The Gate of Extinction

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of Halloween here’s a little something different. This is also one of the novels that I’m considering for translation. Remember to stay safe trick-or-treating and don’t rob too many kids. If you find a hole in your candy or if it’s already been opened… Just make sure you eat it at home and hope it only gets you high. For those of you who don’t have Halloween… eat some instant noodles?…



Title: The Gate of Extinction, 灭世之门, mie shi zhi men
Author: Dark Lichee, 黑暗荔枝
Genre: Doomsday, 末世危机
Tags: Just think of other doomsday/apocalypse novels/manga/anime
Synopsis: Resident Evil, natural disasters…
Zombies, ice age…
In movie theaters, in video games, everyday human’s are encountering this kind of “doomsday”.
But nobody actually believes these…
From little Su Lifeng was a person that can foresee disaster, but he never thought that one day he would foresee the end of the world:
100 days later, the entire world fell.
Humans are about to become extinct.
Su Lifeng to a big, deep breath, waking up from the vision: “I need to bust a load to calm down…”

Chapter 1: Precognition

“Above New York a shocking sight of black clouds covering the sky appeared for numerous days, netizens call it a doomsday scenario…”

“In the London region thunder and lightning flashed for consecutive days, in one night nearly 20 thousand flashes of lightning illuminated the night sky as if it were the daytime…”

“Beijing consecutively suffered large dust storms for one month, travelling is difficult for citizens and the highways along with airports have been forced to close numerous times…”

“In recent times extreme weather has appeared all over the world, experts express that this could be related to global warming but this theory has suffered rebuttals from multiple fronts. American scientist Jason Walner has published an article in ‘The New York Times’ commenting that the appearance of the extreme weather could be forecasting a massive change in the Earth’s environment, yet this argument has also suffered disapproval from multiple experts after publication…”

“Tonight we will connect with a famous meteorologist of our country to communicate and discuss with everybody, through the internet you can…”


Pa, closing the laptop Su Lifeng lifted up his head and pinched his slightly throbbing eyebrows.

“Yesterday, today morning…” He muttered saying.

Of the three news reports, two of them he already “saw” yesterday, the other one he “saw” this morning.

The time interval between “seeing” and actually happening has shortened even more.

And his so-called “seeing”, if you speak of it using some explanations found online, it should be called — “Precognition”.

Since he was around 7 to 8, Su Lifeng started to occasionally see some strange visions. The majority are just a couple of very scattered fragments and the visions are usually very astounding, making people feel shocked. But due to the appearance of the visions being very short, Su Lifeng did not even tell his parents and concealed this tiny abnormality.

A child seeing hallucinations is not any sort of good thing. Su Lifeng at that time already understood this point.

But only until one time when in his hallucination he saw a vision of large amounts of mud and boulders tumbling down in front of him, and then a few days later saw the same scene from the television news report did Su Lifeng suddenly become aware that what he is seeing is not just a simply hallucination…

“In the neighboring city a mudslide has occurred at a scenic location due to torrential rain, luckily at the time of occurrence there were few visitors so it did not create any casualties, our station new reporter at the scene…”

In the process of repeatedly comparing and confirming, Su Lifeng’s mind and thoughts all received a strong impact.

Precognition… His parents are both ordinary workers, how come he, a completely ordinary little kid possesses this kind of ability?

In the following time, Su Lifeng started a long period of consulting materials and all kinds of comparisons, on one side attempting to discover his own problem through reading a great number of books, on the other side searching for the regular pattern between the precog and reality.

At the earliest he did this through reading the newspaper and sticking in front of the television watching the news. Only until after the appearance of the internet did this “job” of Su Lifeng’s become more convenient and easier.

And after comparisons of up to hundreds of times, Su Lifeng discovered that there exists a varied time difference between the “reality” that he foresees and the actual time of occurrence. The longest ones are a month, the latest are a couple of days.

But after these three news reports his new record has now become…

“Six hours.” Su Lifeng exhaled lightly.

“What were you looking at just now?” A familiar voice suddenly came from behind. Su Lifeng was instantly startled, hurriedly lifting his head.

At some unknown time a long-haired girl had appeared at the opposite side of the coffee table, smilingly looking at him.

Jiang Yushi, like him they are both postgraduates of the Institute of Biological Sciences of Ningnan University. At the same time she is also a girl with an extremely soft voice, her appearance is delicate and sweet and her disposition carries the unique grace of Jiangnan girls. But anyone slightly familiar with her knows that this girl possesses a whimsical character that does not match her outer appearance.

Such as right now, she is using a sort of sly gaze looking at him. Su Lifeng once casually mentioned once that there might be a place where a volcano will erupt… At that time he once looked up every single already known volcano without pause. But before he could find out which volcano the news had already reported it. And this phrase that he said was squeezed out of him by Jiang Yushi while he was in the process of fully concentrating on research.

Yet it is just this casual little matter that made Jiang Yushi firmly keep it in mind. After that everytime she sees Su Lifeng staring at the computer she will always display great interest. Although, she does not inquire closely about it, she only beats around the bush so Su Lifeng only just feels helpless about it and does not feel offended.

On the contrary, gradually the two went from being regular classmates to slowly becoming friends.

Towards this Su Lifeng is also accustomed to it: “Movie.”

“Liar, it was clearly news.” Jiang Yushi mercilessly exposed him.

“You’re purposely asking when you already know.” Su Lifeng shook his head saying: “Why has Missy Jiang come to find me instead of sunbathing on the deck?”

Seeing him change the topic Jiang Yushi instantly rolled her eyes in disappointment, muttering saying: “Don’t talk about it, I’m about to be bored to death looking at the sea all day. If I’d known earlier I wouldn’t have participated in this whatever cruise tour group…  Originally they said it was to observe the climate change and biological species of the sea, but this route that we chose at the time for safety is honestly too uneventful. Of course, I’m not saying that peace isn’t good, but at the least have a whale pop out to look at or something…”

“Uh…” Su Lifeng purposely acted shocked saying: “How come what I heard is that at the time when Zhang Hai mentioned to come out and do an observational cruise he had your full support? It also seems like a portion of their additional spendings on the boat were also paid by you, right Missy Jiang?”

For a cruise tour, even if it’s just an offshore cruise on the China, Japan and Korea route the fee is still not a small price.

Even though when the university that Su Lifeng is at organized this group trip they used their student status and going for fieldwork experience as a reason and gained a bit of a discount, how can a regular student afford to use those recreational facilities on the ship…

A lot of students secretly spread rumours that Jiang Yushi has a good family background and that the reason these people can enjoy themselves so much is more or less because she secretly talked to the leader, Zhang Hai, and voluntarily shouldered the funds required for a couple of group activities. There are even some more malicious rumours saying that her family sponsored a batch of lab equipment which is why she was able to be successfully admitted to graduate school.

Although towards these kinds of claims, Jiang Yushi always just laughs it off: “Keep mocking me you ill-wisher, and did you not go to all of those activities? Besides, you don’t look like you’re enjoying this much. Tomorrow we’ll return to Shanghai, a lot of people are making the best use of their time to have fun and yet you’re hiding here leeching wifi… Is it because a lot of classmates from other programmes came so you’re shy? Well this is news, the biology programme’s most promising graduate student this year is actually such a shy person…”

Su Lifeng shook his head while smiling, he was just about to say that this isn’t her first time meeting him, but he suddenly stared at the screen and let out a “Hm?”.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Yushi is extremely sensitive towards Su Lifeng’s reaction when looking at the computer, immediately asking with a face of gossip. Seeing her like this she really isn’t any different from regular female university students.

Su Lifeng moved the cursor and clicked a couple of time, he then said a bit regrettingly: “Nothing, it’s just that the internet’s gone.”

“Come on, just this, satellite signal on the sea being unstable is a common thing… Forget it, why am I talking to you about this, you definitely know more than me. Who knows why someone like you who learns biology is so interested in so many other fields.” While speaking, Jiang Yushi’s tone of voice had a small sense of defeat.

“The signal being completely cut off is a first…” Su Lifeng closed the computer and was in the middle of turning over his gaze wanting to say something, but his entire body suddenly froze.

The cafe that was bright and full of tourists just a moment ago is now suddenly a big mess. The glass is all broken and the walls became dented and uneven. Fresh blood is all over the ground but not a shadow can be seen…

Su Lifeng instantly felt like his heart had been lifted up, in the blink of an eye the scenery that he saw before him returned to normal. In his surroundings the sound of chatter and laughter of the tourist’s still traveled over, figures wearing bikinis leisurely moved about within the cafe.

Precog vision… This is the first time that he’s seen such a bloody scene, moreover the place of occurrence is actually on this boat…

In addition the vision is not over.

When Su Lifeng looked towards the couple at the neighboring table, he saw large amounts of blood on the bodies of the two lovey dovey people. The girl that was originally smiling at her boyfriend is lying on the ground crying out loudly, her boyfriend is lying at the other side unbeknownst of life or death.

“Ha…” Not waiting for the scenery to return to normal Su Lifeng hurriedly turned over his head, his entire being feeling a bit stunned.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Yushi waved her hand in front of Su Lifeng’s eyes, asking laughingly.

Su Lifeng slowly turned his gaze towards her, his heart extremely nervous. But thankfully there wasn’t any sort of bloody vision that appeared on Jiang Yushi, but she is sobbing with a pale face, helplessly crying out a name: “Su Lifeng, where are you…”

That tone of voice filled with fear made Su Lifeng’s heart feel stuffy, he’d never seen that kind of expression on this optimistic girl’s face. Even though the vision flashed by very quickly Su Lifeng still subconsciously grabbed hold of Jiang Yushi’s hand: “It’s all right, I won’t leave you behind.”

Jiang Yushi was dazed for a moment, hurriedly pulling out her hand: “What’s wrong with you, you make it sound like I’m afraid of you leaving me behind… Hey, what are you doing?”

Before she finished speaking she noticed that Su Lifeng abruptly stood up and looked outside through the glass window.

A decent amount of tourists are gathered on the deck outside of the window, in actuality, of the total 400 over tourists on the cruise ship over half of them are hanging out on this three level deck at this time, enjoying the last night of this trip.

Yet when Su Lifeng looked towards them, from their currently smiling faces he foresaw a different reality about to happen: This might really become the last night for a lot of people… On the majority of people there appeared the same vision as that couple!

“The cruise ship will arrive at the Shanghai dock tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock, and right now it is four in the afternoon… Which means that the calamity will definitely occur within these 19 hours.”

“But, at what time exactly?!”

Su Lifeng’s heart was panicking and in chaos, he looked towards the  sea in the distance… Just like how Jiang Yushi said, this ship route has always been very safe, right now the weather is also relatively nice, everything looks peaceful.

That calamity that is about to create large numbers of casualties on the boat, what is it?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Caido que lástima es muy buena la novela


  2. Nanami Momozono says:

    Wasn’t it that the calamity was going to fall in 100 days? How did it become 19 hours?
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. nasrimumin says:

    Translate more


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  6. Doomr says:

    Is this going to only stay a teaser?


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    Damn. This story is awesome. The protagonist probably has a harem or something.


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    oh, this is exciting


  9. mj says:

    Is there any other web site that I can read the raws than the one you linked to? For some reason Google translate doesn’t work on the chapter text and it also won’t let me manually copy paste it to a machine translator.


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    Interesting. Thanks for the Halloween 👻 teaser.


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    Intresting, hmmm very intresting 🤗


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    Can’t wait to read the next chapter.


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    I just said Oh come on! out loud cause this cliffhanger
    a good read though, thankyou


  14. this ship route has always been very safe…
    the people on Titanic said that too..
    don’t always eat noodles, add some bread/rice to eat with noodles soup.
    try to cook fry noodle with some eggs it’s good too


  15. Junky says:

    Hm… what is this protagonist’s personality like?


    • sylver135 says:

      I can’t really say. Ruthless but kind to people he cares about, doesn’t mind giving a helping hand if it doesn’t affect himself. Sometimes he seems cold and sometimes he seems like a good guy. Overall I’d say his personality is pretty befitting of a person trying to survive in an apocalyptic situation.


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