SW Chapter 81: Ling Tian Battle Soul

Wow, my mind had the hardest time translating today for some reason. Anyways, here’s the chapter. And no, I did not leave anything out, the rest of the information will be continued next chapter.

Taking out the rusted key the Zephyr Bird dropped, Ling Chen walked towards that stone statue at the end of the stone room. On the stone statue is that locked metal chest. This key in my hand is really the key that can open this chest?

Standing in front of the stone statue, Ling Chen held up the key, inserting it into the metal chest’s only hole and then lightly turning it.

Sound of lock turning and then unlocking!

After a light sound, the tightly shut metal chest opened at the sound under Ling Chen’s gaze.

Success! Ling Chen shouted in his heart. The rusted key dropped by the Zephyr Bird is exactly the one that War God’s voice mentioned. Which also means that killing the Zephyr Bird is equivalent to passing the trial.

Opening the chest, Ling Chen was just about to go and see what was in the chest when a mass of dark coloured light accompanied by a strange aura suddenly came out from the chest making Ling Chen subconsciously take a few steps back.

The light released from the chest hovered in the air, gradually depicting the form of an aged old man’s upper body. The old man’s face is entirely unclear… It occurred to Ling Chen right away that this should be the image of War God during that time.

“Very good, a person has finally passed the trial I left behind… No, maybe I should say, someone has actually passed this trial.”

Ling Chen: “…” (Someone has actually passed this trial… What does that mean!? Is it that you didn’t even prepare to let people pass this trial you set?)

“You’re probably very shocked about this line of mine, right? Hehe… Actually, if the me right now was still alive, I’d also be shocked that you actually passed this trial. This trial that even I did not think that anyone could pass. Because wanting a LV15 or below human to defeat a LV15 Celestial Beast under an extremely unfavorable environment is something that nobody would think could be done by a person. I believe that even the me of that time with extremely high talent would also be unable to do it at LV15 or below.

But, I still did not change the difficulty of the trial because I longed for a prodigy of extraordinary talent… A true genius that can break through the limits of a human to appear. Even though I did not know whether or not such a person would exist or appear, I still could not stop this longing of mine. Because only this kind of person has the possibility to accomplish the goal that I strived towards my entire life but did not achieve… Becoming the first human to reach Saint Destroyer.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“You’ve done it. I am unable to know what method you used, even if you had the help of some sort of powerful item or had incredible luck, you still did it in the end. I am very willing to pass on the power that I left behind at the end of my life to a prodigy like you. I believe that you will definitely use this power to the most extreme strength… And even surpass me. I am a martial arts extremist, my entire life I have been living to chase after the most extreme strength. I hope that the you who has inherited my strength will also be able to inherit and complete my dying wish, one day touching the Saint Destroyer level that human’s are unable to reach, becoming the true “War God” as the first human to break through the limits of humans!

In War God’s voice a grey coloured scroll slowly floated out from the chest, drifting in Ling Chen’s direction. Ling Chen reached out his arm, grabbing it in his hand.

“ This is the special scroll sealed with the last of my power. All you need to do is crush it and the power within will seep into your body becoming your own strength. But my power does not pass on to those of mediocrity, so this scroll can only be used in this space and cannot be given to a person after bringing it out. If you are above inheriting my strength then you can put back this scroll and then there will naturally be a force to send you away from here. After using this scroll sealed with the last of my strength, you will also possess the beginner profession that is the carrier of this power. I once  named the ultimate form of this profession as “God Slayer”, because my entire life I have been striving to be able to reach the level of ‘slaying gods’. But this class name is great blasphemy towards the mighty ‘Moon God Clan’ so it cannot be actually used. But then again, what we chase after is powerful strength, what the profession is called in not important at all. You are about to change class to the beginner profession, let’s just have you name it yourself. I only desire for my strength to be able to help you reach the peak that I once dreamed to set foot on. Then, if you are willing to inherit my strength, then crush the scroll in your hand, let the last bit of my soul be able to feel my own strength being passed down.”

War God’s voice slowly died away, everything fell into silence. Ling Chen held the scroll in his hand… Saying this he wasn’t excited would be a lie. The Hall of Heroic Souls has been established for 1000 years, but never has there been a person able to obtain War God’s inheritance. In a thousand years, 6 stunning geniuses have even died in this trial. Before entering here, no matter if it was the class trainers or the guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls, they all extremely seriously told him that he absolutely cannot choose this trial… This was simply a trial that could not be passed.

But under the powerful effect of “Soul Sacrifice”, under the blessing of fortune, he succeeded… Becoming the only person to pass War God’s trial after the appearance of the Hall of Heroic Souls! Right now, he is even holding War God inheritence power in his hands.

The Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian very assuredly replied to him that this will be one of the most powerful professions… Its power is superior to any one of the other 10 powerful hidden profession of The Hall of Heroic Souls.

[Hidden Profession Scroll — War God’s Inheritance]: Usage Requirements: Person approved by War God and can only be used in War God’s Trial Ground. After use will inherit War God’s strength changing class to the respective beginner profession. Profession name can be freely named, but due to the fact that this is power that originates from War God’s soul, you need to add the two words “Battle Soul” at the end of the profession. The general abilities and direction of this profession are unknown, but in War God’s life the most apex power was the greatest pursuit of his entire life, thus all his abilities walked the attack route, so this profession also walks the pure attack route, it almost does not touch upon any support or defense abilities.

A pure attack only route… No support or defense ability…

And is this not also exactly what Ling Chen has always been seeking! From the very start, Ling Chen put all of the AP gained from leveling up all into strength, not a single point was split to constitution or agility. The reason, is it not precisely to pursue the ultimates attack strength.

Not thinking anymore, he steadied his mind, slowly crushing the grey coloured scroll in his hand. Instantly, a mass of grey light spilt out from the crushed scroll, slowly landing on Ling Chen’s body and seeping into his body… A surge of raging power swept across every part of Ling Chen’s body…

“Ding… You have successfully received War God’s strength inheritance, about to change class to the new class, original class ‘Apprentice Warrior’  gone, original class skills ‘Full Power Strike’, ‘Crescent Slash’, and ‘Fire of Rage’ gone, please name the new class. Because the new power originates from War God’s soul, the two words ‘Battle Soul’ need to be added at the end of the profession. Class skills will also be named based on the self-designated class name.”

The arrival of a new class will definitely cause the original class to disappear, what disappears naturally also includes the class skills. “Full Power Strike”, “Crescent Slash” and “Fire of Rage” were all max level skills.  just disappearing like this honestly made Ling Chen a bit pained, but… But the strongest profession according to the guardian of The Hall of Heroic Souls, no matter what its class skills should be stronger than the apprentice warrior’s, right.

“Ling… Tian…” Pondering for a short moment, Ling Chen shouted out his name in this world… The new class, he used his own name to name it.

“Ding… New profession ‘Ling Tian Battle Soul’ successfully named!”

“Ding… You have successfully changed class to the hidden profession ‘Ling Tian Battle Soul’, HP+220, MP+110, Physical Attack Strength+50, 4 big basic attributes+10, SP+100.”

In a flashing white light the new profession was successfully added to Ling Chen, he then extended his arms, silently feeling the power flowing through his entire body. “Ling Tian Battle Soul”, this is the new profession named after himself and is also the beginner class state of War God’s inherited power. The stats added when changing class made Ling Chen surprised and thrilled… Adding a whole 50 points of attack strength at once, this is the same as the attack strength added by a LV15 Gold grade weapon! It is the same as the attack strength temporarily added by a max level “Fire of Rage”! Each of the four basic attributes were increased by 10 points, a total of 40 points… The same as attribute points that can only be gained after consecutively levelling up 8 levels! After regular classes change classes they will usually all add a relatively large amount of HP and MP, the increase of attributes is very little. Who knows how many more times the attribute points added by War God’s profession is compared to regular professions.

Just this one point made Ling Chen clearly see the extreme strength of this class.

“Ding… You have successfully unlocked ‘Ling Tian Battle Soul’s’ class skills: ‘War God Technique’,  ‘Ling Tian Slash’, ‘Ling Tian Burst’, ‘Four Corners Star Formation’, ‘Battle Soul Possession’.”

Following the notification sound sounding up again, “Ling Tian Battle Soul’s” class information page automatically appeared in front of Ling Chen.

[Ling Tian Battle Soul]: A special class born from inheriting “War God’s” soul force, named by player “Ling Tian”. This class chases after the most powerful attack strength, the characteristics of all class skills is that they all exist to reach extreme attack strength. Possesses extremely powerful destructive power but does not have any support, defense or CC ability.

Class Talent: Immune to all abnormal statuses that can cause physical attack strength and ability to drop.  Basic Attribute Effects: 1 Strength=2 Physical Attack Strength, 1 Constitution=10 HP+1 Defense, 1 Agility=1 point of Hit Rate+1 Point of Dodge, 1 Spirit=2 Magic Attack Strength+10MP. Adds 20 points of HP, 20 points of MP and 5 aP with every level up. 5 AP will be forcibly added onto the strength attribute.

Class Skills:

[War God Technique]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV2: 1000. Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practise can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently. Effect: Strength increases by X points, physical attack strength increased by 3*X (X=Current level).

[Ling Tian Slash]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV2: 200. Using the weapon in the hand to attack a single enemy, suddenly releasing the strength of the battle soul the instant you hit the enemy dealing devastating damage towards the opponent. Effect: Single target attack, damage is equal to 200% of regular attacks, critical hit chance+5%, 5% chance of stunning for 3-5 seconds, very big chance of pushing back the target, MP Consumption: 15, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Ling Tian Burst]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV2: 200. Pouring the battle soul power into the weapon, instantly releasing it when slashing forward creating a power explosion in a small area, attacking all targets in a 5 meter area in front, damage is equal to 100% of regular attacks, MP Consumption: 20, Cooldown Time: 0.

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    It’s one of the reasons I stopped reading Zhan Long. The character, too me -a game designer- was just too stupid. “Hey, let’s play as Support Healer class, because my Job kinda necessitates it, but let’s not actually do anything like that and just spam-level strength with no side-effects, because, heck, why do Magic/Healer types need Intelligence and Wisdom, right? Not like total Mana and Mana-Regen have anything to do with these stats.”
    Sorry, for the ‘rant’ but knowing how hard it is to actually balance the whole attribute-skill-class thing is, it just rubs me the wrong way.

    I just hope, and considering that Ling Tian will have close to no Support or Defense Skills (except the ones he will get will probably be OP along the lines of ‘Negate all Physical Damage for 2 Seconds. Cooldown 1/2 Seconds Mana Cost: 5 Mana’ and/or ‘Negate all Magical Damage for 2 Seconds. Cooldown 1/4 Seconds, Mana Cost: 6 Mana’ -> Stacks with other Negate Abilites) I can only hope the Story won’t disappoint in that aspect.
    Then again, it kinda reads like a wish-fulfillment story, so the super-handsome, all pretty-women-fall-for-him OP Gary Stue type character will only continue to grow. At least he has some enemies, right?

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