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AAIAALSS Chapter 4: No matter what I will not admit that she is my type

I just discovered Reddit’s content policy update and the bans. In memory of the Loli subs I have translated another chapter of this. May the lolis forever rest in our souls. And Loliquent, may you forever find peace in your … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 3: Enemy Attack!

A little lesson on the pronunciations of some names, but I won’t be teaching the tone of the words. Lin (Lean), Feng (Fung) | Shi (Sh) Tian (Tien, think dragonball. but not so much emphasis on the Ti.) Hao (How) … Continue reading

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Change of mind about donations.

Uh, sorry guys. I’ve changed my mind. I have been shown the error of my ways and I have seen the light. I will not be accepting any money. I shall continue translating as I am. I sincerely thank Ano … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 2: Being the Old Grandpa for People

A couple things to say. One, about the old grandpa. You guys know how in a lot of Chinese web novels, the MC gets some kind of super item and inside there’s usually someone/something sealed inside that guides and teaches the … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 1: The Cheating System

Currently this is the one that I’m most interested in. I’d say there’s a good chance this is what I’ll be translating. As for how it’ll work, I’ll most likely just alternate between Shura’s Wrath and this. And if anyone’s … Continue reading

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Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampage

This is one novel that I’m thinking of translating. I’m still looking around for other novels. I’m curious what type of novels you guys are most interested in. It won’t really affect me that much but I’ll look around and see … Continue reading

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