No chapter tomorrow

Hey guys, as the title says, there won’t be a chapter tomorrow. My eyes hurt and my stash died so yeah. Everything will continue as normal the day after.

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9 Responses to No chapter tomorrow

  1. AboveTheHeaven says:

    no problem :3 thank you for your hardwork


  2. madhu89 says:

    Sigh, I look forward to this LN every day, thanks for translating this awesome novel and I hope you continue to do this for a very long time xd


  3. anonofthesea says:



  4. a says:

    deserved day off have fun man


  5. pyro5379 says:

    Please boss, enslave some helpers. Put an ad for translators on aho and baka and you should get plenty of help. :3


  6. smitefull says:

    No problem, it’s well deserved.


  7. kerfirou says:

    Take a break, you deserved it.


  8. anhrefn says:

    well, that’s a pity


  9. deadlybell says:

    S’all good man take any breaks you need with pride

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