HN1F Chapter 43: Mt. Shu Sword Cultivator

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Zhu Yi’s life force was gradually fading away.

Huang San’s fat face was still all happy and cheerful, a pair of beady eyes emitting a cruel light. He was in the middle of slowly torturing Zhu Yi when his expression slightly changed and he looked in the direction behind him.

At the exit of a tunnel, there stood a young man in clothes as white as snow and wearing a green bamboo hat.

The young man raised his head, revealing the face beneath the bamboo hat. His face could be considered regular, his skin was extremely white and he had a couple of white spots on his face.

What attracted the most attention on this person’s body is the sword at his waist. On the scabbard is carved a decorous and ancient landscape carving.

All of the people on the scene besides Zhu Yi who was already slowly losing his consciousness, when seeing that sword all of their pupils retracted: “A person from the Mt. Shu Sword Sect?”

Even though he was raising his head looking at Huang San who was in the air, his expression was completely condescending. He spread his lips and grinned: “Fatty, have you seen a young daoist wearing a white robe and daoist clothes, he has two children with him?”

The young man’s tone of voice was frivolous and rude, even though Huang San still had a smile on his face, his eyes had already become cold.

In front of the Marquis of Xuanji, Huang San is a lackey, but other people do not dare to belittle this close confidant of the Marquis of Xuanji.

Don’t mention the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, even in all of the Zhou Dynasty, the majority of people all have to respectfully call him Mister Huang San when facing him.

The couple of foundation establishment stage cultivators especially revealed an expression of discontent. One foundation establishment stage cultivator who hadn’t made a move before, thinking that it would be inexcusable if he didn’t have any display, wanted to curry favor with Huang San, and so he spoke out reprimanding and saying: “This is Mister Huang San of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, behave yourself or else even the Mt. Shu Sword Sect won’t be able to protect you!”

Hearing this, the bamboo hat young man only silently laughed, not even shifting his gaze over.

But the sword at his waist suddenly unsheathed, turning into a flash of cold light and shooting towards the foundation establishment stage cultivator.

Huang San’s face darkened: “Impudent!” The boundless cold air condensed, wanting the freeze this bamboo hat young man’s sword.

But when the bamboo hat young man’s sword aura was about to come in contact with the cold air, it actually suddenly vanished.

Huang San was slightly dazed, the next moment his expression drastically changed, shouting out: “Careful!”

Before that foundation establishment stage cultivator who was being attacked could even react, the sword aura that had originally disappeared suddenly reappeared in front of him only inches away!

The sword aura pierced through his head and then flew back into the bamboo hat young man’s scabbard.

At this moment, this foundation establishment stage cultivator finally reacted over. He opened his mouth wanting to speak, but no sounds came out. A bloodstain slowly surfaced between his two brows, suddenly exploding in the next moment, fresh blood sprayed in the air.

“You’ve got big balls!” Huang San’s face was livid, swinging his arm and throwing Zhu Yi to a subordinate. Without the suppression of his mana, Zhu Yi finally regained consciousness, coughing out a big mouthful of congested blood. His face was ghostly pale as if he had been seriously ill.

Yet, right now Huang Yan could no longer attend to him, his fat face was covered in frost: “Cutting apart space, Mt. Shu’s Shaoze Sword truly lives up to its reputation, but you threw your weight around in the wrong place. This is the Zhou Dynasty, and the person you killed belongs to the House of the Marquis of Xuanji!”

The bamboo hat young man spread his lips and grinned: “I’m asking you if you’ve seen a young daoist wearing a white robe and daoist clothes bringing along children.”

Huang San laughed from extreme fury: “The Mt. Shu Sword Sect really have become accustomed to arrogance, even daring to killing people from the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, don’t think of leaving the Zhou Dynasty alive!”

The bamboo hat youth smiled saying: “Looks like you don’t plan on answering my question, then there’s no use in leaving you alive either.” Finishing speaking, the sword aura once again left the scabbard.

“Seal the world in ice, cover the world in frost!” Huang San laughed angrily, his two hands forming a spell sign. Instantly, wind and snow surged in all of the underground palace, cold air condensed together, the air was a vast expanse of white haziness.

As for the remaining foundation establishment stage cultivators and Zhu Yi, even though Huang San’s target wasn’t them, just the ripples made them practically about to be frozen stiff.

Not only were their bodies frozen, even their thinking became slow, their minds were unable to keep turning.

This is the indication that even their souls are about to be frozen!

To guard against the enemies flying sword that can flash through the void, Huang San pushed his mana to the limit. Cold air was spread all over the surroundings of his body, no matter where the flying sword appears he can defend against it.

“It’s true that Mt. Shu’s Shaoze Sword is tricky and unpredictable, but it walks an unconventional path, its direct attack power is insufficient. As an aurous core sword cultivator it’s naturally easy for him to kill a foundation establishment stage, but if he wants to fight me then he’s got the wrong idea!”

Huang San was in the middle of thinking when the bamboo hat young man’s voice travelled over from within the cold air: “The Zhou Dynasty? The Marquis of Xuanji? They are indeed very powerful, but the problem is that you are very weak. Making me unable to leave the Zhou Dynasty alive, Zhu Hongwu can say this, but you can’t. Not to mention even Zhu Hong Yu, I will eventually surpass him one day.”

The cold air in the underground palace suddenly fluctuated violently, a domineering sword aura of cold steel burst through the encirclement of the cold air, cutting straight towards Huang San.

This beam of sword aura was radiant and dazzling, a cold light flashed on the surface of the sword. Even every beam of light emitted by it was a beam of domineering, unstoppable sword aura.

This sword was as if hundreds of thousands of sword aura gathered together, thousands of swords united as one, sweeping away all obstacles!

Different from the Shaoze Sword that can shift through the void, this sword did not have fancy changes, only strength of the uttermost extreme.

Huang San paled with shock: “It’s not the Shaoze Sword but the most fearsome and domineering Shaoshang sword of the Six Meridian Swords of Mt. Shu? He actually has simultaneous mastery of two types of swords?!” In a hurry Huang San condensed his mana, forming a Mystic Ice Shield before him.

This is Huang San’s strongest defense technique, even when facing the aurous core talisman before he didn’t use it, but right now he’s using it without any hesitation.

But everything was futile, against this bamboo hat young man’s sky-rending sword, the boundless fog of cold air, dispersed! The Mystic Ice Shield, broke!

Watching the sword aura arrive in front of him, Huang San howled in unresignition: “The ice-age cannot be shaken!”

A layer of ice and snow appeared over Huang San, it was as if his entire body had been frozen into an ice cube, like million-year old ice, hard, rigid and unbreakable! At the same time crystal clear and incredibly ancient and heavy!

But, it was still useless!

In Huang San’s terrified gaze, the sword aura completely ignored his defense, cutting into his body like a knife through tofu, and then exploding in his body. Instantly, thousands of sword aura shot out from Huang San’s body.

Huang San’s fat body was like a burst balloon, bursting apart in the air and turning into a cloud of blood.

The sword aura that exploded outward did not stop, riddling the surrounding frozen stone walls with hundreds of holes and turning them into swiss cheese.

Zhu Yi blankly stared at the bamboo hat young man who put back his sword into his scabbard, the foundation establishment stage cultivators of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji beside him were also completely dumbfounded.

One sword, with just one sword this bamboo hat young man killed Huang San who was also at the aurous core stage.

Huang San still had a lot of cards up his sleeves that he didn’t use, he even couldn’t blow up his aurous core and was killed by the enemy.

Zhu Yi suddenly had the impulse to laugh, Huang San’s line of “As aurous core stage cultivators, there is still a separation of high and low” was still fresh in his ears, yet now he himself has become the best example for this line.

“Wait a sec, a young daoist in white robes and wearing daoist clothes, that’s pretty similar to that person I met in the temple that day, could it be…” A thought suddenly appeared in Zhu Yi’s heart, he lowered his head not speaking: “I wonder who’s stronger, him or this Mt. Shu sword cultivator?”

The bamboo hat young man looked at them, spreading his lips and grinning: “Remember my name, Liu Yan, I will be the person to kill Zhu Hongwu.”

Watching the dazed people, Liu Yang pulled down his bamboo hat, turning around and leaving: “Boring, too boring,  I think I’ll continue looking for that young daoist who humiliated the Blaze Sword Sect.”

He licked his lips and chuckled saying: “This person should be right in this underground palace, I hope he can bring me some entertainment.”



Lin Feng’s current mood was extremely bad.

“Rumble—-” A blood river roared and surged before him, it was dark and gloomy, releasing a nauseating foul smell that assaulted the nose. Just inhaling this smell, Lin Feng could feel the circulation of his own mana become difficult and obscure.

A moment ago, a strong mana shock suddenly exploded within the underground palace, as a result affecting the fluctuations in space. Lin Feng and co. who were on their way got drawn into the spatial rift and were directly transported to the depths of the underground palace.

Luckily the three people were not separated, but Lin Feng never thought they they would actually be transported to the side of the Nether Blood River underground.

Lin Feng stared at this water of utmost evil and foulness of this world with the urge to weep, while on the surface towards his two disciples he still has act like everything is within his control, calmly introducing this Nether Blood River to them and telling them to distance themselves from this water of utmost foulness.

Hearing the dangers of the Nether Blood River, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian were both pale in the face, closely following behind Lin Feng and avoiding the Blood River like the plague.

While walking Lin Feng pondered: “That Black Cloud Flag magic item may be good, but it’s not important. If I obtain it then that’s my luck, if not then such is my life. Zhu Yi on the other hand, after spending this much effort I have to get my hands on this disciple.”

While thinking, Xiao Budian who was at the side suddenly tugged on Lin Feng’s sleeve: “Master, look over there.”

Lin Feng came out of his thoughts, looking over following the direction of Xiao Budian’s finger. He saw a short-haired man in grey clothes covered in blood, meditating beside the Nether Blood River and looking like a complete mess. It was precisely Monk Hui Ku from before.

Hui Ku had a painful and gloomy expression, a golden buddhist light flickered over his body. On the surface of the buddhist light, green flames and red splatters of blood were intertwined together.

Lin Feng understood what was happening: “This monk, he was somehow tainted with the True Blood River Water and is currently using the buddhist light to protect his body and then using the green flames to expel the tainted blood.”

Seeing this scene, a warm smile like the spring sun habitually surfaced on Lin Feng’s face.

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