SW Chapter 87: Cloud Trotting Horse

Man, this chapter makes no sense to me. What has to be going through your head to decide to go solo a LV80-100 or above super nightmare impossible difficulty level dungeon at LV11 where dying or failure to complete the quest completely screws you over.

Should I accept this quest?

Ling Chen was not surprised at all about Azure Dragon’s mayor giving him a relatively difficult quest. Because any quest with either of the attributes “Hidden” or “Unique” are all exceptionally hard, and quests with the “Hidden Unique” attribute are even more difficult. But what Ling Chen didn’t expect is the penalty suffered if this quest fails… Fame directly dropping to 0, mayor’s favourabilty greatly decreases, unable to receive any quests in Azure Dragon City…

The fuck, is there a quest penalty more brutal than this!! This is practically even scarier than level dropping by 3! If he really fails this quest, this failure penalty will cause him to struggle greatly in Azure Dragon City. This quest penalty also seems to have just a bit of a soul… If he doesn’t accept the quest then that’s that, nothing will happen. But once he accepts it Azure Dragon’s mayor will attach the hope of saving his son to him. If he succeeds he will naturally be thanked profusely, but if he fails… and then the mayor’s son dies, then all of his resentment will be directly focused on Ling Chen. Who cares whether or not he’s War God’s successor, his favorability will directly drop to the level of disgust. Once news of this spreads there won’t be an NPC in Azure Dragon City willing give him a quest…

Moreover, this quest’s difficulty has been directly determined by the system as “Impossible to complete”, and it is accompanied by such a terrifying failure penalty. Do I really accept it? Hidden unique quests are indeed accompanied by generous rewards, but the difficulty is also extremely high, at the same time there will also be the brutal death penalty. The levels of Azure Dragon City’s city guard’s at the very least have to be LV80 and above, even people of this level of strength directly vanished after going to Silent Soul Ridge, he’s just a player that just reached LV11… Anybody would think that this is simply suicide, and suicide isn’t the end, a big pile of scary penalties will be smashed downwards closely afterwards.

But…on the flip side, doesn’t the scarier the difficulty and penalty of a quest mean that after completion, one will be able to obtain increasingly greater rewards?

“Okay, I accept! Within one month I will bring back Black Flame Grass.”

Ling Chen lifted his head, focusing his eyes and giving Azure Dragon’s mayor his response. After responding the worry and hesitation in his heart instantly vanished without trace. The reason that an extremely little number of people can be different from the vast majority of people is because they dare to do things that most people don’t have the courage and resolution to do. In this world there has never been anything that is “absolutely impossible”, just like War God’s trial that he passed before, isn’t that also an impossible to pass trial in their mouths? But the result is that he chose it and passed.

“Good!” Azure Dragon’s mayor joyfully nodded his head: “Truly the person that can pass War God’s trial, just this resolution of not being afraid of hardships and death is enough to impress people. Even though your strength right now is very low, I can feel an inexplicable sense of trust from you. The journey towards Silent Soul Ridge is long, going towards there it’s best if you go to the mount shop and pick a mount, oh right…” Azure Dragon’s mayor took out magic pen and paper and rapidly wrote down a few lines of words. He then sealed it in an envelope: “Take this and then hand it to the mount shop’s store owner. He will gift you the mount shop’s best mount for free.”

“Even though I am anxious and uneasy in my heart, I still suggest that you first increase your strength before going to Silent Soul Ridge. You have inherited War God’s strength so your levelling speed should be very fast. The higher your strength the better your chances. When you’re prepared to go towards Silent Soul Ridge, leave from the east and continue heading east, when you can’t find the path you can ask the citizens along the way. Any random person will know where the path is towards Silent Soul Ridge. After all that is a forbidden area that everybody knows. Young man, I can no longer bear to let countless city guards go die, all of my hope is placed on you, I await your triumphant return…”

I am a dividing line…

“I’ve accepted a really troublesome quest.” Holding onto [Azure Dragon’s mayor’s Letter of Introduction] and walking out of the mayor’s residence, Ling Chen said so in a low voice. This is undoubtedly the hardest quest he has ever seen along with the most brutal quest penalty. Forgotten Continent’s countless masters don’t even dare to set foot there, a forbidden area where whoever goes there dies. I’m just a tiny player, can I really complete this quest? He was worried… But in reality, the depths of his heart was jumping with excitement. He was born as the kind of person where the harder something is, the more he wants to challenge it.

“Since I’ve accepted it then I will prepare properly.”

Heading towards the item he used the big pile of gold coins dropped by the Zephyr Bird to max out his yellow potions and dark blue potions. After thinking for a moment he then bought some luxury items… The green potion that can instantly recover 800 HP, lastly he got a copy of Azure Dragon City’s map and then walked out of the item shop.

On the Azure Dragon City map he locked onto the location of the mount shop and then headed straight there.

The mount shop is not big, there is only a shriveled, old little man watching the shop. Maybe due to there being no business the little old man is sitting there listless, hearing someone come in he also only moved his eyelids, too lazy to even open his eyes.

Ling Chen swept the surroundings with his eyes and did not see any mounts or anything related, but on the wall behind the little old man there hangs the codes and prices of all kinds of mounts.

[Bay Horse]: Grade 1 mount, after mounting movement speed+20, no extra abilities, cannot be upgraded. Price: 200 gold.

[Big Horse]: Grade 1 mount, after mounting movement speed+30, no extra abilities, cannot be upgraded. Price: 500 gold.

[Thousand Mile Horse]: Grade 1 mount, after mounting movement speed+40, no extra abilities, cannot be upgraded. Price: 2000 gold.

[Akhal-Teke Horse]: Grade 1 mount, after mounting movement speed+50, no extra abilities, cannot be upgraded. Price: 5000 gold.

[Cloud Trotting Horse]: Grade 1 mount, after mounting movement speed+60, no extra abilities, cannot be upgraded. Price: 20000 gold.

The mount shop only sells a total of 5 kinds of horses. Following the increase of the added movement speed the prices also rise at a staggering pace. That last mount the Cloud Trotting Horse that adds 60 movement speed is actually sold at 20000 gold! At the current moment where currency exchange has yet to open, this is an astronomical price that nobody can pay. Although these prices also visually display the importance of movement speed in the game world. Regardless of which profession, movement speed is always an extremely important attribute, nobody has ever doubted this. Due to this, no matter what equipment it is as long as it adds movement speed then it is the best of the best.

“Boss, get a horse.” Ling Chen took a few steps forward, taking out Azure Dragon’s mayor’s letter of introduction.

Hearing Ling Chen’s voice the little old man selling horses finally opened his eyes by a slit. Seeing the letter in Ling Chen’s hands his eyes finally opened fully. He took an extra glance at Ling Chen and then carefully took over the letter. After opening it he quickly looked through it twice and then sat up straight, saying seriously: “Since it’s Mr. Mayor’s will, then, I’ll temporarily lend you a horse.” Finishing speaking he waved his hand, a beam of white light landed on Ling Chen’s body.

“Ding… You have obtained mount ‘Cloud Trotting Horse’, now exists in your mount space.”

Holy shit! Cloud Trotting Horse! The Cloud Trotting Horse that is a whole 20000 gold coins!!

Faced with such an expensive gift Ling Chen also couldn’t help but be excited for a moment. But his excitement only lasted for two seconds and was then immediately dowse by a notification sound,

“Ding… The Cloud Trotting Horse that you have obtained is temporarily lent to you by the mount shop. If you complete the ‘Looking for Black Flame Grass’ quest then you will not need to return it. If you do not complete the ‘Looking for Black Flame Grass’ quest then you must return the Cloud Trotting Horse after one month. If the Cloud Trotting Horse cannot be returned due to death or other such reasons then the money you possess will be gradually deducted until 20 thousand gold has been deducted.”

Ling Chen: “God freaking! @#¥%…”

It’s actually just borrowed!!

Can you not be so cheap!

Ling Chen grinned and did not say anything more, directly leaving the mount shop. Looking at the time he held up the communication device and connected to Ling Shui Ruo who was far away at novice village number 49554.

“Ruo Ruo, where are you right now?”

“Beating up little monsters and doing quests. Oh right brother, two high level big sisters said they want to help me level up. These two big sisters both look very gentle and even helped me chase away a number of guys that wanted to approach me. Should I agree?”

If a man wanted to get close to Ling Shui Ruo Ling Chen would definitely not agree. Ling Shui Ruo herself would also oppose because she knows her own charms, but females… Two high level females, why would they voluntarily get close to a young girl that has just entered the game? Could it be…

“What are their names?” Ling Chen asked.

“Names, um… One is called Yao Yin, one is called Qian Mo.”

Yao Yin and Qian Mo… So that’s how it is. Ling Chen’s expression eased up. He said with a light smile: “They definitely think that you’re very cute which is why they want to voluntarily bring you along. Then just agree to them. With them carrying you levelling up will definitely be a lot quicker.”

“Ok! Then I’ll agree now.”

With those two people around the worry that Ling Chen has for Shui Ruo eased up a lot. After ending the call Ling Chen summoned the Cloud Trotting Horse. Getting on the horse with a jump his movement speed instantly increased greatly, he headed straight towards the eastern gate of Azure Dragon City. One month can be a long or short period of time. As Azure Dragon’s mayor said, before going to Silent Soul Ridge the most important thing is increasing his level. At the very least he has to level up to the point where he can equip the Zephyr Blade. After equipping the Zephyr Blade his strength will greatly rise up again.

Current SP: 2180.

Killing the three Lord bosses and a Zephyr Bird in War God’s Trial Ground Ling Chen obtained a huge amount of SP. This SP is enough for him to upgrade the battle soul profession’s basic skills by a good number of levels. He opened his skill page and after pondering for a decent amount of time he chose to place 1600 of the SP into [Item Manipulation Technique].

“Ding… Your skill Item Manipulation Technique has successfully upgraded to LV3.”

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 3 levels.

Item Manipulation Technique upgraded to LV3, like this he only has to wait for his level to increase one more time and he will be able to equip LV15 equipment — Including the Zephyr Sword.

Ling Chen put the remaining 580 SP into Four Corners Star Formation. A beam of light flashed by and Four Corners Star Formation Upgraded to LV3.

[Four Corners Star Formation]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV4: 800. Using the power of the battle soul to sweep the surroundings, instantly forming a formation of destruction in a 10 meter radius around yourself. The raging battle soul power will deal devastating damage towards all targets within the formation. Damage is equal to 400% of regular damage, Critical Hit Rate+10%, 100% chance to trigger knock back, MP Consumption: 100, Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

The power and critical hit ability of the upgraded Four Corners Star Formation once again increased, and his SP also only remained the last 80 points. Finishing allocating his SP Ling Chen increased his speed, heading straight towards the east gate.

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  1. “What has to be going through your head to decide to go solo a LV80-100 or above super nightmare impossible difficulty level dungeon at LV11 where dying or failure to complete the quest completely screws you over.”

    Are you joking? In 4 days he is soloed 2 Celestial level bosses and pass one of the hardest trials in this world, just complete some little shitty quest within fucking MONTH is even not challenge, and even in case of failure he only need to change location(if forget about money for horse).


  2. Lukiduk says:

    This author is very flawed. First off, no hospital on the face of the earth, especially one that has modern conveniences, will calmly let anyone who has a disease equal to a slow Ebola virus just casually live at home. The vaccine isn’t even widely spread nor proven to work. As soon as someone like that enters the hospital, the only way they are leaving is either cured or in ashes. Also, doctors don’t ‘hold stuff back’ from their patient, it’s not a kindness and actually not only hurts the family of the client but puts themselves in danger. They learn that in med school.

    Secondly, Underworld ninja organization? Space overlords that can destroy half a continent in one shot? Is the author 12 years old?

    Lastly, I like how he has completely forgotten why he even went into the game in the first place. Wasn’t he supposed to be helping the guys sister and her friends (who he hasn’t even talked to once)? Gaming studios in these novels harvest stuff to make money .. not once has a single thought like that entered his head.


    • eggsandspam says:

      Its a Chinese novel not a korean one. Gaming studios in China tend to burn a lot of money. Chinese gold farmers are the ones that make money. They bot all day long.


    • just some criticisms says:

      Yep, I completely agree with you. Author was a 12 year old troll when he wrote this.

      Chapter 87 already, in a novel with 850 total. That’s more than 1/10th already over. And he still has not met his supposed team. bad writing is bad.

      Well, at least he improved a LOT in his later novel (referring to ATG. Haven’t read the other one)…


    • Healing idiocy says:

      Good lord this comment physically hurts me.
      1) It’s a fantasy, he can make hospitals however he wants to make them
      2)It’s a fantasy, he can make 100 hidden underground organizations and then bring aliens if he wants to
      3)How is he supposed to help them? They’re still in the island last I heard, though truthfully I’ve been skipping chapters because I just don’t care about interactions between him and npc, only player to player. And it has been 87 chapters of non stop npc action. That’s what is really bothering in the story so far.


  3. kenken says:

    Will there be any new chapter update that will be coming soon?

    Oh and thnx for the chapter.


  4. xxpointblanqxx says:

    I can’t stop reading. But it’s so damn stupid. Wheres the game admin at looking at how he interacted w/ or soloed End-Game bosses and getting quests and items that are impossible to have in LESS THAN 1 WEEK SINCE THE FUCKING GAME WENT LIVE?! Oh I remember now, the game evolves. So now the game is an AI then huh? Ok. With that in mind…. in the end our MC *aka T99 The Anti-Neo* becomes king of the machines, they rise up (this day becomes known as Judgement Day) and trap the human world in the game forever. Also he decides to change the name of the game to something more fitting.. … something like The Mat…. the end


    • xxpointblanqxx says:

      Like I said tho…. can’t stop reading it for some reason lol


    • That Guy says:

      IIRC, there is no game admin. I think there’s a hint at the game being an experiment and that it runs itself when the game maker was talking to the politician many chapters back.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That Guy says:

        Something to do with finding powerful soul people like him and Eve and advancing stuff like that. That’s my guess.

        Liked by 1 person

        • xxpointblanqxx says:

          that theory makes sense to me actually….


        • Lukiduk says:

          Once people see the cheat abilities Lain Tain has, i.e. dual wielding two handed weapons, dealing 5k damage at lvl 9, NEVER missing ect, how long do you think a game like that would last? That’s not even including the OP crap Eve is going to have. I hope the evil Space Lords are happy with those two, because I imagine the game will be dumped and scrapped once things like that get out.


  5. magetite says:

    thanks, really enjoy the story


  6. Hai Kun says:

    lol if the place is so just make his pet go get it for him xD.
    even if that pet goes through hell it would be safe haha


  7. CoriGray333 says:

    Thank you!


  8. jbjhova says:

    Thank you for the chapter.


  9. lordnitsua says:

    remember its only been like 5 days since the game has started, and he has a whole month to do this quest. and within 5 days look at what he has done. I think within the 1 month, his chances will be higher.

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  10. David says:

    Thank you for the Chapter @sylver135.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.


  11. This new quest is way too hard


  12. lordcattank says:

    all they see is the benefits and the penalty’s that come with failure fly right over their head . thank you very much for the chapter


  13. thanks, we like shura’s wrath better


  14. awesome says:



  15. Accidia says:

    The MC is kind of stupid at times..the old man clearly said he would temporarily lend him a mount to begin with.


  16. kirindas says:

    Weird, weird choice… Thanks for the chapter!


  17. lolcat says:


    He went full retard. I hope mc fails.


    • Anonymous says:

      I also really want him to fail so he learns not to be too ridiculously and stupidly cocky wth.


      • I’m not positive, but the dog has that revive 3 times a day, but does the death still count? As in will that scourge thing die if he dies and get’s revived? And would his level also reset if he gets revived? I don’t think we know, but it might be a reach 0hp and not fully die disappear then revive at the same place. If it’s the former then might not lose scourge or lvls. If not it’s a really useless ability for the support pet.


    • magetite says:

      lordnitsua says:
      September 15, 2015 at 5:12 PM
      “remember its only been like 5 days since the game has started, and he has a whole month to do this quest. and within 5 days look at what he has done. I think within the 1 month, his chances will be higher.”


  18. ch says:

    Since when does he care about movement speed he hasn’t put any point s on it all his point go to strength I’m surprised he took the hit s he did with such low stamina a and the overall difference in the challenge r that he dodged with such low speed


  19. ch says:

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    • cardenshin2000 says:

      You know what it is guys? The author has to get all the stupid out on this story so he can write a awesome story that is ATG. He has to vent his crappy ideas somewhere. haha


  20. antowibowo says:

    Thank you for the translation


  21. Asf says:

    Yknow how he is untouchable when fighting a celestial beast for 8 hours….?
    He must be thinking that.. if they cant touch me, then with my ultra boosted atk stat I can deffinitely finish this quest easily!! And because that noob already give the medicine to ruoruo, even if i die, nothing much is lost. After all its just a lost of a few levels that I can easily get back with the help of this ultra cheatlike bracelet.!.


  22. thejum says:

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    I know you got pretty burned out, and I get it, but I really do love SW! And thank you so much for translating it! 🙂


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    Plot armor: the answer to all your questions


    • sylver135 says:

      No, plot armor is the explanation to what happens while he’s doing the quest. The act of him accepting can only be explained as stupidity.


      • Alex says:

        4th wall-breaking knowledge of aforementioned plot armor


      • Vivec says:

        The act of him accepting can only be explained by “crazy shounen protagonist nonsense”, because he’s obviously not an idiot unless you count being an idiot couple with Ruo Ruo. When difficult quests appear the IQ of these types of protags instantly drops to 0 regardless of how intelligent they were before the quest window appeared in their vision and accepting is the only option. Maybe he’ll eventually get the suicidal idiocy out of his system, but only plot armor will tell.


    • sylver135 says:

      Actually, never mind, you’re right, plot armor is indeed the answer to everything. I mixed up plot armor with luck.


      • ekekee says:

        He did got a month time to complete the quest anyway… assuming he trained like crazy for a half month and power leveling + some luck with another one of those cheating zodiac cystal stuff…the quest should be doable >_<

        Liked by 1 person

        • Doomseye says:

          Even power levelling has its limits….


        • GunSeraph says:

          That is obviously not what will happen.
          He will travel to ‘Quest-Location,’ slaying monster left and right, but always short on lvling up, then he will reach ‘Quest Location’ and for ‘some reason’ he will need to immediately enter (being chased by powerful-crazy npc/monster/moon-clan-assassin *presumably female and potential-haremiette*) stumbling through ‘Quest-Location’ and with the mighty power of all-mighty ‘Plot-armor’ he will tumble and fall through the quest, gaining that much needed lvl shortly before meeting a nigh-insurmountable challenge/enemy that he can now ‘barely’ manage to overcome/defeat, presumably finding another zodiac orb along the way (maybe – immediate resurrection upon death as a possible Zombie, should you die again your character be deleted, but while resurrected all attributes will be at 1000% and you will have infinite Mana and your health only decreases by 1 regardless of the attack of the enemy)


          • Musashi says:

            or for some god freaking plot armor he got any of those orb that minimize damage to an absurd amount of % or the author gone full retard writing orb that have double or more time of chance to dodge an attack


      • oe says:

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