SW Chapter 76: Sagittarius Orb (II)

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The moment Ling Chen appears he will definitely draw the attack of the Zephyr Bird. After watching Xiao Hui dive into the water he also quickly returned into the cave, his mind puzzled. He did not forcibly recall Xiao Hui. Xiao Hui was born not too long and it was exceptionally close to him. Moreover in the pet status it also stated the three words “will never betray”, so it will definitely not run away from him on its own without a reason. He faintly guessed that it seemed that Xiao Hui had discovered something at a certain location.

Right now if he chooses to log out then Xiao Hui will also be forcibly recalled to the pet space. He did not leave, standing at the safest location in the depths of the cave silently awaiting Xiao Hui’s return.

Outside of the cave the Zephyr Bird’s long cries constantly travelled over. Seemingly that unless Ling Chen dies or disappears from this map, it will continue to follow him, absolutely not leaving.

Xiao Hui left for a very long time. When Ling Chen was practically unable to resist calling it back a light splashing sound came from the entrance of the cave, Xiao Hui had finally returned. Only when it ran all the way to the front of Ling Chen did  he see that its mouth was holding an orb surrounded by a soft glow… Accurately speaking it was sucking it in its mouth, because Xiao Hui’s mouth was too small and that orb was too big, it simply could notcompletely hold it in its mouth. Xiao Hui put the orb on the ground and shook off the water droplets on its body. It wagged its tail using its bright eyes to stare at Ling Chen, signaling him to pick up the orb.

Ling Chen immediately completely understood everything… In Xiao Hui’s innate talent it is stated that it is particularly sensitive towards treasures. It can discover the presence of all kinds of treasure from far away and then find the precise location.  It left before definitely because it discovered the presence of a treasure at a certain location so it rushed over looking for it. This orb that it brought over is the treasure that it found!

This item that Xiao Hui found, what is it?

Ling Chen crouched down picking up the orb. The orb is a silver colour and is about the size of his palm, he can just perfectly hold it with one hand. And the instant that he held it in his hands, a familiar feeling suddenly appeared in his heart. He faintly felt that it seemed like just not too long ago that he obtained a similar, or maybe it should be said to be exactly the same item of the same size and weight. His gaze landed on it… In the semi-transparent orb there reflected the fuzzy image of an arrowhead shape.

Wait… This size, weight, feeling… and this shape…

Ling Chen’s eyes fiercely jumped… He finally understood what this familiar feeling was, because the size and weight of this orb along with its glow are all the same as the Gemini Orb that he got before. And the blurry image reflected within is clearly the shape of Saggitarius of the twelve zodiacs!

Could this… Could this be…

He slightly shook his head, and then used a trembling gaze to look at this orb’s information.

[Sagittarius Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None. Equipment Requirement: Can only be slotted in [Lunar Scourge].

Attributes: All attacks [Absolute Hit] (Ignore [Absolute Dodge] status), damage+50% when using any “arrow” class attack. Shooting range+50%, and triggers [Lossless Piercing] 100% of the time. (TL: Lossless piercing I’m assuming is no damage reduction when piercing through multiple targets. The direct translation is something like “No weakening piercing”. Suggestions welcomed.)

Ling Chen’s pupils contracted, holding the orb in his hand and spacing out for a long time, almost unable to believe his eyes.

In this War God’s Trial Ground, the item that Xiao Hui brought back after abruptly leaving… Is actually Lunar Scourge’s ninth exclusive god orb — The Sagittarius Orb!!

In regards to finding Lunar Scourge’s exclusive god orb’s and saint orbs Ling Chen has always been in a blank state because he simply doesn’t know where they all are, even Qi Yue also doesn’t know. But what can be certified is that those orb with the strength of Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer will definitely not exist in regular places. They might be in extreme places that regular people are unable to reach, or maybe in a closed area that nobody can arrive at, or maybe in the hands of extremely powerful beings, because it is only so that they can safely exist. When Tao Tie handed over the Gemini Orb to him, he also said that to find the rest of the exclusive orbs is incredibly difficult and that it could takes hundreds or even thousands of years of time. And now, from when he obtained Lunar Scourge it has not even reached one day’s time…

Just like that, the Sagittarius Orb this easily appeared in his hands!

No… was it really easy?

Ling Chen’s gaze shifted away from the Sagittarius Orb and froze on Xiao Hui’s body… This is the Sagittarius Orb that Xiao Hui found, it was probably found at a certain location in the deepest parts of the river. And if not for its ability to discover treasure then even if he went numerous rounds around here, even if he passed the trial in the War God’s Trial Ground, he wouldn’t have even noticed its existence. At the same time, one person can only enter into this map a total of one time, it is an absolutely enclosed space. If he missed it then that would have been the same as forever losing it!

“Xiao Hui! You did a stupendous job!!” Ling Chen rubbed Xiao Hui’s head, complimenting it in excitement. Right now he is practically unable to explain how lucky he is gaining Xiao Hui.

Using that non-elemental orb in exchange for the birth of Xiao Hui before the trial was entirely the most correct choice ever.

Could it be, this is fate!?

Looking at the stats of the Sagittarius Orb in his hand and listening to the sounds of the Zephyr Bird beside his ears, the corners of Ling Chen’s lips started to slowly curve up, drawing back a dangerous smile.

Absolute hit…Truly an orb of the same level as the Gemini Orb, what it adds is a terrifying stat that makes people breathless!! This means that as long as he has this orb, he can treat the “dodge” attribute of the entire Mystic Moon world as nothing! This means that he no longer needs to pay attention to hit ability and can chase after extreme attack ability to his heart’s content! This means that all of his attacks will never “Miss” ever again, means that his attack efficiency will obtain the most ultimate upgrade!!

And also means the death of that Zephyr Bird outside!!

The Sagittarius Orb doesn’t just have one stat. It not only has the ability “absolute hit”, it can also greatly increase the damage and shooting range of arrow type attacks and can 100% trigger lossless piercing. For archers this is virtually an op effect. The Sagittarius Orb is like an orb specially born for the “Arrow”. Looking at these kinds of stats Ling Chen’s heart even appeared a regret of not choosing the apprentice archer class at the Novice Village. If he was an archer right now, with this Sagittarius Orb how terrifying of a degree would his ability rise to right now!

What made Ling Chen slightly puzzled was why the appearance of the Sagittarius Orb did not draw out Qi Yue, but this was not what he cared about. He extended his right hand, holding up the Sagittarius Orb and slotting it towards Lunar Scourge’s ninth slot. The instant that they touched a silver light flashed by and the Sagittarius Orb had already shrunk. In the notification sound of “Slotting successful”, in the ninth hole of Lunar Scourge a silver glow was released.

“Ding… Sagittarius Orb slotting successful. All of your attacks will have “Absolute Hit”, when using any ‘arrow’ class attack damage increased by 50%, shooting range+50%, and 100% chance to trigger lossless piercing.”

After the Sagittarius Orb was successfully slotted everything returned to silence. It did not unlock one of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive skills after slotting like the Gemini Orb. But this did not dowse Ling Chen’s excitement. He opened his stat page, surprisingly seeing that the value after his hit attribute had turned into “????”.

Very good, truly excellent!!

Ling Chen slowly stood up, looking towards the outside of the cave. With the Sagittarius Orb the originally undefeatable Zephyr Bird is no longer scary… More accurately speaking, in Ling Chen’s eyes it is already a dead bird!

Waiting for all of his skills to finish cooling down. Ling Chen equipped Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud in his two hands, taking quick steps walking out of the cave and standing at the cave entrance looking at the sky. (TL: I’m confused which of his skills are on cooldown? His skill with the highest cooldown is Soul Sacrifice at 200 seconds but the author said that Ling Chen waited a long time for Xiao Hui, is 200 seconds that long, or am I missing something?)

In the instant that he appeared the circling Zephyr Bird immediately sped downward, rushing towards him like a green coloured missile. Right now, its HP that was reduced by Soaring Cloud before has already returned to full. Ling Chen’s face did not have a hint of fear, welcoming its massive figure and lifting his right hand activating “Moon Shadow” at the most suitable time.

The strange light flickering, the Zephyr Bird was completely frozen when it was at a distance of not even 3 meters away from Ling Chen. Ling Chen rapidly rushed forward, buffing himself with “Fire of Rage” and “Soul Sacrifice”, “Full Power Strike” heavily smashing at it.

-2380, -2347!

Following the landing of those two Full Power Strikes, two dazzling blood-red numbers floated up from the Zephyr Bird’s body, two attacks all hit. The angle of Ling Chen’s curved lips slightly increased, his movements not stopping at all using his fastest speed to cut away…

-2360, -4722, -4698, -2482, -2339.

At the last second, left hand Sand Blade “Full Power Strike”, right hand Soaring Cloud “Shooting Soaring Cloud”, heavily hitting the Zephyr Bird’s body.

-2342, -9418!

The powerful critical hit rate added by the Heartless Orb isn’t a joke. Ten attacks triggered a total of three critical hits. Especially the critical hit of Shooting Soaring Cloud dealing out almost 10 thousand damage. When the Zephyr Bird recovered from its frozen status, its HP had dropped by nearly 20%!

Powerful attacks for 5 seconds under his ultimate state with all of them hitting, in total dealing over 35 thousand damage!!

And if he did not have the Sagittarius Orb, only “Shooting Soaring Cloud” would be able to hit out of these ten attacks.

Like so, even after 200 seconds the Zephyr Bird’s HP will only be able to recover by 20 thousand and not all of it to full.

The Zephyr Bird that had been badly hurt let out a series of sorrowful cries, but before it could attack, the target in front had already swiftly run away, hiding in that deep part of the cave that cut off all of its attacks. It circled back and forth around the surroundings of the cave entrance but was simply unable to do anything to Ling Chen. Straightforwardly speaking, this attack style of Ling Chen’s is extremely shameless. If he were to fight face to face with the Zephyr Bird then with a flap of the Zephyr Bird’s wings he would unquestionably die. But, what decides victory is not just strength, but also luck, mentality and geography… That is what a true battle is!

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          Attributes: All attacks [Absolute Hit] (Ignore [Absolute Dodge] status), damage+50% when using any “arrow” class attack. Shooting range+50%, and triggers [Lossless Piercing] 100% of the time. (TL: Lossless piercing I’m assuming is no damage reduction when piercing through multiple targets. The direct translation is something like “No weakening piercing”. Suggestions welcomed.)

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