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HN1F Chapter 10: The Second Lottery Chance

Need help… dying… too many… instant noodles… so good…

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HN1F Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Come Into Master’s Bowl

Special thanks to someone that donated. I can’t say the name so he’ll be called Mr. T. “Ding… Mr. T has now entered the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Hall of Fame.” Yeah, that doesn’t exist…

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HN1F Chapter 8: I’ve Remembered You

I’ll say this beforehand since I don’t really think it’s a spoiler. As you’ll see in this chapter, yes the tree is a female, and if you were to base things off this chapter and with every novel you’ve read, … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 7: Celeritas vs Peach Blossom

Yeah, my siblings came back from vacation yesterday so yeah. Anyways, here’s the chapter. Remember to leave a comment in the comment section below, Seriously, I need comments, the thirst is real.

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HN1F Chapter 6: You’re Going to Get Screwed

Celeritas is apparently the latin word for speed and is what the “c” for the constant of the speed of light stands for. The name of the sword sect here translates to something like flowing light or the quick passage … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 5: The First Lottery Chance

Yahallo my homies. That’s right, going back to my roots. Bet you never expected to see those words in a sentence. I got this done so I figured I’d just post it now. The cleaning is complete and the house … Continue reading

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HN1F: Chapter 4: There’s Something Wrong With That Old Tree!

Say, does anyone here play clicker heroes? How many times did you ascend before you could buy Dread Knight? I’ve already ascended about 15 times and I’m still not close.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 4: No matter what I will not admit that she is my type

I just discovered Reddit’s content policy update and the bans. In memory of the Loli subs I have translated another chapter of this. May the lolis forever rest in our souls. And Loliquent, may you forever find peace in your … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 3: Enemy Attack!

A little lesson on the pronunciations of some names, but I won’t be teaching the tone of the words. Lin (Lean), Feng (Fung) | Shi (Sh) Tian (Tien, think dragonball. but not so much emphasis on the Ti.) Hao (How) … Continue reading

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Change of mind about donations.

Uh, sorry guys. I’ve changed my mind. I have been shown the error of my ways and I have seen the light. I will not be accepting any money. I shall continue translating as I am. I sincerely thank Ano … Continue reading

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