Some stuff about HN1F

The world of HN1F is a mixture of the altered worlds of Battle Through the Heavens, Perfect World, Xian Ni, Transcending the Nine Heavens, another book and the author’s own creations. In this book, you will see characters based off of characters from these novels such as Xiao Yan, Shi Tian Hao (Shi Hao) and other such characters. The beginning of this novel should be treated as a sort of parody to these novels. Once the MC gathers his 4 disciples, the story will then start moving along it’s own plot line and this is when the story truly starts. You will still see some familiar events related to the characters except a bit altered, but the overall plot and story will be centered around the author’s own original plot. If you cannot accept this, then do not read this novel.

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17 Responses to Some stuff about HN1F

  1. ???? says:

    This novel sucks.


  2. R says:

    As someone that had read both Shura Wrath and H1NF over 800 chapters at the moment, I conclude that H1NF wins down compared tp SW.

    Maybe nobody will believe it for now, but Sylver here will be proven to make the right choice later.

    This is one crooked an hilarious founder though.

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  3. Eyu says:

    yeah i don’t want read this novel…

    i fucking like shura wrath 10000 times than this


  4. Asf says:

    Just wanna say, Im sad that you lost interest in shuras wrath and planning to drop it..
    It isnt fun beeing the recieving end.. nothing i can do to continue read the story..
    But.. mostly.because Im old and dont want to bother picking.up another language to learn though..
    Ahwell.. gluck with your other project!!


  5. Starfree says:

    History number 1 founder is awesome
    glad you decided to prioritize it~
    Also didn’t the fact that it’s going to have chacracter from another novel but altered already explained in the first chapter of HN1F?
    I really think that those who still complain about that is either stupid, or just plain don’t like it and decide to bash it~
    Either way thank you for your hard work!

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  6. Rainhawk says:

    it good thig if u add it to synopsis page warn another reader before read this


  7. Tuker says:

    i Support your decision to switch over. I really liked Shura Wrath at first but after some time it started to get annoying he is getting too ridiculous both in strength and personality. Although H1F1 isn’t truly original, but i can tell its going in its own special direction and the MC and the story is quite humorous. I really cant wait to read the next chapter. Thanks for all the hard worker.

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  8. Constructive Opinion says:

    Sigh, I would advise people to just move onto another reliable translator for light novels. This site seems to be plagued with uncertainty and spontaneity. Of course, this is all a project done on the premise of making little to no money from it. But, as your audience, I would at least expect you not be so fickle and subtly dismissive to the comments that come in the form of “we came to this site for shura’s wrath” or “why start a new series when its lowering your target audience’s interest. Now some people will call me an asshole or jackass, but understand that it’s not wrong for people like me who has supported this site since its early beginnings has to see such an unwanted and unnecessary change in overall direction.

    If you do anything, read this post with an open-mind and do not automatically dismiss this as angry criticism, take this with a grain of salt and truly understand that I do represent a small group of people who feel similar to what I have said. Other than that, I hope life suits you well and I hope I can help to inspire new projects and such in you.


    • Anonymous says:

      Lol to be honest i like this story more than shura wrath and if u guys and the small group of ppl didnt it like why than ur ppl make ur own translation if u too butthurt…


    • Isekai says:

      it is “unwanted and unnecessary” from your point of view, while the point of view that matter is the translator’s one, because it is he/she that have to feel comfortable doing it, after all it isn’t work, it is essentialy a hobby.


    • sylver135 says:

      The reason I’ve been so all over the place before is because I was looking for a direction, by direction I don’t just mean the translation projects but also how I want to run the site. I have now essentially found my direction. As for Shura’s Wrath, if you think about it, why does a man do something that causes people to be unhappy? One, because he is forced to or two, because he enjoys doing it. Naturally I am number 2. I understand that a lot of you guys come here for Shura’s Wrath, but I’m simply not that interested anymore in translating Shura’s Wrath. I know that one day I will drop Shura’s Wrath. In the mean time, I will keep translating it for you guys, even if there’s less chapters, until that day comes. I appreciate the criticism and you’ve really helped me think a lot of things through and sort out my thoughts.


  9. Monster says:

    Look forward to the rest of the story. Hope you translate till the end. Thanks for Translating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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  10. Jakk says:

    I can’t really get into the story as I keep imagining Grandpa Doehring or the other ‘little Grandpa’ being stuck in there rings, forever alone.

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  11. Jove Peters says:

    I had thought it might end after gathering the disciples, actually. I look forward to the original plot and what it portends.


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