No Chapters Again

Sorry guys, no chapter today, chapter Friday, and then I’ll be taking a break for the weekend. I’ve had some stuff to do and my eyes are honestly killing me.

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14 Responses to No Chapters Again

  1. panha says:

    we can wait for a whole month what is 1 or 2 day count rest well. I hope you get better soon and don;t push your self too much


    • Esteban taco p says:

      Ah what he means to say is there’s no possible way for a great person like you to stay sick for long and the next chapter will apear any moment


    • Esteban taco p says:

      Never mind it was the eyes you might actually have to wait for those but still goodly you get better soon


  2. ???? says:

    Its friday


  3. ArkAngel says:

    I think you should get a longer rest and stop looking at stuff near you, I used to spend so much time on my PC that my eyes started hurting but I ignored it and kept on using it then the pain went away but i developed myopia which is nearsightedness i used to have good eye vision no all far away object look blurry. Learn from me and take a longer break.


  4. thejum says:

    😦 🙂 😦 😥

    While I am sad, I’d rather you didn’t burn out your eyes or your spirit. Is no one helping you with this TN?


  5. Gregorius says:

    *pokes eyes* there now you cant translate longer and have no other choice but to rest! rest up man we can wait….i think


  6. OhDine says:

    Have a nice rest!

    Thank you for translating a chapter every day!, it is awesome to be able to read them.

    See you next week 🙂


  7. anhrefn says:

    go to a ophthalmologist, man


    I’m not concerned about your health! I’m just a bastard leecher seeking for my daily drugs! Humph!


    • anhrefn says:

      I’m just worried that your eyes stay like it for so long and as as consequence you can’t give me my daily drugs
      Don’t get the wrong idea about me
      I could care less about you



  8. anhrefn says:

    O well, so I going to hibernate


  9. kirindas says:

    Okay~ Rest up! And hope you feel better soon!


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