A little misunderstanding

So people, I think we have a little misunderstanding here. My bad for the way I worded my post before. Basically I will be prioritizing HN1F, that means that I will translate more chapters of it but I will still be translating Shura’s Wrath at the same time. So maybe it’d be like for 2-4 chapter of HN1F I’d translate a chapter of Shura’s Wrath. Or maybe if I’m feeling like it I’ll translate more chapters of Shura’s Wrath. It’s really all on a whim and how I’m feeling.

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25 Responses to A little misunderstanding

  1. Luo says:

    Yes! I personally have found SW to be rather lacking and couldn’t bare to continue after chapter 30. Part of that is due to it be Virtual Reality and I’ve got enough of that at this point since everyone is doing.

    HN1F on the other hand is a completely different style that I’ve not read before, that is really enjoyable… And plus, he’s hilarious(the main char). I really look forward to the rest of it.


  2. Belkar says:

    Not that I don’t appreciate all your effort and I look forward to weekly+ updates … but I wish all those new posts were chapters of Shura’s Wrath.


  3. Whitejaws says:

    LIKe da Hn1F and shuras wrath but founder more


  4. Baghram says:

    Just try and contact another translator to help you translate Shura’s Wrath if you don’t feel like doing it. That way you can focus on the series you actually like, and the people who want their Shura’s Wrath fix can get it as well.

    Sounds like a win-win to me. I’m sure there are other translators who are interested in helping you if you only acknowledge the option to do exists,

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    • nzmanhdee says:

      Options? Do you have one? Translators are always needed, so yeah, there is always a limited amount.


      • Baghram says:

        I don’t have any translators I know, however, I’m also not part of the ‘inner circle’ most of the translators keep pretty close ties and/or know each other. Or you can contact RWX from Wuxiaworld who knows everyone or just make a topic on the reddit/noveltranslations page.

        I think actively saying you wouldn’t mind another translator and looking for one will get you way better results than waiting them to come to you with the inquiry of you maybe wanting help.

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  5. nzmanhdee says:


    Shura’s wrath has been spoiled
    He gets super OP


  6. My Comment says:

    I don’t think people have any misunderstanding. At least till I commented on SW Chapter 86 there was none.

    Most of us want more of SW. Can you at least have a poll to check what people want more. I know poll won’t change your decision but at least you and us will know what most of us want.

    I really want a poll. If SW has very low vote, I will surrender completely and never speak of poll again.


  7. Taku says:

    Cool I’m enjoying HN1F! 🙂


  8. ambi says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Do what feels best for you. I’m just happy you’re not dropping Shura’s Wrath haha. 🙂


  9. Anon says:

    Still sad boys ;-;


  10. sewtzz says:

    I’m sad over your choice of Priority, but I’m happy that you keep translating Shura! Thanks for the chapters.


  11. Kakemonoko says:

    I don’t really like HN1F but i am glad you still continue shura


  12. koog008 says:

    that is some sad news.. I dont even read hn1f.. sounds boring


  13. YunChe123 says:

    I think HN1F is great, so Im happy.


  14. deadlybell says:

    kinda sad since HNf1 was one of the series thats being translated that i couldnt bring myself to really get into ~ oh well XD cant really complain just because i dont like something that would be selfish just means ill be on this site a lot less is all 😛


  15. wanderer says:

    Why bother explaining if it is all done on a whim? As such can change at any given moment. Might as well just do what you want to as you are and people will just have to deal with it. Only time explanations are not needed is when individual donations are given for specific novels.


  16. Arthur Dent says:

    Ok, personnaly if i can count on a news chapter of SW (so no drop) i’m kinda happy….execpt if the rythm become realllllllllly slow (i think a of a team who made a awesome work but…..6 project and not 1 chapter of each per month it’s too hard >_<)


  17. ai001yui says:

    its your choice 🙂 its a nice whim hehe


  18. Anon the Nameless anonymous says:

    we look forward to your translation sir translator


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