HN1F Chapter 36: Fierce Monk, 24 Heaven Arhat Formation

Sorry for going AWOL for so long, there’s a lot of factors involved here so I won’t say anything about it. On to more current matters, the new semester has started for me. This means the return to the potential chapter a week. 

Lin Feng closely looked over, discovering that the 24 spots of light that Hui Ku threw into the air were actually a bunch of brown beads. Each of them were as big as a walnut, emitting a golden radiance in the air.

Lin Feng twitched his nose, smelling a faint scent of sandalwood. The 24 beads in the air all revealed a peaceful and grand aura.

Facing these 24 beads Lin Feng felt as if he were facing 24 enlightened monks.

The expression of the three foundation establishment stage cultivators surrounding Hui Ku all slightly changed. The white-robed middle-aged man looked at Hui Ku in shock: “Sariras, these are sariras?! You actually possess 24 sariras, did you refine the sariras of the elders of your sect into magic items?”

Hearing this the expressions of Mr. Vulture and the black-clothed swordsman all became very cloudy. The black-clothed swordsman opened his mouth for the first time since appearing: “You betraying scum!”

In the process of the 24 sariras rising up into the air, an instant of pain and guilt flashed across Hui Ku’s eyes, but afterwards they were filled with endless anger and malice.

Hearing the black-clothed swordsman’s condemning words, Hui Ku laughed loudly, his expression crazed: “Even if I descend into the Unintermittent hell, I will make you evil demons pay. This is the path Lord Buddha showed me, my seniors will definitely understand me.”

He heavily placed his hands together, saying in a deep voice: “Buddha is merciful, sweeping away evil, 24 Heaven Arhat Formation, open!”

Following Hui Ku’s hasty shout, the 24 sariras in the air all released a dazzling Buddhist light.

The Buddhist light connected together, forming a golden cloud, enveloping the surrounding thousand feet around Hui Ku. Waves of Buddhist zen singing came from the Buddhist light, overlapping with each other resulting in a deafening loudness.

Mr. Vulture and co. were all enveloped by the Buddhist light, as if they were in a separate space completely cut-off from the outside world.

The white-robed middle-aged man shook his head: “Competing against me on formations? You are no match monk, you’re only asking to be humiliated…” Speaking half-way he suddenly stopped.

The white-robed middle-aged man looked forward with a stunned expression, Mr. Vulture and the black-clothed swordsman were also the same. The other qi disciple stage cultivators all trembled in fear.

Heavy shadows manifested in the Buddhist light, each of them were over 100 feet tall, their entire bodies flashing with a golden light. They were all vajra arhats, each of them releasing an incredibly terrifying aura.

There were a total of 24 arhat light figures, each of their mana fluctuations could compare with a foundation establishment stage cultivator.

24 foundation establishment stage cultivators!

Lin Feng and his disciples stared wide-eyed. This monk is way too intense, actually possessing such a fierce magic item.

“Good heavens, one magic item manifesting 24 foundation establishment stage cultivators. Whoever has a magic item like this can do whatever they want in the foundation establishment stage.” Lin Feng swallowed his saliva, incredibly envious: “Don’t mention foundation establishment stage, even if he bumps into a regular aurous core stage cultivator he’ll have the strength to protect himself, no wonder that damn baldy dared to stay behind on his own.”

Hui Ku’s figure disappeared out of sight, hiding in the Buddhist light. Only the hands of the 24 arhat light figures came together, chanting: “Buddha is merciful, repent and be saved.”

The voices pierced the soul like the morning bell and evening drum of the temple, making all of the people in the Buddhist light develop an illusion for an instant, as if they were guilty of terrible crimes and deserve to be suppressed and captured, released into reincarnation.

The three people are all cultivators who have attained the foundation establishment stage. Their wills are firm and they quickly reacted over. As for those qi disciple stage cultivators, none of them were hurt but they all slumped to the ground, they’ve already lost the awareness to resist.

Lin Feng felt chills while looking from a mountain at the side. 24 Buddhist foundation establishment stage cultivators shouting together, they don’t even need to harm the enemy and are able to overwhelm them, making them lose the will to resist.

What weakness does the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation have? Because it’s a formation, it’s not easily moved?” Lin Feng’s thoughts rapidly turned, thinking of a countermeasure: “Extremely heavy mana consumption? Or are these arhat light figures just empty shells to scare people?”

Very quickly they used their actions to answer Lin Feng’s question.

Seeing Mr. Vulture and the other two foundation establishment stage cultivators not submit, the 24 arhat light figures once again chanted a prayer and then charged over in small groups.

The black-clothed swordsman released a cold snort, slashing the golden arhat with a flash of his sword.


The piercing sound of grinding metal rose up. The flying sword that can cut down a mountain only opened up a crack on the golden arhat’s chest.The golden arhat felt nothing, a pair of big hands grabbing towards the flying sword.

The black-clothed swordsman manipulated the flying sword and retreated, but there were two other golden arhats attacking from the left and right. Four palms pushing out together, the radiant Buddhist light had practically condensed into a solid state, actually sealing the nimble flying sword in the air.

Two other golden arhats rushed over to the black-clothed swordsman himself, fists as big as a water jar smashing down on his head!

“Damn baldy!” The black-clothed swordsman’s expression paled. All of his cultivation prowess is focused on his flying sword, losing the flying sword his fighting ability is immediately greatly reduced. He can only evade flustered, at the same time doing his best to call back his flying sword.

The flying sword struggled desperately in the Buddhist light, emitting a screeching hum. Even the blade became a bit distorted, but no matter what it was unable to escape from the imprisonment of the Buddhist light.

On the contrary it is the three golden arhats trapping the flying sword that were still constantly increasing their power. Six giant palms grouped together, the Buddhist light in their palms became increasingly stronger and thick smoke started to rise up from the black-clothed swordsman’s flying sword.

The flying sword hummed non-stop as if it were alive, releasing miserable wails.

Seeing this Lin Feng could already completely confirm that this magic item of Hui Ku’s really can materialize 24 foundation establishment stage arhat light figures.

Perhaps their intelligence is not high enough, perhaps they are not nimble enough, perhaps they look like they can only fight in close quarters and don’t know any spells… But in terms of mana these golden arhats all possess the level of foundation establishment stage cultivators.

Moreover they clearly do not feel pain and are not afraid of injury. They can unhesitatingly adopt a life for a life fighting tactic.

Ten golden arhats even stayed on the spot and didn’t move, the other 14 struck out together, beating the the crap out of Mr. Vulture and the other two in an instant.

With such a grand difference in strength, Mr. Vulture and co. won’t even have the chance to die while taking one down. Whether it’s being captured alive or crushed to death all depends on Hui Ku’s mood.

Nobody thought beforehand that Hui Ku was actually so fierce. Originally it was a hopeless 1vs3 situation but things turned around in an instant, turning into 24vs3.

Right now in the hearts of Mr. Vulture and co. there were undoubtedly thousands of grassland horses covered in mud running past.  (TL: See bottom for Chinese internet language lesson.)

Lin Feng also felt depressed. Xiao Yan this main character is truly skillful, the first opponent that he provoked is already so fierce. Even more unexpectedly is that this damn baldy is actually in cahoots with the SSG that kidnapped Zhu Yi.

Protecting Xiao Yan, saving Zhu Yi, to do all of this he has to get past Hui Ku.

Thinking here a cold light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes: “I can’t let things go so smoothly for him,  I’ve got to knock him down a bit… First I’ve got to find his weakness.”

Lin Feng thought for a moment, pulling over Xiao Yan and whispering a few commands in his ear.

Xiao Yan was dazed for a moment: “What is this for?”

Lin Feng pretended to be profound, replying faintly: “I naturally have my arrangements, all you need is to do as I say. Maybe there’s something good for you today here.”

Xiao Yan curled his lips: “Don’t fool me master!”

Lin Feng raised his hand, scolding with a laugh: “Damn brat, you looking for a beating.”

Xiao Yan stuck out his tongue, swiftly running down the mountain and arriving near the cloud formed by the Buddhist light.

He acted according to Lin Feng’s instructions, wandering a few rounds around the Buddhist light. He was instantly discovered by Hui Ku who was in the light cloud.

“You wear out iron shoes in hunting round, when all the time it’s easy to be found!” Hui Ku was first overjoyed, but then looking at Mr. Vulture and co. in the Buddhist light he then started to feel troubled: “I’ll deal with these crooks right away, it’s such a pity if I give up now. But what if things drag on for too long and that kid runs?”

After Hui Ku hesitated for a moment he bit his teeth, opening up his personal bag and letting out a small snake.

The little snake grew while it was in the air, actually turning into a giant golden python over 100 meters long. It’s head was like the size of a small room and it’s mouth was filled with sharp fangs as long and thick as an elephant’s tusk. Hui Ku extended his hand pointing towards Xiao Yan: “I want him alive.”

The giant golden python landed on the ground, shooting towards Xiao Yan like an arrow.

Seeing the giant golden python Xiao Yan was slightly shocked. While this python slithered it did not carry any hint of the smell of blood, on the contrary it released a faint sandalwood scent.

Two little bumps bulged up on the giant python’s head, as if they were the horns on the head of a flood dragon. Its speed slithering on the ground was fast as lightning, the combat strength of this kind of savage beast is enough to rival a qi disciple level 10 and above cultivator.

Lin Feng’s warning floated up in Xiao Yan’s head at this moment: “If that monk sends out a magic item or spiritual pet to deal with you, do not tangle with it on the spot, just run towards the mountains far-away.”

Xiao Yan twitched his lips, turning around and running. The giant golden python pursued closely behind him.

On the mountaintop Lin Feng watched Xiao Yan and the giant python escaping and chasing, running further and further away, yet in the Buddhist light formation Hui Ku did not chase over. Seeing here a warm smile like the sun resurfaced on Lin Feng’s face.


If you’re confused about the grassland horses covered in mud running by then here’s the explanation. In Chinese, ‘Screw your mom” is 肏你妈, cao ni ma, which has the same pronunciation (different tone) as 草泥马, cao ni ma, which word for word means grass mud horse. So essentially, thousands of grass mud horses running by in your heart is a more joking way of saying Holy Crap and stuff like that.

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