AAIAALSS Chapter 4: No matter what I will not admit that she is my type

I just discovered Reddit’s content policy update and the bans. In memory of the Loli subs I have translated another chapter of this. May the lolis forever rest in our souls. And Loliquent, may you forever find peace in your loli infused soul.

Another glorious morning… You think I would say this kind of sentence? Right now my situation could not be worse!

Right now I am kneeling at Awayume’s feet my two hands pulling her hand begging her to put down the cellphone in her hand and not call the cops! And the culprit is naturally Nanako-sensei who is currently sitting on my bed eating snacks in the morning! Oh, now I know her name is Yumeno Sena.

Returning to last night

“My real name is — Yumeno Sena”

In short after she finished speaking her name my dull reaction made her feel very unhappy.

“After knowing the name of the cutest loli in your heart you’re actually just giving me this kind of reaction?”

“Isn’t it just a name, don’t randomly add so many random prefixes in front. The image of a loli in my heart is not like you.”

“Huh? Have you already targeted someone’s daughter? Sigh… Clearly just a pervert lolicon, now you’re even a weak-willed pervert lolicon.

“I’m just a regular lolicon, don’t randomly add so many accusations on me. Not to mention if you have to say, when that true loli image was born in my heart you were still in grade 2, at that time there wasn’t any of your business.”

Yumeno Sena’s expression suddenly became very scary.

“You… You’re saying… You were already a lolicon when you were in grade 4?”

“Ya, hey your math is pretty good. At that time I probably couldn’t be considered a lolicon yet, it’s just that at that time the other side’s image had already been stationed in my heart.”

“Usually this kind of circumstance will develop into love right, exactly what happened to make you not go and chase after her but instead turn into this kind of pervert lolicon now.”

“Um… If you had to say then it really was a rough destiny, in short it can be explained as at at the time after she left a very deep impression in my heart she never appeared ever again. And then I fell in love with her at first sight unable to forget her, always remembering her appearance at that time. And then afterwards I then became an otaku during middle school, the more I came into contact with 2d lolis the deeper my longing of her became, and then in the end I became like this.”

“So what you want to express is that the you who is currently now a high school freshman still loves the grade 4 her of that time.”

Yumeno Sena helplessly leaned on the chair, shaking her head and swinging her pig tails.

“I say, don’t tell me that you’ve never thought that the her right now has definitely already grown up and that she is definitely no longer that image in your heart?”

“Of course I’ve thought of it, but after that time I’ve never seen her ever again, of course my impression of her has also always stopped at that time.”

“If one day she appears again before you but is not the image of that time, will you still like her?”


“Can’t say? And I thought you would pat your chest saying “I’m a pervert lolicon, all females that aren’t lolis should all die!”

“I’m just a regular lolicon.”

“Well, this kind of thing doesn’t really matter. In any case you also most likely won’t have the chance to see her again. Right now you can just continue hustling on pervert lolicon this road!”

Hearing her words I also felt slightly better, but I felt that her words were kind of strange somewhere. Since we finished eating I started to take care of the utensils.

“Want me to send you home?”

“Send me home?”

“Yeah, do you not need me to send you? Going home alone this late isn’t that safe.”

“Why go home? I’m staying here today.”

With a “Crash”, the plate in my hand fell to the ground.

“Honestly, clearly a pervert lolicon, you can even break a plate while washing it?”

“Breaking plates and lolicons have nothing… Wait! This isn’t the main point, what did you just say? Stay here?”

“Yeah, going home this late is very dangerous.”

“I already said I can send you home.”

“Don’t want! Who knows what kind of perverted actions you’ll do to me on the route sending me home this late.”

“That’s still safer compared to staying in my home for a night, right!”

“You’ve finally admitted that me staying in your house will make you this perverted lolicon unable to hold back?”

“No I won’t! What exactly are you thinking? Why stay at my place!”

“Didn’t I already say because it’s too late, so I already called by parents saying I’m staying at a classmate’s place today.”

“When did you make the call? How come I didn’t know at all?”

“Right when you were cooking, at that time I made the call while in your room looking for H items.”

“Freaking Christ! Doesn’t that mean that you already decided to stay at my house from the start!”

“Because I’d already predicted that it would get very late. Anyhow tomorrow’s the weekend so there’s no school,  no need to worry.”

“Exactly what’s happening for it to be up to you to say don’t worry”

“It’s okay, after all I already told you before that even if I’m asked to do this and that kind of things then I’ll just accept my life.”

“I won’t do anything! No wait, you saying this does that mean that you already decided to stay at my place before we even arrived at my home? Say this kind of trouble beforehand please!”

“Clearly a perverted lolicon actually telling me double-faced that he won’t do anything, what a hypocritical perverted lolcion. Clearly you’re extremely happy in your heart right now, your brain is filled with scenarios of how to humiliate me!”

“Can you not randomly make arbitrary interpretations of other people’s thoughts? Not a single part is right! Moreover why is the main character you, and you’re not worried at all?”

“Sigh, starting from the day I knew that my illustrator is a perverted lolicon I had already predicted the events happening right now.”

“Please don’t use past perfect tense to say this line, I still haven’t done anything!”

“Then what do I use? Present progressive tense?  You’re finally about to be unable to resist you perverted lolicon?”

Yumeno Sena started to undress.

“Is there a problem with your brain? Even if I wanted to do something would it up to you to undress?”

“Huh? I say can’t you wait a bit more you perverted lolicon? No matter what it’s still my first time! Of course I have to wash myself clean!”

“Enough enough, go wash…”

I was completely speechless. This was like one day a girl came to your house with a delivery, and then before she gave the package to you she first ran into your house saying to you “Ah, you human trash, what do you want to do to me?”, and then before you could say anything she then said again “Sigh, since I knew that I had to come deliver a package to your house I already knew what would happen right now”, following before you could even express how baffled you are she then pitifully says again: “Excuse me, where is the shower, this is my first time, please allow me to clean myself and then enjoy me?”

What else can you say when you encounter this kind of situation? Everything is up to her to begin with! I remember it was also her that filled in the application form for this school in Tokyo that I applied for that I am currently in. My duty was only to come take the exam, this self-assertion skill of hers is already MAX!

All in all after I passed a load of time randomly thinking, Yumeno Sena who was actually only wrapped in a bath towel just barged into my room like that. I noticed that her little face was slightly red, maybe it’s because she just finished taking a shower, and then her hand seemed to want to…

“Don’t pull apart your towel!”

I hurriedly yelled out.

“Pervert lolicon do you want to pull it open yourself? Will this kind of personally exploring the loli body that you love the most make you more excited? Sigh… Really can’t do anything with you.”

“I would never pull open your towel! Hurry up and go put your clothes on!”

“I just finished showering how can I go put on my clothes?”

She wasn’t wrong, usually those formal wears like school uniforms will not be worn after showering at home, and so I went to my wardrobe and found a shirt for her.

“Truly a pervert lolicon, this action of only giving a loli a shirt and no pants is really well practiced.”

“You can’t even wear my pants! Not to mention this shirt of mine can at the very least cover up to your knees when you wear it!”

I wasn’t saying nonsense. I bought this shirt a few sizes too big, even now it’s still a bit big for me. Overall after I turned my head to a place that I couldn’t see her change clothes she took off the towel and changed into my shirt.

“Sigh, pervert lolicon is really big.”

“I beg you please don’t say such easy to misunderstand words okay! Please don’t randomly get rid of the most important word ‘clothes’.”

Since she finished changing I stood up, preparing to leave the room.

“Where are you going?”

“Going to sleep. it’s already this late.”

“You don’t sleep here?”

“Isn’t it obvious that I’m giving the room to you, and then going to sleep on the sofa in accordance to the standard practice of middle schooler code, what is there to ask about?”

“Don’t give me that kind of bullshit at this time, I came to your room willing to risk having the resolution of being violated and you’re just leaving like that?”

“You don’t even need to have this kind of redundant resolution, anyhow I will not sleep here.”

“I’ll look for Sejima-sensei’s number right now…”

“Enough! How many more times do you want to use this trick! Right now it’s you who is blackmailing me wanting to violate me!”

Yumeno Sena directly faced her phone screen towards me. Currently she only needs to tap and she will be able to call Sejima-sensei’s number. I was forced to lie on the bed, anything that happens afterwards I don’t care anymore!

“And so the me who lied down for not too long fell asleep, as for anything that happened afterwards I don’t know! Awayume you have to believe me, I beg you don’t call the cops!”

I kneeled on the ground pulling on her hand and begging. Honestly without the need for her to say I already know how easy to misunderstand the situation that happened this morning was. It was definitely Awayume who came into my room using my home’s spare key coming to “seduce” as per usual, and then see the me who is a lolicon actually sleeping together with a little loli, no matter who they would think of directly calling the cops.

“Nanako-sensei! I beg you say something too, stop eating snacks!”

“Call me Sena-sama.”


At this time that little loli at the bed Yumeno Sena finally put down the snack in her hands, walking to Awayume’s side and lifting up her head looking at her after wiping clean the crumbs on my bed.

“Anyhow I’ve already done a lot of things with this pervert lolicon, even if you call the police it’s already too late.”

“How the hell are you defending me! What exactly is this so called “done a lot of things”? How come I don’t know at all!”

In the end I finally made Awayume believe me at the table after earnestly and sincerely preparing three servings of breakfast.

“Then that is to say, this little girl is your coworker Aoba-kun?”

“I’m already second year middle school, I’m only just two years younger than you.”

“Huh! I thought you were still an elementary schooler.”

Awaymue inadvertently hurt Sena’s heart.

“A… Anyways this appearance of mine can also just perfectly satisfy that pervert lolicon sitting over there!”

“Please don’t say satisfy, in my opinion besides your appearance being able to be called a loli, intrinsically you’re an existence that will destroy my faith.”

I mercilessly said this line.

“Could it be that there’s actually lolis that you don’t like Aoba-kun?And I thought that you’d already been completely captured by Yumeno-chan!”

“No no no, Awayume you don’t even know how over the top she is.”

“Yumeno-chan looks very good.”

“That’s just you being tricked by her outer loli appearance! In her heart she’s really just a vulgar dirty uncle! What she thinks of all day is all images of her characters being undressed! The worst is that she also always wants me to draw these illustrations that go against my faith!”


Yumeno Sena heavily slammed the chopsticks on the table.

“Said enough? I’m going.”

Me and Awayume blankly watched her walk out the door.

“Ah! Aoba-kun you big idiot, who does that, speaking bad of a girl in front of another girl! Hurry up and chase after Yumeno-chan!”

“Okay… okay…”

I put down my chopsticks, chasing over. Walking out of the apartment the spacious streets did not have Sena’s figure.

“She clearly just walked out not too long ago, how come she’s already gone.”

I searched around in a small area around the apartment but did not discover Sena, and so I thought of a possibility. I returned to the apartment, following the stairs and walking all the way to the apartment’s roof. The apartment’s roof is a rooftop, sure enough there I saw Sena leaning against the railing looking at the sky, and so I slowly walked over.”

“Don’t tell me you want to jump down.”

“Huh? What are you saying? Do you think I would take things too hard because of a couple words from a stupid pervert lolicon? That kind of ant-like existence simply cannot make me care.”

“I subtly feel very hurt… Well, anyhow… Sorry, I shouldn’t have said those word.”




“Sena-sama shouldn’t you say a little something? Or else just me apologizing is very awkward.”

“Just call me Sena.”

“I see, then… Sena, I’m sorry.”


“Is that forgiving me?”

“I’ve already said that I don’t even care about the words said by a pervert lolicon like you, humph!”

I was completely shocked.

“This… Is this tsundere?”

“What? Is it really strange that a cute girl like me has this kind of attribute? Are you regretting right now that you didn’t push me down last night? Well… If you kneel down and beg me right now, maybe I’ll give you another chance.”

“Sure enough everything was just an illusion.”

Sena’s fist heavily smashed into my stomach, manga saying that loli fists don’t hurt at all is all wrong! At least the scenery of me kneeling on the ground from pain is not a lie.

“You really did kneel, sure enough a pervert lolicon like you will not let go of me!”

“Dammit! Sure enough I will never like an existence like you who overturns my faith!”

“Hello, is it Sejima-sensei, long time no see I’m Nanako, I have an illustrat…”

“Sena I honestly love you to death!”

Yumeno Sena laughed happily, shaking the black-screened phone at me.

She definitely is the child of Satan, no mistake!

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