SW Chapter 74: A Slim Chance of Surviving

Sigh, sorry guys, I know I said no breaks anymore but I’m not digging holes anymore, I’ve hit rock bottom. I don’t know, I think it’s just Shura’s Wrath that I’ve lost interest in translating. I don’t know, maybe it’s time to choose another main project. Anyways, I’ll do my best to keep trucking on. If there’s no update at the appointed release time then you guys can stop checking for the day. I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t take such long breaks anymore but the digging is real. On the other hand, here’s a Chinese poem I found that will teach you guys the meaning of life and maybe help you guys attain the Zen state which will help ease your needs. How much you understand depends on your comprehension young grasshoppers. The “poor” used here is not the no money poor but the “you poor boy” kind of poor. Ahem…

The white clouds in the sky are so white, the me on the ground is so poor;
Honestly, really really white, honestly, really really poor;
Very white, very poor, very very white, very very poor;
Extremely white, extremely poor;
Damn white, damn poor;
Virtually too damned white, virtually too damned poor

“Xiao Hui!”

Looking at Xiao Hui that swiftly swam over to his side, Ling Chen shook off the water droplets on his face and suddenly had a very unfamiliar, very complex and hard to describe feeling in his heart. Even though he is just 22 years of age this year, but the storms that he has weathered in his life are honestly too many. To the point that regular people cannot even imagine. And the countless life and death situations, the countless plights that he’s faced all these years have always been faced by him alone, borne by him alone, biting the bullet alone…Regardless if it’s in the real world or in the game world. Right now under this hopeless situation, this little creature that just started following him followed him jumping down and swam to his side. He who has never had a companion watched as Xiao Hui swam closer, he suddenly had a feeling of no longer being alone, a feeling of being able to have something to rely on in this hopeless situation… And this feeling seemed to be fairly nice.


A severe sense of danger travelled from above. He may have fallen down the chasm, but the Zephyr Bird dived down chasing after him as if knowing that he hadn’t died. It charged straight towards him, carrying a violent wind and arriving above his head in the blink of an eye.

In the water the body’s movement ability is greatly inferior to on land. The massive bird body rapidly enlarged in his eyes. He didn’t have the time to think, using his quickest speed to raise up the Celestial Aqua Scale in his hand…


The Zephyr Bird’s attack once again landed on the Celestial Aqua Scale. In the sound of collision its body was bounced far away like before, Ling Chen’s body was also heavily rammed under the water under the force of impact.

-43, -43, -43…

Ling Chen’s body sank in the water, above his head a red number would float up every second. Following his sinking Xiao Hui also dived below into the water. After drawing out a beautiful water trail it had already charged over to Ling Chen’s body, using its petite little body to support underneath Ling Chen, seemingly wanting to stop his body’s descent.

Ling Chen bit his teeth looking upward. Through the clear water he could very clearly see the situation above. He saw that the Zephyr Bird was circling in the air above, but it did not charge down.

That’s right, in the Zephyr Bird’s weaknesses one is it cannot swim! Which also means that if I can dive under the water, it will be unable to attack me!

Thinking here he became slightly spirited, faintly seeing a ray of hope… Of course, this is absolutely not the hope of defeating the Zephyr Bird, but the hope of escaping from its claws. If he dies, his level will directly return to zero. Even if he cannot defeat the Zephyr Bird, he will absolutely not allow himself to die under its claws.

His body difficulty maintained balance in the water. He put away his weapons, his two hands repelling the water and swimming following the flow of the water. At the same time he silently looked at his decreasing health value.

In the support skills of players one of them is “Swimming”. After learning swimming one is able to have a certain degree of mobility in water. The higher the level, the greater the degree of freedom in water. At the same time, one is also able to use different kinds of recovery potions in water. But if one does not have this skill, then even though one is able to achieve movement in water by moving their limbs, if one’s body is completely submerged for over 5 seconds then HP will continuously drop. In shallow water HP drops 10% every second. The deeper one goes, the greater the HP lost. Moreover, without the swimming skill, any health recovery potion used in water is ineffective!

Right now Ling Chen’s HP is dropping at a speed of 10% per second. In 15 seconds of time he will completely die… That is to say, Ling Chen can at most only stay in the water for 14 seconds, then he has to stick his head out of the water to recover HP and breathe. (TL: Um, I don’t know how the math works, maybe there’s some kind of special skill I’m forgetting. Anyways I know I translated that right so don’t ask me. Automatic HP recovery?)

The flowing speed of the chasm’s water is not fast, Ling Chen paid attention to his lowering HP while turning his head and looking at the position of the Zephyr Bird in the air. Under the water he can clearly see everything above the water, but in the air it is difficult to see anything slightly deeper in the water. So even though he is following the flow of the water underneath, the Zephyr Bird is still circling about in the same spot. Ling Chen silently prayed that after a dozen seconds he will already have been brought by the water to a location outside of the Zephyr Bird’s detection range. And then after he takes a breath he’ll be able to swim even further following the water making it hard for the Zephyr Bird to find him again.

10 seconds… 11 seconds… 12 seconds…

Ling Chen suddenly held his breath, his body doing its best to move upwards and then coming out of the water with a “Pop”. He took large gasps of air, at the same time not forgetting to rapidly drink down a yellow potion returning his HP to max. Before he dived under the water again he lifted his head looking in the direction of the Zephyr Bird and discovering that the Zephyr Bird was actually flying in this direction. He was actually still unable to escape from the Zephyr Bird’s senses!


Ling Chen’s body dived into the water like a bolt of lightning. Above his head the Zephyr Bird’s massive shadow touched the surface of the water and then stuck close to the surface of the water drawing out an inverse parabola flying back into the air.

It is unwilling to enter the water. Ling Chen who was in the water silently thought, but suddenly his eyes sank, his body rapidly moving making his body exert itself to go deeper… Because through the water he saw the Zephyr Bird’s body facing the water and rapidly flapping its wings.


A wild wind storm formed, howling and flying towards the area that Ling Chen appeared before… The Zephyr Bird’s AOE wind attack skill — Cold Wind Fang!

Under normal circumstances this Cold Wind Fang can instantly envelop the frontal 20 meter area and a 10 meter area to the sides. But when this wind storm hit the surface of the water Ling Chen secretly let out a sigh of relief in his heart, because after penetrating to 2 meters deep below the water it had already completely disappeared, being completely dispersed by the water.

In other words, as long as he is over two meters deep in the water, Cold Wind Fang cannot harm him.

But even so… following the flow of the water for a dozen seconds and still being instantly targeted by the Zephyr Bird. How should he escape from the Zephyr Bird’s sight?

Looks like I can only continue following the water down and look for other chances like a waterfall or the like.

The thought appearing in his mind he held his breath, his body continuing to move following the water.

If it was someone else, under this kind of situation where it is impossible to have any results most people will directly choose to give up, not wasting anymore time and undergoing this torture. But Ling Chen… The life and death situations that he’s experienced this life are honestly too many, the grim reaper has waved its hand toward towards him a countless number of times. But the results are all him defeating the grim reaper… Unless he truly wishes to die, or else, no matter what he faces, no matter what circumstances he encounters, he will not give up. He will use all of his strength to fight until he no longer has any strength. Just like what he believed in before… In his life there has never been the words “give up”! Not before, and especially not later!

After 13 seconds he once again came up from the water to breath. When his HP had just recovered to max danger once again approached. The Zephyr Bird that had been left behind about 100 or so meters spread its wings like before and flew over. A distance of 100 meters was closed in by it in the blink of an eye under the flapping of its massive wings. Ling Chen silently sighed, taking a deep breath and then diving into the water leaving the Zephyr Bird out of options again.

The length of this river flowing in the mountains is unknown and where it flows to is also unknown… When Ling Chen came out of the water to breathe for the 10th time, he even didn’t know if this place still belonged in the area of War God’s trial grounds, or if other creatures or dangers would appear in front. But to survive he could only continue following the river down, time after time helplessly repeating the same actions, following the flow of the river further and further…

But the surrounding scenery seemed to not have had any changes. The Zephyr Bird also never lost its target.

After the 20th time that it charged at Ling Chen who came out of the water to breathe and missed, the Zephyr Bird finally exploded.


This cry was longer and louder than any of the other ones before. Ling Chen who was in the water lifted his head looking towards the sky. He saw the Zephyr Bird’s body wrapped in a dark green light, rapidly circling in the air following a fixed ring orbit and becoming faster and faster… In the end, it actually brought up a dark green coloured ring, like there were countless Zephyr Bird flying in the air.


An extremely violent wind was brought up. The wind carried up the air, and then the water, and then Ling Chen who was below the water… All being drawn into the wind.


Frenzied Wind… Two words flashed across in Ling Chen’s mind.

Ling Chen was silently shocked in his heart. But the torrent brought up by the fierce wind was something that he simply couldn’t oppose. He followed the large amounts of river water being brought up bit by bit by the spinning gale, being brought out of the water. His body was also being drawn towards the center of the storm in a dizzying spin. When the wind storm stopped he had already been highly thrown up into the air, and then free falling back down in the air…

The Zephyr Bird’s circling body stopped and then with a sharp cry charged straight towards Ling Chen who was in the air.

Frenzied Wind may not deal any damage, but once entangled one will fall into a dazed status for at least 5 seconds. Right now the mind of Ling Chen who is falling down unmoving is a big blank.

Following his descent the Zephyr Bird also came closer and closer. Right when its attack was about to land on Ling Chen’s body, Ling Chen’s eyes suddenly recovered clarity. Virtually without the need for his brain to react his right hand extended forward using an unimaginable speed, the Celestial Aqua Scale blocking in front…

Right now it has only been not even 3 seconds from when Ling Chen suffered from the dazed status.


If the Zephyr Bird had used Cold Wind Fang and not Mid-Air Charge Ling Chen would have died without any question. Because the Celestial Aqua Scale can only withstand melee attacks, but the Zephyr Bird also couldn’t have thought that Ling Chen could actually recover so quickly from the dazed status.

The Zephyr Bird’s attack was once again offset by the Celestial Aqua Scale. In the force of impact Ling Chen fell into the water, becoming safe again.

Dazed, confusion, sleep… These kinds of negative effects are all triggered by the system stimulating the mind and thus creating the respective effect. But when the strength of a person’s mind reaches a certain level, then even the mental stimulation given by the system will be greatly offset. Under Ling Chen’s powerful mental strength, Frenzied Wind’s dazed effect only lasted on his body for 2 seconds of time.

But this time was also enough to make Ling Chen covered in cold sweat, the Celestial Aqua Scale in his hand also only remained the last two chances.

Exactly will there be the existence of a turning point… If yes, exactly where is it!

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