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SW Chapter 54: Xiao Qi

Go to the poll page and vote if you prfer Faerie or Celestial. Advertisements

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Eve = Xia Wa

Um, a lot of people seem to be confused about this even though it has been mentioned in the change log and comments many times so I’m making a special post to clear things up. Eve = Xia Wa and … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 53: The Trembling Cold Magistrate

Editor: High God an appropriate music for this chapter suggested by READER. Oh right, basically if there’s no translator name it was translated by me. Today, is the day for DRAGON BALL!!!

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Siscon Treatment Plan

Just the synopsis. I might do this more often if I can find ones that I find interesting/funny. It really doesn’t take any time so don’t worry. The first chapter doesn’t really have much information as the Lolicon and isn’t … Continue reading

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AAIAALSS Chapter 1: And the story begins from the confession


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I am my Wife

Holy shit, I saw this and had to share it with you guys. Kinda reminds me of that book someone recommended me where a guy keeps travelling through time and meets a female version of himself and gets with her.

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