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HN1F Chapter 10: The Second Lottery Chance

Need help… dying… too many… instant noodles… so good…

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Chapter 84: The Truth of the 13223 Drug


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HN1F Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Come Into Master’s Bowl

Special thanks to someone that donated. I can’t say the name so he’ll be called Mr. T. “Ding… Mr. T has now entered the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Hall of Fame.” Yeah, that doesn’t exist…

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SW Chapter 83: War God’s Sword

Yeah, so you guys probably see that donate page on the menu bar. I’ve changed my mind and decided to accept donations again. I know what you guys are thinking, but I am only human. Donations are just for if … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 8: I’ve Remembered You

I’ll say this beforehand since I don’t really think it’s a spoiler. As you’ll see in this chapter, yes the tree is a female, and if you were to base things off this chapter and with every novel you’ve read, … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 82: Shura Emperor Sword Broken Piece

Warning, content in here that could potentially lead to 18+ content if you search for it. Viewer discretion is not really advised. And yeah I accidentally posted this again. Who knew pressing enter would do that. I need to learn … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 7: Celeritas vs Peach Blossom

Yeah, my siblings came back from vacation yesterday so yeah. Anyways, here’s the chapter. Remember to leave a comment in the comment section below, Seriously, I need comments, the thirst is real.

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