About the comment section

Pretty much I will not regulate comments unless I feel that there is something that really shouldn’t be there. I’d really prefer if you didn’t post spoilers but as long as you warn people and make the spoiler not easy to accidentally read then I don’t mind. Although try not to post spoilers of far future events, just spoilers related to the current relevant arc, and preferably only if someone asks. But when discussions are being had about the novel, do not post spoilers. About negative comments, let’s keep the comment section a nice harmonious, peaceful, friendly area, if you’re going to say something you don’t like about the novel or something negative about the novel, please put valid reasons instead of just saying this sucks. That also prevents people from jumping on your ass. People who would like to defend the novel, please put valid reasons as to why you think the novel is good and you guys can turn this into a nice little discussion. When a negative comment is posted, as much as I appreciate it please don’t start flaming the negative comment. Just leave it alone. I think that’s about it, overall I won’t really be regulating comments and I hope that won’t need to. Thanks guys.

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12 Responses to About the comment section

  1. anonofthesea says:

    But I like saying shit, keeps my anger management in the ok zone.


  2. ???? says:

    I think this novel sucks without a chapter. Nahahaha
    Expecting a chapter but, well…


  3. panha says:

    plz tell me who don’t think this LN is no good. Cause it so dam awsome.


  4. tellestarle says:

    Pfft…some ppl overthink things. I think the vast majority forget that the point of Xianxiaand/wuxia stories is to have a super duper op main character. How it develops in, in my opinion, doesnt really matter. I love all the novels even a story makes no sense to me. If people want logic writing they can go read a dictionary or something.

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  5. jralvarez1 says:

    Do you read ahead, or do you read along as you translate, and if so is this novel already completed? Oh and thanks for all the hard work you guys do. 😀 It really means a lot to a leecher like me.


  6. Crazy says:

    How isn’t this novel good? To all the people who speak bad stuff about this novel, you guys can go to hell!


  7. Vivec says:

    Huh? We’re supposed to not be total assholes in the comments? Who knew? That’s definitely not something everyone should be able to figure out by default anyways!


  8. Bo says:

    Just ignore those suckers. Ling Tian is the best. Good job for translating it. Go Ling Tian, conquer the world and the women lol

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