Side Project Poll


Aaaaand, it’s over. The poll is over and the results are in. It’s quite unfortunate that Lolicon didn’t win, I even put my vote on it, but such is the will of the people. And in the end The Gate of Extinction sneaks up from behind and overtakes Night Ranger by a wee bit for a final result of 86 to 83. Yes it says 87, that was just me testing if the poll was closed.

Night Ranger (Chapter 1)


Title: Night Ranger, 暗夜游侠, an ye you xia
Author:  深蓝椰子汁, Dark Blue Coconut Milk
Genre: Otherworld Game
Tags: Action, Adventure, D&D, Magic, slight Romance
Synopsis: Epic player Maven crossed over to the eve of The Cataclysm.
This is the fourth age,
The gods teamed-up and destroyed the Cosmic Magic Pool,
The fourth Tablet of Fate started to gestate in the mortal realm.
Gods, demons, epics, devils, liches, dragons and other legendary beings appeared one after another.
To protect what he holds dear, Maven had no choice but to step back into the shadows.
This is the story of a young ranger in an age of turmoil becoming the Ruler of the Night.

The Gate of Extinction (Chapter 1)


Title: The Gate of Extinction, 灭世之门, mie shi zhi men
Author: Dark Lichee, 黑暗荔枝
Genre: Doomsday, 末世危机
Tags: Just think of other doomsday/apocalypse novels/manga/anime
Synopsis: Resident Evil, natural disasters…
Zombies, ice age…
In movie theaters, in video games, everyday human’s are encountering this kind of “doomsday”.
But nobody actually believes these…
From little Su Lifeng was a person who could foresee disaster, but he never thought that one day he would foresee the end of the world:
100 days later, the entire world fell.
Humans are about to become extinct.
Su Lifeng took a big, deep breath, waking up from the vision: “I need to bust a load to calm down…”

After All I’m A Lolicon Really Sorry 


Title: After All I’m a Lolicon Really Sorry, 毕竟我是萝莉控还真是抱歉, Bi Jing Wo Shi Luo Li Kong Hai Zhen Shi Bao Qian
Author: 绘空事 丶
Genre: School Life, 校园类
Tags: Lolicon?
Synopsis: What? A chick is confessing to me? Don’t joke with me, I am a lolicon! Lolis are my belief, lolis are my everything, a world without lolis does not have light, a life without lolis is incomplete!

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15 Responses to Side Project Poll

  1. Whitejaws says:

    Gate of extinction all the way! G0E banzai! . I have a feeling that night ranger will go down a stupid path.


  2. demonbxl says:

    heelo i would like toask you if we can recommend you a novel because I would like that this novel Jashin Tensei is translated but if you doesn’t want then let it be


  3. leech says:

    Nooo what about accel world


  4. Aru says:

    Yes lolita no touch!!! Chose loli!!!!


  5. Crombat Monta says:

    Both Night Ranger and the Gates of Extinction looks great.
    I hope that the one that wins will have low “jade lake lustre” content. All those paragraphs wasted on NPCs.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nameless Reader says:

    excluding loli…………….. i can’t choose between the others 2……..;;


  7. Rancerqz says:

    You might want to check up on WW forum on translated work cuz the first project is currently done by someone


  8. Florencie says:

    I Like the first one the most. Comedies keep my heart light. Doomsday ones are many, and Night ranger seems interesting, but only a quarter as much. I think the first, and hn1f complement each other well.


  9. I vote no side project.

    Liked by 1 person

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