HN1F Chapter 45: I was Waiting for You, Baldy!

Norther Korean girl band pop group… Is it wrong if I mistook their militaristic uniforms as nurse uniforms…


Hui Ku manipulated the golden arhat to attack Lin Feng. Responding using the Kṣitigarbha Sutra Lin Feng temporarily withstood the attack of the golden arhat.

Even though he was surprised about Lin Feng actually knowing the Kṣitigarbha Sutra, Hui Ku’s hanging heart was put greatly at ease because he sensed that Lin Feng’s force of resistance was not strong. Don’t mention aurous core stage, he wasn’t even foundation establishment stage.

Hui Ku laughed coldly: “With just this bit of skill you think you have the rights to parade around in front of me? If I’d known earlier that you were just a complete sham I could send you back into the cycle of reincarnation even without using the spell formation.”

Lin Feng glanced at him, his tone of voice indifferent and saying: “You are nothing but the frog at the bottom of the well, guarding the bones of your predecessors and talking nonsense here.” (TL: The frog at the bottom of the well, the frog looks up from the well, sees the limited view of the sky from the well and thinks that the world is all that it sees, I think you guys get the rest.)

Hui Ku’s expression turned blue: “Damned daoist, do you dare to say that again?”

Lin Feng calmly shook his head: “This spell formation is the source of your arrogance? Today I will eradicate this illusion of yours and have you recognize your true colours.”

Hui Ku laughed from extreme anger: “I’ll squash you to death before that, you can block one arhat, but…”

Bringing his two hands together, Hui Ku’s tone of voice was dark: “… But, can you still block 24?” Under the spur of his thoughts, the 24 golden arhats surrounded Lin Feng together. Every arhat is dozens of meters tall, when they came up together it instantly created a type of pressure that blotted out the sky and wanted to destroy everything.

Hui Ku stared at Lin Feng and said word by word: “Today I will send you to the underworld, the Art of Acala and the Kṣitigarbha Sutra, you’ve got to obediently spit it all out for me. These are all secret techniques of the Great Thunder Monastery, how can I allow a demonspawn such as yourself to make it your own!”

Lin Feng lifted his head with a leisurely expression and looked at the golden arhats who surrounded him. In terms of height and body size, it was like he had arrived at the land of the giants.

“Nothing but a tiny spell formation, I don’t even need to personally do anything, my two disciples are more than sufficient.”

Hui Ku was stunned for a moment, suddenly he sensed that within the formation there was someone attempting to collect one of the sariras acting as the eye of the formation. Hui Ku instantly flew into a rage: “Two little bastards, you’ve got big balls!”

After Lin Feng attracted the majority of Hui Ku’s attention, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian were neglected by the big monk.

From Hui Ku’s point of view, one of them is qi disciple level six, the other is qi disciple level 7, just the oppression the buddhist light formation has on the mind is enough to make the two little guys collapse.

But the Thundershock Staff and golden paper came into play. Not only did they help the two people withstand the pressure from the formation, they even made the formation develop a misjudgement and mistaken them as one of its own.

“Over here!” Xiao Yan took the lead and walked over to a corner of the spell formation. Beneath the cloud of light-golden mist, a dot of light shone on the ground, looking closely it was precisely a sarira.

Xiao Budian cheered aloud: “Just as master said.” Before taking action, Lin Feng already told them that this 24 Heaven Arhat Formation is aboveboard and straightforward, it only has the effects of trapping and killing the enemy, the spell formation itself does not possess any deceptive properties.

When Hui Ku sets up the formation he spreads the sariras. After the sariras land on the ground according to a certain pattern, their position does not change. Once you remember the locations of these sariras, you will be able to find them after entering the spell formation.

It’s just that this spell formation’s attack strength is too powerful, materializing 24 golden arhats who all possess the strength of foundation establishment stage cultivators. Once the enemy enters the formation they will be surrounded and attacked, they simply don’t have the energy to search for and destroy the sariras acting as the eye of the formation.

Right now Lin Feng has attracted the attention of the spell formation and Hui Ku, Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian instantly found the opportunity to go look for the sariras.

The sariras do not stay unmoving when they land on the ground, instead they embed themselves deep into the earth, emitting a faint golden glow and dyeing the surrounding ground in gold.

Xiao Yan lifted his leg and stomped on the golden ground, releasing a low grunt. Based on the counter force, this golden ground is even harder than steel, clearly it has been affected by the mana within the sarira.

Senior and junior apprentice-brother looked at each other, Xiao Yan nodded his head: “Do it, I’ll protect you.”

Xiao Budian took out the golden paper and approached the sarira. When he just got close, the sarira instantly released a wave of buddhist chanting, as if a warning.

“Oh man, this is something good.” Xiao Budian was delighted, revealing two shiny little canine teeth. He shook the golden paper in his hands and placed it over the sarira.

Upon contact contact with the sarira, the sarira instantly calmed down, but Xiao Budian’s following movements were pretty rough. Spreading his fingers he clawed at the ground, forcefully digging out a hole in the ground.

Xiao Budian’s two hands applied strength together, digging out a piece of earth like pulling out a carrot.

Hitting it with his hand, the earth that was still as hard as steel and emitting a faint golden flow was instantly destroyed by Xiao Budian, only leaving behind the perfectly intact sarira quietly landing in the middle of the golden paper.

Seeing this scene Xiao Yan’s lips twitched. The entire process was like a harmless looking man using the most gentle, most polite and most harmless method to trick a chick into drinking a spiked drink. After knocking her out he then immediately revealed his true colours and forcefully executed the girl on the spot. (TL: I’ll just leave it at that, interpret it however you want.)

“You guys have big balls!” Hui Ku’s furious cries travelled into their ears, afterwards a giant golden arhat suddenly charged to the front of them, his fist punching straight down towards Xiao Budian’s head.

Xiao Yan came back to his senses, immediately using the method Lin Feng taught him, bringing up the Thundershock Staff and attacking the golden arhat.

When the golden arhat’s fist came in contact with the Thundershock Staff, a wave of dazzling buddhist light burst forth from the Thundershock Staff. In the circulation of the buddhist light the golden arhat’s movements instantly slowed down, retracting half of the strength that he released.

The remaining half of his strength was unable to do anything about the Thundershock Staff. The powerful defense ability exhibited by this buddhist magic item directly lead astray the fist the size of a house.

At this time Xiao Budian had already completely wrapped the sarira in the golden paper. The golden paper isolated the sarira’s buddhist light causing the mana within the sarira to be sealed off, not the slightest bit of it could leak out.

Hui Ku was dumbfounded, this 24 Heaven Arhat Formation of his is incredibly powerful. If you had to speak of its weaknesses, besides the spell formation’s position being immovable, it is that as the eyes of the formation, the 24 sariras are all indispensable.

As long as one sarira is missing the spell formation will collapse.

The Buddhist chanting vanished from the ears and the sandalwood fragrance slowly dispersed, the light-golden cloud of light also scattered and disappeared.

The 24 Heaven Arhat Formation that once beat the snot out of Mr. Vulture and co. these three foundation establishment stage cultivators was officially broken!

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian were a bit dazed. They didn’t think that things would actually be just as Lin Feng said and that they would so easily break the formation.

Lin Feng on the other hand secretly breathed out a sigh of relief, his two disciples didn’t know that he was actually walking on tightropes again, it’s just that this time he once again successfully walked across.

His success could not do without numerous calculations and a large amount of luck.

Firstly, Hui Ku himself was pinned down by the tainted blood, a lot of his attention was placed on clearing up the tainted blood and he didn’t have a lot of energy to control the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation. Otherwise, he would have been able to discover Xiao Yan’s and Xiao Budian’s little movements at the first moment and stop them on time.

Secondly, due to the hidden benefit of the system, Hui Ku was unable to see through Lin Feng’s true cultivation level and thus subconsciously treated him as a formidable enemy. Not mentioning that he attracted all of Hui Ku’s attention, Hui Ku also did not dare to launch a full-out assault at the beginning and only used one golden arhat to test him. This allowed Lin Feng to successfully pass by this most important first attack wave and win time for Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian.

And then, just as Lin Feng suspected, it is indeed easy for buddhist magic items like the Thundershock Staff and golden paper to resonate with each other. Under the circumstance that Hui Ku this manipulator did not interfere, they successfully withstood the attacks of the spell formation and collected the sarira.

Lastly and most importantly is still that Hui Ku was being attacked by the tainted blood and his own strength was greatly reduced. Otherwise, even if they broke his formation, with Hui Ku’s foundation establishment stage level Lin Feng still wouldn’t be his match.

These are all elements towards Lin Feng’s victory, if any of them were missing, the plan would not have been able to be completed.

Of course, if any of these elements were missing Lin Feng would definitely continue to patiently wait for an opportunity and would not actively seek out Hui Ku.

If he dares to make a move then he has the confidence to succeed!

Lin Feng turned his head and said towards Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan: “Collect the other sariras too.”

Xiao Budian instantly ran around in joy, going around everywhere and practically treating this place like his own vegetable garden, continuing the happy task of “harvesting carrots”. He rapidly collected the remaining 24 sariras and handed them over to Lin Feng together with the first one.

Seeing his lifeblood fall in Lin Feng’s hands, Hui Ku’s eyes gradually turned blood-red. He released a wild cry: “Damned daoist!” Under his extreme fury his own mana instantly became unstable, the green fire was unable to suppress the tainted blood and his buddhist light barrier was instantly breached by the tainted blood.

Lin Feng stared at Hui Ku whose entire body was stained with the tainted blood and secretly made a scissorhand. The reason he had Xiao Budian collect the other sariras was to purposely anger Hui Ku. If this big monk is directly dissolved by the tainted blood then that would be the best.

But it was destined for Hui Ku to disappoint him. This feverish big monk suddenly calmed down, retracting all of the mana protecting his body and letting the tainted blood spread across his entire body, wildly contaminating and eroding the mana that he painstakingly cultivated for so many years. But Hui Ku was unmoved by it, only coldly staring at Lin Feng.

At this moment, the sentiments of madness, irritation and anger all disappeared from Hui Ku, only cold murderous intent remained in his eyes.

Lin Feng called out crap in his heart, sure enough Hui Ku said coldly: “I am destined to fall into hell, but before I go I will drag you this spawn of evil down with me!”

The next moment, alarming mana fluctuations burst forth from Hui Ku’s body. A miniature black hole actually appeared above his head, everything around the black hole was sucked within it.

Countless amounts of dust and gravel, even the tainted blood in the Nether Blood River beside Hui Ku all flew into the air and towards the black hole.

Under the huge suction even Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian were unable to stand on the ground. Their feet left the ground and they were actually about to be directly sucked into the black hole.

Hui Ku roared wildly: “Demonspawn, take my final attack, Bliss of Samsara! Let us enter into the gates of reincarnation and go down to hell together…”

Before he finished speaking, a beam of pure-white lightning of peerless radiance and unmatched violence had already arrived before him, turning into a cloud of blood Hui Ku who had already exhausted all of his mana.

Northern Aurora Mystic Light!

Lin Feng extended his right arm, his fingers making a gun-shot movement, he then pulled it to his lips and lightly blew: “I was waiting for you, damned baldy!”

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