HN1F Chapter 35: The Pursuers Arrive

Man, this random beyblade video was in my recommended videos on youtube even though I’ve never watched anything related before. Ever since then my nostalgia has been sparked and I’ve been on this long ass beyblade marathon. 


Lin Feng pursued behind the people of the SSG. While walking he took out an old book from his shirt, ripping out a page and throwing it on the ground while his two disciples weren’t paying attention, so as to leave behind a trail for the pursuers of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji to follow.

“Master, why are we following behind like thieves in the night?” Xiao Yan asked in puzzlement: “Why don’t you just directly go up and save him?”

Lin Feng said with a calm expression: “Their every move is within master’s eyes. Right now I’m in no rush to save him, master wants to first observe him for a bit to see exactly how is the temperament and will of this new junior of yours.”

“Let’s see how he performs under this kind of adverse danger.”

Lin Feng glanced at Xiao Yan with a smile: “I had also seriously observed you too, if not that you still persisted and did not give up in adversity, master would not have taken you as a disciple.”

Xiao Yan also smiled, nodding his head convinced and not saying anything more.

Suddenly thinking of something Lin Feng asked: “Little Yan, was that monk you guys encounter able to cultivate Fury Acala Flames?”

Lin Feng’s Art of Acala is only the upper half. Even though one is still able to practise it, it has its limits. Moreover one is unable to cultivate the sublime ability of this dao technique the Fury Acala Flames.

Xiao Yan just assumes that Lin Feng wants to teach him the dao technique step by step so he’s never suspected anything. Hearing Lin Feng ask him right now he answered saying: “I’m not sure. We alerted the patrolling squadron and they surrounded that monk. Afterwards he released a terrifying green coloured flame and broke free.”

“The mana flames cultivated by regular fire class dao technique are all orange. According to the records of the dao technique of the Art of Acala, the Fury Acala Flames should be pure-gold.” Xiao Yan lifted his brow in confusion: “Yet the fire that monk released is green, but the dao technique he practises is definitely the Art of Acala, no mistake.”

After thinking for a moment Lin Feng came to a conclusion: “The Art of Acala that monk practises is incomplete, in addition it’s most like missing the most important opening chapter that contains the general principles.”

The content of dao techniques is naturally more profound the further in, but the beginning of the Art of Acala has a couple of verses about the general principles that touches briefly on the essentials. It appears shallow but it is actually the basis of the entire dao technique.

Missing these few verses, even if the rest of the dao technique is complete it is very easy for one to go the wrong direction when practising it. Even if one is able to finish practising the entire Art of Acala, it’ll be like a castle in the air without a good foundation. shaking and crumbling.

Lin Feng may not have the lower half content of the Art of Acala but the upper half he possesses is very complete, not a single word is wrong, Xiao Yan also practises it meticulously.

That monk spent his entire life studying the Art of Acala, naturally he can tell with a glance that the Art of Acala Xiao Yan practises contains the general principle verses which is why he coveted it and acted out to capture Xiao Yan.

After listening Xiao Yan asked with a grin: “Master, the Art of Acala I practise is also incomplete, when will you teach the lower-half to me?”

Lin Feng smiled saying: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew, learn what you know first.”

After sending away Xiao Yan, Lin Feng laughed coldly in his heart: “Touch my disciple, rob my manual? Damn baldy, let’s see who robs who.”

This group of people from the SSG have clearly lurked around in the center of the Zhou Dynasty for a long time. Not only are they familiar with the surrounding land, they’ve even set up many secret reinforcement posts and have a complete evacuation route and plan.

But with Lin Feng constantly pointing the way their location was clearly exposed. In not even three day’s time the pursuers of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji had already bitten their tails.

Even though they still haven’t pinpointed their location, the pursuers have already circled over from all directions, blocking the people of the SSG in a mountain and constantly narrowing the encirclement.

Lin Feng brought along his two disciples and became increasingly more cautious. Hiding his tracks to avoid getting caught up in trouble.

In the mountain the group of people rapidly advanced. The leader is a bald old man, he has an aquiline nose and deep sunken eyes. He’s the spitting image of a vulture. (TL: Bald as in a bald spot on his head.)

The bald old man suddenly stopped his feet, the people behind him also all stopped. The old man’s cold gaze swept the surroundings but did not discover anything.

A person behind him asked in a low voice: “Mr. Vulture, is there something wrong?”

Mr. Vulture’s eyes flashed, he was silent and did not speak. Suddenly a white bone flew out from his sleeve.

That seems to be the thigh bone of some creature, it is as white as polished jade and crystal clear, one side of the bone stick is very thick, looking like a hammer.

The bone stick flew into the air, growing as it went along. Originally it was one foot long but in the end it had a length of a whole dozen meters. It was as thick as a water bucket and a thick aura of evil charged out from the bone stick, frightening all of the creatures in the forest and making them feel fear as if they were about to die.

Mr. Vulture waved his hand, the bone stick flew up carrying the sound of a tempest, hitting a small mountain in the distance.

With a loud “Bang” the massive mountain peak was directly smashed into pieces by the massive bone hammer. Countless mountain rocks rolled down the mountain, dirt and dust rose upwards covering the sky.

The bone stick returned above Mr. Vulture’s head and turned back to a length of one foot, going into Mr. Vulture’s sleeves.

Seeing everybody look towards him, Mr. Vulture released a displeased tut: “I felt like someone was prying on us, looks like I was oversensitive, let’s go.”

The group of people continued on their way, disappearing in the dense mountain.

On a mountain beside the destroyed mountain peak, Lin Feng and co. hid their aura. After watching the bald old man and his party leave Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief: “That old geezer is a foundation establishment stage cultivator, right?”

Lin Feng nodded his head. He wasn’t worried that he would be discovered, the key is Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian could very easily expose their whereabouts.

“Although, even if we expose ourselves a bit it’s okay.” Lin Feng chuckled.

The bald old man doesn’t know that they’re already very close to the people of the SSG, with this the old geezer will definitely have alarmed them.

Sure enough, after a moment fierce mana fluctuations travelled over from within the valley in front.

Lin Feng and co. approached nearby, seeing that in the dry valley Mr. Vulture and his party had surrounded a grey-clothed man in the middle, engaging in an intense battle.

Mr. Vulture’s bone stick had turned back into a massive dozen meter long stick sweeping up and down. With him as the main force the cultivators released all kinds of spells,  surrounding the grey-clothed man and giving him a beat-down.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian looked at each other, lowering their voices and saying: “Master, that guy wearing the grey clothes is monk that intercepted us!”

Lin Feng focused his eyes and looked over. The grey-clothed man has a head of spiky short hair, six precept scars can be faintly seen on his scalp.

Even though he’s at a disadvantage this person is still calm and unhurried, light-green flames burst forth around his body, burning fiercely.

The instant the opponent’s spells touched the green flames they would instantly be burned to nothingness. Some people also used fire class spells to attack him, but the green flames were truly domineering, even treating the raging orange flames as fuel and burning them.

The group of people attacked him for a long time but the grey-clothed monk’s green flames instead became increasingly more powerful, the intensity of the fire increasingly greater.

Only Mr. Vulture’s bone stick magic item could threaten the grey-clothed monk, even the green flames could not block it, forcing the grey-clothed monk to dodge.

While controlling his magic item Mr. Vulture spoke out to mess with his mind: “Monk, those people of the Society of the Strong Gale are clearly treating you as cannon fodder, leaving you behind to bring up the rear. Only an idiot like you would believe in their words.”

The grey-clothed monk Hui Ku was a bit infuriated. Originally he volunteered to bring up the rear because he wanted to show off his skills, but he didn’t guess that he would instead be entangled by the enemy. How can he convince the people of the SSG like this.

Hui Ku said in his heart: “After this I have to capture that kid I met that day. If I am able to cultivate the true Fury Acala Fire why would I have to work so hard?”

While thinking a beam of sword aura suddenly flew over from far away, chopping down right above Hui Ku’s head. The green flames were actually completely unable to stop it.

Hui Ku was greatly shocked, getting out of the way and dodging. The sword aura missed, cutting a mountain peak behind Hui Ku, actually slicing apart the mountain peak. The massive mountain top rolled downwards, in the loud rumbling sound the earth moved and the mountains shook as if an earthquake.

After the mountain peak landed, the sliced surface of the mountain was smooth as a mirror. Lin Feng who was hiding at the side slightly frowned: “What a powerful sword cultivator, his level is at the foundation establishment stage and he possesses a high-grade flying sword.”

A black-clothed swordsman appeared at the scene, his venomous eyes staring at Hui Ku.

Hui Ku stared at the black-clothed swordsman but he didn’t dare to place all of his attention on him alone. The corner of his eyes looked towards the other direction and as expected, a white-robed middle-aged man slowly walked out of the forest. He had the appearance of a scholar but those vast mana fluctuations said that he is a foundation establishment stage cultivator on the same level as the black-clothed swordsman and Mr. Vulture.

“Who could have guessed that the leftover evil of the Great Thunder Monastery actually mixed together with the Society of the Strong Gale.” The white-robed scholar exclaimed in amazement. While examining Hui Ku he lifted his hand and sent out a couple of white lights. The white lights flew into the air and exploded, turning into a curtain of light and enveloping the surrounding mountains.

Hui Kui stared at him coldly. The white-robed scholar said coolly: “The surroundings have already been sealed by my formation, you can’t escape.”

Finishing speaking, he and the black-clothed swordsman along with Mr. Vulture formed a triangle, surrounding Hui Ku in the middle while the other qi disciple stage cultivators were spread out in the outer ring.

Lin Feng furrowed his brows. The levels of these three people are all about the same as Hui Ku’s. With three against one, don’t mention escaping, even taking one down with him is already pretty good for Hui Ku.

The most probable outcome is that he’ll even he caught alive.

Lin Feng was in the middle of thinking when he suddenly saw a vile smile surface on Hui Ku’s face completely out of line with his identity as a monk.

The grey-clothed monk said with a laugh: “The ones who can’t escape are you guys.” Before his voice had even died away Hui Ku threw up his hand, 24 spots of light flew up into the air, forming an intriguing formation.

Lin Feng’s expression slightly changed. From within that formation he sensed an incredibly terrifying power fluctuation, this kind of danger that reached his soul is something that he also felt before from that aurous core stage elder of the Blaze Sword Sect.

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