SW Chapter 72: Revived Zephyr Bird

I thought the title was a little too obvious so I changed it just a tiny, little bit. Just a little. Don’t worry, I’ll change it back to the original title tomorrow. 

The Undead Zephyr Bird that Ling Chen had escaped from and then dealt a heavy blow from behind let out a long cry of anger. It did not rise up into the air but instead remained at a low altitude flying position, once again rapidly approaching Ling Chen while sticking close to the bridge… Its flying speed is at least double of Ling Chen’s movement speed, in the blink of an eye it had already closed in to the front of Ling Chen. It flapped its wings, a swirl of wind sweeping forward…

The wind swirl is a short distance away and behind him he is only a couple of meters away from the barrier. Even if he can surpass his movement speed and move to the very back he will not be able to escape this wind swirl attack. If he evades to the side he will fall down the chasm for sure. While his thoughts were rapidly turning, he did not move, stiffening his body allowing the wind swirl to hit his body.



Ling Chen’s HP instantly dropped over half, but compared to the damage received the impact brought by the wind swirl was even more scarier. It made Ling Chen’s body continuously move back, making him almost lose his balance on the shaking wood plank bridge and fall off… And as long as he falls, even if he doesn’t drop off, an attack from the Undead Zephyr Bird charging over will be enough for him to directly die. But Ling Chen’s balance can be said to be matchless, his feet continuously stumbled but he just did not fall. After moving back 5 steps his two feet like being nailed to the bridge locked down his body, at the same time he swallowed a yellow potion returning his HP to max… As he predicted, right when his body stopped the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body had already charged over. If he had steadied his body a second later he would definitely have been heavily hit by this attack.

With the same method of dodging as when he was forced into a corner before, Ling Chen directly jumped off from the bridge and then accurately grabbed the edge of a wood plank. Afterwards using the momentum from jumping to suddenly swing forward, throwing himself a distance of two over meters in a horizontal direction and directly flipping back onto the bridge landing behind the Undead Zephyr Bird. He then quickly pounced forward, two “Full Power Strikes” heavily slashing down.

Miss, Miss!

Ling Chen was dazed for a moment, he did not retreat before the Undead Zephyr Bird turned around but instead cut over with another two “Full Power Strikes” unwilling to give up.

Miss, -552.

The second round of attacks finally hit once. The Undead Zephyr Bird’s HP once again dropped a chunk. At the same time, the Undead Zephyr Bird had also already turned around, flapping its wings a horizontal wind swirl charged over. Ling Chen was too close and couldn’t escape the speed of wind to begin with. He was hit by the wind swirl at close range, his body being directly brought up and swept flying backwards.


Ling Chen’s HP once again dropped over half. Luckily the Undead Zephyr Bird’s wind swirl blows away in a linear line. Ling Chen’s landing point after being blown away is still on top of the bridge. When he landed his two hands tightly grabbed the bridge steadying his body. He then jumped away, using his fastest speed to escape backwards and evading the Undead Zephyr Bird’s follow-up low altitude charge…Before he was in a rush to attack and almost died. After the close run he instead gradually calmed down while staring at the approaching Undead Zephyr Bird.

Attacking after the short opening the Undead Zephyr Bird reveals after attacking is not only very dangerous, but because of its overly monstrous dodge ability, his attack efficiency is extremely low and requires an average of 7-8 hits to have a possibility of hitting once. His points have all been added into strength, not a single point went to agility. Like this even though he has extreme attack ability, his hit ability will be relatively low. All of his hit ability right now is based off of the hit attribute of his equipment. Without the hit attribute added by the equipment, the chances of his regular attacks hitting the Undead Zephyr Bird are near 0.

Even so… Ling Chen put away Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud, his gaze stilling, focusing all of his attention on the Undead Zephyr Bird’s movements. He gave up attacking and started to prepare to only dodge. At the same time… Waiting for the cooldown times for Shooting Soaring Cloud, Soul Sacrifice and Moon Shadow to end. Shooting Soaring Cloud’s cooldown time is 100 seconds, after upgrading to LV3 Soul Sacrifice’s cooldown time dropped to 200 seconds, Moon Shadow’s cooldown time is only 60 seconds. Against this Undead Zephyr Bird, his most efficient attack is Shooting Soaring Cloud that has the absolute hit attribute. His even more efficient attack is Shooting Soaring Cloud under the stacked effects of Soul Sacrifice and Fire of Rage. One time is enough to eliminate over ⅓ of the Undead Zephyr Bird’s HP. If a critical appears, it will directly put it in a critical condition… If a critical pierce appears, it can very likely one-shot the current Undead Zephyr Bird!

If it was in a regular environment it would be a lot easier for him to deal with this Undead Zephyr Bird. He could even circle around its body and do high risk attacks that also have the highest efficiency of controlling it. For him being able to insta-kill his opponents and not being able to are two completely different concepts. But on this soft bridge he is in terrible danger for every single second, and he also needs to focus all of his attention every second.

If he gives up attacking and only dodges, then even if it’s under a near death circumstance there are few people that can easily take his life. The Undead Zephyr Bird has a total of three attack methods, dive attack, body charge and horizontal wind swirl. It can fly freely but Ling Chen is on a crumbling wood plank bridge. If regular players were in this kind of situation it would be entirely the same as being in an entirely hopeless impossible situation.

Yet, right on this shaking wood plank bridge, Ling Chen’s body started to dance between the green shadow brought up by the Undead Zephyr Bird’s or flying or attacking body. At times he would rapidly charge through the space underneath the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body. When he is forced into a corner he will choose to swing past from beneath the bridge. At times when he honestly cannot dodge, he will choose to be purposely hit and then find the fleeting opening when he is hit… On this dangerous wood plank bridge his every movement was extremely dangerous, absolutely not something a regular person could do. Even if a person had the ability to do so, with just the slightest mistake they will screw up and fall down. Almost 3 minutes passed by, the wood plank bridge shook for a countless number of times, he also didn’t know how many alarmingly dangerous actions he’s done. But he has not messed up a single time, he has not been killed by the Undead Zephyr Bird and he has not fallen from the bridge.

Even the LV10 Celestial boss the Greedy Giant Toad did not make him die, how can he be willing to die under the claws of this LV15 Lord!

And the cooldown time of Soul Sacrifice that he was waiting for has finally reached zero.


Ling Chen muttered in his heart. He stopped his body and focused on the Undead Zephyr Bird who was charging over at a low altitude. He did not dodge, instead casually lifting up his right arm…

“Moon Shadow!”

Lunar Scourge’s true appearance once again appeared. Under the strange light it released a long shadow appeared behind the Undead Zephyr Bird, it then froze together with its body in mid-air. With statuses like stunned, petrified and frozen these kinds of effects that restrict movement, targets in the air will all fall down from the air after being affected with these statuses. But Moon Shadow’s effect is like stopping time, once the shadow has been frozen the respective body will also be completely frozen. Before the effect disappears it will maintain its condition before being frozen, there will not be any changes.

“Fire of Rage”, “Soul Sacrifice”.

His two strongest attack buffs simultaneously being added, Ling Chen’s attack ability once again exploded to his peak state. He raised Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud at the same time, his two hands swinging Full Power Strike together cutting towards the Undead Zephyr Bird’s unmoving body.

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, -2384, Miss, Miss, -4780!

8 Full Power Strikes, two hits, one critical. When the last critical damage appeared a light smile appeared at the corners of Ling Chen’s lips… Because in his eyes the Undead Zephyr Bird right now is a dead bird.

“Die… Shooting Soaring Cloud!!”

His right hand raising up and throwing out a silver shooting star. Under the absolute hit effect of Shooting Soaring Cloud, this attack will unquestionably clear the Undead Zephyr Bird’s remaining HP.


Soaring Cloud pierced through the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body, Under Ling Chen’s precise calculations it stuck into a wood plank on an angle, not falling down the chasm. Without the chance to move the health bar of the Undead Zephyr Bird that had just escaped from the effect of Moon Shadow had already become completely empty. With a long cry of despair the  cinereous coloured body weakly fell over in the floating grey light, becoming completely silent.

“Ding… You have successfully killed LV15 Lord BOSS ‘War God’s Page Boy · Sword’, ‘War God’s Page Boy · Spear’, ‘Undead Zephyr Bird’, Fame+4520, SP+450.”

Looking at the fallen Undead Zephyr Bird Ling Chen finally let out a long sigh of relief and lifted up his hand wiping the cold sweat on his forehead. He then quickly walked forward, first picking up his Soaring Cloud.

The body the Undead Zephyr Bird left behind after dying did not rapidly dissipate like the two undead page boys before and it continuously remained there. This made Ling Chen puzzled for a moment, put he did not put it in his heart. Putting away Soaring Cloud and Sand Blade he walked over to the side of the Undead Zephyr Bird’s corpse, picking up the items it dropped.

The Undead Zephyr Bird dropped 3 yellow potions along with a bow surrounded by a weak green glow. Holding the bow in his hands a very refreshing feeling faintly traveled over, without doubt this bow is definitely not an ordinary item. He held the bow in front of him preparing to look at its stats. Suddenly, that magnified shout of Xiao Hui’s rose up beside his ears…



The sound of Xiao Hui’s shouts made Ling Chen suddenly dazed. This is the warning cry that it released when it senses the approach of danger. Moreover this time it is clearly a lot more heavier than the previous few times! Ling Chem immediately lifted his head looking around the surroundings in vigilance. He suddenly noticed that he had already killed the 3 Lord bosses that appeared but the white barrier at the two sides of the bridge still hadn’t vanished.

Could it be that there are still other even stronger creatures that will appear on this bridge?!

While Ling Chen was alarmed Xiao Hui suddenly pounced over biting his pant leg, using all of its strength to drag him to the side. A thought appeared in Ling Chen’s heart, he unhesitatingly moved his feet and bolted towards the location Xiao Xui was dragging towards. He had just moved a distance of not even 5 steps when at the place he was standing before, the corpse of the Undead Zephyr Bird suddenly flashed a mass of green light.

That… What is that!?


The sound of an incredibly resonant long cry pierced through the skies and shook Ling Chen’s eardrums. In the green light the Undead Zephyr Bird that was originally already dead suddenly stood up and then  flapped its wings. It flew towards the sky and continuously circled in the air three times. When its body stopped, a pair of incredibly sharp green coloured eyes locked onto his body… Accompanied by a massive aura of oppression.

An aura of oppression that was clearly far greater than before… and a dangerous aura of near hopelessness.

[Revived Zephyr Bird]: Type Beast, Grade: Celestial, Level: LV15, HP: 180000. One of War God’s pets that followed him in his life. Originally in an undead state, now revived by the mysterious power left behind by War God. Its strength has also recovered to its original height. Has an agile body, extremely high dodge ability and strong wind element control ability.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

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