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About the comment section

Pretty much I will not regulate comments unless I feel that there is something that really shouldn’t be there. I’d really prefer if you didn’t post spoilers but as long as you warn people and make the spoiler not easy … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 67: Holy Spirit Beast (II)

Um, grammar might not be the best again since I sorta rushed this out and I’m really tired. I’ve decided to change posting time to 19:00 GMT so that I can have more time to check over the translations. That’s 8 … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 66: Holy Spirit Beast (I)

Aaaaand I’m back. Here’s a Chinese saying for people interested. “How can one settle the world without a flat chest, how can one gather the will of the people without a large bosom” (胸不贫何以平天下,乳不巨何以聚人心)… Cough cough, I just thought this … Continue reading

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No chapter tomorrow

Hey guys, as the title says, there won’t be a chapter tomorrow. My eyes hurt and my stash died so yeah. Everything will continue as normal the day after.

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SW Chapter 65: His Choice (II)

I’d just like to say that Ling Chen, Ling Tian, and Ling Xiao (Soaring Cloud) all have pretty much the same meaning, should have mentioned this earlier, although it doesn’t mean much but I feel I should mention it. Ling … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 64: His Choice (I)

Translator: Fintexyz Look, another explanation chapter! Sylver: I feel like shooting myself. Fintexyz had already translated this chapter and I forgot and translated it again. Give me back 3-4 hours of my life me!!! I’m too tired to check over … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 63: Hall of Heroic Souls (II)

Holy crap, If I have to type black clothed middle aged person one more time…

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