Chapter 37: 2 Kids Kill a Snake

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Hui Ku only sent out a giant golden python to capture Xiao Yan while he himself still stayed in the Buddhist light formation.

Seeing this Lin Feng understood things clearly: “As expected, those 24 golden arhats can only move about within the 1000 foot area covered by the Buddhist light. As the one directing the formation that big monk also cannot leave the area of the Buddhist light.

In addition it looks like Hui Ku is putting all of his focus in directing the formation and is unable to use any other cultivation skills.

Lin Feng thought in his heart: “All that’s left is a key point that still can’t be confirmed yet, and that is if those 24 sariras forming the formation are all indispensable? As long as one is missing will the formation be unable to be maintained?”

While thinking Lin Feng quietly said towards Xiao Budian beside him: “Go help your senior apprentice-brother, I leave that snake to you to. Master will not do anything, this could also be considered a test for you guys.”

Hearing this Xiao Budian was not flustered, instead he was eager to try and moreover smiled like a thief saying: “Master, if we slaughter that snake will the blood and meat and stuff all belong to us?”

Lin Feng knocked on his little head, scolding with a smile: “Damn brat, all you know is eating!”

Xiao Budian laughed, Lin Feng shook his head grumpily: “Go then, how much you can gain depends on your ability.”

“Thank you master!” Xiao Budian cried out in joy, disappearing out of sight in the turn of an eye and charging in the direction of Xiao Yan and the giant python.

This giant golden python is a natural born aberration and was trained by Hui Ku using secret Buddhist techniques, it’s strength and speed are all shockingly high and far superior to regular beasts.

If not that Lin Feng had already passed on to Xiao Yan the Cloud Dragon Escape Technique he would not be able to outrun this giant snake.

“This guy’s like a tiny mountain when it coils up, how come it’s so fast with such a massive body!” Xiao Yan cursed in his heart, his body suddenly doing a strange turn and avoiding the snake jaw that lunged violently from behind.

The giant snake’s head is as big as a small house, opening up its big mouth and swallowing Xiao Yan whole is nothing but a piece of cake.

“Senior, here, over here!”

Xiao Yan was in the middle of madly sprinting when he suddenly heard Xiao Budian’s shouts. Lifting his head and looking over, Xiao Budian was waving his hands at him on a mountain.

“This kid, could he…” With a thought Xiao Yan instantly changed direction, running towards the mountain Xiao Budian is at.

The giant golden python followed closely behind him, sweeping through all obstructions. Where its massive body passed by, rocks burst and towering old tree fell down in groups like cut wheat.

“Let me test your might.” On the mountaintop Xiao Budian rose up into the air, his body like an extraordinary cloud dragon, rushing straight towards the giant golden python’s head.

The giant golden python released a soundless roar, its big mouth biting towards Xiao Budian. Yet Xiao Budian’s body flashed in the air, dodging the snake’s blood-pool-like mouth and nimbly landing on the snake’s neck.

Xiao Budian grinned saying: “You hit the snake at the seventh inch, you may be big but I can still figure out where your ‘seventh inch’ is.” Finishing speaking he lifted his leg and kicked the giant snake’s body. (“For certain snakes the seventh inch is where the heart is, obviously it’s different for different snakes. Overall it just means hit where it hurts.)

Lightning flashed at the tip of his feet, his tiny body bringing about rumbling thunder, his spirit and atmosphere was not the slightest bit weaker than the giant golden python’s.

The lightning exploded, stirring up beams of golden light and a touch of blood red. Those are snake scales and snake blood. With one kick of Xiao Budian’s the giant golden python became wounded.

The giant python released an angry cry, suddenly twisting its body, its thick golden tail sweeping across and whipping towards Xiao Budian.

If this hits, regardless of how strong Xiao Budian’s body is he’ll still be turned into mush!

But Xiao Budian did not meet it head on, his body nimbly evading to the side and dodging the giant python’s retaliation.

Xiao Yan who was being chased by the giant python the whole time silently appeared at this time. After evading the giant python’s tail sweep he arrived on its back, his goal was precisely the wound that Xiao Budian had just created.

A hint of aggression surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face: “You elongated bug, you had a lot of fun chasing me just now, huh?” Flipping his palm, bursting fire mana rapidly gathered, turning into real flames and burning above Xiao Yan’s palm.

The next moment the blazing fire seemed to have been suppressed, Xiao Yan did not let the flames continue to spread out, instead he was compressing it towards the center.

He extended his two hands outwards, his two palms facing each other with a distance of one foot. The crimson red flames continuously compressed together between his two palms, in the end becoming a tiny red ball of light.

The ball of light may be small but it harbors terrifying heat and explosive power. It was like a tiny sun, filled with an oppressive, destructive aura.

It is precisely the secret technique of the Void Temple that Yan Mingyue passed on to Xiao Yan, Red Lotus Burst!

The tiny ball of light is only as big as a human’s fist, its size is completely disproportional to the giant golden python, but the giant golden python sensed danger at the first moment. In a pair of cold, slit-like pupils revealed a color of fear.

Xiao Yan’s hands pushed forward, the tiny red coloured ball of light flying towards the wound on the giant python.

The giant golden python wanted to dodge but the ball of light’s flying speed was exceedingly quick, not giving it any chance to evade and directly hitting its target.

Time seemed to pause for an instant at this moment, and then the frozen scene suddenly shattered, violent flames exploded with a roar, the powerful strength as if wanting to shatter this area of space.


The giant golden python released heavy cries, half of its body was engulfed in flames, rolling around in pain in the mountains.

Even though Lin Feng was paying close attention to the battle of Hui Ku and co., he still split out half of his focus watching over Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian. Seeing his two disciples working closely together and beating the crap out of that giant hundred meter long python, Lin Feng spread his lips: “These two brats, they really are merciless.”

Shaking his head Lin Feng felt that there was nothing to be concerned about anymore with this battle, but suddenly sensing something he sensed that a change had occurred to the giant golden python.

In the screaming cries the giant golden python opened its mouth wide, beams of golden light suddenly burst out from its mouth. Waves of Buddhist chanting actually came out from its mouth, A boundless Buddhist mana fluctuation spread outward.

Lin Feng closely looked over, seeing a small mass of light slowly rise up from the giant python’s mouth. It burned so strongly that it was difficult to open one’s eyes, the Buddhist light and chanting came precisely from this mass of light.

The mass of light leaving the giant python’s body, the golden scales on the giant python’s body became a lot fainter. The fragrance of sandalwood vanished and the strong stench of a snake came forth.

The giant python opened wide a pair of vertical-line-like pupils, coldly staring at Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian, it’s gaze filled with monstrous killing intent.

The two kids also instantly realized that something was wrong, splitting up and escaping to the left and right.

After they just left the spot that they were originally standing at, a brilliant beam of golden light shot out from the mass of light in the snakes mouth, smashing into the mountain.

The golden light disappearing, a clear round hole appeared at the center of the massive mountain, through the hole one can clearly see the scenery in the distance.

This beam of golden light directly pierced through the entire mountain!

Lin Feng was slightly shocked, this power could already compare to the attack of a foundation establishment stage cultivator.

At this time he could already clearly see that at the center of the mass of light is a strangely shaped magic item, mana fluctuations constantly surged. Even though it was deep and powerful, it was not stable enough.

“This magic item has been damaged before.” With a turn of his mind Lin Feng instantly understood: “This big monk really has a good plan.”

Hui Ku is actually using the vital energy of the abnormal snake to nurture the damaged magic item, thereby making the magic item recover faster and at the same time also using the spiritual energy of the magic item to nourish this giant python, making the giant python even stronger and quickly increasing its strength.

But like this Lin Feng is unable to sit still, this giant python has already become a huge threat towards Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian also realize that this giant snake is about to get serious. Xiao Budian yelled saying: “Don’t fret senior apprentice-brother, if it didn’t have a bit of skill then my arrangements would have been wasted!”

While speaking Xiao Budian brought his hands together, forming a spell sign and shouting: “Move!”

Nine violet dots of light rose up in the surroundings of the mountain, in the sound of violent currents nine arcs of lightning shot towards the giant golden python.

Lin Feng has already established his master impression in the hearts of his two disciples, like this some things he does not hide anymore and can pass on to his disciples to increase their strength.

Right now Xiao Budian has unleashed the Nine Heavens Thunder Summoning that Lin Feng taught him.

The initial nine arcs of lightning did not cause much damage to the giant python, but the next moment the lightning that descended from the skies bombarded its body, directly splitting off the lower half of its body including its tail!

The powerful attack of formations borrowing the energy of the world was perfectly embodied at this moment.

Xiao Yan watched at this side, unable to resist letting out a cheer: “Nice! Beautiful… Careful, dodge!”

Xiao Budian was in the middle of feeling pleased with himself, only when he heard Xiao Yan’s warning did he discover that after suffering such a heavy injury, the giant golden python instead became completely wild.

Its massive head abruptly rose up, towering over Xiao Budian who was caught off guard.

Its mouth opening wide, scriptures flowed on the golden magic item and radiant golden light once again condensed. The next instant it was about to smash right into Xiao Budian!

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