class. Suddenly, “Lunar Scourge” flickered a black light, the figure of a voluptuous woman appeared before him, he was forced to stop.

Qi Yue.

“Didn’t I say before that without my command you cannot randomly come out?” Ling Chen said helplessly. He knows it clearly, though this witch called him “little master”, she wouldn’t listen to his words.

But this time Ling Chen is surprised, the usual bewitching smile that can make people go crazy didn’t appear on her face, she looks sluggish, after a pause letting out a whisper: “It’s strange… In my dream I seemed to have sensed a Saint Orb…or am I mistaken?”

“A Saint orb?” Hearing the light whisper from Ling Chen, her eyelids jumps slightly.

Qi Yue didn’t speak, she stayed silent for a moment, she was trying hard to search for something, but gave up, her beautiful face turned towards Ling Chen, with her bewitching smile: “ There is nothing, young master, I was in deep sleep, and dreaming, after all I really want to find the Saint orb, that’s all …”

“Forgotten Continent”, Ling Chen holding back his excitement, replied faintly.

“Oh~~” Qi Yue eyes are slightly brightened, she twisted her feminine waist, looking at every direction: “What a beautiful place, those building are really pretty…10000 years, the Forgotten Continent is still Forgotten Continent, but it is not that Forgotten Continent in my memories. Looks like I need to refamiliarize myself with this place…. Little master, take me around this place, okay?”

“Go back inside Lunar Scourge immediately!!, Ling Chen grinded his teeth, giving the order without hesitation. If he takes this witch  walking around in Azure Dragon City, think about it,  wherever they went, they will draw gazes of men and even woman, if those males NPCs lose control under Qi Yue’’s charm, the consequence will be unthinkable. To go shopping around with Qi Yue… that is absolutely unacceptable!

Her curved lips outlined a wronged expression, even the heart of a stone cold person would melt with just a glance. Qi Yue plaintively said in grievance: “Okay, I’ll just obediently listen to little masters words, I’ll return to that dark place now… But, this place is Forgotten continent, it is no longer the outer islands, so I need to first help little master hide Lunar Scourge’s appearance and aura.”

Qi Yue gently moved her feet, walking in front of Ling Chen, extending a slender, soft snow-white hand and waving over Ling Chen’s left wrist. Immediately, the faint black light released by Lunar Scourge completely disappeared, even it’s appearance quickly blurred in his vision, changing. Soon it actually turned into the shape of a regular black bracelet.

“Okay, like this there should no problems.” Looking at Lunar Scourge’s appearance in satisfaction, Qi Yue gave a tiny smile.

Ling Chen was slightly surprised… This witch, she can actually change Lunar Scourge’s outer appearance! Only… is this change a real change, or just a visual cover up?

“Like this, you’re certain it won’t be discovered?” Ling Chen said.

“The lifespan of the Moon God clan’s 3 goddesses is extremely long, for them 10000 years is just a short flash. But the oracles are different. Their lifespan is at the longest just a couple thousand years. So amongst the Moon God clan the only one’s that have actually seen Lunar Scourge are only the 3 goddesses.  They are superior beings that do not live in this worldly world, how could they step foot on Forgotten continent this small place, they especially won’t pay attention to a little otherworld human. So this kind of simple disguise is already enough. As for its aura, it should be even less of a problem. Even if the 3 goddesses come themselves, if they don’t purposely inspect it then it will not be discovered… But they are the 3 great goddesses, how could they go and pay attention to the ‘low grade luna chain’ of a little human like you.”

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