HN1F Chapter 32: The Master that Cheats the Disciple

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Outside the temple in the night breeze, Lin Feng’s expression was uncertain.

The Ksitigarbha Sutra originates from the same source as the Art of Acala, they are both secret buddhist dharmas of the Great Thunder Monastery of the past.

So-called Ksitigarbha is to be tolerant and still as the earth and silent and deep as a scripture. (TL: Ksitigarbha is the buddhist equivalent of the Chinese bodhisattva, 地藏, di zang, the first word meaning earth and the second meaning scripture.)

The ability cultivated by the Art of Acala is Fury Acala Flames, and with the successful cultivation of the Ksitigarbha Sutra one can obtain the buddhist body of the Gilded Ksitigarbha Body. As long as the buddhist body exists one is unaffected by all tribulations and immune to all laws. It is a very famous buddhist protection technique.

The dao technique that this Zhu Yi obtained is actually a secret buddhist path on the same level as the complete Art of Acala.

Hiding it within an old book could be the arrangements made by monks who escaped after the fall of the Great Thunder Monastery to pass on the dao techniques of buddhism, waiting for a destined person to find it.

In the end nobody discovered it, but Zhu Yi this main character with a blessing of 10 discovered it on his first day of obtaining the book.

Lin Feng knows that Zhu Yi who has been misfortunate for so many years is about to step upon his unstoppable path of invincibility. His old pops the Marquis of Xuanji may be arrogant right now, but in the future he’ll definitely lower his head. If he doesn’t give in then he’ll just beat him until he does!

“But then what about me?” Lin Feng had a rough expression. Zhu Yi’s luck has already started taking a turn. His situation is improving and he especially won’t become his disciple.

Zhu Yi who has obtained the Ksitigarbha Sutra thus in turn possesses his own starting capital. It seems like he already doesn’t need Lin Feng to teach him dao techniques.

If you want to take this kind of main character as a disciple then you’ve got to rush to give him a helping hand in his time of need before his luck starts to turn around. Or else if you wait until his aura of hegemony to burst forth you don’t know who’ll be bowing down to who.

Lin Feng was rapidly thinking in his heart: “What should I do? Should I just use the Art of Acala on my hands and pretend to be a buddhist cultivator, lying to him and saying that it was me who hid the Ksitigarbha Sutra in the old book waiting for him do find it?”

That won’t do, Zhu Yi is a very independant person and has very strong vigilance when interacting with others. If he tries to catch him empty-handed he most likely won’t believe him.

After pondering for a moment a warm smile like the sun resurfaced on Lin Feng’s face.

“Hehe, this isn’t so good, is it a little too mean?”

Looking at Zhu Yi who has already started to be immersed in the training of the dao technique, the smile on Lin Feng’s face became increasingly wider: “Zhu Yi my disciple, for you to have a better development in the future your master’s got to first make you suffer for a bit. I believe that you will understand my goodwill.”

Making up his mind Lin Feng was no longer anxious. Right now it is night time and Tianjing City’s gates have already closed. He can’t go back anyways so he might as well just patiently wait here until tomorrow morning.

At the same time he was also paying attention to Zhu Yi’s results in practising the Ksitigarbha Sutra.

Reality shows that main characters really aren’t a joke. In just a moment’s time Zhu Yi could already channel energy into his body, stepping onto the path of cultivation. You have to know that he relied only on himself reading the sutra and understanding the words, he did not have anyone guiding him.

Besides a blessing of 10, a comprehension of 9 is truly extraordinary.

This strengthened Lin Feng’s thoughts of taking him in as a disciple even more. When the sky brightened Lin Feng immediately returned to Tianjing City, arriving at the House of the Marquis of Xuanji and patiently waiting.

Not too long later a group of family servants came out from the backdoor of the house, walking over to a restaurant in the city square not too far away. The ugly looking fatty at the very front was surrounded in the middle by everyone and was clearly the leader among them.

Lin Feng silently laughed. He already found out that this fatty’s name is Zhu Jun, he is a servant that the wife of the Marquis of Xuanji Lady Shao brought over from her family. His original name is Shao Jun, he only changed his name to Zhu Jun after following Lady Shao into the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, his nickname is Fatty Zhu.

Fatty Zhu is very loyal towards Lady Shao, to curry favor with Lady Shao he made things quite difficult for Zhu Yi.

This guy looks ugly but he does have some cultivating talent. In these few years training with the guest masters of the house he also reached the level of qi disciple level 8.

Fatty Zhu and co. entered the restaurant, going up to the second floor together and sitting down at the position beside the window with the best scenery.

Looking at them Lin Feng’s face revealed a smile, his body hiding into the crown and disappearing.

Not long later an odd story started circulating between the customers of the restaurant: In the old temple on the mountain a green-clothed scholar exhibits strange behaviour, actually able to spit out lightning.”

The news travelled into the ears of Zhu Jun and co., all of them looking at each other.

Coming from the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, Zhu Jun and co. are far more knowledgeable about the cultivating world than regular customers. Lightning is the most violent force in the world. Dao techniques that can absorb thunder energy to cultivate are all top-notch goods. They also know the matter of Zhu Yi studying in the old temple on the mountain. Listening to this, that person is actually Zhu Yi?

One family servant asked uncertainly: “Those mountain people are all hillbillies,, they’re just spreading the wrong information, right? How could that Zhu Yi obtain such a powerful dao technique?”

Another person said: “The Marquis once said that he wants Zhu Yi to first learn the classics and knowledge and then they’ll talk about the matter of cultivating. He can’t even walk yet and he wants to learn how to run? If he really is secretly cultivating then we’ll get rid of his cultivation prowess. Who dares to break the rules of the Marquis?”

The cheeks of Fatty Zhu who hadn’t spoken the whole time moved, slowly saying: “Let’s go check it out. If Zhu Yi really is secretly cultivating then we’ll confiscate his dao technique and then hand him over to the Marquis to deal with him. Don’t do anything else unauthorized.”

Everybody’s eyes lit up, all of them starting to laugh. If Zhu Yi really does have a top-tier dao technique then they don’t dare to keep it for themselves and will definitely turn it over to the Marquis of Xuanji.

But before they turn it in they naturally have the time to make a copy. A top-tier dao technique, no matter what they’ll want a slice of the cake.

Zhu Jun also laughed, the fat on his face rippling.

The group of people immediately left the restaurant, rushing towards Spring Mountain outside of the city. But they did not discover that Lin Feng was following behind them the whole time.

Looking at the backs of Zhu Jun and co., the smile on Lin Feng’s face became increasingly brighter.

The deuteragonist is already waiting on the stage that he’s prepared, now the side characters are also about to step on the stage. The big show that Lin Feng himself wrote, directed and acted in is about to kick off.

People chosen by the heavens like Zhu Yi with a shining protagonist halo above their heads usually all possess the ability to kill higher level monsters. If the opponent’s strength is too weak then that’s just giving experience points to Zhu Yi.

But Fatty Zhu and co. are all at the very least a level of qi disciple level 5, level 6, moreover there’s Fatty Zhu this qi dscipe level 8 holding the line.

Zhu Yi only just came in contact with dao techniques and cultivating, he also doesn’t have any experience. No matter how much of a prodigy he is and how OP his luck his, against Fatty Zhu and co. the only thing he’s doing is getting beat. Killing higher level monsters also has its limits.

If he gave Zhu Yi some time to train, his level would definitely rise sharply like he was on drugs. But Lin Feng did not give him any time to train his level, immediately pulling a wave of elite monsters to go gang beat him, even main characters can’t do anything.

Lin Feng easily followed behind Zhu Jun and co., the script has already been written, now he’s just waiting for the actors to make their debuts and perform.

“My good disciple, you are familiar with history, you definitely know the sentence ‘Before the heavens entrust a man with a ponderous task, his mind shall first be fathomed, his flesh wearied and his skin starved’, right? So in a bit when you suffer a bit don’t be afraid, master’s got your back.”

Sure enough, after Fatty Zhu and co. arrive at the temple and found Zhu Yi they immediately launched an attack.

Zhu Yi could also be considered vigilant, hiding the golden paper with the scripture a step ahead. No matter how much Fatty Zhu and co. humiliated him he did not admit anything.

But he didn’t guess that Fatty Zhu may have the face of a pig, but his mind is clear. With a skim of his eyes he discovered that the bottom of Zhu Yi’s longsleeves were stained with a bit of ashes.

Fatty Zhu kicked over the brazier, pushing lightly the brazier still had the sparks of embers. The golden paper recording the Ksitigarbha Sutra was instantly revealed.

The color of Zhu Yi’s face changed.

Fatty Zhu and co. laughed.

Outside the door, Lin Feng who was watching everything also smiled.

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter. However, you made a slight mistake in your TL notes. You say Bodhisattva is chinese, but it is not.
    Bodhisattva is a term from Buddhism itself.


  2. James says:

    Um this is pretty much what happens to the MC in the story the author is taking from in fact the MC almost dies because of it in the original story. Its not really this MCs fault for simply following the plot .


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  4. Mikleo says:

    LOL! I actually agree with Lin Feng. If I were in his case, I think I would’ve done much worse to get that disciple. Really people, he doesn’t have the time to chase after a disciple who doesn’t want a teacher, his life is LITERALLY on the line on this. So yeah, against a matter of Life and Death, wouldn’t you do anything to get the 3rd disciple? His methods are actually pretty tame.

    Of course, the ‘Terminate’ thing that the system said may or may not be actually ‘Death’. But who the hell would test that? Not anyone sane.

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    • Bull3thole says:

      I completely agree. Besides, everyone in the cultivation world would soon regret not being a student to the “History’s Number 1 Founder.” 😀


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    “Just as planned” though he hasn’t plan anything
    39 4D Ch

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