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HN1F Chapter 16: Fighting for the Post of Old Grandpa

Hey guys, I’ve also translated a baidu wiki page which I thought was pretty funny that talks about the characteristics of certain Chinese web novel protagonists so you can go check that out at the almanac of knowledge.

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HN1F Chapter 15: It’s Not Easy Being A Milk Dad

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Life, school, studying, laziness, ‘nough said. It’ll probably be about a chapter a week from now on. If you don’t remember, a milk dad is a man that takes care of the family instead … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 87: Cloud Trotting Horse

Man, this chapter makes no sense to me. What has to be going through your head to decide to go solo a LV80-100 or above super nightmare impossible difficulty level dungeon at LV11 where dying or failure to complete the … Continue reading

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Some stuff about HN1F

The world of HN1F is a mixture of the altered worlds of Battle Through the Heavens, Perfect World, Xian Ni, Transcending the Nine Heavens, another book and the author’s own creations. In this book, you will see characters based off … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 14: 2 Rings

Okay guys, it’s time for me to come clean. The reason I made this website is so that after I gain a following, I can post my university homework and assignments here for you guys to help me. That way … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 13: The Fallen Prodigy


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HN1F Chapter 12: Encountering a Disciple Stealer

Okay, based off of a comment posted, I have made a poll. You can go to the poll page to vote for your dissatisfaction towards me. I’ve left the “other” option so go crazy with that. Poll. And about the … Continue reading

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