The Incompetent Brother and Sister in the Special Ability Academy Seem to Have no Motivation

Another teaser. This brother and sister remind of Shiro and Sora… I likey. And the hundred night festival reminds me of machine doll. Also, I’m fairly certain the names are Japanese but I don’t know how to translate it so I just put a random name. Namely for 和夏 I put Natsu.


Title: The Incompetent Brother and Sister in the Special Ability Academy Seem to Have no Motivation, 超能学院的无能兄妹似乎没干劲, Chao Neng Xue Yuan De Wu Neng Xiong Mei Si Hu Mei Gan Jing
Author: 一条天灾
Synopsis: The debut of the unmotivated brother and sister who get stronger the more intimate they are! Year 2050, relying on advanced technology special abilities have now become a reality, but people that can obtain them are only the very few “geniuses”. A certain month in the year 2073, the no ability brother and sister that can share a percentage of memories, spirit along with intelligence based on the degree of intimacy, to win the “Hundred Night Festival” competition attended by those with special abilities…

Prologue 1

It was burning, the searing flames burnt down this large scale residence built in Konno.

The sparks that shot out wandered in the air.

In the sky, fine rain like silk-threads fell from the sky.

The sound of footsteps rose up in front of the virtually completely destroyed residence.

A one-eyed female with red hair trampled the mud, crouching in front of a youngster lying in a dirty puddle.

The youngster’s hand was extending towards his little sister to the left who was born on the same year and day.

A giant hole was cut open on that petite girl’s abdomen, her tightly shut eyes and pale skin along with that chest that had already stopped moving, all announced the death of this girl.

The youngster who wanted to use his hand to grasp his little sister started to cry.

His extended right hand was stepped on by the young female, the kacha sound of breaking made the youngster release a roar of rage.

“Ara, you really are tenacious, how is the feeling of having your right arm broken? If you are treated on time it can still be healed.”

The young female looked at the youngster, her crimson lips continuously spitting out uncaring words.


“What? I can’t hear.”

“Save… Save…”

“Save what?”

The youngster heavily bit his tongue, the iron rust taste and pain made him more clear headed, his speech finally becoming a bit more clear.

“Save, my… little sister, sister…”

“Not save yourself, but instead save you little sister?”

The youngster nodded his head in the mud, dirty water flowing into his eyes and mouth.

This was the only strength that he had.


The one-eyed red haired female lifted up her left leg.

“Then I will help you, my ability is equivalent exchange. Are you willing to use your left hand in exchange for your sister’s heartbeat and movement, use your right hand in exchange for your sister’s hearing, use your left leg in exchange for her taste, use your right leg in exchange for her smell?”

Hearing the condition that he can save his sister using his four limbs as the price, the youngster resolutely nodded his head again…

“Okay, contract complete, then let us start. Taking away your four limbs is the first step, please look forward to it!”

Prologue 2

On a train moving at high speeds, at the end of the second car, there was the pair of a guy and a girl who looked extremely lazy tightly leaning together.

The expression of the plain looking teenage boy was a bit sleepy, and the girl who tied her long straight hair into a ponytail also revealed a slightly tired expression, like having just woken up.

The boy used his right hand to grab the griphook, and the girl whose height was not tall enough could only tightly hold onto the boy’s left arm.

Yawning, the boy who slightly pulled himself together glanced at the girl beside him.

“You’re too close Aifuyu, people will misunderstand, haven’t you noticed that people have been staring at us?”

“Mm~~ Can I not care? Natsu-nii, I’m hungry.”

“Breakfast’s bento is right in your school bag.”

“No, I want Natsu-nii to help me get it.”


The teenager named Natsu placed his gaze on his little sister who was deeply attached to his left arm, revealing a slightly serious expression and saying

“Do what you need to do yourself, remember that.”

“Mm~ I understand, But I’m so tired.”

“Today is the first day of entering school, at least look alive, Yawn~”

Isn’t nii-chan still yawning!

Aifuyu used her elbow to hit Natsu, the sudden pain made Natsu more spirited.

Looks like pain can make me become slightly excited.

Natsu thought about it, his gaze falling on the the city outside of the train.

In the distance, there is an area enclosed but a circular wall, floating around the surroundings are also the autonomous surveillance aircrafts that took around ten years of research to develop.

To enter there there is only one entrance, and there is also only one condition to enter, that is to have special abilities.

As one of the world’s largest special ability users training facilitiy, this year they will also enroll a couple of “geniuses” with special abilities.

This thought being interrupted, Aifuyu beside him once again used her elbow to hit his abdomen.

“Natsu-nii, do you want to eat it? Cheese sandwich.”

“Ya, I’m hungry.”

Even if Aifuyu had taken a bite, Natsu still indifferently ate the spot that Aifuyu had bitten, and then revealed a pained expression swallowing.

“Aifuyu, you made this right.”

“Ya, made if for Natsu-nii.”

“Don’t make it again.”


“Do you want to say goodbye to me?”


Finishing speaking, Aifuyu hugged Natsu’s left arm with one hand and held onto the sandwich with her other starting to bite it.


The train’s broadcasting rose up.

[Emergency situation! Emergency Situation! The collapse of a construction site has caused the tracks of the path in front to be buried, train will initiate emergency breaking!]

Natsu and Aifuyu looked at each other, Natsu’s hand crossed through the griphook, opening his two hands towards Aifuyu.

“Hold onto me tightly, or else when the train breaks you will fly forward because of inertia.”

“That’s Natsu-nii.”

Finishing speaking, Aifuyu jumped into Natsu’s embrace.

For twins this kind of intimate act really couldn’t be considered normal, looks like we need to have more restraint in the future, Natsu confirmed in his mind.

The train moving at high speeds let out a rumbling sound —

Although, even after a couple of seconds nothing happened at all, the second broadcast once again sounded.

[Emergency situation! Emergency situation! The break systems have all failed! Unable to initiate breaking!!]

“Things are troublesome now.”

Natsu looked at his right arm.

Do I need to trouble myself again?

Letting out a sigh, Natsu slightly thought for a moment.

Following, he looked at his sister in his embrace, Natsu asked

“Want to solve it?”

“Obviously Natsu-nii, or else how will we get off the train? Is it coming?”

“Ya, second degree only.”

Finishing speaking, Natsu closely stuck his face to his little sister’s face.

This movement was not noticed by the surrounding nervous crowd, they were in the middle of worrying about their own lives’ danger.

Gently rubbing together, Aifuyu let out whimpers like a little kitten’s, her face slightly turning red.

Closely following Natsu felt a current of electricity flow through his entire body, his thinking and reactions became quicker, his two arms filled with strength, his expression compared to his lazy appearance before was a lot more serious.

His brain started to calculate.

From here to the front of the train only requires 5 seconds.

The construction accident in front should be that newly built building that he saw yesterday, there is a short distance away from here, calculating the train’s speed and distance ratio…

“Approximately 15 seconds? Aifuyu, take care of yourself.”

“I understand.”


Natsu ran towards the front of the car.

At the same time that he passed by the washroom, he who did not stop kicked into pieces the enforced glass of the washroom.

Sticking out his body, his hair flying in front of his forehead, from here he could see the shadow of the accident in the distance.

Natsu used his left hand to grab the windowsill, extending his right hand and directly shoving his 5 fingers into the surface of the train.

Releasing a yosh sound, his body used the strength of his right arm to jump out of the train, and then turned around, finally pulling out his right hand.

Standing on top of the train, the sound of the wind was extra loud.

Natsu who was heading against the wind started to run.

Using only 3 seconds, he arrived at the top of the train’s driver cab in 3 seconds. At this time, he could already see the massive cement stone spread across the track.

Natsu narrowed his eyes, doing a lazy stretch and then assuming the starting position.

Before hitting into the stone, the strength that exploded from his legs made him surge forward.

Lifting his right hand, making a fist, directly swinging out.


It broke!

The massive cement stone even bigger than the train directly shattered, turning into small stones flying in the air.

Natsu twisted his body avoiding the train that charged over from behind, landing perfectly on the ground after bending and cushioning his legs.

Despite solving the problem, Natsu did not stop.


After all the train was still moving, in front is the final stop.

Looking at his right hand that he had just used to punch, the skin on the surface had already been completely torn, revealing that silver mechanical skeleton within.

Not caring about the condition of his prosthetic limb, Natsu looked at the train that was getting further away, quickly starting to run and loudly yelling


I can’t! I can’t! Lose her again!

The speed was too quick so he couldn’t make it!

Natsu started to shift towards the right side, wanting to climb the rapidly moving train. Right at this time, Natsu saw at the back of the train a male with a big body frame wearing a student uniform grabbing the link section of the car tail.

Following, his two feet directly stepped on the ground, causing rocks to fly up, the magnetic wooden sleeper for floating constantly cracked, rocks flying around.

Acting as the break?

Although Natsu was a bit surprised, but after seeing clearly that uniform he immediately understood what was happening.

Under that student’s help, the train slowly stopped, Natsu let out a sigh of relief.

If it was him, under that kind of situation he could only have done some stupid acts.

Too immature.

While lecturing himself, Natsu used a towel to wrap his right hand that was revealing its mechanical skeleton, running towards the second car.

At the passage to get off the train, Natsu saw Aifuyu who was peacefully and safely sitting on the chair.

Walking over Natsu used his hands to pinch his sister’s face.

“Stop sleeping, the school is right outside of the train station.”

“Are you okay Natsu-nii.”

“Of course, only the skin on the back of my right hand has been rubbed off.”

“Is it? After registering lets go fix it together, and adjust the other arms and legs while we’re at it. Although no matter what, Natsu-nii chan is always very cool.”

“Nii-chan who has lost his four limbs and needs to rely on prosthetic limbs to move is also very cool?”

Natsu smiled helplessly, walking towards the exit of the station, his sister behind him also quickly caught up.

In front, is the school of special ability users.

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  1. Tsuku says:

    A mix between No Game No Life, Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter?
    Well, I can roll with that…


  2. shadyxlr says:

    Really want to see more


  3. mcknowlesey says:

    I see a cross between no game no life and black bullet. ….. damn it I want the whole thing translated.


  4. acouvis says:

    Why does this remind me of No Game No Life?


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    *it it –> eat it.

    Either way thanks for this!


  6. _Ciel says:

    I wish you can put this as a side project…….. but I want you to update Shura’s Wrath………. damn such a hard decision………..


  7. Nargol says:

    I really like your translations. You’re pretty damn good at it. Hope there’ll be more of this… the time when I can read chinese is still many years off…


  8. Kensei Seraph says:

    Seems pretty interesting so far.
    Thanks for the translation.


  9. Marcillus says:

    Is this… could it possibly be…

    I hope it does go down ‘that’ route though, not enough of ‘those’ endings outside of hentai and doujinshi.


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