HN1F Chapter 1: The Cheating System

Currently this is the one that I’m most interested in. I’d say there’s a good chance this is what I’ll be translating. As for how it’ll work, I’ll most likely just alternate between Shura’s Wrath and this. And if anyone’s wondering about the “You’re welcomes”, I just felt I should say something one time to all the thank yous. 

The middle of the night, completely dark, yet in the boundless mountains it was not quiet. Savage beasts lurk, thunderous roars shake the mountains, forests tremble, tree leaves rustle downwards.

Another beast roar, Lin Feng retracted his neck, sweeping off the leaves that fell on his body, looking at the dark group of mountains and sighing in his heart, this place is really a lot different from Earth.

Lin Feng sat under a tree spacing out, a few wild looking teens looked at him with disdainful gazes. A little fat guy shouted towards Ling Feng saying: ” We didn’t allow an outsider like you to stay here to just eat, hurry up and go do work!”

Lin Feng recovered, not speaking, standing up and wiping his bottom he left.

Behind him, the little fatty snorted: “Useless trash, physical strength can’t even compare to a child’s, we should just throw him into the mountains and let him get eaten by wild beasts!”

Lin Feng twitched his lips, I’m an earthling that randomly came here, how can I compete with strength against you animals.

This Heaven Primal world, is a world governed by cultivators

This Wolf Village here, is just a small village in these vast mountains. Naturally there are no cultivators here, but every villager trains hard in martial arts, training their strength, even women and children are no exception.

Only like this, can they survive in this world where savage beasts rampage and even the descendants of ancient beasts lurk.

Just like right now, even though it is the middle of the night, the young men of the village still have to enter the mountains to hunt. A lot of game habitually come out at night time to roam, even though there are many dangers to entering the mountains at night time, but the gains will all be even greater.

The villagers are all used to this kind of life. The children in the village do not sleep, gathering together competing and playing, waiting for the adults of their homes’ to return from hunting.

Children with snot still running from their noses, casually playing with stone blocks that weigh over 100 jin like toys. A group of teens competing to see who can lift a big 1000 jin cauldron in the village. (TL: 1 jin = 0.5 kg = 1.1 lbs, so the blocks are only 50 kg and the cauldron is only 500 kg. )

Lin Feng looked at the group of little animals, silently sighing. He truly appeared like trash competing with strength against them.

But this did not make Lin Feng feel depressed, because even though he was occasionally talked about behind his back, he still used his sweet-talking ability to temporarily stay in this little village called Wolf Village. What really made his balls hurt, is that something else had appeared in his head. (TL: Dan Teng (balls hurt) is common Chinese slang to express helplessness or speechlessness towards a thing or situation. Guys only, supposedly its “Breasts sore’ for females…)

Super Founder System.

At first Lin Feng was incredibly happy, thinking that space travelers have benefits, but the first explanation of the system already made his heart cold.

“System Main Quest: Host creates a sect, establishing this world’s number one sect, becoming the number one founder.

“The main quest is split into different stages, every stage needs to be completed within a set amount of time. If task is not completed when time is reached, directly eliminate host!”

Lin Feng looked at the system explanation, especially that last line “Directly eliminate host”, speechless for a long time, , finally squeezing out a few words through his teeth: “I bought a watch last year!” (TL: Scroll to bottom for Chinese meme lesson. Chinese readers can go here. Basically has the meaning of swearing but not using swear words. Will not directly translate if it appears in the future since it has no meaning to english readers.)

After letting out his anger, Lin Feng helplessly read the details of the quest. He was not prepared to risk challenging the system, seeing if it can really eliminate him. He just came to this world, his butt hadn’t even warmed yet, he didn’t want to die again.

Main Quest 1.0 — Take in 4 disciples.

Quest Details: Even if it’s a wandering practitioner, if they want to pass on their legacy, they need to take in a disciple. A sect’s most important resource, will always be people. Talented successors, famous teachers teach outstanding students, it is hard to find a famous teacher, even harder to find an outstanding student.

Quest Time Limit: 1 year, if not completed before time limit, directly eliminate host.

“This is bullshit!” Lin Feng let out a sigh. Just me a noob that just space-traveled over here, tender like a bush of tasty bak-choi. I should be the one hurriedly looking for a strong master and hugging his leg, right?

Big brother system, at any rate you should give me a secret manual so that I can go take in some students. I’ve got nothing in my pockets what do you want me to teach them? Sweet-talking and bluffing?

Even more bullshit is, the system clearly said there is a newbie gift, yet it’s telling me that a malfunction has happened to the gift system and that the newbie gift has been delayed, making Lin Feng sigh that there is no such thing as the most bullshit only more bullshit.

Though the unlocked trading system has a bunch of good stuff, panaceas, magic weapons, manuals, techniques. Nothing that isn’t there, only what you can’t think of.

Problem is, all of the items need trading points to trade, and at the moment Lin Feng doesn’t have even a single trading point, only able to stare at the system and roll his eyes.

Lin Feng was in the middle of swearing at the system when suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance of the village. From the looks of it the hunting party has returned.

The teens waiting at the entrance all happily went to greet them. Lin Feng glanced indifferently, but surprisingly finding that the men returning from hunting were all empty handed. Not speaking of having no prey, even their weapons were all gone.

Towards the villagers, their weapons are their second life. Living in the mountains it is impossible to survive without weapons.

The corners of Lin Feng’s lips lifted up into a hard to notice smile: “Seems like there’s a story here.” Thinking here, he also walked towards the group of people at the village entrance.

Not even walking nearby he already heard someone yelling angrily: “Lang Feng is our Wolf Village’s hope. Now he’s been seriously injured by the people of Stone Village, we cannot let this go!”

Lin Feng lifted his eyes looking over, seeing a teen in the middle of the crowd lying on the ground with a dejected expression, his entire body covered with wounds, his eyes releasing a cold light of hatred.

“This is the genius the people of Wolf Village are always talking about?” Lin Feng secretly watched him. In regards to this Lang Feng he had already heard of his name for a long time. The idol of the entire Wolf Village’s teens, seen as the hope of the village. Today is Lin Feng’s first time seeing him in person.

Even though Lang Feng was currently hurt, his expression dejected, but the energy within his body was evident. Even though the strength of his body cannot compare to that of cultivators, but amongst worldly martial artists it was definitely top notch.

Based on the public opinion of Heaven Primal world, being able to achieve such a level at such a young age, if he were to cultivate and train his qi he would also have a future prospect. In the end what cultivators do is guide the energy of the world into their bodies, refining their mana and strengthening their own foundations.

Lin Feng quietly brought out his Super Founder System, inside is a disciple talent probe. He faced it towards Lang Feng and pressed confirm.

“The targets aptitude is too low, cannot become host’s disciple.”

Lin Feng scrunched his forehead, this system is too picky. His initial thoughts were to first randomly take in four disciples to get over with the system’s one year limit, if anything he could just kick them out at the end.

But now from the looks of it, wanting to exploit the system’s holes isn’t so easy. Even Lang Feng this kind of famous boy genius didn’t have the qualifications. The difficulty for Lin Feng to take in four disciples and complete the system’s task was a little to big.

“One years time, one years time…” Lin Feng let out a depressed sigh.

In the crowd, an old man beside Lang Fang snorted with a purple face: “Lang Feng is my grandson, of course we cannot let this go, but not right now. In the past few days there’s been a lot of activity in the mountains, from the looks of it there is a mountain treasure about to appear. Get the treasure first, and then we can go settle things with Stone Village!”

Fights between village clans occurred commonly, towards this Lin Feng had no interest. But the two words “Mountain Treasure” entering his ears made his heart slightly move.

Lin Feng was in the middle of pondering about the mountain treasure when he suddenly heard someone in the crowd  cursing quietly: “How did Stone Village raise such a little monster, not even 4 years old, still a little child. To think that he can defeat our village’s genius Lang Feng, what the hell!”

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

A little kid not even 4 years old, beat this Lang Feng in front of him?

Lang Feng could already be considered quite talented, the person that injured him hasn’t even reached 4 years of age, what kind of talent is that?

The little fatty beside Lin Feng quietly cursed: “Damn twerp, we have to kill him!”

Giving him a glance, Lin Feng echoed: “Yes, indeed.” but instead thinking in his heart, maybe this little guy can gain the system’s acknowledgement.

Thinking here, Ling Feng silently backed out of the crowd. Right now he wished that he could grow a pair of wings and fly towards Stone Village, but he didn’t dare to leave the village by himself, or else he would just be giving an extra meal to the beasts in the mountains.

Right at this moment, the stiff, mechanical sound of the system notification abruptly rang in Lin Feng’s mind.

“Novice Gift distributed, do you want to examine it?”

After feeling a bit blank Lin Feng became thrilled in his heart. He’d never felt that the dull and stiff sound of the system notification was actually so pleasant and nice.

Finding a place with no people, Lin Feng opened the novice gift.

Novice Gift: Host gains basic level of Qi Disciple 4th level, gained 1 lottery chance, gained 300 trading points, gained secret technique manual《Nine Heavens Thunder Technique》 , gained ability Heavenly Thunder Call.

Lin Feng blanked, a warm feeling flowing downwards from the top of his head, flowing straight into his chest, swiftly releasing a hidden nerve point in his body.

The body hides 12 important nerve points, cultivators call them the 12 floors.

Qi disciple stage training is split into 12 levels so as to clear the 12 floors. With every nerve point released, spiritual energy will be converted into mana, and the cultivator’s mana will go up another level.

Right now Lin Feng felt a warm current flowing through his body, directly opening up 4 nerve points within his body before disappearing. Following Lin Feng’s breathing, the energy of the world was rapidly sucked into his body, circling in the 4 released nerve points.

Every nerve point was like a constantly revolving star cluster universe. Spiritual energy was constantly being converted into Lin Feng’s own mana, as if it were like when the universe was first created, developing all life in the universe.

Lin Feng felt his entire body become lighter. With a thought the mana in his nerve points was like an erupting spring, explosive strength seething in his body.

Only after a long time did Lin Feng start to gradually grow accustomed to the changes in his body. He comforted himself in his heart: “Finally have a bit of self-protection ability.” But thinking that the system’s ultimate goal is to create history’s number 1 sect and that he has to become history’s number 1 founder, Ling Chen instantly felt again massive pressure. He hurriedly investigated the other items of the novice gift.

“Lottery chance?” Lin Feng took a look, in the support training system besides the trading system there is also a lottery system. But it is a grey colour, it is still in an inactivated state, for the moment he doesn’t need to think about it.

Currently he can only hope that the buying power of those 300 trading points is a bit higher.

While thinking about it Lin Feng entered the trading system. Before he was completely broke, he didn’t even have the heart to look at the prices.

Carefully looking at the prices, Lin Feng secretly cursed the system as black hearted. A bottle of the lowest grade qi nourishing pellet requires 10 trading points, one iron sword with a bit of spirituality is 30 points.

Even getting a set of the most basic clothing, a set of taoist clothes, requires 50 points.

The most basic spells like “Fireball”, “Palm Thunder” these kinds of common skills require 100 points.

As for those high end items with a string of zeros behind their butts, Lin Feng didn’t even dare to look at them, he was afraid of fainting.

Lin Feng stared at that pitiful 300 in his “Current Trading Points” column. He shook his head: “Starting capital is too little.”

Thank god the novice gift also gave a dao technique manual and a skill, or else Lin Feng would really be at a loss.

Dao techniques are the basics of cultivation, their main purpose is to enhance one’s level. As for skills they are practical martial arts or spells with many different effects.

A pleasant surprise is that the level of the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique is very high. The current trade system doesn’t even have it, he has to upgrade the system to be able to trade for it.

As for upgrading the system, it requires Lin Feng to complete a certain number of system tasks to be activated, right now it is too early to talk about it.

Nine Heavens Thunder Technique is one of the top thunder dao techniques of this Heaven Primal world , although it has been lost for many years. The predecessors who’ve had success in this dao technique were all beasts that could do whatever they wanted. (TL: If you ever see “walking sideways” in a translation and it seems out of place, that’s because that’s a way for the Chinese to say being able to do whatever you want because you have the power. Also if you see the word cow and it seems misplaced, that’s because that’s a way for the Chinese to say amazing/beast/stuff along those lines.)

According to the explanation the novice gift randomly gifts a type of dao technique. Being able to get the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique Lin Feng could be considered incredibly lucky. Even though the buying power of 300 trading points is limited, the depressed feeling in Lin Feng’s heart right now was completely swept away.

With a top-level dao technique like this, if it weren’t for that goddamned main quest Lin Feng would definitely first find a place with no people and then come out after training to wreck everybody.

But since he has to go take in disciples now, then that’s another story.

Being dissatisfied was one thing. Lin Feng quickly adjusted his mood and swiftly started to take action.

After calmly asking for the path towards Stone Village, he quietly left Wolf Village without alerting anybody.

Right now the two villages are in a hostile relationship. Lin Feng who has already become a cultivator is not afraid of Wolf Village’s people troubling him, but he is afraid of them revealing his identity in front of Stone Village’s villagers.

Thankfully the villagers of Wolf Village are all gathered at the village entrance right now and talking amongst themselves because of the matter of Lang Feng being injured. Lin Feng went around from behind the village, nobody noticed his movement.

Walking along the path Lin Feng did not hesitate at all. Directly investing 50 trading points and buying an outfit for himself.

How can Lin Feng who comes from Earth not understand the logic of “the tailor makes the man”, if you want to sell something then first you have to do a good job of promoting and packaging.

Lowering his head looking at his taoist outfit. A white robe with wide sleeves, a sage-like master image., Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. The system’s items may be expensive, but there’s really nothing to say about their quality and appearance.

When Lin Feng arrived at the entrance of Stone Village, the first thing that reflected into his eyes was the broken half of a giant dead tree. The tree’s diameter is a whole dozen meters, its entire body is a burnt black.

Lin Feng gazed at the tree, speculating that this is a lightning tree. Many years ago it was once struck by lightning, the old tree’s massive canopy and and exuberant vitality were all destroyed. Now on the surface there only remains a 8,9 meter tall tree stump.

But just looking at the size of the currently remaining tree trunk one can imagine how massive the tree was when it was alive.

The dead tree’s entire body is a burnt black, there isn’t any hint of life.

At this moment, an old person walked over, coughing while saying: “This tree has already withered for ten years.” He walked to the front of Lin Feng, a pair of eyes sizing up Lin Feng: “I am the village chief of this Stone Village, what can I do to help you priest?”

Lin Feng smiled faintly, his body naturally exuding a proud, unworldly aura. Pairing that with his clothing of a white robe with wide sleeves and his taoist clothing, his appearance was absolutely perfect, definitely the style of a master not of this mundane realm.

“Discovered target, suitable to become host’s disciple.”

Lin Feng was just about to speak when he heard the sound of the suddenly appearing system notification, almost choking on his spit.

The Stone Village village chief looked at Lin Feng in puzzlement, but he then shivered for a moment from fright.

Lin Feng’s two eyes were releasing a green light, staring at the village entrance like a starving wolf. (TL: His eyes aren’t actually releasing a green light, apparently animals hunting at night release a green light from their eyes so it is used to describe when a person desires something.)

At the village entrance a cute, beautiful little boy with snow white skin was in the middle of pulling on the tail of a big yellow dog, his child voice was crisp and resonant: “Hey, hey, don’t run!”

The sound of the system rang non-stop in Lin Feng’s head: “Talent system finished organizing, target number 1’s data is as follows.”

“Body Root–> 10; Comprehension –> 8; Will –> 8: Blessings –> 8.”

“Conclusion: Target’s talent in extremely high, recommended to take in as a disciple and carefully guide him, he will definitely become a pillar of the sect.”

Lin Feng did not see anything else, his eyes staring straight at that blood-red number behind body root, “10”.

Body root, is the congenital talent factor of a cultivators body, the max points for this talent system is 10.

A body root of 10, what does that mean?

Here’s an example, other people running from start to finish need to run 100 meters, under the condition of the same finishing point, this little guy’s starting point is at 90 meters!

No wonder, no wonder he can beat the crap out of that Lang Feng at not even 4 years of age.

At this time the little guy also noticed Lin Feng, he looked over with a confused face, his large eyes blinking, a 100% moe shota.

Lin Feng smacked his lips. This guy doesn’t only just have an op body root, his comprehension, will, blessings are also all super genius level.

Taking in this kind of guy as a disciple, isn’t the pressure a little big?

Lin Feng pondered, his face gradually revealing a warm, sunny smile.

If people familiar with Lin Feng in his previous life saw him reveal this kind of smile, they would definitely immediately hide as far away as possible.

Usually, when Lin Feng smiles like this, that means that someone is going to get majorly screwed over.

And now it has arrived again at Chinese meme lesson time. Today we will be discussing about “I bought a watch last year”. In a Chinese thread, one guy got mad and wanted to curse, the abbreviation of his choice of curse words is “WQNMLGB” which is what he posted, something like screw your mom or something, I don’t know, swear words all means the same thing so whatever. Anyways, following a person explained it as “Wo Qu Nian Mai Liao Ge Biao”, “I bought a watch last year”. And thus it became an explosive hit.

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