HN1F Chapter 16: Fighting for the Post of Old Grandpa

Hey guys, I’ve also translated a baidu wiki page which I thought was pretty funny that talks about the characteristics of certain Chinese web novel protagonists so you can go check that out at the almanac of knowledge.


Lin Feng sent away the waiter with an indifferent expression. Closing the door he could no longer control his smile, a smile blossoming on his face.

Murong Yanran has arrived at Wuzhou City, the legendary marriage annulment is finally about to happen.

Lin Feng turned his head towards Xiao Budian and said: “Silly boy, come with master.”

Xiao Budian’s big, black eyes started turning: “Master, where are we going?”

Lin Feng smiled saying: “Originally you were about to have your first junior, but you volunteered to be the smallest so you’re about to have your first senior.”

Bringing along Xiao Budian Lin Feng arrived at the side of the little lake that Xiao Yan comes to regularly. He spread the polished thunder crystals on the grassfield beside the lake in the pattern of a formation to set up the magic formation for activating the Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning.

Even though based on Lin Feng’s plan he doesn’t necessarily have to fight, but you always need to prepare for everything.

Finishing doing everything Lin Feng brought along Xiao Budian and headed towards the Xiao family’s mansion.

When they arrived outside of the mansion they just perfectly saw Xiao Yan in his body of black clothes walk out from the door.

The black-clothed teen stopped his footsteps but did not look back, only spitting out a cold line.

“Three years later I will find you!”

The teen’s shadow was stretched out extremely long under the illumination of the sun. He looks lonely and desolate.

At the big door behind him you can see Murong Yanran’s small mouth slightly opened, staring at Xiao Yan’s back a bit blankly. In the young girl’s hand she is holding a contract that is shaking as if about to fall, seemingly becoming as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Finishing speaking Xiao Yan walked out of the door by himself.

“Since you guy’s have already reached your goal then please leave now.” An old voice came from within the yard, that is the Xiao family’s clan leader, Xiao Yan’s grandfather.

“Grandpa Xiao, Yanran apologizes to you for the matter today. If you have time in the future please visit the Murong family!”

Her goal has already been reached and Murong Yanran also doesn’t want to stay any longer, she left the Xiao family’s mansion together with the white-robed youth and Ye Ge.

“The young lady of the Murong family, I hope that in the future you will not feel regret due to your pompous actions today. In addition, don’t think that you can do whatever you want because you have the Celeritas Sword Sect at your back. The Heaven Primal world is very big, forces stronger than the Celeritas Sword Sect are also not in the little…” The moment that Murong Yanran and co.  were about to walk out of the door a brisk voice carrying a slight coldness suddenly rose up.

The three people’s footsteps abruptly stopped, turning their heads and looking over.

Xiao Zhener was beautifully standing on top of the walls of the mansion, rays of sunlight shone past her back just perfectly wrapping her within it. From far away she is like a violet lotus flower blossoming in the mundane world, pure and graceful, not dirtied by this world…

Lin Feng also praised Xiao Zhener’s charm, but in his heart he was secretly delighted: “The good and the bad between the people is too obvious, I don’t even need to think about how to take you as a disciple. Once I take in Xiao Yan then you’ll also be in my palms.”

Facing the gazes of Murong Yanran and co., a slender golden flame suddenly appeared in the girl’s beautiful, limpid eyes.

Looking at the tiny golden fire in the girl’s eyes Ye Ge’s body violently shook for an instant, a terrified expression covered his old face in an instant. In a panic his dried hands grabbed onto Murong Yanran and the white-robed youth who were in the middle of being puzzled and then running for his life.

Looking at Ye Ge’s actions, besides the Xiao family’s old clan leader everybody else couldn’t help but have a dumbfounded expression.

Lin Feng felt a jolt in his heart: “Even if she is already at Foundation Establishment stage at such a young age she still shouldn’t frighten so badly Ye Ge who is also at the Foundation Establishment stage. Looks likes there’s something strange about the golden flame in her eyes just now…”

“This chick’s background is odd, based on the routine if she isn’t the holy maiden of an ancient clan then she is the princess of some sort of big country. If I’m wrong then I’ll write my name backwards.”

Lin Feng was secretly glad that he didn’t rashly go and mess with this little girl whose background is suspected to be extremely terrifying.

Let’s just take in Xiao Yan first and then talk about it. Everything has already demonstrated that this little girl will definitely follow to wherever Xiao Yan goes. When Xiao Yan becomes my disciple then Xiao Zhener won’t be far away.

When doing something one has to be good at grasping the principal contradiction.

While thinking Lin Feng brought Xiao Budian and quietly left the Xiao family’s mansion, chasing after Xiao Yan following the direction he left.

Xiao Yan at this time will definitely go to the little lake at the northern part of the city and lick his wounds.

Sure enough in a bit Lin Feng had already caught up to Xiao Yan.

The black-clothed teen right now is like an injured lone wolf, his entire body is emitting a cold, unwelcoming aura.

“Hehe, strength… Without strength you’re even worse than a pile of dogshit. At least no one dares to step on dogshit!” His shoulders lightly trembling, the teen’s hoarse and self-mocking laughter lingered in the air carrying an air of grief and anger.

Xiao Yan’s teeth tightly bit his lips, allowing that faint blood to spread at the corners of his lips. Even though he did not display any inappropriate emotions in the hall, the words that Murong Yanran said were like blades cutting into his heart making his entire body shake.

“Dad, mom…”

Grabbing the two rings in front of his chest hanging on a string, Xiao Yan’s expression was sad.

His mother died of sickness many years ago,  three years ago his father was seriously injured in a fight and died in the end only leaving these two rings to him.

Before his father died Xiao Yan once swore that he would definitely become a powerful truth cultivator and get revenge for his father.

But who knew that after just swearing his oath a day before, a great change happened to his body and he transformed from a prodigy into trash. After this no matter how hard he worked he was only able march on the spot at Qi Disciple level 1.

“I must not give up, for father, for mother and for today!” Opening his left hand that has a bloodstain on it, Xiao Yan’s voice was hoarse but firm: “I don’t want to suffer again the humiliation today!”

In the front, Xiao Yan was walking while setting his determination while behind him Lin Feng was watching with his blood boiling.

Sure enough, after the marriage annulment this kid’s SEED factor explodes. Just looking from the side it feels like his body is harbouring an endless aura of domination, like a surging river about to flood the lands. (TL: SEED factor, gundam seed destiny, google it)

Seeing that the old grandpas in those two rings still didn’t have any movement Lin Feng did not dare to have any hesitation, walking forward and blocking in front of Xiao Yan.

Are you kidding me, those guys are being carried around everywhere by a main character, they are in a favorable position. If I don’t grasp hold of the chance I won’t even be able to get any soup.

Nowadays you also need to fight for the post of old grandpa.

“Hehe, kid, looks like you need some help?”

Lin Feng casually said with a light chuckle.

Xiao Yan looked with a stunned expression at the youthful daoist wearing white daoist robes and a daoist crown in front of him. After being stunned for a moment he wrinkled his brows asking: “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

Lin Feng laughed coolly: “There is no rush in asking who I am, don’t you think that the problem you should be caring about the most is why you’ve reached such a stage?”

Xiao Yan’s gaze immediately became as cold as a blade: “You know?” Beneath his cold gaze was a blazing fire.

Lin Feng let out a long laugh: “Follow me and you will naturally know all of the details.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng used the ability of Cloud Dragon Escape, grabbing Xiao Yan and flying into the air, flying towards the little lake at the northern part of the city.

Xiao Yan was greatly startled but right now his level is only Qi Disciple level 1, he is simply unable to break free from Lin Feng’s hand. He calmed down and started observing, immediately being struck with awe in his heart.

Using Cloud Dragon Escape it was like Lin Feng had turned into a preeminent divine dragon outside of the heavens soaring in the clouds.

A divine dragon, when it moves, it soars above the nine heavens, when hidden, it roams within the four seas. It’s breath becomes clouds, it’s spit becomes rain, controlling the winds and thunder with endless might.

The essence and spirit of Cloud Dragon Escape was displayed perfectly by Lin Feng.

But what made Xiao Yan the most shocked was still Xiao Budian who looks to be only 3, 4 years of age and following closely behind Lin Feng.

“Master, wait for me.” Xiao Budian was also using the body movements of Cloud Dragon Escape. His doll-like appearance also carried a sort of a heavenly aura like an immortal, making him look even more remarkable.

Xiao Yan has seen many Qi Disciple level 4 truth cultivators, but kids that are able to reach a level of Qi Disciple level 4 at Xiao Budian’s age, don’t mention seeing it, Xiao Yan has never even heard of it before.

Xiao Yan did not feel much pressure from Lin Feng. The feeling that Lin Feng gave him was like a completely normal person that hasn’t practised any dao techniques.

But it is exactly this young daoist wearing a white daoist robe with a daoist crown that produced Xiao Budian. Being able to produce such an outstanding disciple his own level naturally can’t be too low and especially can’t be a normal human.

Then there’s only one explanation left. This seemingly young daoist has already reached the level of returning to one’s original nature  which is why he cannot see through him.

“Maybe… He really does know what’s wrong with my body?” Xiao Yan couldn’t resist thinking.

Lin Feng wasn’t clear about Xiao Yan’s psychological state, but seeing his expression he knows that he has already successfully established the image of a master in Xiao Yan’s heart.

This is precisely the reason why he wanted to bring Xiao Budian along.

He had no choice, this kid was honestly too outstanding of an advertisement. He fully displayed to the outer world the results of Lin Feng’s teachings. Sometimes Lin Feng himself also rejoices about him encountering Xiao Budian the earliest. This will directly reduce the difficulty in the future of him tricking people to be his disciple.

Reaching the lakeside in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng put down Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Budian and then looked at Lin Feng, asking after taking a deep breath: “Please tell me senior, exactly what is wrong with my body?”

Lin Feng smiled lightly, extending his finger and lightly tapping Xiao Yan’s chest: “Your problem is in these two rings!”

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