SW Chapter 78: Zephyr Blade

The thought crossed my mind to call this chapter, “Bird Jesus’ Stick”… But my judgement got the better of me.


Around 200 gold coins, 15 bottles of yellow potions, 3 green potions, dark blue potions 12, equipment… A whole 4 pieces!

[Wind Spirit’s Clothe]: Type: Full Body Light Armour, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any archer class profession LV15 or above. Mystical clothes that contain wind elemental power. After wearing body becomes light and agile like wind. Attributes: Defense+50, Agility+15, HP+100, Attack Speed+15, Wind Elemental Resistance+10%.

Full body armor is a type of armor where the upper and lower garments are connected and is equivalent to upper garment+lower garment.. Its stats are also greatly superior to a single piece of upper garment or lower garment of the same level and grade. This Wind Spirit’s Clothe may be one piece of equipment, but it is entirely the same as two pieces of Gold equipment, its value is naturally also extremely high. And this full body light armour not only adds a very high agility stat, it also increases attack speed… This armour will become the best of the best amongst archer equipment. If the stats are publicized, who knows how many archers it would make drool all over the ground.

[Wind Riding Boots]: Type: Boots, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any profession LV15 or above. Boots that hold deep, ethereal wind force. After wearing it you practically cannot feel any sense of weight. Attributes: Defense+20, Agility+8, Dodge+10, Movement Speed+10, Wind Elemental Resistance+5%.

Another piece of Gold gear, moreover it’s a pair of boots that adds a whole 10 points of movement speed. For any profession movement speed is always an extremely important attribute, it is also usually only boots/shoes that add movement speed. Ling Chen also immediately decided the owner of this pair of boots… Himself! With Item Manipulation Technique he can equip it when he reaches LV13.

[Wind Spirit Staff]: Type: Magic Staff (Long), Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any elementalist, priest or summoner class profession LV15 or above. A magic staff that harbours dense wind element, after equipping can buff the effects of wind magic. Attributes: Magic Attack Strength+50, Spirit+15, MP+50, All wind class spell damage+10%, all wind magic chanting time-20%.

The Wind Spirit Staff’s stats made Ling Chen speechless. Truly a piece of Gold equipment, this magic staff will greatly increase the strength of any magic class profession player that gets their hands on it. And if it falls into the hands of a wind class mage, that would simply be too terrifying… They would be able to directly pull far away from players originally of the same level of strength.

4 pieces of equipment, of them 3 are all Gold gear, truly the rewards from soloing a Celestial BOSS at a lower level. When Ling Chen held the last item in his hand, a colour of amazement flashed across his eyes… This is a long sword with a green-crystalline body, as if forged with the the highest quality emerald, unbelievably gorgeous. The sword hilt is a moderate size, able to be comfortably held in the hand. The sword blade is one meter long, the turquoise coloured crystal looked heavy, but it was actually incredibly light… Even a lot lighter than Sand Blade. The sword’s surface also flashed a fluctuating light green glow, Ling Chen even faintly sensed that there seemed to be currents of air circulating over the blade.

[Zephyr Blade]: Type: Two-Handed Sword, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any melee profession level 15 or above. A crystal sword forged from a pure wind elemental crystal. Light and sharp, it harbours within a high density of wind element. When swung it brings up the sound of howling wind and can freely release wind attribute attacks.

Attributes: Attack+110, Strength+20, Hit Rate+20, Attack Speed+20, when attacking 3% chance of causing the “Dazed” status.

Additional Attributes: Parry Judgement: 5; When attacking quickly will bring up a fierce wind pushing back the enemies in front.

Additional Skills: [Zephyr]: Release the wind element within the Zephyr Blade, causing all attacks to convert into wind attribute attacks. Can be activated and deactivated any time.

This turquoise coloured sword… Is actually a Celestial sword!!

At the same time Ling Chen was thrilled, a belated system notification rose up beside his ears:

“Ding… You have obtained Celestial item ‘Zephyr Blade’, it will be ranked number 1 in the China region equipment ranking list, do you need to hide your personal information?”

“No need!” Ling Chen tightly held the crystal sword in his hand, directly answering saying.

The next second, the China region’s equipment ranking list immediately changed:

China Region Equipment Ranking List:

Rank 1: Zephyr Blade, Type: Two-Handed Sword, Grade: Celestial, Owner: Ling Tian

Rank 2: Soaring Cloud, Type: Spear, Grade: Celestial, Owner: Ling Tian

The entire China region’s equipment ranking list in total only has two weapons… All belonging to Ling Chen alone!

Ling Tian… In a short period of time this name has repeatedly shocked the players of China. The first to obtain a Celestial item, the first to leave the Novice Village, and then obtaining the first pet… And it’s actually also a Celestial grade pet… Now, he’s actually gained another Celestial item.

If not for the fact that the Mystic Moon world is opened by the Cosmos Corporation that treats fairness as their lives and is guaranteed by dozens of the world’s most powerful countries along with the world’s ten biggest banks, players would first question if this person is a relative of Cosmos Corporation’s boss, or if he found some sort of loophole in the game world… But, developing until today the central cpu of virtual game world’s has already reached a nearly extreme perfection. There simply already no longers exists any so called loopholes or bugs. Even if they did appear, they would also be immediately patched by the central cpu at the first moment, this has already become general knowledge that is known to all. (TL: I don’t remember what I translated the company as before. Leave a comment if you guys remember.)

Then, that just leaves the last explanation… Either this person is blessed by rngesus, or this person possesses overpowered strength! But bullshit luck will always only ever be a coincidental matter. These actions of repeatedly shocking China and even the entire world, can it really be entirely explained as luck? Clearly not. Then, the explanation can only be the latter… The opening of every new virtual game world will always be accompanied by the appearance of one or multiple dark horses. But the “Ling Tian” this time, the momentum of the rise of this unfamiliar name is honestly a bit terrifying. All of China’s players can already no longer not remember this name, even those high and above massive guilds are also forced to focus more and more attention on the name “Ling Tian”.

“Ling Chen!! My idol!! Truly my only idol!! Truly the person that can tie against Eve, you actually obtained another Celestial item!! My god, how did you do it! Your name has practically exploded, I’d say all of China is talking about you… Even the county’s highest leaders also definitely already know your name… Oh right, I still haven’t told my little sis your name. She also doesn’t know that the savior that I found for her is the currently renowned ‘Ling Tian’. If she knew then she would definitely be thrilled to death!”

Ling Chen’s communication device rang with the voice of Yun Feng’s loud cries and shouts: “Cough cough, um, Ling Chen, you have two Celestial items now, what are your plans for them? Cough cough… You are the warrior profession, I am also the warrior profession. One sword, one spear, you definitely won’t be able to use them both, haha. Once I reach LV10 and get to Azure Dragon City, that, um, can… Cough Cough, can you let me use the one that you’re not using… Oh, you can also sell it to me, the price is up to you! A Celestial item, just thinking about it makes me buzzed… Hello! Hello? Say something… As long you are willing to agree, I’m willing to be your little bro! And you can also allow you to chase after my lil sis, my lil sis is an absolute beauty, not at all worse compared to your sister…”

“Say it later when you come to Azure Dragon City.”

Slam! Finishing saying one sentence Ling Chen very bluntly directly ended the call.

Ling Chen was not at all interested in what kind of reaction the appearance of the second Celestial item would induce in the outer world. He looked at the Zephyr Blade in amazement, hating that he cannot immediately equip it… Truly a Celestial item, just the added attack strength is as high as 110, almost triple of the Sand Blade in his hand. If he equips this sword his attack strength will once again greatly rise! What was slightly regretful is that the added skill “Zephyr” simply just converts attacks to the wind attribute. Compared to “Shooting Soaring Cloud” added by Soaring Cloud it appears a lot more pale and useless in comparison.

But, this is just what he thinks at the moment. When he equips this sword he will know how strong of an additional skill “Zephyr” is.

Even though he has the Item Manipulation Technique, Ling Chen still cannot equip the Zephyr Blade right now. He slightly reluctantly put away the Zephyr Blade, starting to continue taking inventory of his other spoils. Besides dropping 4 pieces of equipment the Zephyr Bird also dropped two scrolls along with two little items of unknown uses.

[Hidden Profession Scroll — Wind Spirit Marksman]: Hidden profession class change scroll, Usage Conditions: Level over LV10, after use can change classes to hidden profession “Wind Spirit Marksman”. After changing to this profession one can borrow the strength of the wind spirits to greatly enhance their body’s agility and movement speed, arrows shot out are quick as a gale of wind. The extreme of the class’s power can shoot out arrows of calamity like a tempest. When level reaches LV50, LV80 and LV100 class will automatically advance.

Another big unexpected harvest. This scroll in his hands is actually an incredibly rare and valuable hidden profession class change scroll that is entirely a priceless artifact!!

The number of existing hidden professions is honestly too little. Even if you find traces getting your hands on it is nearly impossible. How many players are there that look for a hidden profession their whole lives and are unable to find one. How many big wigs with huge power and resources that dream of obtaining a hidden profession but are all unable to do so. Hidden profession class change scrolls are one way of gaining a hidden profession. As long as one uses this scroll they will be able to directly change classes to the respective hidden profession. So these scroll have always been an astronomical price, and there is a price but no market. To obtain this kind of scroll who knows how lucky one has to be and what hardships and prices they had to experience. Even the people most lacking in cash are also mostly unwilling to sell them to other people.

Holding this hidden profession class change scroll Ling Chen’s heart even developed the impulse to use it… Because right now he has the Sagittarius Orb on him, if he changes class to an archer… Moreover a hidden archer profession, his strength will undoubtedly be way more terrifying than right now. Although, the impulse in his heart was also just an impulse, he wouldn’t actually do it. He came to change class to the strongest profession, of course he would not change to a different profession before that.

The other scroll looked more ordinary, like a sheet of white paper, there wasn’t any sort of flamboyant glow.

[Teleportation Scroll — Trial Ground Starting Point]: Spatial teleportation scroll, after use will be teleported to the starting point of War God’s Trial Ground. Can only be used once.

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