HN1F Chapter 44: Relentlessly Beating the Dog in the Water

Recommending a novel here. I strongly recommend reading Romance of Dragon and Snake. You can wait for chapters to build up but you guys should definitely read it at some point, especially if you’re martial arts fans. Although, I strongly do not recommend attempting anything said within the novel lest you find yourself bed-ridden one day from attempting to become a martial arts master by following a fictional book. And no, I am not being paid. Also, does absolute flame/water sound better or true flame/water, or do you guys have a better alternative? And, uh, you’re welcome in advance… What, you don’t think I’ll get any thank yous!?!? I’ll have you know I’m the most popular person on this site! But it really would be awkward if I got no thank yous, you guys wouldn’t make it awkward for me, right? RIGHT?


Looking at Hui Ku who was painstakingly expelling the tainted blood, Lin Feng’s face released a dazzling smile.

Relentlessly beating the dog in the water always puts people in a happy mood.

His disciple clearly has the same thoughts as him. Xiao Yan stared at this scene, cracking his knuckles: “This damned baldy, serves him right.”

Lin Feng said: “Little Yan, hand your Thundershock Staff over to master.”

Xiao Yan took out the Thundershock Staff and followed Lin Feng’s words handing it over. Lin Feng grabbed the Thundershock Staff with one hand, his other hand quietly pulling out the golden paper recording the Kṣitigarbha Sutra, silently feeling the mana fluctuations that occasionally pulsated from within these two items.

Before when he refined the Thundershock Staff he already felt an abnormality with the golden paper, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. Now after close examination, Lin Feng could confirm that there is a faint resonance between the two items.

Lin Feng thought about it for a moment, a plan already appearing in his heart. He called over his two disciples, still handing the Thundershock Staff over to Xiao Yan and giving the golden paper Xiao Budian.

“Today I’ll give you guys an exercise, shortly afterwards master will only hold down the line and will not easily act out.” Lin Feng nonchalantly said, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian looked at each other, simultaneously swallowing their saliva.

Xiao Yan said hesitantly: “Master, are you telling just us two to go face that damned baldy? He may be a dog in the water right now, but at any rate he’s still a foundation establishment stage cultivator. Not mentioning any of this, the key point is that magic item of his, 100 of me isn’t even enough.”

Xiao Budian’s eyes turned, looking at the golden paper in his hands: “Master, you have a plan, right?”

Lin Feng felt a bit guilty. A plan is in the end just a plan, moreover it’s a plan built upon his speculations, he doesn’t dare to promise that it’ll work.

But on the surface Lin Feng still maintained the appearance that everything was within his control, even slanting his eyes towards Xiao Yan: “Learn from your junior apprentice-brother, would master let you guys do something without any confidence?”

Xiao Yan twitched his lips not speaking.

Lin Feng grinned saying: “You guys don’t need to worry about that monk, the test master is giving to you guys is to break his 24 Heaven Arhat Formation. The things I gave to you guys are the items to break the formation. Shortly afterwards follow my instructions and breaking the formation will be easy as pie.”

The two disciples all became energized, cracking their knuckles and staring at Hui Ku who was in the distance. In Tianjing City they were miserably bullied by Hui Ki, if the city patrol squad hadn’t arrived, right now they would have already been captured by Hui Ku.

Xiao Yan especially felt retrospective fear. This big monk is even able to lay his hands on the sariras of the elders of his sect, at that time who knows what he would do to him to get the Art of Acala from him.

A while ago he didn’t even forget to release a snake to capture him while he was in the middle of an intense fight. If this person doesn’t die Xiao Yan’s mind will not be at ease.

Lin Feng calculated things for a moment longer, after planning everything out properly he then brought along Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian and walked out.

Hui Ku was in the middle of being painfully tormented by the tainted blood. He could also be considered unfortunate, after finally arriving at the underground palace, he happened upon the transportation of the people of the Society of the Strong Gale not too long after entering. Huang San acted out to obstruct them, in the end messing up the void and causing the space of the entire underground palace to become very chaotic.

The space Hui Ku was transported to was directly above the Nether Blood River, falling straight down towards the surging tainted blood water.

The Great Thunder Monastery is one of the three great holy lands of the past. Even though it’s been destroyed now, disciples who originate from there all have extraordinary knowledge. Hui Ku recognized the Nether Blood River at the first moment and moaned in his heart, he didn’t even dare to take out the sariras.

In spite of these sariras all being refined from the bones of past great buddhist cultivators, once they are contaminated with the tainted blood they will instantly lose all of their spirituality and become useless items.

After spending an enormous amount of effort Hui Ku managed to not fall directly into the blood river, but his body was still stained with a lot of blood water. The majority of his buddhist mana was instantly tainted and he could only strugglingly hang on.

Whilst using the buddhist light to protect himself to prevent the tainted blood from continuing to contaminate his body, he hastily used the buddhist fire cultivated by the Art of Acala to incinerate and clear the tainted blood, but progress was very slow.

Hui Ku felt agitated in his heart: “If I had the complete Art of Acala and cultivated the true Fury Acala Flames then I could definitely deal with this tainted blood. The Fury Acala Flames may not be one of the seven great absolute flames, but the blood river here is also just a tiny branch of the Nether Blood Sea, it is not the purest Absolute Blood River Water.”

“Buddha oh Buddha, I devote myself to the buddhist ways, why have I suffered such a disaster? Could it be that Buddha is also blaming me for refining the sariras of my elders?” Hui Ku roared in his heart: “Buddha would not, the reason I did so is also to spread the glory of Buddhism, even if those elders cannot forgive me Buddha will definitely understand me!”

Thinking of the Thundershock Staff that he lost and the spiritual python that he worked hard to raise for so many years being killed in the end, Hui Ku became even more furious. He swore in his heart to capture Xiao Yan and turn into ashes the person who killed his spiritual pet and robbed his magic item.

Hui Ku was in the middle of sulking when a young daoist in white robes wearing daoist clothes suddenly appeared before him. Afterwards, Hui Ku saw Xiao Yan who was behind that young daoist.

Lin Feng looked at Hui Ku who was staring at him in anger, saying blandly: “What are you looking at you big monk? It was destined for you to suffer today’s tribulation when you troubled my disciple that day.”

Hui Ku let out a snort: “You are that kid’s master, his Art of Acala was taught by you? This is the secret dao technique of the Great Thunder Monastery, from where did you learn it? Quickly return it to me or else don’t blame me for what happens next!”

Lin Feng slowly shook his head: “You are indeed a discourteous monk, it is time to teach you a lesson today,”

Hui Ku’s face was cloudy, because he discovered that he could not see through Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Based on Hui Ku’s knowledge, this means that Lin Feng’s level is even above his.

His thoughts reaching here, Hui Ku did not dare to be negligent, shouting out in a low voice: “You daoist, I will send you back into the cycle of reincarnation right now!” He released his trump card at the get go, whipping his hands and throwing out 24 sariras which shone brightly in this dark and gloomy underworld.

“24 Heaven Arhat Formation, open!”

Where buddhist light flashed, buddhist chanting could be heard without end and the fragrance of sandalwood permeated the air. At the side of the Nether Blood River, buddhist light covered the surrounding 330 meter radius, enveloping Lin Feng and co. along with Hui Ku within it.

In the buddhist light human shadows overlapped, 24 golden arhats over 10 feet tall slowly walked out, appearing in the vision of Lin Feng and co.

The powerful mana of 24 foundation establishment stage cultivators is truly as deep as the sea, pressuring over together it made Lin Feng virtually have the impulse to raise his hands and surrender.

Lin Feng did his best to pull himself together, looking towards his two disciples beside him while still maintaining a calm look: “You guys are up.”

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian nodded their heads together, charging into the buddhist light. With the protection of the Thundershock Staff and the golden paper, the mental pressure brought by the golden arhats had little effect on them.

Seeing this, Lin Feng knew that his guess was most likely correct.

Between magic items of buddhist dao techniques, even if they are not of the same type a lot of them will resonate with each other. To a certain degree this can achieve the effect of cancelling each other out.

Especially those 24 golden arhats, they actually don’t have their own thoughts. They are only acting based on their instincts under the control of Hui Ku, but right now Hui Ku is occupied with defending against the contamination of the tainted blood and this spell formation actually has a trend of treating Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian as part of itself.

Even though Hui Ku was concentrating on withstanding the contamination of the tainted blood, he still gave a command to the golden arhats. Instantly, 24 ten-foot tall giants rushed towards Lin Feng in large strides. Not mentioning that they all possess the mana levels of foundation establishment stage cultivators, just their height and bulk was enough to make people scared.

One golden arhat arrived first, his large hand directly shadowing over Lin Feng’s head. Vigorous mana pressed downward, Lin Feng felt like the space around him had been completely sealed and that even the air had become frozen.

A strong wind rushed at his face, but not even a speck of the dust on the ground could fly upwards, everything was being tightly suppressed.

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath, his two feet stepping on the ground and all of his mana rapidly circulating through his body. The dao technique he was using was neither the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique nor the Art of Acala and was especially not the Blue Oceanic River Technique.

The dao technique Lin Feng was using was precisely the Kṣitigarbha Sutra that originally should have belonged to Zhu Yi.

He didn’t even pass over the Blue Oceanic River Technique, of course he wouldn’t let go of this first-class buddhist dao technique on the same level as the Art of Acala.

Even though he has not successfully cultivated the peerless ability of the Gilded Kṣitigarbha Body , right now Lin Feng has already obtained a bit of the essence of “tolerant and still as the earth and silent and deep as a scripture”.

Right now Lin Feng was like the vast and boundless earth, silently bearing all within the world, no matter how wild, overbearing and arrogant you are, I stand erect and unshakable!

The golden arhat’s movements noticeably slowed-down for a moment. He is made from a great buddhist cultivator’s sarira, even though he no longer possesses thought and doesn’t have a consciousness, some scattered memories rooted deep in his soul still exist.

He sensed this his attack target seemed to be a fellow buddhist, this made him very resistant.

Hui Ku also sensed it within his heart, instantly becoming stunned: “This.. this is the Kṣitigarbha Sutra! Why does a daoist know so many of our Great Thunder Monastery’s secret dao techniques? Could it be that he is actually also a Buddhist follower and pretending to dress as a daoist to fool people’s eyes?”

While he was in the middle of being confused, another response travelled over, someone was attempting to collect one of the sariras acting as one of the eyes of the formation. (TL: Does that make sense to you guys, the eye of the formation?)

Hui Ku instantly flew into a rage: “Two little bastards, you guys have some big balls!”

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